Thursday, April 23, 2020

Again—why is this being carried live?

Trump begins the April 23 #TrumpPressBriefing by claiming that he's spoken with unnamed "numerous" world leaders over the past two days and "they are saying we are leading the way" in the coronavirus response. (The US has the most cases and the most deaths.)

Here's what Trump said about 'light': "Supposing we hit the body with a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful light. And I think you said that hasn't been checked, but we're going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body."

Trump suggests injecting coronavirus patients with light or disinfectants to cure them

"Let them eat Clorox"

Exclusive: The Pentagon and intelligence community have recently shifted resources toward more forcefully investigating the possibility that adversaries are trying to weaponize Covid-19, officials say. From me

NEW: Dr. Rick Bright, who said he was fired last week after questioning an anti-malarial drug touted by Trump, will be filing a whistleblower complaint with the HHS inspector general

Andrew Cuomo Obliterates Federal Welfare Queen Mitch McConnell At Press Conference

Every year, New York puts in $116 billion more into the federal budget than it receives, while Kentucky takes more from the federal gov’t than it puts in. Andrew Cuomo asks @senatemajldr the right question here. Who is really getting bailed out?

McConnell’s reelection chances would vanish if the federal government stopped giving Kentucky 40% of its budget. Mitch McConnell is a red-state freeloader, who is playing with fire as he bites the hands that feed him.

McConnell just bought $21.8m in ads in North Carolina, more than in any other state. Why? Because our Senate candidate, veteran Cal Cunningham, is narrowly ahead in polls. Now Cal needs our help. McConnell put in $21.8m. Could we raise $21,800 tonight?

Mitch McConnell has never hesitated to give huge handouts to corporations. But funding our communities - our cops and firefighters and teachers? Too much to ask. We will stand up to any Washington politician who wants to let Ohio cities go bankrupt.

Andrew Cuomo eviscerates Mitch McConnell for stating we should stop “blue state bailouts” and advocating states go bankrupt rather than get coronavirus relief.

Betsy DeVos quietly bans DACA recipients from getting emergency student aid amid pandemic

Target workers are planning a "sickout" for May 1.​

Rep. Maxine Waters says that her sister is dying of coronavirus. "I'm going to take a moment to dedicate this legislation to my dear sister who is dying in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri right now, infected by the coronavirus."

A preliminary study of 3,000 New Yorkers found that 13.9% of people statewide and 21% of people in New York City tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says

What with the hydroxychloroquine pump and dump scheme and the open America shrieking (we ALL want to leave the house, but SAFELY) following the bad COVID-19 info, time to do a sequel? My lead: It’s surprisingly hard to pull one’s mom out of a FoxHole:

NEW: @MichaelRCaputo may have deleted the tweets that @KFILE uncovered, but there’s audio too. Here’s a clip from his podcast talking about Chinese peoples’ eating habits “where they suck the blood out of bats and eat the ass out of anteaters”.

Today I learned Sean Hannity owns over 870 (not a typo) houses, with his primary residence being a multi-million dollar mansion in an elite coastal neighborhood.

Stephen Moore, a member of Trump's economic task force, suggests we "put everybody in a space outfit or something like that" to re-open the economy.

Let’s talk about fairness, Mitch. NYS puts $116 billion more into the federal pot than we take out. Kentucky TAKES $148 billion more from the federal pot than they put in. But we don't deserve help now because the 15,000 people who died here were predominately democrats?

News: Domestic terrorists and violent extremists are mobilizing in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a DHS intelligence note I obtained — recent targets include gov facilities & elected officials, threatened by people angry about lockdowns

U.S. House APPROVES Creation of Coronavirus Crisis Subcommittee, 212-182.

McConnell’s ‘dumb’ bankruptcy rant is ‘hugely damaging to Republicans’: conservative columnist

Chris Cuomo’s 14-Year-Old Son Mario Contracts Coronavirus

Jim Jordan Is Slammed After Getting Caught On Video Coughing While Not Wearing A Mask As House Votes On Bailout Package

WOW Rep Peter King is ALSO unloading on McConnell! A REPUBLICAN! He even dropped in "the civil war" is over reference!

If NY, MI, CA, and NJ declare bankruptcy, who‘s going to fund Kentucky,

“Officer, you don’t want to do that.”

In other tweets, Caputo tweeted and retweeted a conspiracy about the Rothschilds and George Soros, said Democrats wanted millions to die and the economy to collapse to win elections, and said the media "hate Trump more than they love America."

AMAZING!! Best Campaign Video I’ve seen so far!

Perspective: Front-line workers in the covid-19 fight need unions

He criticized lockdown measures before getting covid-19. As strangers vilified him, his family canceled the live-stream of his funeral.

I’m grateful to the nurses and frontline staff who took care of him, but it’s hard to know that there was no family to hold his hand or to say “I love you” one more time—and no funeral for those of us who loved him to hold each other close. I'll miss you dearly my brother. — Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s oldest brother dies of coronavirus

A gathering of covidiots is known as a covfefe.

Why is the AG threatening governors who are fighting to keep their citizens safe from COVID? Is DOJ seriously going to sue states for trying to protect citizens?

Another chain restaurant is giving back small business funds. After blowback, Kura Sushi USA chain said it will return $6 million in funding.

My latest: Yes, Donald Trump and his campaign found a way to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to sell junk to raise money for his reelection. Please, read, RT, and share

U.S. Citizens Married To Immigrants Are Blocked From Getting Stimulus Checks

Poll: Trump encouraging coronavirus protesters backfired

Rep. @DavidCicilline, who heads the House's antitrust subcommittee, is proposing a moratorium on mergers until the pandemic ends

Sad fact affirmed by new study of NY covid deaths: *80 % of people who needed ventilators later died One surprise: 70 % of very sick patients did not have a fever. Fever is currently listed as the top symptom of covid-19 by the CDC

Opinion: Mitch McConnell’s worst idea — maybe ever

"[The new White House Chief of Staff's] deeper purpose may be to serve as the White House’s point man with a coalition of fundamentalist and economic interests as they extend their influence in the administration," writes author Anne

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "Nobody likes to hear this but it is the truth. We are not living through the final phase of this crisis, we are still at its beginning. We will still have to live with this virus for a long time.”

in this week’s How to Build a Life, @arthurbrooks helps you understand how your mind makes living through a pandemic feel even worse than it needs to, and how to fight

The US economy has now erased all job gains since the Great Recession

“According to Facebook’s ad portal, the pseudoscience interest category contained more than 78 million people.”

Essential Workers Are Being Treated as Expendable

HuffPost: GOP quietly pushes through long-sought priorities as pandemic rages. "Rolling back environmental regulations, imposing voter ID, banning abortion — it's all happening while the public is focused on the coronavirus."

#MoscowMitch made waves with his opposition to “blue state bailouts” - ostensibly a partisan jab at Democrats - but the deeper agenda is in this WSJ editorial where they advocate slashing “non-essential” spending and public #pensions

Bodies transported to Philadelphia medical examiner in the open back of a pick-up truck

“...the Office of the Director of National Intelligence lacks a single Senate-confirmed official.”

BREAKING: 4.4 million U.S. workers seek jobless aid, raising total layoffs since virus hit to more than 26 million.

Ex-CIA Director Brennan: OF COURSE RUSSIA DID IT and Trump is right to be nervous

At least six people were killed Wednesday and more than a dozen injured as severe storms ripped through Southern Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana, officials said.

The most-watched program on all of TV is ABC’s World News Tonight. My park-bench interview with anchor David Muir here:

Reminder: Almost 50,000 Americans don't care what coronavirus does to the economy because it already killed them

“America has not done badly," says one French political scientist, "it has done exceptionally badly.” Yes, agree with @Potus, many countries around the world are looking to the US—for what NOT to do. Very sad.

Cult leaders are never wrong. That’s what makes it a cult!

Facing coronavirus while deaf and blind: 'Everything relies on touch' - Imagine facing COVID-19 and the age of social distancing unable to clearly see or hear,

‘Sadness’ and Disbelief From a World Missing American Leadership

New @CBSNewsPoll: By an almost three to one margin, Americans oppose protesters pushing to end lockdowns Only 7% think Trump should encourage the protests. Among Republicans, only 13% think Trump should encourage them

Two pet cats tested positive for coronavirus in what federal officials are calling the first known cases in companion animals in the United States. Both cats have mild respiratory illnesses and are expected to recover

Mitch McConnell will rot in hell for ignoring what Robert S. Mueller III told the nation and refusing to remove this traitor from office. Mueller and his colleagues did their level best only to be betrayed. We now sit hoping for an unredacted report.

Mitch McConnell to states: Drop dead

Mitch McConnell rushes to confirm judicial nominees as Trump flounders in polls

Who is @senatemajldr McConnell hurting by blocking aid to states and cities? Paramedics, firefighters, police officers, highway patrol officers, teachers & local health officials. Many heroes on the frontlines fighting this virus will be laid off if we don’t aid states/cities.

Mitch McConnell would rather states file for BANKRUPTCY than give state workers vital aid to fund their pensions. Mitch had no problem giving corporations billions, but unlike corporations, everyday Kentuckians don’t have lobbyists.

This is downright cruel. Betsy DeVos proves once again she’s unfit to serve all our nation’s students.

States rushing to reopen are likely making a deadly error, coronavirus models and experts warn

Ainsley Earhardt agrees that some states should not get bailed out if they need it, because they were already in financial trouble before coronavirus. Brian Kilmeade credits the Trump tax bill for some of this

Fox News and Donald Trump promoted hydroxychloroquine despite zero clinical trials and next to no evidence of its effectiveness, but boy, were they insistent.

A++ CNN chyron.

Never forget this Face. Trump leans aggressively forward with his whole upper body, moving his face in a hyperbolic manner, as he loudly says, "Death! Death!" As with the twisting of a knife, the sadist enjoys others' sufferings.

“The company will have to post physical notices in its offices and send email copies to employees, alerting them that FDRLST Media violated federal labor law and advising employees of their right to organize”

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres warns not to let coronavirus distract from tackling climate change

Christopher Bennett, an ER doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, has been recording a video diary on what he’s seeing first-hand to give people a glimpse into life in the emergency room during the coronavirus pandemic

Instead of fixating, still, on his TV ratings as U.S. deaths race past 42,000, Trump should be listening to scientists, providing resources for state and local governments, and deploying a comprehensive federal strategy for #TestingTestingTesting.

Gloves and masks will be in use as Congress votes on the next U.S. stimulus bill

Opinion: Covid-19 could detonate a "hunger pandemic." With millions at risk, the world must act.

I Work in a Grocery Store; Don't Call Me a Hero

A man who spent his entire lifetime preparing for this pandemic is fired for not promoting a scam cure that killed vets. America is even farther from a vaccine because of Trump’s dumb political decision.

Empty public spaces, temperature checks, and constant anxiety: This is life in Wuhan after the coronavirus crisis

1/ Look at any ambitious GOP governor -- and all the one's jockeying either for re-election, Senate, or a 2024 WH run (a la DeSantis, which is the worst-kept secret in Tallahassee) and they're all VASTLY more concerned with Trump than with the health of their states.

Small business owner warns in op-ed ‘PPP loan terms amount to legalized fraud’

Pete Vegas, a small business owner who received aid through the Paycheck Protection Program, tells Lawrence O’Donnell about how easy it is for larger companies to exploit loans for struggling businesses with no incentive to pay the money back: “It’s basically a giveaway to companies that may not need it.”

Las Vegas Mayor offers city as "control group", "we offer to be a control group" to see how many people die without social distancing.

Special Report: Former Labradoodle breeder tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force

Trump admin gives coronavirus tracking contract to Peter Thiel's Palantir: report

More evil

Meat plant's coronavirus cases spreading rapidly to surrounding community

BREAKING: a tweet tweeted by The Federalist founder Ben Domenech that lots of ppl said looked illegal was illegal. Elon Musk and Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy are other notable business ppl who've broken federal law via tweet.

Analysis: Trump said his CDC director was "misquoted." Then his CDC director said he was "accurately quoted."

Perspective: In Florida, we love our beaches. Thanks to our governor, now we can die for them.

Dr. Fauci: Take the mic. Go out in a blaze of glory. Tell the people what a useless glue huffing shitbag Trump is.

Trump has put almost all responsibility for dealing with #COVID19 on the states. So instead of airing Trump's briefing everyday, why don't @CNN and @MSNBC air segments of the various GOVERNORS' daily press briefings? Who cares what the guy who takes no responsibility says?

Putin's problems mount as coronavirus hits Russian economy

How do we know we have a food emergency in America right now? This is the line for our @WCKitchen Free Farmers Market in Corona, Queens today.

Pompeo renews criticism of China over virus but welcomes supplies

Use of drug boosted by Trump, Fox News not borne out by science