Thursday, October 31, 2019

When the Trump administration first decided to send anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, Mick Mulvaney’s OMB put a mysterious, previously-unreported hold on the sale.

Jerome Corsi loses his case against Robert Mueller in the district court. My sympathies to all you long shot betters out there

Republican stunt backfires when Capitol Police are called to investigate their ‘suspicious’ moving boxes sent to some Democrats who voted on the rules bill, which ended up being a huge security flag to the Capitol Police

NSC official Tim Morrison told impeachment investigators today that Gordon Sondland told an aide to the Ukrainian president that U.S. aid would be released if Ukraine committed to investigating Burisma Group, corroborating Bill Taylor’s testimony.

“I'm leaving, but we have men who have been accused of credible acts of sexual violence & remain in boardrooms, on the Supreme Court, in this very body, and worst of all... the Oval Office."

Lindsay stares into the mirror whispers over and over again "Associate Justice Lindsey Graham Associate Justice Lindsey Graham Associate Justice Lindsey Graham."

Hello from the DC federal courthouse, where a judge will hear args at 2pm in the fight over whether Dems can force former White House counsel Don McGahn to comply with a subpoena to testify. Previously on what this has to do with the impeachment inquiry:

Katie Hill: "I am leaving now because of a double standard ... I'm leaving because of a misogynistic culture that gleefully consumed my naked pictures, capitalized on my sexuality and enabled my abusive ex to continue that abuse."

Russia Is About to Disconnect From the Internet: What That Means

Ahead of the 2018 elections, Georgia purged hundreds of thousands of voters from the rolls and held back applications for tens of thousands more. Now, with two Senators on the ballot in 2020, they’re doing it again. This is why we must keep fighting to defend voting rights.

BREAKING: Bradleys & infantry troops from the 30th Armored Brigade Combat team, a National Guard unit from South Carolina, arrived in the Deir ez Zour region in Syria in the past few hours, according to CG of Operation Inherent Resolve, Lt Gen Pat White.

can someone explain to me why north korea is so mad at the sea of japan

The senators can raise their own campaign cash. Any senator who accepts cash from @realDonaldTrump before the impeachment trial is guilty of accepting a bribe and should go to the slammer.

Opinion: Democrats shouldn’t sweat the impeachment clock, but Trump should

What’s going on New Jersey and Minnesota??????????????

Rs have to decide whether to condone and normalize Trump’s egregious conduct they'd never countenance if committed by a D president. Rs looking for an out could always censure him and force him to forgo a second term (holding conviction over his head).

BREAKING: Trump just broke his campaign promise to support Medicare negotiation of prescription drug prices.

This president will be in power for only a short time, but excusing his misbehavior will forever tarnish your name. To my Republican colleagues: Step outside your media and social bubble. History will not look kindly on disingenuous, frivolous, and false defenses of this man.

ZERO Republicans voted for the impeachment resolution -- remarkable that weeks of damning testimony by witnesses drawn from Trump's own core team failed to sway anyone in the GOP.

BREAKING: House has passed impeachment resolution, setting stage for televised hearings and ultimate impeachment vote. A big day and a big development.


As the House prepares to hold a formal vote on the impeachment inquiry — here's everything you need to know on Trump, impeachment and Ukraine

Ainsley Earhardt says "we've all read the transcript," but Napolitano says "we're getting a lot of context about what preceded & what followed the phone conversation. ... very, very troublesome for the White House if there are parts of that transcript they intentionally kept out"

We did. And it's damning. — Eric Swalwell

Sounds like extortion and/or bribery.

Justin Amash says he will vote for the impeachment resolution

Hey @SteveScalise, Those are the same rules your party wrote in 2015, are you saying the @GOP is the Soviet Union? Your leader Adderall Adolf seems to think so...

Devin Nunes calling the Intelligence Committee’s fact-finding mission a cult is dispicable. I know about cults. Cults are led by maniacal narcissists who expect complete adoration and relinquishment of independent thought. I suggest Mr. Nunes look elsewhere.

Trump lures GOP senators on impeachment with cold cash

Q: He’s said you and Schiff are guilty of treason. Is he guilty of treason? PELOSI: I don’t know. But I do know that he projects. Everything he says - ‘She’s in meltdown’ - means that he’s in meltdown. Everything he says, understand that he’s projecting”

Speaker Pelosi: "I'm going to answer it one time. These rules are fairer than anything that have gone before in terms of an impeachment proceeding."

A striking figure from our new @AP poll: 61% of Americans say Trump has little or no respect for the country’s democratic institutions and traditions.

The Pentagon has released newly-declassified video and images of the daring, two-hour raid targeting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that shows US forces taking small arms fire from multiple locations as their helicopters approached the compound

Exclusive: In a late July meeting, the Pentagon told the White House: If you don't release the Ukraine money by August 6, we will be at risk of violating the law. The White House ignored the warning.

Scoop: Katie Hill's Estranged Husband Told His Parents He Was Hacked Before Nude Pictures Of Her Were Published Online

Back-to-back court hearings could set tone for impeachment inquiry

Rudy Giuliani will be charged — or it means AG Bill Barr ‘is protecting him’: Ex-prosecutor

Hungary blocks NATO statement on Ukraine. What a disgrace for Hungary! Orban does not belong to the West in any way.

Morrison is testifying today.

"Frenzied" -- have you seen yourself on TV lately?

Aaron Sorkin: An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg Facebook isn’t defending free speech, it’s assaulting truth.

Trump wants to use a loophole to install another one of his cronies in the cabinet — and even Republicans say it’s illegal

We urgently draw your attention to a ban on something we say doesn't matter and that we deny doing...

Official statement just in: “The Department of Defense has detected what appears to be a missile launch from North Korea. Our assessment is ongoing and additional information will be provided once available.”

Neo-Nazis and the FBI: Director Wray warns of trend of American extremists linking up with overseas counterparts, sometimes traveling abroad for training

In a Fox interview, @SecPompeo peddles a new conspiracy theory involving Obama, Hunter Biden and military aid. This insinuation makes zero sense. Pompeo, the top US diplomat, doesn’t seem to care anymore about trying to establish a reputation as a straight talker

You tweeted out a clip .... in which you admit that national security experts have all debunked your theories. Bold move, Congressman.

Watch John Yoo fail miserably at trying to walk back his comments about how Col. Vindman was a spy engaged in espionage with Ukraine

Republican socialism

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard did not meet the threshold to speak at Friday's Iowa Democratic Party Liberty and Justice Celebration, which is expected to be attended by 14 other Democratic presidential candidates

In a court of law there would be repercussions for any one who deliberately carried their electronics into a SCIF as you and dozens of your @HouseGOP colleagues did last week.

Ex-Rep. Livingston, player in Clinton impeachment, emerges as character in inquiry of Trump

How is your buddy Dimitry Firtash?... the guy who is desperately trying to avoid extradition to the US and who fed you false information about the Bidens for @realDonaldTrump to use in his propaganda campaign.

Twitter, reacting to growing concern about misinformation spread on social media, is banning all political advertising from its service, striking a sharp contrast with Facebook, which continues to defend running paid political ads, even false ones.

Nancy Pelosi warns Donald Trump impeachment will be "ironclad," says House already has enough evidence

“(Today’s) vote will be the first formal test of support for the inquiry. Democrats, who control 224 seats in the 435-seat chamber, need a simple majority to approve the resolution.”

Pelosi believes there's enough evidence to impeach Trump: "I do think we have enough," she said. "We've had enough for a very long time … but as long as there is corroboration, we might as well get some more. And then we'll see."

Actually just said by Donald Trump Jr: "I wish my name was Hunter Biden. I could go abroad and make millions off my father's presidency. I'd be a really rich guy"

White House lawyer moved transcript of Trump call to classified server after Ukraine adviser raised alarms

"Vindman's account marks the first known instance in which a witness before the impeachment inquiry has provided a firsthand account linking Eisenberg to the decision to move the problematic transcript to a highly classified server."

Breaking via WaPo: Lt. Col. Vindman told John Eisenberg, the NSC's lead counsel, about his concerns over Trump's call with Zelensky. Eisenberg then proposed moving a transcript of the call to a highly classified server and restricting access to it

With tomorrow's vote, the House will give @POTUS more due process protections than either Nixon or Clinton received. And we are doing this even before the Senate conducts a trial--which is where defendants traditionally get due process rights--should the House decide to impeach.

As Speaker Pelosi was celebrated tonight at the @LBJFoundation for her tremendous leadership in helping to fullfill America’s promise of “liberty and justice for all,” she spoke with moral clarity about her responsibility and that of her colleagues to

McConnell: “The country cannot afford for Democrats in Congress to take a one year vacation from any productive legislation just because they’d rather obsess over impeachment.” Saying that takes balls. The House has already passed 200+ bills. The senate must end their vacation.

One genius move by House Dems was this: passing more than 100 bills that the Senate didn’t take up. Now that impeachment has begun, Repubs can’t say that Dems are distracted from passing legislation. McConnell has 100 on his desk. He simply has to bring them to a vote. Law passed

Crime is official administration policy.

Trump nominee Lawrence VanDyke was found to have a lack of humility, entitlement issues, a temperament, a closed mind and and issues with honesty. The ABA deemed him unqualified for the 9th Circuit. Can you IMAGINE if a woman showed such instability in a moment like this?

Breaking: The Washington Nationals win their first World Series title in franchise history, defeating the Houston Astros in seven game

White House lawyer Eisenberg moved the transcript of Trump’s call to classified server after Ukraine adviser raised alarms. Attorney-Client privilege does not shield criminal activity! Eisenberg’s client is not Donald Trump. Eisenberg MUST testify!

In UK /Australian legal parlance, Bill Barr is perverting the course of justice with his fabulistic Mifsud contortions, which directly contravene the FBI & Mueller findings. Barr is a criminal

It's the crime AND the cover-up.

Donald Trump Jr: I wish I was like Hunter Biden so I could "make millions off of my father’s presidency"

Eisenberg was the White House lawyer who worked with McMaster at the time to stop the IP3/Marshall Plan. The plan was being pushed by ... DEREK HARVEY. YES. The same Derek Harvey who now works as a NUNES staffer.

Colleagues found Lawrence VanDyke to be arrogant, lazy, an ideologue, and lacking in knowledge of the day-to-day practice. The ABA said he was not qualified for the U.S. Court of Appeals. Then he started to cry, a page right out of the Kavanaugh playbook

The @GOP owns every death that occurs. They can never use the "For the children" excuse ever again.

If we had a non-corrupt DOJ this lawyer would already be indicted. There is no rule of law for the Trump admin

Bannon to escalate Trump impeachment defense with his own political operation

The current occupant of the White House says, ‘Article Two says I can do whatever I want.’ That just isn’t so. Our Founders did not want a monarchy — that is why they wrote the Constitution.

Appears he declassified the dog’s name!

It’s true the secretary of education had no qualifications for the job, but what really matters is that she’s a passionate defender of fraud schemes

Former CIA Director Brennan: Votes were swayed by Russian influence operation.

.@AshaRangappa: Yoo’s walkback “makes no sense.” Exactly! It’s not “espionage” for NSC directors to talk to foreign governments. It’s their job!

People booed the hell out of that Trump 2020 ad just now at the watch party at Nats Park. I love my hometown.

Makes you wonder how many actual Russian agents are in the WH. There is complete gullibility, no vetting, no security clearances, nothing for anyone it appears.

President Trump plans to attend UFC fight at Madison Square Garden

A former Republican senator said President Trump's sounds like a dictator, comparing the President's conduct regarding his dealings with Ukraine to aspects of George Orwell's dystopian novel "1984"

A Trump commercial just played at the viewing party at Nats stadium and everyone booed it

Even as Facebook executives were out defending their political ads policy, the company was... letting a fake Trump page run political ads.

Identity politics groups are springing up all over America to undermine the foundations of democracy. The "American Identity Movement" (AIM) is one of the most dangerous. It is our responsibility to be informed.

North Korea fired two projectiles, possibly missiles, into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan, according to the Japanese coast guard and South Korea’s military

Feh, Russian tools.

Attacks on this dedicated Army Officer are the actions of partisan actors of no character. These jerks are trying to smear a combat veteran who they know is a patriot solely to assist in Trump coverup of extortion/bribery approach to Ukraine.

Gerry Connolly, after leaving the Croft deposition, says: "Mr Mulvaney's role gets deeper ... It's puzzling that someone from OMB would suddenly play a foreign policy role … about suspending aid to an ally country that is fighting active Russian aggression on its territory."

Barack Obama Calls Out Woke Culture And Twitter Outrage: ‘That’s Not Activism’

Uh oh. Batten down the hatches!

Wonder how James McCloughan feels about this...?

I'm all for college athletes to be able to produce income off their image but there has to be a solid framework. This type of rhtoric will destroy college football. It's the Citizens United of college athletics.

So we’ve now heard from Bill Taylor, Marie Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill, Laura Cooper, Kurt Volker, and even Gordon Sondland that Trump tried to extort Ukraine into opening a probe into Biden... and the GOP’s strategy here is to demand that these hearing be PUBLIC? ...Ok let’s do it.

“Ivanka, according to Ward, called Esquire’s editor-in-chief at the time, JayFielden, & literally started crying, pleading w/him to take down the story...Fielden, Ward told me, instantly saw through Ivanka’s “crocodile tears.” “

This leaves Trump and his defenders absolutely no wiggle room. The president is caught dead to rights

President Trump is one judicial appointee away from having installed a full quarter of the federal appeals court.

As Trump faces an impeachment threat — Mike Pence has been acting awfully presidential

Attacks on this dedicated Army Officer are the actions of partisan actors of no character. These jerks are trying to smear a combat veteran who they know is a patriot solely to assist in Trump coverup of extortion/bribery approach to Ukraine.

Relying on a doctored transcript to undermine the testimony Lt Col Vindman is obstruction of justice. Vindman testified that transcript omitted reference to Burisma even though it was discussed in Trump call with Ukraine. This is like the missing 18 minutes of Watergate tapes.

Twitter To Halt Political Ads. Nice move. Now what about the Russian bots that infest the system?

ALSO: GOP Rep. Ratfcliffe challenged Vindman yesterday to show investigators where the word “demand” appeared in Trump's call record w/Zelensky. Vindman compared it to how he would take it if a general were to ask him to do something—implicitly a demand.

So LTC Vindman says the Trump WH doctored the xcript of Donnie's notorious 25 JUL Prez2Prez call with Zelenskiy. Who possibly could have seen this coming? Aside from everybody awake who noticed that wasn't the xcript of a 30 min call. The Impeachment Express is coming to town.

For anyone who still believes Republicans aren't getting full transparency or aren't in the witness depositions, fyi below. Republicans are in the SCIF and everything the Dems see, they see. Both sides get to ask questions until there are no more questions.

The Trump tax law was a lie.

Facebook's decision to allow false information in political advertisements is appalling. Voters are being confronted by millions of pieces of misinformation. A world where up is down and down is up is a world where democracy can't thrive.

John Yoo, tonight on @CuomoPrimeTime, claims that what he *really* meant was that it was the UKRAINIANS engaged in "espionage" when they reached out to the WH official in charge of...[checks notes]...UKRAINE in order to clarify POTUS' bizarro request. Sure, Jan. (and what?!?!)

Speculation about the whistleblower's identity is reckless in the extreme. Anybody who is doing it is literally putting someone's life in jeopardy. And. Their. Identity. Doesn't. Matter. Everything. Repeat, everything, has been corroborated by documents, testimony, & reports.

In light of this astonishing story, it is imperative that Eisenberg testify before Congress about his involvement in concealing the Ukraine affair and explain the other presidential call memorandum he moved to the codeword system and why.

Mitch McConnell just blocked #HR1 from a Senate vote. He calls it a “power grab” because it would: 1) Empower small donors 2) Establish Automatic voter registration 3) Bolster anti-bribery laws Yes. It's a "power grab" — grabbing power back for the people.

Tillerson’s memory turned hazy throughout the state’s examination, with the CEO regularly answering questions with: “I don’t recall.” He used the phrase far less often under Exxon’s cross-examination.

Yes Newt we will compare what Democrats are doing today to what you did in 1998 while you were impeaching Clinton for doing what you were doing.

If @SecPompeo has time to go to New York & get an award from the Hudson Institute, Then he has time to do his duty and brief Congress on what exactly @realDonaldTrump's plan is to contain escaped ISIS prisoners and ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS.

It's just days before #VeteransDay and Lindsey Graham is sitting silently by as a decorated combat veteran is viciously attacked. Other Republican Senators are standing up. Why aren't you, Lindsey?

Cuccinelli open about Trump admin cruelty to ill immigrant kids

ABA on Trump judge pick: arrogant, lazy, not committed to truth

Congress set to vote on rules for Trump impeachment process

Top Trump Russian official quits ahead of impeachment testimony

Trump W.H. blocked condemnation of Russian aggression: diplomat

Mark Zuckerberg wins that coveted Russia Today stamp of approval for @Facebook for allowing paid disinformation on his platform We need to regulate social media like the utility it is

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Roughly twice a year, US Customs and Border Protection opens a gate at the border in Texas and allows separated families to see each other—for 3 minutes. For many, it's the first—and last—time they will have physical contact with family members for years.

Trump judicial nominee Lawrence VanDyke, who was given a ‘Not Qualified’ rating by the American Bar Association (ABA), cries at a hearing after being confronted on his views toward the LGBTQ community

Russian Amb. nominee John Sullivan on whether he was aware of the effort to smear then-Amb. to Ukraine Yovanovitch: "I was." Sen. Menendez: Was Rudy Giuliani involved? Sullivan: "I believed he was, yes."

How is team trump going to win if they can’t cheat?

Tim Morrison, the top Russia official on President Trump's National Security Council who is scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry on Thursday, is expected to leave his White House post imminently.

JUST IN: US diplomat William Taylor willing to testify publicly

New federal guidelines could ban voting machines from connecting to the internet or using any wireless technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

In Syria and elsewhere, Trump is making Russia great again

Israeli Justice Minister Signs Extradition Order of Russian Hacker to U.S

Tim Morrison, a senior National Security Council official, is resigning his post ahead of his scheduled testimony with House impeachment investigators about Trump's efforts to press Ukraine to investigate his political rivals

Did... did they photoshop James McCloughan out and replaced him with a dog?

Twitter bans all political advertising, saying the reach of such messages "should be earned, not bought"

Twitter bans all political ads by candidates and outside groups, aiming to avoid the chaos Facebook’s policy has created

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Courtney Wild asks AG Barr to tear up immunity deal

BREAKING: House Democrats ask former National Security Adviser John Bolton to testify in impeachment inquiry

UPDATED: Epstein's brother believes his life -- and others -- could be in jeopardy because feds think Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, when it appears he was murdered.

Three big new deposition notices just went out, per a person familiar. John Eisenberg for 11/4 Michael Ellis also for 11/4 John Bolton for 11/7

Matt Gaetz is BACK outside the SCIF, talking about his plans to file an ETHICS COMPLAINT against Schiff

NEW: Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, Trump’s nominee to become the next ambassador to Russia, testified that Rudy Giuliani was involved in the effort to oust former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Trump has urged Republicans to focus on the substance in the impeachment inquiry, not the process. I can confirm our focus will continue to be on the President’s own words and misconduct. Glad we all agree.

Here’s How Dumb Bill Barr’s Great Mifsud Conspiracy Story Really Is

#Russia begins the largest military exercises in the North Atlantic since the end of the Cold War, Norway media reports. Fleet includes 10 submarines, 8 nuclear. Moscow's goal is to REACH #US COAST—w/o detection—& inspect #NATO abilities, Oslo says