Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tennessee lawmaker bought stocks in Zoom, sold cruise line shares before market plunge: report

Trump is getting fact-checked by Twitter right now regarding vote by mail. The problem is, Twitter is still not fact-checking false homicide statements by Trump. If Trump has details regarding a murder, is law enforcement interviewing him tonight?

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The racism on display in Central Park. This can’t just continue to be a day in the life in the USA. This is systemic and it won’t change on its own.

Police were responding to a report of forgery. Can you imagine police doing this to a white forgery suspect? His last words? “Don’t kill me.” Black Man Dies After Disturbing Video Shows Minneapolis Cop Kneeling on His Neck

Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘Obviously’ Trump will ‘abide’ by safety rules if RNC convention is moved to Florida

The DOJ will not file insider trading charges against Sen. Kelly Loeffler

Breaking: Twitter labels Trump’s tweets with a fact-check for the first time

1 in 4 U.S. workers has filed for unemployment benefits in the last 10 weeks. It’s a crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime — and the Trump Administration is failing to do enough to help.

“He’s a fool, an absolute fool to talk that way,” Biden to @DanaBashCNN about Trump belittling his wearing of a mask. “This macho stuff ... It’s costing people’s lives.”

Twitter marking this @realDonaldTrump tweet with a "Get the facts about mail-in ballots" disclaimer is just the latest clear, undeniable sign that #TrumpLies

"There is a wickedness in our president that long ago corrupted him. It’s corrupted his party. And it’s in the process of corrupting our country, too. He is a crimson stain on American decency. He needs to go."

Trump on claim he can overrule governors on reopening houses of worship: I can absolutely do it if I want to

100,000 people are dead. 20% of Americans have no job. Stop being an internet troll. Start being the President of the United States.

A reporter asked if President Trump had seen the letter from Timothy Klausutis, who asked to take down his tweets. The president's response: “Yeah, I have. I’m sure ultimately they want to get to the bottom of it and it’s a very serious situation.”

In an in-person interview with @DanaBashCNN, Joe Biden calls Trump "an absolute fool" for mocking the former VP for wearing a mask. "Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine," he says

The same judge who moved Devin Nunes' lawsuit against CNN to New York has now moved Washington Post lawsuit to Washington, D.C. It’s his second court setback within a week:

Americans try to leave Brazil ahead of coronavirus travel ban

A quote from Trump just now: "I don't use insulin. Should I be? Huh? I never thought about it. But I know a lot of people are very badly affected, right? Unbelievable."

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany trotted out the administration’s defense of President Trump’s repeated and baseless accusations that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough may have murdered a former staffer

BREAKING: Twitter spokesperson issues the following statement after refusing to remove Trump tweets about Lori Klausutis: “We are deeply sorry about the pain these statements, and the attention they are drawing, are causing the family..." 1/

That’s gross, @Jack. @JoeNBC should sue @RealDonaldTrump for defamation and the widower should sue him for intentional emotional distress.

161 Days to go ...

This is Christian Cooper.

‘I cannot breathe!’ FBI investigates death of a black man in Minneapolis after video shows police officer kneeling on his neck. A bystander pleaded with the officer to “Get off of his neck,” after noticing the man had stopped moving

Restricting mail in voting during a pandemic is dangerous enough. But Trump's statements highlight another threat: He's laying the groundwork to delegitimize millions of votes this fall. And cast doubt on the result. This is what tin pot dictators do. Not U.S. Presidents.

BREAKING: Joe Biden wins AFL-CIO endorsement

UPDATE: Franklin Templeton, the employer of Amy Cooper, who called the police on a black man in New York's Central Park, said that she has been fired after an “internal review of the incident”

When the oligarchs have to run home, you know we’re close.

Yamiche: Why won’t the President give this widower peace and stop tweeting about this conspiracy involving his wife?

The ghoul and his wife announced today that they are having a baby. I’d like to say something kind but I’m at a loss for words. Your thoughts?

China’s decision to impose new national security laws in Hong Kong has brought protesters back onto the city’s streets. Here's what you need to know

.@USAfricaCommand: “U.S. Africa Command assesses that Moscow recently deployed military fighter aircraft to Libya in order to support Russian state-sponsored private military contractors operating on the ground there.”

As Chinese authorities expand use of health tracking apps, privacy concerns grow

Letter to Jack Dorsey

Many people are saying...

Lake of the Ozarks partiers will need to self-quarantine for two weeks, county exec says

Trump took the tragic death of a young woman, Lori Klausutis, and has tried to exploit it for political gain in the most disgusting way imaginable. This letter from her husband to @jack asking him to delete Trump’s sick tweets is a heart-wrenching must read.

We remain unprepared for the scale of the economic devastation hitting our country. In VT today, they're closing an entire highway in anticipation of the line of cars/families needing help with food. At another recent VT meal distribution, the line was 1900 cars, five miles long.

Hungarian PM Orban claims his new dictatorship is no different from other European countries, even though no one else allows limitless rule by decree without parliamentary legislation and an endless delay of elections until the ruling party orders them.

Amy Cooper, the VP of Investment Solutions at Franklin Templeton, needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for falsely accusing an African American man of being violent against her and calling 911. This isn’t about cancel culture. This is about basic accountability.

One month ago: “I think honestly, if you look at the trends today, that I think by Memorial Day weekend we will have this coronavirus epidemic behind us.”@VP Mike Pence

Leading by example.

“Please delete those tweets,” the widower begged in a letter last week to Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey. “My wife deserves better.”

It worked for Trump once and could work for him again. If there’s one thing he has learned from a lifelong career as a huckster, it is to never underestimate the gullibility of his supporters.

"Trump has transformed America well beyond COVID-19 and the economy. He's eviscerated transparency, accountability, accuracy and competence, for a start," writes

Do your kids have more questions for @DrSanjayGupta and the @SesameStreet crew? Parents, submit at https://t.co/wiPd2Tkyqt, and watch a new edition of The ABCs of Covid-19: A #CNNSesameStreet Town Hall for Kids and Parents, Saturday morning at 10 ET

Best Video of the Year award goes to @Eleven_Films This video has 14 million views, let's get it up to 20 million views.

Twitter Must Cleanse the Trump Stain

On behalf of everyone at USAID, Mission Director Peter Wiebler congratulates the Georgian people on Independence Day.

Brian Kilmeade suggests that Gov. Roy Cooper (D) is slow-walking North Carolina's re-opening in order to derail the Republican National Convention.

WHO Suspends Trial Of Drug Touted By Trump Over Safety Fears For COVID-19 Patients The decision follows another troubling study that found a higher risk of death among COVID-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine.

“Now that Trump has taken it upon himself to 'override' 'Democrat' governors by pronouncing church services to be 'essential,' regardless of the risks they may pose, Barr likely will soon be involving the DOJ in more such cases,

We may get a second peak in this wave. I trust Dr Ryan more than almost any official.

With Brazil emerging as one of the world's most infected countries, President Jair Bolsonaro is deflecting all responsibility for the coronavirus crisis, casting blame on mayors, governors, an outgoing health minister and the media.

#HongKong This is how the enforcers of the very unpopular Pro-Beijing Government subdue the citizens who are protesting for freedom, justice and the democratic autonomy promised by China in the Sino-British Joint Agreement.

China threatens US with countermeasures if punished for Hong Kong law

With his plan to impose antisedition laws on Hong Kong, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has revealed a willingness to alter the city’s special status

Hong Kong protesters call for assistance from U.S. military during a demonstration against China’s proposed tough national security legislation for the city. Police fired tear gas at pro-democracy demonstrators during clashes over the weekend.

America’s Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further The coronavirus is coursing through different parts of the U.S. in different ways, making the crisis harder to predict, control, or understand.

Opinion: Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination cannot be pardoned

White woman who called cops on black man during argument over dog being off-leash in Central Park placed on “administrative leave” by her employer

All responsible officials should wear masks in public and promote mask wearing. But since you asked, here’s the answer: @JoeBiden appears lean, fit and ready to kick ass. His look says I’m in charge & America is Back. He is the Commander in Chief that America needs and deserves.

THREAD: So disappointed @AmericanAir and having anxiety over how my health was put at risk. The person next to me refused to wear a mask in accordance with your policy. I intentionally flew FIRST CLASS for space on a 787-8. The stewardess said masks were optional. App says otherwise.

Richard Grenell, who this week will leave his position as acting director of national intelligence, says he will also step down from his other job as US Ambassador to Germany

Richard Grenell, who this week will leave his position as acting director of national intelligence, says he will also step down from his other job as US Ambassador to Germany

I’ll take masked up Blue Star Dad Joe Biden and his aviators over maskless draft dodging Donald Trump and his bone spurs any day ... especially on #MemorialDay.

Horrifying. This is Ace Speedway in North Carolina this weekend. Not a mask in sight.

1300 Veterans given drug touted by Trump for #COVIDγƒΌ19 *even though most are older, & more susceptible to its fatal side effects. VA Secretary’s response to Schumer’s inquiry concerning safety, “VA will continue using hydroxychloroquine on veterans.”

Schiff: Trump admin is 'flooding the zone' to confuse the public about Michael Flynn

OSHA oddly reticent despite worker peril in coronavirus era

Workplace coronavirus outbreaks not limited to meat plants

Contact tracing shows high risk for coronavirus spread in churches