Monday, November 23, 2020

Florida and Tennessee Pain Clinic Owner Extradited from Italy to the United States to Face RICO Charges


It feels odd to hear about Cabinet picks and not have to immediately dissect their Russia ties, lack of experience, and swampiness. Welcome back to normal, competent governing.


Biden: "We have no time to lose when it comes to our national security and foreign policy. I need a team ready on Day One to help me reclaim America's seat at the head of the table, rally the world to meet the biggest challenges we face ... This is the crux of that team."


Breaking: Biden announces foreign policy & national security team: Antony Blinken, Secretary of State; Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Sec'y; Avril Haines, DNI; Linda Thomas-Greenfield, U.N. ambassador; Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor; and John Kerry, Special Envoy for Climate.


"I'm a contact tracer in North Dakota. The virus is so rampant that we gave up."


Former president of France to stand trial on corruption charges; world does not end.


Germany to begin COVID vaccination in mid-December


Complicating Biden's options, the Trump administration is designating Open Skies aircraft "excess defense articles" and will "liquidate" the planes after leaving the treaty today.


Bibi, the head of Mossad, Pompeo, and MBS all in one room


Scientists used genomic sequencing to confirm 86 cases just in Minnesota linked to the South Dakota event, but people came from all across the country


Sen. Lisa Murkowski describes Trump leaning on state legislators as a "pressure campaign" that is "not only unprecedented but inconsistent with our democratic process." "It is time to begin the full and formal transition process."


Why won't @GSAEmily just do her job?


Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained for illegal assembly


Prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong says he plans to plead guilty to charges related to a demonstration outside police headquarters during anti-government protests last year.


Netanyahu secretly flew to Saudi Arabia, met MBS and Pompeo, Israeli sources say


More of this, please. We are in a public health crisis. It must be treated this way. Arrest the mask-refusniks, too. Trump supporter who exhaled over women during protests is charged with assault


Even limited family gatherings could result in devastatingly high numbers of newly infected people, experts warn.


.⁦@ABlinken⁩ will be a great Secretary of State. Smart, kind, committed. He represents the best of America. He’s the perfect choice to rebuild American global leadership and redefine national security for the 21st Century. Congratulations, Tony.


Hilariously, the Trump campaign just put out a statement trying to distance itself from conspiracy theorist and liar Sidney Powell.


Rep. Bill Pascrell has filed legal complaints in five states seeking to disbar Rudy Giuliani and 22 other attorneys who have filed lawsuits seeking to change the results of the election, which Joe Biden decisively won.




A watchdog group has filed a complaint on with the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that Sen. David Perdue abused his office to enrich himself through insider trading.


Just confirmed @washingtonpost report that President-elect Joe Biden is planning to announce that he has selected Antony Blinken, one of his closest and longest-serving foreign policy advisers, as secretary of state.


Just confirmed @washingtonpost report that President-elect Joe Biden is planning to announce that he has selected Antony Blinken, one of his closest and longest-serving foreign policy advisers, as secretary of state.


Pfizer, who claims their vaccine is 95% effective now, will apply for emergency FDA authorization after it has enough safety data on its Covid-19 vaccine. Dr. Paul Offit from the FDA's vaccine advisory committee explains how the approval process works.


A massive, unmasked homecoming party at a steakhouse in Missouri included a deliberate campaign to hide from pesky health officials and contact tracers


Just checked... the answer is yes... this Sidney Powell lunacy is still up on the Republican Party's official account


BREAKING—Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine is 70% effective overall. But one of its dosing regimens of low-then-high yields 90% effectiveness. Oxford #COVID19 vaccine cheaper than the Pfizer & Moderna vaccines, and does *not* does not require freezing transport.


“regimen that was 90 percent effective involved using a halved first dose and a standard second dose. Oxford also said that there were no πŸ₯ or severe cases of the coronavirus in anyone who received the vaccine, & a reduction in asymptomatic infections”


Why did Mike Flynn finally get indicted for his real offenses?




AstraZeneca vaccine 90% effective and easily transportable, says company


Sen. Warren and Rep. Porter are requesting all fed contracts for COVID vaccines. "The American people deserve to know that the federal government is using their tax dollars to develop COVID-19 medical products at the best possible price for the public."


The Biden Administration's success is in our vital national interest and in the vital interest of Georgians.


U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien says counterparts overseas have been “impressed with how robust and resilient our institutions are”


I love this line, as the Trump team dumps lawyer Sidney Powell. “She was too crazy even for the president,” a campaign official said.


Trump supporters in Georgia are saying they should stay home in the Senate elections because Loeffler, Perdue & the GOP couldn't deliver a victory for Trump. RT & chip in to help encourage this sentiment amongst MAGA supporters