Monday, July 27, 2020

#MoscowMitch and his corrupt GOP allies expected to propose cutting $600 weekly coronavirus unemployment benefits to $200 per week. But they have no problem with Rose Garden renovations or giving their friends PPP loans.

Republican unemployment plan could take 5 months to execute

Rhode Island is suing Trump over an order that could cost a congressional seat

BREAKING: Asked if he planned to pay his respects to late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, who will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol, Pres. Trump says, “No, I won’t be going. No.”

Watch and learn.

New: The DC federal judge presiding over DACA litigation has ordered the government to file a report by Aug. 11 about what steps the Trump admin. has taken in response to the SCOTUS decision

Pelosi again pushes back against administration calls to pare back their plans and approve short-term extensions. “Children are hungry, families cannot pay the rent, unemployment is expiring and the Republicans want to pause again and go piecemeal.”

Government by viral Facebook rumor.

For what? They have only 7 months left. WTF? Melania Trump is set to announce Rose Garden renovation, report says

"Trump's promise to 'surge' his paramilitary-style units from Portland to other Democrat-run cities in coming weeks shows he is willing to employ the repressive tactics used by autocrats to vilify those who challenge them," Angela Dewan writes.

Donald Trump thinks essential workers are expendable. Republican voters are seeing that and fleeing

Rescued and treated Bald Eagle now released

Some Catholic leaders, like Cardinal Dolan of New York, are public in their support for Pres. Trump. Many more bishops aren't big fans of him, but privately want $$ for Catholic schools, "religious liberty," and influence over judicial nominees in the hopes of overturning Roe.

8,892 new Florida COVID-19 cases overnight: 432,747 total cases (up from 423,855 yesterday) 24,332 hospital admissions (up from 24,064) 5,931 deaths (up from 5,854)

31 Days and still no action from Trump regarding reports of Russia's bounties on our troops. He doesn't care. Vote. #TraitorTrump

TRUMP: Steve Mnuchin is right. It wouldn't be fair to use taxpayer dollars to pay more people to sit home. Hey can someone bring me a Diet Coke? I'm in the residence. Some ice cream too. Oh and turn the channel to OANN, would ya?

I love this guy

Is she making it a graveyard?

Michael Cohen was Donald Trump's fixer, until he got caught, pleaded guilty, and went to prison. Now Bill Barr has taken the job.

Republicans are growing fearful that lesser-known Democratic Senate candidates could steamroll incumbents to victory — and to the Senate majority

.@LastWeekTonight's John Oliver does a good expose on some of the ways that China's leadership consists largely of totalitarian psychopaths who are systematically imprisoning the Uyghur people of Xinjiang. Please watch and share with whoever doesn't know.

John Oliver highlights that Trump reportedly told Chinese President Xi Jinping to "go ahead with building the [concentration] camps because it was exactly the right thing to do."

Our report “Uyghurs for Sale” featured in the latest episode of @LastWeekTonight with @iamjohnoliver!

The South Korean pharmaceutical company backed by Bill Gates may be capable of producing 200 million coronavirus vaccine kits by next June, the Microsoft co-founder says

In Era of Sickness, Doctors Prescribe Unusual Cure: Voting

Blockbuster story @WLRN about Miami-Dade State Attorney's cash-for-plea-deal program: “The best thing I can think of to call it is a ransom payment. And it’s a payment that only people with money can pay.'' h

These comments lol

Take a look at that violent extremist

John Oliver exposes Sean Hannity's lies about Portland #BlackLivesMatter protesters

99 days. Register. Vote early. Work every day. Fuck that guy.

Mitch McConnell continues to endanger the presidency and the nation. He knows the 25th Amendment should have been used long ago to get Donald Trump the mental health care he needs but he too works for Vladimir Putin and has a wife who sells U.S. secrets and access.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t belong in a U.N. meeting, let alone at the head table of the Human Rights Commission. He belongs in The Hague, on trial for war crimes, stealing from and murdering Russians, Ukrainians, and Syrians, and attacking many democracies to build his mafia empire.

A North Korean coronavirus outbreak might be the biggest threat Kim Jong Un has ever faced

"Now, it's rule by law or even rule by fear": A pro-democracy Hong Kong lawmaker says the new Chinese security law is bringing fear to the semi-autonomous city.

So stupid. Let’s stop training American scholars of China and just presume we understand the Party and people without any expertise at all. “US confirms suspension of Fulbright programme for mainland China, Hong Kong “

Observers fear the tradition of liberal education and critical thinking in what has been a major world financial center will be supplanted by Chinese-style pro-government lessons and suppression of political discourse

The pushback from police chiefs is concerning to health officials, who say a lack of enforcement could undermine what they say is a much-needed and simple step that can be taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus

Sen. Tom Cotton Calls Slavery ‘The Necessary Evil Upon Which The Nation Was Built’

DOG SNIFFING FOR COVID: Intriguing—8 dogs 🐕 were tested w/ 1000 human saliva samples, some from Covid patients. Dogs sniffed out 94% overall after 5 days training, but miss ID’ed some. Avg sensitivity 83% (range 70-95%). Amazing considering no 7 day wait!

Don't forget this story from March: The CDC fumbled its communication with public health officials and underestimated the threat of the coronavirus even as it gained a foothold in the US, according to hundreds of pages of docs ProPublica obtained.

“World’s greatest wall.”

In 100 days, we’re going to make Donald Trump a one-term president. — Joe Biden

What’s the matter, Mr. President? Can’t get it up and over the plate?

Pelosi says she has a "new name" for President Trump: "Mr. Make Matters Worse"

I know of nothing that QAnon Has “uncovered” about Jeffrey Epstein.

Another unfavorable mention of the Lincoln Project @ProjectLincoln on Russian state TV. Putin's buddy/fawning Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Soloviev sounds triggered.

A contractor with zero experience got a $34.5 million contract to supply the VA with masks and other medical supplies. He flew around the country on a private jet trying to track everything down. He ultimately did not deliver a single mask to the VA.

During a tour in DC many years ago, our team of soldiers would “run the mall,” pre-dawn every Friday morning, relishing all the sites & monuments. Our capital is beautiful and inspiring early in the morning. This looks more like Sadr City in 2007.

It’s been a month since we learned that Russia put bounties on the heads of American service members. Mitch’s unwillingness to hold Putin accountable for this says it all. Those of us who served will remember his silence.

Obama v. Trump

FYI, @realDonaldTrump tweeted or retweeted over 40 times on Sunday. And still not a single sentence condemning Vladimir Putin for paying money to the Taliban to kill US troops.

EP-D1 In late 2010: Erik sold Blackwater (I advised); Paid $45M in ITAR fines to the USG; Signed a Deferred Prosecution Agreement; Gave America the middle finger, and packed his family up and moved to Abu Dhabi. Where he started a business called Reflex Response for MBZ.

Documents show the consulting giant helped ICE find “detention savings opportunities” — including some that the agency’s staff viewed as too harsh on immigrants.

I served in Congress with Devin Nunes. He’s an idiot and a hack. Always has been.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You lie. The moms, dads, nurses and veterans who are protesting, love our Country. Stop attacking Americans and causing more chaos. You are making things worse, like you always do. You need to de-escalate and order your stormtroopers to go home.

So I guess we won’t see you golfing till the pandemic is over?

Video here since one embedded in tweet above was deleted. Hurricane “Hanna” blowing over part of President Trump’s wall between Texas & Mexico

If you are a reporter in the presence of Donald Trump and you do not ask him about Russian bounties you are a fucking failure. #BountyGat

Tom Cotton has defended comments he made in an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on the enslavement of Black people in the U.S

Instead of Attacking the Coronavirus, Trump Attacks American

Only Barr and DHS have the ability to extend state power immediately to U.S. citizens, inside the United States. Defense, State, etc, have none of these powers at hand. Trump is functionally incapacitated, and Barr knows it, and he's stepped in as the Acting President. /2

ProPublica obtained these police records from New York City’s Civilian Complaint Review Board. NYPD unions are suing to halt the city from making the data public.