Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tillerson warns U.S. is not ‘better prepared’ for new Russian election meddling

Nancy Pelosi received a standing ovation from Democrats after speaking for more than 8 hours about the DACA program, setting the record for the longest speech on the House floor

#BREAKING: Top cybersecurity official: Russians penetrated US voter rolls

BREAKING: The White House staff secretary, Rob Porter has just resigned.

If these five states get their way, millions could lose access to health care

The budget deal will bring relief to folks caught in the grips of opioid addiction

We‘re demanding @SpeakerRyan commit to bring up bipartisan legislation to #ProtectDREAMers

Schumer: “While President Trump threatens shutdowns and stalemates, congressional leaders have done the hard work of finding compromise and consensus.”

'A sign of weakness': Lindsey Graham thumps Trump for 'cheesy'

NEW: Senate leaders announce new bipartisan agreement on 2-year budget deal; Sen. Schumer says deal is "a win for the American people"

Senate leaders reach agreement on two-year budget deal, adding billions of dollars in federal spending - The Washington Post

Senior White House aide Rob Porter physically assaulted two ex-wives, they tell @theintercept. Full story to come in the morning. His first wife, Colbie Holderness, provided these photos from a vacation they took together in Florence, Italy

Russian society obviously not satisfied with status quo. Putin's genius is that he is not blamed by many for SQ even after 18 years in power

Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett schools Meghan McCain on Trump’s ‘immigration deal’: Why is it a deal when Americans want it?

Senate Dems demanding Pruitt recuse himself from clean power rule-making because of his industry ties

If you are watching Fox News this morning or reading any right-wing website you may have heard about a new BOMBSHELL report that exposes serious misconduct by BARACK OBAMA.

Black Lives Matter leader fatally shot in New Orleans

I see Steve Wynn gave $729,217 to the Trump inauguration fund. When is that money going to be returned?

Here he goes again.

What Happened to All the Jobs Trump Promised?

Eleanor Norton, lawmaker representing Washington, D.C.: "A military parade in DC would shut down the nation’s capital and waste taxpayer dollars just to feed Trump's ego."

“There are no fewer than 5 (known) separate investigations under the broad umbrella of the special counsel.”

Dem lawmaker trolls Trump over calling for military parade: His last parade was not well attended

Dutch intelligence has video of Russians hackin' our election, yet the MSM chooses to dwell on a couple of cryptic, out-of-context text messages by censured FBI agents? The duty of the Free Press is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted

Trump is bald... this is one hell of a combover!

Trump wants to talk to Mueller despite lawyers' concerns

The Senate is expected to confirm Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyists, to the number 2 job at the EPA today. This continues the alarming trend of fossil fuel lobbyists pouring into this Administration.

Senior White House aide Rob Porter physically assaulted two ex-wives, they tell @theintercept

GOP lawmaker defends Trump accusing Dems of "treason": Democrats "don't love our country"

“Trump has recently told advisers he wants a 'killer' to steer the White House's response to Robert Mueller's investigation...his top choice is Jason Miller.”

‘CONSTANT LIES’: A.J. Delgado unleashes her full FURY on Jason Miller

Guess I’ll be taking leave that day...I ain’t flying shit over anywhere for that schmuck......unless it’s his farewell parade then yeah...I’m in...I’ll do a series of Barrel rolls, Cuban 8’s, Aileron rolls, split S’s, Star bursts, or whatever you want to see for that joyous day

GOP worried about their top candidate's chances to unseat McCaskil after major gaffe

So Jack Kingston's (former GA congressman) visit to Moscow coincided with SheriffDavidClarke AND CarterPage... interesting

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Russia's War On Women

A man who dodged the draft 5 times, from an entire family of people who never served, making the military give him a parade. And we're paying for it. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

LISTEN to White House chief of staff John Kelly saying that some of those eligible for DACA were “too lazy to get off their asses”

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Carter Page told Russian TV he was in several meetings with Trump despite claiming he never spoke to him

Franklin Graham met with this cleric & Putin in Russia in early 2015. The Time article below is from May 201

In fight against Trump, Democratic AGs take a page from GOP

Trump's outside brain trust is pushing an explosive new strategy: keeping Dreamers in limbo to weaponize DACA for the midterms


Some Republicans are finally joining Democrats' stand against Trump's 'treasonous' claims

So disgraceful that my FIRST instinct was to shamelessly politicize the death of @Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson, and THEN send condolences to his family!

Republican tax cuts shift voters’ perceptions ahead of midterms

Women are sick and tired of candidates like Michael Saari who obviously don't get it.

Do read this deep dive on Christopher Steele and the dossier

Former VP Joe Biden: "Everything with Trump is about him and everything about him is what the Republican Party seems to be focused on trying to protect. And so much is not happening."

Analysis: "Fake news" and the Trumpian threat to democracy

Trump ordered Pentagon to plan massive military parade for him

Pence seeks revenge against Manchin

Trump allies urge compromise with Mueller

Tell the Senate: Don’t confirm Eric Dreiband as director of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division

How many parallels do you need between Trump and historical dictators? Will it take tanks rolling down Pennsylvania avenue?

When Trump defamed me in tweets to get me kicked off CNN & my lawyer sent a cease & desist letter, McGahn drew up an agreement where Trump would delete his defamatory tweets about me if I never spoke about it again. When I realized I was being catfished I said NO. McGahn freaked

Analysis: Trump’s military parade will be one massive troll, complete with tanks

“A few months before I left the Border Patrol, driving home from a movie, I had to pull over, and I just started crying.”

Devin Nunes’ next target: a longtime State Department official who obtained a second Trump-Russia “dossier” and passed it along for review to his friend — and top Russia expert — Christopher Steele

Medicaid lockout periods are unpopular and cruel, so the Trump administration is considering putting them on steroids by permitting lifetime limits.

I remember watching these parades visiting behind the Iron Curtain and thinking “thank God I live in America.”

Americans are getting smarter about politics in at least one important way

Defunding the CDC and not tamping down on people like this makes Trump anti-science a clear and present danger.

GOP threatens to cut off U.S. funding for the World Health Organization's cancer research over its finding that an active ingredient in herbicide Roundup is probably carcinogenic to humans

The Russian operation was part of a cyberespionage campaign to steal secrets from across the U.S. defense industry

Millennial traders have never lived through a crash. Their elders are worried they can't handle one

Get ready for most cryptocurrencies to hit zero, Goldman says

President Trump says he would "love" a shutdown, but the senators have other plans.

Tank treads mess up Moscow streets every year. Preparation takes weeks, disrupts city life (early morning wake ups as bombers buzz your home), and turns into a really creepy show as children fawn over machines designed to incinerate millions of people. We should resist this urge.

Nunes attended a breakfast with Flynn, Turkish foreign minister just before the inauguration

House seats held by Republicans generally have significantly lower foreign-born populations than those held by Democrats, a likely indication of why the two parties are so far apart on immigration

How Did Israel Become a Place of No Refuge?

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is chipping away at Chris Christie’s legacy on energy, pot and health

U.S. trade deficit widens to biggest monthly and annual levels since 2008, underscoring inherent friction in Trump’s goal

An inventor of the VIX: "I don’t know why these products exist"

SpaceX's Tesla's out-of-this-world view

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. may escape public hearings with help from GOP friends

While 23,000 US military families rely on food stamps, Trump wants the Pentagon to spend countless millions on a military parade.

Rep. Jackie Speier on President Trump's interest in a military parade: "I was stunned by it, to be quite honest. ... We have a Napoleon in the making here."

A new media startup that billed itself as a “radical,” “grassroots” collective has admitted to being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian government following an exposΓ© by The Daily Beast

Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling on President Trump's interest in a military parade: "It is not in the culture of the United States military. ... There shouldn't be in my view a whole lot of chest-thumping and these overt means of showing how tough you are"

Trey Gowdy just heavily implied that Sydney Blumenthal was a source for Christopher Steele's oppo dossier on Fox News

imagine what those locks look like soaking wet

The Justice Department has apparently debunked the GOP’s phony Uranium One scandal

Trump Jr. says father's pictures with "all the rappers" prove he isn't racist

Trump WON’T spend money on

Let this be a reminder that using our health care system as a political hostage is not harmless. There are 27 million innocent bystanders left vulnerable by Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell’s failure to govern

Poll: Five states flip from conservative-leaning to liberal-leaning

Republican: 'Staggering' GOP 'cowardice' enables Trump

Fmr. George W. Bush speechwriter and Washington Post opinion writer Michael Gerson says "the cowardice among Republicans" is causing a backlash across the country. Josh Earnest and Max Boot join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss.

Kelly doubts Trump will extend Dreamers deadline

The Pentagon loses $800,000,000 and you want a freakin' parade? WTH!

Community health centers caught in 'Washington's political dysfunction'

Tillerson warns: Russia is already working to interfere in 2018 elections

FLASHBACK: Trump’s Team Said It Didn’t Ask For Military Vehicles At Inauguration. Emails Show It Did.

The era of easy money is winding down, and the world is spooked. My analysis of the chaos in global stock markets

Why isn’t everyone talking about his refusal to enforce Russian sanctions?

Treason? @RepJeffries: "How dare you lecture us about treason. This is not a dictatorship. It's a democracy and we do not have to stand for a reality show host masquerading as President of the United States."

You want a parade, @realDonaldTrump? Try to fire Mueller and you'll get a big one!

Surging volatility threatens to detonate an unprecedented $8 billion time bomb under investors

At Trump’s direction, the Pentagon is planning large-scale military parade inspired by Bastille Day celebrations, per WaPo. The cost of shipping equipment and hardware to D.C. could run in the millions and military officials are unclear how to pay for it

If you're trying to follow the unspent millions of dollars from the Trump inauguration, you might keep an eye on this legal defense fund

Obama-backed anti-gerrymandering group to spend millions on state-level races in 2018

Do You Think Donald Trump Is Ready for a Real Financial Crisis?

Tied to Trump, these two California Republican congressmen lag in poll

Trump wants a military parade. Here's how other countries do it

There's already been a Trump parade

Biden: Trump is ‘a joke’

Was down at the SNCO club tonight. I can tell you not one fucking Marine was interested in marching in Trump's parade unless we're dragging him behind an Amtra

Democrat wins special election in Trump heartland Missouri

JUST IN: Justice Department Contradicts Republican Claims on #UraniumOne - DOJ provided a key briefing to the Committees directly contradicting Republican claims against Hillary Clinton

President Trump's nominee to be ambassador to Barbados and several other Caribbean countries spread fringe conspiracy theories and unfounded attacks about Trump's political opponents on Twitter during the 2016 presidential election

Rep. Maxine Waters repeatedly presses Treasury Sec. Mnuchin on Russian sanctions passed by Congress last year. "This is your excuse for not having implemented the law?"

The Latest: Pence says U.S. will roll out “toughest” sanctions against North Korea

What about the Russian sanctions voted on by entire congress?

For the first time ever, Devin Nunes could face a bumpy election season

The main response from the White House so far to the opioid crisis has been to call for a border wall and to promise a "just say no” campaign

BREAKING: Steve Bannon is likely to meet with Special Counsel Mueller next week, source familiar with the process

Dotard in Chief wants a military parade with tanks down Pennsylvania avenue. Tanks. Ridiculous

From The Post's Editorial Board: Speak up, Paul Ryan

Analysis: The stock market decline probably isn’t over yet

Apprentice Creators Say 'Trump the Billionaire Tycoon' Was a Myth Created for His Reality Series

UN humanitarian officials are "running out of words" to describe the situation in Syria

Your reminder that there is a Mercer-funded oppo research dossier on Trump’s ties to organized crime that has not yet leaked to the public

Trump orders the government to create a plan to establish a “National Vetting Center”

Devin Nunes illustrates just how outrageously inappropriate it is for a Trump transition team member to chair a Congressional committee with jurisdiction relevant to investigations of that team. It causes a breakdown in the separation of powers and jeopardizes national security

Washington to sue Trump Interior Dept if state isn't exempted from offshore drilling plan

Here’s video I found of Trump speaking at a press conference for a fight he arranged with one of Putin’s friends. Don Jr & Michael Cohen are also in this. They then tried to do a reality show in Russia. Cohen led that charge

"The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France,”

Poll: Majority of Americans thinks Trump has tried to obstruct Russia probe

Republican bill would treat low-income Dreamers as criminals

“You can’t be a Trump Republican and a Reagan Republican. It’s time to choose.”