Friday, January 25, 2019

I don’t doubt @StevenKBannon sang. But so did @genflynn and @paulmanafort, and yet they told only the partial truth, held stuff back and lied. If Bannon turned over a new leaf why did he head to Europe and work there in Putin’s interests ever since? Unless he’s wired :)

Cosplaying Supervillain Roger Stone Meets Robert Mueller’s Real-Life Feds

SOTU on Tuesday? Pelosi doesn't seem to think so

sign over US 101, Marin Co

@RepAdamSchiff indicates that “Individual-1” (@realDonaldTrump) likely DIRECTED the #conspiracy between Team🇷🇺Trump and the “publishing arm of the Kremlin, which is #WikiLeaks.

Cover of tomorrow's NY Daily News.,Trump caved.

Now why would Rog feel the need to tamper with witnesses over his actions relating to GRU in 2016? :-)

Pelosi Won, Trump Lost

Trumpworld fears Roger Stone will flip on Trump to 'recast himself as the hero' in Russia probe

Dear @realDonaldTrump If you were outlining a cable news hour tonight, how much time would you give to @SpeakerPelosi crushing you, and how much time would you give to your oldest political pal getting arrested by unpaid FBI agents?

Judge has released Roger Stone on $250,000 bond.

His campaign adviser is indicted, flights are scrambled across the Atlantic seaboard, and Trump concerned about who alerted CNN to stake out Roger Stone's house. (Something CNN has answered already: no one)

Hey Roger Stone fans: Bannon ratted him out. You're welcome. Fight amongst yourselves.

CNN’s ability to capture the arrest of Roger Stone was the result of determined reporting and interpreting clues revealed in the course of events. That’s called journalism.

2 lessons here for those still abroad the tRUmptanic: 1) If you act like an a—hole, expect to be treated like one. 2) The rule of law always hits back harder. Act accordingly.

Trump to reopen government

Trump to reopen government

Roger Stone tries to speak to the press about how he's innocent, won't turn on Trump and expects to be "fully vindicated" and you can kind of hear him over the boos and chants of the crowd.

Chants of "Lock Him Up" during Stone's presser is my joy.

Yeah, Stone also forgot he sent text messages suborning perjury.

BEJESUS... One has to wonder how freaked out @realDonaldTrump @jaredkushner @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump are right now. Also @PressSec just go home and open a bottle of wine Stone arrested before 6AM today

Hello from the federal courthouse in DC, where Roger Stone is *not* making his first court appearance (see:, but Paul Manafort will be going before the judge on a hearing on the special counsel's claims that he lied after signing his plea deal

Fox News has decided to focus on this right now instead of the arrest of Roger Stone

Joining @MSNBC at 10 to talk these two gents, Manafort and Stone, who will both be appearing in court today

Trump 2/16/17 - "Well, I had nothing to do with it. I have nothing to do with Russia. I told you, I have no deals there. I have no anything. Now, when WikiLeaks, which I had nothing to do with, comes out and happens to give — they’re not giving classified information."

In July 2016, Roger Stone wasn't just passing messages to wikileaks. He was integral to a US network driving messaging on the wikileaks release. Read more about this weaponized narrative (section 2: Cleveland, Wikileaks, Seth Rich, & the Trump Candidacy)

WikiLeaks is a front for Russian intelligence. Fact. As even Pompeo, as Trump's D/CIA, admitted publicly. ANY direct link between WL (ie GRU) and Team Trump isn't "collusion" -- it's conspiracy and possibly espionage under USC.

F.B.I. agents were also seen carting hard drives and other evidence from Mr. Stone’s apartment in Harlem, The New York Times reported

Dear @PressSec: It is reported that Steve Bannon was the @realDonaldTrump official who WAS DIRECTED to contact Roger Stone to get Clinton info from Wikileaks. If true, who could have directed Bannon? Wouldn't have been Melania. That doesn't leave too many more suspects, does it?

Senate Republicans unexpectedly shake up their party


Warriors visit Obama during trip to DC instead of White House

Kristin Davis, who shared a duplex in New York with Roger Stone, tells CNN that the FBI called her at 6 a.m. to let her know there was a search warrant for her residence, and they were at the door.

BREAKING:#JoeManchin D-WV, just voted YES on Trump's Plan for a $5.7 Million wall. Call him NOW and let him know what you think: (202) 224-3954

Sarah Sanders is asked at least twice about whether Trump directed "a senior Trump Campaign official" to contact Roger Stone about Wikileaks. She does not directly answer.

Sarah Sanders on Roger Stone arrest: "This has nothing to do with the President, certainly nothing to do with the White House."

Cc @TheRickWilson here's the FBI leaving Roger Stone's apartment in NYC. Hiding faces and license plate They were hauling boxes into the car. Got there just as they were leaving, press photographers were on the scene.

Bannon coordinated the Russian attack on America since 2010.

being considered for others. Guiliani begged for a deal and was told to pound sand. He sang completely for "consideration" at sentencing

I truly believe ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ is just trying to destabilize the world for fun before he leaves. This is not okay for South America!

Trump: "WikiLeaks. I love WikiLeaks."

Roger Stone threatened a witness’s dog.

Puerto Rican governor suspends utility bills for federal workers during shutdown

Last night Stone texted me this CNN story, which pointed out that he had not been indicted

Mahahahahah karma is a beautiful b*tch!! So it appears Stone communicated with BANNON re: releases and Bannon is the one who directed him? Bannon is probably unaware that we all DO have extradition to the US over here in Europe and we are ALLIES, not foes, unlike him.

#BREAKING Ukraine court sentences ex-president Viktor Yanukovych in absentia to 13 years for treason

BREAKING: According to a person w/ direct knowledge of the manner, 1 of the sr. officials who reached out to Stone was Steve Bannon, who served as CEO of the Trump campaign during the election's final stages.

Fox & Friends React to News of Roger Stone's Arrest: 'Where is the Russian Collusion?’

The indictment reports that Corsi and Stone decided to instigate the “Clinton is sick” lie on August 2. By August 15, Trump was making it a regular part of his campaign. Clinton’s campaign tried to counter the narrative, but media ignored her and ran with it anyway.

Worth remembering that Trump and Stone have had a relationship for three and a half decades, beginning their work conjunction with Roy Cohn...during the a Reagan campaign. (Note: Cohn also helped engineer the relationship between Murdoch and Reagan at same time.)

Here's Randy Credico with his dog, Bianca, who is mentioned in the Stone indictment

Friday, 25@CNN “Roger stone arrested”@MSNBC “FBI arrests roger stone”@nytimes “Roger Stone charged and arrested”@FoxNews “Trump’s hair is beautiful”

“I will never testify against Trump.” This statement was recently made by Roger Stone, essentially stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about “President Trump.” Nice to know that some people still have “guts!”


This man is garbage. I tried to tell you for years. Are you starting to realize he’s an entitled hippie. They’ve never been allies to women. Bernie: 'My Opponents' Want Black, White, Gay, Latino or Women Candidates 'Regardless of What They Stand For'

The arrest of @realDonaldTrump friend Roger Stone by the @FBI confirms, again, the following fact: MOST SUCCESSFUL WITCH HUNT EVER

At the end of Roger Stone’s interview with HPSCi everyone in the room knew he had just lied. Today’s indictment shows the connections between Stone, the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks. It shows further evidence of collusion/conspiracy.

And just for the hell of it, a coda w @counterchekist.

Four sealed criminal cases filed in DC District Court 1/24/2019

All we need now is indictments for levying war against USA on all RUS IRA employess, GRU officers and Russian govt and the world will shake.

Worker to Trump: "Stop holding us show more love to Putin. Stop it; let us go back to work."

I texted Roger on Mon asking if he had thoughts on why he hadn't been indicted. He sent this: "I think it is possible that I will be framed In which case I will expose both illegal surveillance on me and gross prosecutorial misconduct by a number of lawyers working for Mueller"

Stone to Trump campaign: “The payload is still coming.” And then Trump campaign to Stone: “Well done.”

We will be submersed in Roger Stone news, but don't take your eye off Venezuela today.

Stone’s atty was not told ahead of time

John Brennan: "A 7-count indictment is a very serious one ... the special counsel's office is uncovering the evidence it needs. So just like Mr. Stone's indictment, I'm not going to be surprised by the other indictments that are going to be coming down the pike very soon."

Amazing watching @davidgshortell reporting from Ft Lauderdale. He was the only reporter outside Roger Stone’s house to witness his arrest. (And the classiest thing ever — giving an on air shoutout to photojournalist Gil DeLaRosa who shot the exclusive footage)

And Stone is credited with coming up with "the wall" talking point, which led Trump to force a shutdown...

Roger Stone 5 mins after being arrested

The "high-ranking Trump official" Stone communicated with per Mueller indictment appears to be Steve Bannon

More indictments are coming.

Not to overstate, but this seems like an incredibly consequential day.


This aged well for you, Roger Stone

Roger Stone thought WhatsApp was a secret secure method of communication. I can’t EVEN.

"FBI. Open the door.” Watch exclusive CNN footage of the FBI arresting longtime Trump associate Roger Stone. Stone has been indicted by a grand jury on charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.

HAPPENING NOW: Trump still separating families. Juliet is 15. Months. Old. Separated from her dad on December 28 & detained ever since. The worst part: The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) will not even disclose where she is being held. This is terror.

Read Stone’s indictment in full. It implicates Trump Jr, Randy Credico, Julian Assange, and many more are next.

“The 1,172-page submission by Assange’s lawyers... urges Ecuador to cease its “espionage activities” against him.” If Julian doesn’t like the way Ecuador is treating him, he’s free to pack up his sh*t and leave. No one is making him stay there.

There's room at Supermax for everybody

Now do Jared

Koch network will not back Trump for reelection in 2020: report


FBI agent (who isn’t getting paid) to Roger Stone as he put him in cuffs... “This one’s on the house”

Donald Trump’s day so far

Indictment: "By in or around June and July 2016, STONE informed senior Trump Campaign officials that he had info indicating Org. 1 had docs whose release would be damaging to the Clinton Campaign. The head of Org. 1 was located ... at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London."

Trump has made no appearances at area food banks or other gathering places for furloughed workers, nor has he used the bully pulpit of his office to spotlight their basic struggles.

So here's Michael D'Antonio -- the guy I had never heard of, whom Trump just made famous -- talking about how Trump "can't string three words together" and comes off as "scared" and "afraid" in his tweets conceding that he will wait to make his SOTU address

Trump and Congress Work Furiously to Accomplish Absolutely Nothing

“First of all, we already have one physical barrier, that’s the Rio Grande. To cross it, [migrants] use a raft. To cross a 22-foot-high fence, they’ll use a ladder." — Texas Border Sheriffs: There is No Crisis and We Don’t Want Trump’s Wall

Let them eat shit

Bennet: Washington politics have been "tyrannized" by House Freedom Caucus and Ted Cruz

BREAKING: Roger Stone has been arrested following an indictment by Robert Mueller

This is Pompeo's version of Dean Acheson's blunder by failing to say Korea was within our security perimeter. People can die when our leaders say stupid things.

Roger Stone - Here’s the indictment

Trump ally Roger Stone charged with seven counts in Mueller probe, including obstruction and witness-tampering

BREAKING NEWS NBCNews: Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone arrested in Mueller probe. Here's the Timeline @lrozen and I put together: "Timeline: #RogerStone and His Interactions with Wikileaks, Russians, and More"

Breaking: The FBI has arrested Roger Stone, his lawyer tells CNN. CNN witnessed uniformed and armed law enforcement approach his house just after 6 am in Fort Lauderdale. Pounding on his door one agent said: ‘FBI open the door.’


BREAKING: Muller indictes Roger Stone.

The Department of Justice asked senior managers to compile a list outlining how important functions would be affected if the partial government shutdown were to persist into March, according to law enforcement officials

Just so we are crystal clear once again @RepAOC was the SOLE @HouseDemocrats to vote with @HouseGOP & @freedomcaucus all (minus 5) voted To NOT retroactively PAY FURLOUGHED EMPLOYEES Think about that. It’s vile.

First 2-year Obama DOW Performance compared to first 2-year Trump DOW.

Breaking: Senate Intelligence committee subpoenas @realDonaldTrump's former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen

This is kind of big. Everywhere you look with this bunch it’s Russia, Russia, Russia. Now we learn Russia was renewing Ivanka Trump’s trademarks just before the 2016 election — and they don’t expire until 2026. “Russia, if you’re listening..”

DACA gets its day in court, with the “Dreamers” a potential bargaining chip in the shutdown endgame between Democrats and Trump

In NY, 4 People Arrested For Plotting Terror Attack Against Muslim Community

Analysis: To Wilbur Ross, saving 3,000 coal jobs is essential — but 800,000 government workers are a blip

Loads of houses are up for sale -- but middle-class buyers are still shut out

The six GOP senators who broke with party, voted to reopen government without wall funding

"Russian criminal elements and criminal organizations are very much present on the ground in Venezuela."

Pelosi has edge over Trump on budget negotiations, CBS News poll shows

Sweden: Russian Fighter Jets Briefly Violated Our Airspace Incident comes amid growing military activity in Baltic Sea region, with several reports of airspace violations by Russian aircraft and an increased presence of naval vessels.

Border Patrol agents have discovered at least 230 cross-border tunnels since 1990

Global shipping rates slump in latest sign of economic slowdown

BREAKING NEWS -- State Senator David Tomassoni, Representative David Lislegard and other DFL machine politicians from Minnesota's Iron Range are coming out in SUPPORT of Trump's wall, provided American steel is used to build it. Corrupt to the core.

Skilled federal workers face a critical shutdown choice: Stay or quit?

Border patrol shares video showing migrants climbing over border wall with ladder

Senate Ds push back on Trump demand for “large downpayment” in exchange for 3-week CR Stabenow said giving into Trump will mean WH will use shutdown to get what it wants next: “What does he hold workers’ wages hostage for next? How many times will he try to hold wages hostage?”

BREAKING: A civil RICO suit has been brought against The Trump Organization, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump in United States District Court for their participation in a pyramid scheme

New filing in United States v. Mike Flynn: Leave to File Denied Doc. on PACER:

When we open the government back up the first thing we need to do is make it illegal to shut it down again.

Record-breaking heatwave triggers power cuts on Australia's stressed grid

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Getting Movie Treatment

Mourning military families won't get government death benefits

This 47 second clip explains how the president bankrupted 3 casinos

Pope says killing of women has become 'plague' in Latin America

C-SPAN lit af

A new leak site, Distributed Denial of Secrets (co-founded by @NatSecGeek), is publishing 175GB of leaked Russian emails and documents this week from "politicians, journalists, bankers, folks in oligarch and religious circles, nationalists..."

For People Who Need Assistance, The Lingering Shutdown Could Mean A Food Crisis

Senate Rs defying the president and voting with Dems on a non-wall CR: Lamar (!), Collins, Gardner, Isakson, Murkowski

Bolton relationship with Butina to get closer scrutiny from House

I cannot even stress how many people from the Transition are going to jail. Remember @jaketapper forcing Mike Pence to admit he knew a clearance was sought for @mflynnJR? Flynn Jr has been deleting his tweets. All of them

House Democrats probe Trump's odd relationship with Deutsche Bank

Trump lender of choice, Deutsche Bank, faces intense new scrutiny

Does Everything Trump Touches Die?

Deutsche Bank queried by US House panels on Trump ties

US and Russia Spar Over Accused Crypto-Launderer

FIREWORKS inside today's Senate GOP luncheon. “This is your fault,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) told Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “Are you suggesting I’m enjoying this?” McConnell snapped back.

Trump admin fails to grasp shutdown's effect on Americans