Thursday, November 5, 2020

Bitter Don Jr. took to Twitter to complain about '2024 GOP hopefuls' staying silent about Trump and baseless claims of election irregularities. Right on cue, the groveling tweets came pouring in


Trump is preparing to fire key aides who have long rankled him, especially those within the intelligence and national security community. “Those firings could happen within the next week,”


Trump is going to speak at 6:30 EST


Found him, Jared! "James Baker, who led recount battle in 2000, says the White House should stop trying to end vote counting."


Biden calls for calm, patience as votes counted


“Donald Trump has not won. We are witnessing a national tragedy. The President of the United States of America, in the White House, is attempting to steal an election. This election is not over.” Check out our Election Night Podcast with @ronsteslow and team.


USPS is unable to track whether thousands of ballots ever reached election officials, including in swing states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina.


US District Judge Emmet Sullivan has ordered the USPS to sweep all processing facilities, twice daily, in states that allow for properly postmarked ballots to count, if they arrive after Election Day


Irish Daily


Trump's attempt to stop vote counting "a gross abuse of office," international observers say


BREAKING: Republicans have withdrawn a PENNSYLVANIA lawsuit seeking to toss mail ballots that initially contained errors but were later fixed (or "cured," in legal jargon)


Clark County, Nevada, election official: "I am concerned for the safety of my staff. We're putting measures into place." "We will not allow anyone to stop us from doing what our duty is, from counting ballots."


Georgia's biggest county has finished tallying its mail ballots. Fulton County elections chief Richard Barron says that his team had counted the 7,000 remaining mail ballots and was working to post the results online.


The last time a one term President lost: Here’s George H. W. Bush conceding to Bill Clinton saying, “We respect the majesty of the democratic system - and America must always come first. And we will get behind this new president and wish him well.”


In other countries this is called a coup d'é·tat


Where’s the evidence, @RichardGrenell?


BREAKING: Chatham County Superior Court Judge James Bass DISMISSES Trump Campaign and GA GOP lawsuit aimed at stopping the counting of absentee ballots in Chatham County, Georgia.


NEW: A Pennsylvania judge grants the Trump campaign’s request to observe -- up-close -- Philadelphia poll workers as they process the remaining mail-in ballots, overturning earlier rules that kept them further back out of concern about the coronavirus.


BREAKING: DC federal court is being asked to order US Postal Service expedite remaining mail-in ballots to elections boards in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. This would include more sweeps of mail facilities to check for missing ballots. Delivery of ballots by 5pm TOMORROW


BREAKING: Judge DENIES the Georgia GOP and Trump campaign's request and dismisses the petition in Chatham County


Biden campaign manager @jomalleydillon: "Our data shows that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States."


Sheryl Sandberg is allowing calls for domestic terror to proliferate on her platform. Never forget this. Never forget it’s her.


"If the vote plays out as it seems it will at this point, Biden will become our 46th president. But Americans can take very little pride in the overall vote and what it reveals about nearly half of our electorate,"


"The Trump-Biden race was a test of national character, and it looks likely that the United States will pass, if only just,"


Nov 5. Students vs deans and police: Solidarity action in hall of #Minsk State Linguistic University (#MSLU) Video: TG MSLUstud #Belarus




“We can close off this glaring flaw in our political system and stop worrying about another president who lost the popular vote by millions and the anger, rancor and mistrust that comes with that.” @jbouie, writing about the Electoral College in 2019.


Hong Kong is seeing a surge in home listings as the recession and China's national security law prompt more residents to sell


TFR active over Wilmington DE. It's now "National Defense Airspace".


The President’s Twitter feed currently has more warnings than a pack of cigarettes.


Hong Kong police launch national security law tip-off line for WeChat, SMS and email


Pennsylvania, the state with the largest trove of electoral votes still up for grabs, inched ahead in its counting of more than one million outstanding mail-in ballots on Wednesday, as Joe Biden cut into his deficit with President Trump.


According to a source, Trump phoned Rupert Murdoch to scream about Fox calling Arizona for Joe Biden and demanded a retraction. Murdoch refused, and the call stood


We do the math so you don't have to. Biden leads the electoral vote count at 264, with Trump trailing at 214. Stay up-to-date with our #Election2020 coverage here:


Trump and his allies boost bogus conspiracy theories in a bid to undermine vote count


The US recorded 102,831 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins University. It marked the first time the country's daily new cases reached six figures -- and is the highest single-day jump in infections since the pandemic began.


GEORGIA!! YOUR BALLOT MIGHT have been #REJECTED!! 90,000 Ballots have errors & need to be fixed ASAP!! Click the state webite to check if your Ballot was accepted or not & tell friends & family asap!


Joe Biden nears victory and tech stocks lead markets higher Here’s what is moving markets


Trump supporters: "Stop the vote!" Also Trump supporters: "Count that vote!"