Wednesday, June 5, 2019

New filing in Corsi v. Mueller: Supplemental ROA Sent to USCA

Of course he's shaming us in Ireland.

Scoop: Senate Intelligence Committee summons mysterious British security consultant, asks for closed-door testimony and any/all communications with private Israeli intel firms Psy Group, WikiStrat, Black Cube

Trump avoided the Vietnam draft with a fabricated disability as the privileged son of a wealthy New Yorker. Someone else went in his place

Trump made 2nd wife Marla Maples sign prenup that cut off daughter Tiffany if she joined the military:

Huge: Sen. Kaine reveals that the Trump administration approved transfers of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia *twice* after Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

This shows that the president of the United States is not a smart man and knows nothing about the climate crisis under way. It also shows that @piersmorgan wouldn't press hard enough in response to @realDonaldTrump's ignorance.

'Russia's infamous troll farm conducted a campaign on Twitter before the 2016 elections that was larger, more coordinated and more effective than previously known, research from cybersecurity firm Symantec out Wednesday concluded.'

The US Marshals Service handles security for federal judges, who routinely face threats of violence — and, in some cases, are actual victims of violence. So the inspector general's office did not take kindly to a marshal joking about shooting a judge

Trump has revealed Charles, the next king, spent an hour and a half trying to convince him that climate change was an existential threat to the world. The president's response? Even if climate change is real, it isn't America's fault

In yet another instance, Trump & Mar-a-Lago claim Princess Diana and Prince Charles paid to join. Outlets like the New York Times and Associated Press write the claim. Buckingham Palace denies to forcefully. New York Times is forced to run a correction.

New story: We identified five instances where Donald Trump planted stories or spread fake claims about the British royal family joining his properties in order to get publicity.

The royal family has for years batted back stories that its members were looking into or joining Trump's properties -- stories that, according to multiple biographies of Trump, were spread by the real-estate developer himself

1. Last week we learned that a political operative that specializes in racial gerrymandering concocted the Trump administration's scheme to rig the 2020 census. Who was paying him? I followed the money and found the answer: the RNC

Government argues for a halt to youth climate lawsuit, saying there is no constitutional right to a stable climate

Border Patrol is confiscating migrant kids' medicine, U.S. doctors say

Donald Trump’s Mommy Issues

"Former British officials believe that MI6 has begun to worry about sharing its most sensitive secrets with the United States, for fear that they may be disclosed by the Trump White House for political reasons, or through simple carelessness."

Rep. Swalwell proposes impeaching William Barr and Steve Mnuchin

Democrats press Trump on many fronts from criminal to political

Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., wrote in an April 2018 letter that Dmytro Firtash had served as a "direct agent of the Kremlin". Naturally, Lanny Davis (D-Mogilevich Organization) has now threatened to sue the journalist publishing Wicker's letter. Hilarious

Trump admin faces more contempt votes as stonewalling continues

Trump suffers series of snubs, insults on UK state/family trip

Now that the House has passed legislation to provide certainty for Dreamers and TPS and DED holders contributing to communities across the nation: The Senate must act. This cannot be yet another piece of critical legislation buried in Leader McConnell’s legislative graveyard.

Laura Ingraham says most of the protesters she saw today "didn't seem British, a lot of people were from outside of London"

Alabama mayor suggests killing LGBTQ people in Facebook post he says he thought was private

Just in: Judge Emmet Sullivan appears to have let prosecutors off the hook in producing the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts. “The government is not required to file any additional materials or information on the public docket pursuant to the Court's Orders of May 16, 2019.”

John Boehner slams Republicans: 'There is no Republican Party. There's a Trump party'

The Political Costs of Not Impeaching Trump

NBC's Engel: Trump 'sounded delusional' saying 'thousands' welcomed him in UK

Top Democrat says 'every name' might be included in contempt package next week: 'This is a huge cover-up'

A Texas teacher who tried to report undocumented students in her school district to President Trump through a series of public tweets has been fired.

NIGEL FARAGE slipped into the US ambassador’s house for a secret meeting with Trump this afternoon. The Brexit Party leader was seen in the back of a car going into Winfield House, where the US leader is staying.

NEW: @OpenSecretsDC just released the most comprehensive guide available on Trump's interests in over 30 countries across the globe from hotels & trademarks to tax evasion claims—and the "backdoor" POTUS's businesses opened to foreign influence & lobbying

Harry Reid now says that the House should open an impeachment inquiry against Trump.