Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Went through an entire briefing without addressing how millions of people without insurance can get tested. Calls me disrespectful for demanding an answer. ⁦@VP⁩

And where is the Chief Justice’s rebuke of ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ for saying far far worse about the federal judiciary? In rare rebuke, Chief Justice Roberts slams Schumer for 'threatening' comments

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FURTHER UPDATE: As @BernieSanders prepares to appear for a "campaign update," @politico has called Maine for @JoeBiden.

Public health officials say a U.S. outbreak is inevitable. What precautions should you take?

It Looks Like a News App in the Apple Store. It’s Really Russian Propaganda.

Richard Grenell, the top intelligence official in the @realDonaldTrump administration, applied for a midlevel public-relations job at @DeutscheBank around 2009. It didn't go well

NEW: Republicans are leaning hard into their Burisma probe just hours after BIDEN surged to the front of the Democratic primary pack. Democrats bracing for an all-out assault are calling it Kremlin disinformation.


A State of Emergency has been declared for LA City and County due to confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Angelenos need to be prepared, but not panicked. Listen to the advice of experts. Make sure you're following @CDCgov and @lapublichealth for the latest info and recommendations

He could find your net worth in the seat cushions of one of his helicopters.

If true, the @StateDept officials who denied coronavirus testing to exposed US embassy staff need to resign. Also, a reminder that last week in @HouseForeign Committee, @SecPompeo refused 6 times to deny that #coronavirus is a hoax.

A U.S. Embassy Refused to Test Exposed Staff for Coronavirus

Read me in @vogue on why MSNBC should pick a woman to replace Chris Matthews.

Trump on coronavirus testing: "The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we're doing & we undid that decision a few days ago so that testing can take place in a much more accurate & rapid fashion" (what's he talking about?)

JUST IN: Dow jumps 700 points after Biden scores key wins on Super Tuesday.

Traitors are using straight up Russian disinformation, with regard to Joe personally in particular. If the Republicans do this, Dems need to drag Ivanka over Trump Tower Baku in Azerbaijan

Scoop: I asked @WhipClyburn if @BernieSanders tried to actively court his influential endorsement, before he tossed his support behind @JoeBiden. He told me he did not:

And why did Page's FISA start during the campaign? Because apparently Corey Lewandowski dispatched him to Russia, however carelessly. Whoops! Enjoy your Crossfire Hurricane! Smiling face with sunglasses

A+ tweet

I regret to inform you that Mike Bloomberg has dropped out of the racist.

Bloomberg, in statement, endorses Biden: “I’ve always believed that defeating Donald Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. After yesterday’s vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden.

The Trump administration is moving to allow railroads nationwide to ship liquefied natural gas as part of a push to increase energy exports — a practice that hasn't been permitted until now because of the uncertain hazards it presents.

Over 80,000 Uighurs have been sent across China from their native Xinjiang province to work in factories making products for 83 global brands including Apple, Nike, Gap & Sony, per new report by Australian Strategic Policy Institute/ASPI

The Mueller 302s give a picture of the early Trump campaign where Page and Papadopoulos are around, but they're both chowderheads with little value.

’m sorry, did Trump just say doing more manufacturing at home is going to save us from the Coronavirus? I’m going to need more wine..

Well , well. Khashoggi was a witness for 9/11 families suing Saudi Arabia. No wonder MBS got the power tools out. Bloody mongrels

Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego has announced that he'll introduce a bill that would make Medicaid cover testing for and treatment of Covid-19 for every American, no matter how they get their insurance

The Veterans Scandal on Bernie Sanders’s Watch

Confirmed cases of #COVID19 were first found in China, but its origin is not necessarily in China. We are still tracing the origin.

Eric Trump wants members of his dad's golf course to pay $6,500 a pop to meet him in Scotland or Ireland for a couple rounds of golf. It will probably cost taxpayers a lot more.

holy shit — SecDef Esper warned our commanders not to take actions to protect their troops from coronavirus that would upset Trump’s PR effort to downplay the threat

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised a live-fire rocket artillery exercise to confirm his military’s combat readiness and “further kindle the flames of training revolution,” state media said Tuesday

Elizabeth Warren has signaled that she intends to keep going in the presidential race. But so far, she has not placed in the top two in any state, and she is hundreds of delegates behind the front-runners, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

The very next day, the Taliban carried out 43 acts of violence.

First from @bangordailynews and @DecisionDeskHQ: @JoeBiden wins Maine in a stunner over @BernieSanders.

Health insurance stocks climb in pre-market trading following Biden's Super Tuesday rally

Coronavirus is shutting down movies, tours and festivals. Here’s where things stand.

Bernie Sanders had a real chance to run the table. But he ran a toxic campaign against the Democratic Party itself instead of Trump - and Democrats simply rejected him. His worst surrogates will cry rigged deep into the long night of their discontent, but it was the grassroots.

As I’ve warned, #coronavirus has been spreading *undetected* in the US for weeks due to a lack of #COVID19 testing. People in the #Washington-state “hot zone” have been trying to get tested but are “met with confusion and a lack of clear answers.”

Alabama is about to execute an innocent man, says MLK III

Italy just announced that starting tomorrow, all schools and universities in the entire country will be closed until mid-March

Joseph Biden and the Amazing Technicolor Primary

Sanders visited Cuba as part of a congressional delegation in 2014, along with Sens. Heidi Heitkamp and Jon Tester. "How could he be so insensitive to make that remark to a political hostage — me!" Gross told NPR

NEW from me: Alan Gross, an American who was a prisoner in Cuba, said that when Sen. Bernie Sanders visited him behind bars, the senator commended the Communist country, saying: "I don't know what's so wrong with this country."

43 Taliban attacks in one day

How bad will the coronavirus outbreak get in the U.S.? Early models suggest it could be a historic pandemic on the scale of the 1957 flu

We all saw Kavanaugh committ perjury (18 USC sec. 1001 violations, lying to Congress) over and over and over again during his confirmation hearing testimony. This can not go unaddressed. We can’t take a “bygones-be-bygones” approach to perjury by judges/aspiring judges

Campaign Fraud: Jeez, Trump didn't just take foreign *help,* did he? How about foreign money? Enter DA MOOCH and Tom Barrack.

Alarming new clusters of the coronavirus have spread to the US, Middle East and Europe. Here's how authorities worldwide are scrambling to contain the outbreak.

Sanders has three times the number of donors that Biden has. We constantly hear how these are super-motivated semi-broke young people. Who just couldn't be bothered to vote in the Primaries? What is happening?

We can UNPACK the courts. Allow the FBI to investigate every nomination process & every confirmation hearing transcript of every judge McConnell crammed down America’s throat. There likely will be tons of perjury uncovered. Then, those judges must be prosecuted & impeached.

BREAKING: Cal Cunningham wins Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in North Carolina primary electi

Worry about the damn coronavirus

Bernie's big problem isn't that he's a progressive; it's that he's a progressive with an attitude: calling himself a socialist when he isn't, denouncing anyone who raises questions as a corporate tool. This thrills his followers, but scares off key constituencies

Netanyahu election lead shrinks, raising prospect of another Israel vote

POTUS’s first two tweets today are in support of Bernie Sanders

A path out of the political wilderness has opened for Jeff Sessions. The former attorney general is hoping to win his old Senate seat back as he battles a Trump-y football coach and Democrat Doug Jones.

U.S. prosecutors say they have a witness who will directly implicate a Russian businessman known as “Putin’s chef” in schemes to carry out election interference overseas

1. Justice Kennedy retired abruptly to make way for Brett Kavanaugh. 2. Kennedy’s son Justin signed off on Trump’s loans at Deutsche Bank. 3. Trump’s loans were backed by Russian state-owned VTB Bank. Raise your hand if you call for House Dems to investigate this shady shit.

Russia posted this the day after the Nevada Caucuses as we all sweated Bernie Sanders. Good morning, #Putin! Ready for your total embargo?

Satellite images showing pollution suggest China is getting back to work

Live updates: U.S. braces for more disruption as coronavirus jolts business

Good morning! 1,421 people voted for George Papadopoulos in CA-25.

Before @LindseyGrahamSC - Donald Trump’s shameless sycophant - trots out the debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory later today, let’s take a moment to reflect on what he actually thinks about @JoeBiden.

While Ferdinand Marcos was stealing billions from his country, his advisor was Paul Manafort. Years later, Manafort’s Putin-backed client, Ukraine’s ousted President Yanukovych, fled to Moscow w/ tens of billions stolen. Manafort’s next presidential campaign: Donald Trump

Dozens unaccounted for after deadly twister tears across Nashville

If you want a link to my roundup of 600 pages of "YES TRUMP IS A RUSSIAN ASSET" 302s from the FBI to share with non-Twitter friends

Must Read!

After consulting with local and statewide health officials, members of my Cabinet, and other elected leaders, I have taken the precautionary measure of issuing a Proclamation of Civil Emergency in Seattle. More info:

U.S. prosecutors say they have a witness who will directly implicate a Russian businessman known as “Putin’s chef” in schemes to carry out election interference overseas

Trump spent more money on silencing a porn star.

Coronavirus raises the risk of real trouble in corporate bonds

Across the board, Sanders has performed below his primary polls in 2016.

In state after state, Tulsi Gabbard is losing to candidates who dropped out of the race weeks ago. She's trailing "Uncommitted" in Alabama and Minnesota, and "No Preference" is beating her in North Carolina.

"Stay the hell out of our race. I get sick and tired of listening to Republicans tell me and the Democrats about our process...And, for people to use Russian talking points to sow division among Americans, that is stupid. So Ronna [McDaniel], go to hell."

When the game's on the line, you never, ever wanna give the ball to Mike Pence. Fuckin' Never. #Coronavirus

No worries, there are none left in stores.

Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said that he will turn out new disaffected voters, rally the working class to his cause, and spike youth turnout to unprecedented levels. None of it has happened

Democrats just flipped a state house seat in Maine by 15 points tonight that Trump previously carried by 8 points. Terrible news for Susan Col

GOP blocking coronavirus bill — because it limits how much drugmakers can charge for a vaccine

Dear @VP Pence: What are you hiding from the American people? Why won’t you let the people see and hear what experts are saying about the #CoronaOutbreak?

Shaun King, a Bernie Sanders surrogate, being called out for falsely reporting comments by Maddow and other news outlets. So called "progressives" need to get that Bernie & his crew are the left's version of Trump

Missed in the Super Tuesday excitment, Yevgeny Prigozhin "Putin's Chef" is in DoJ's sights. They have a witness :)

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Why are we still not testing at the scale we need to contain the #CoronavirusOutbreak? Have you apologized yet for saying criticism of your Administration’s botched testing was a new hoax?

BREAKING: Official: US strike Taliban, in first hit since peace deal.

A very special good morning to Bill Barr

Question for @BoutrousTed: At what point will the president of the United States be declared a vexatious litigant?

Thank you, Arkansas!



Beginning Of The End For Roe? Supreme Court Weighs Louisiana Abortion Law

I'm not trying to stir any pots right now, but it is worth mentioning that Biden's leads are especially impressive it you consider the fact that Bernie Sanders has Republicans voting for him tonight as well. We really aren't talking about that enough.

Analysis: As Netanyahu claims win, Israel loses U.S. Democrats

Quarantine is one of the most aggressive responses to an epidemic a government can take, according to a Johns Hopkins medical historian. The practice can be effective, but history has also suggested it's often marginalized groups that are unjustly targeted

You know you're gonna get dragged, right?

The coronavirus has upended markets, disrupted supply chains and forced quarantines. It’s all fertile ground for lawsuits

The United States conducted an airstrike against Taliban fighters in Afghanistan who are accused of attacking an Afghan National Defense and Security Forces checkpoint, according to the US military

2020 Bernie Sanders is losing to 2016 Bernie Sanders

Hervis Rogers is the very last person in line to vote at Texas Southern University. He's been here almost five hours. It's almost midnight.

Imagine being such a colossal narcissist that you thank people for voting for you when you’re the only choice

Opinion: The real winner of Super Tuesday is the Democratic Party itself

The Official Coronavirus Numbers Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It

Five deaths have been tied to a nursing home at the epicenter of the US coronavirus outbreak, and friends and family of its 108 patients have been barred from visiting.

In Geneva WHO estimates the mortality rate has increased from around 2% to 3.4%. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. virus expert, told Congress that most healthy people infected with COVID-19 get better.

BREAKING: Joe Biden is the winner of the Massachusetts Democratic primary, AP projects.

Expect Trump and company to attack Biden hard come daylight. From Ukraine falsehoods to Sanders conspiracy. Expect it.

From The Post's Editorial Board: The coronavirus is a reminder that Fed independence is vital

Jill Biden trending on Twitter for her moves to defend her husband from protesters

Brian Williams on long lines at polls in California: "If we ever determine as a country that voting is critical to our democracy, I bet we'll get right on this."

JUST IN: Voters in Maine upheld a new state law that eliminated philosophical and religious exemptions for mandated childhood vaccines.

BREAKING: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Minnesota.

U.S. prosecutors say they have a witness who will directly implicate “Putin’s chef” in schemes to carry out election interference overseas. The mystery witness is prepared to testify at a criminal trial set to open in Washington next month.#Russia

And this is almost certainly why. They don’t want facts from the experts to contradict the nonsense that’s come out of Trump’s mouth. In cases like these, Trump’s ego is quite literally a public health risk.

Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders would not be the strongest nominee

This is how they sell condos

Did the Taliban promise to deliver some dirt on Biden?

Another Operation Chaos fail...

WH is allowing only still photos of this Coronavirus briefing. No audio or video permitted. Here is a photo of the VP as the briefing began

An employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center who became the first coronavirus patient in New Hampshire has ignored directions to stay away from other people and attended an event, state health officials have confirmed

Thank you, Tennessee!

There's always a tweet, striking deals with the Taliban edition

Have I mentioned that deleting your Facebook account can significantly improve your quality of life while also helping democracy?

JPMorgan is asking thousands of U.S. employees to work from home as it tests a contingency plan for closing domestic offices

Students at historically black college in Houston waiting up to 4 hours to vote. This is what voting in Texas looks like after Supreme Court gutted Voting Rights Act

This is INSANE. These people have been waiting in line to vote for five hours at TSU. Polls closed 4.5 hours ago

Coronavirus misinformation is rampant, and has led to discrimination against Asian-American communities and businesses. Listen to advice from experts. Racism and xenophobia are destructive and only further endanger our public health.

“Joe Biden appeals to people who pay their cable bills on the day they arrive. Bernie Sanders appeals to people who may forget to pay their cable bill entirely.... the first group is more reliable.” David Frum, senior editor at the Atlantic

Hillary “I said what I said” Hillary is my favorite Hillary. She’s asked about Bernie’s nonsense and she responds. Watch.

This is truly insane. The administration isn’t allowing audio or video of its Coronavirus updates — precisely when clear and credible communication is what the American people need most.

WATCH: Voters in Houston are still waiting to cast ballots over 3 hours after polls officially closed. #SuperTuesday@GarrettHaake: "This is going to continue to be an issue into the night. It's the biggest voting block in the state, the largest single county in the state. "

Mike Bloomberg will reassess the future of his presidential campaign after a disappointing #SuperTuesday. A campaign official said that did not mean his candidacy would end on Wednesday

MORE: Roughly three out of four voters in California, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina say #coronavirus was a factor in their vote

Here are the results from the Maine Democratic presidential primary with 53.6% of precincts reporting. Sanders, from nearby Vermont, won the state in 2016 with 64.3 percent of the vote.

Clyburn: People were not feeling Biden before South Carolina