Friday, April 12, 2019

Trump's Fed pick Stephen Moore is a self-described 'radical' who said he's not a 'big believer in democracy'

If true, this is the most obviously impeachable action Trump has taken to date: It would mean this president has seized the power to put not just himself but all who do his bidding beyond the reach of law. Any such president must be removed at once

House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings is moving to issue a subpoena to obtain 10 years of Trump's financial records from accounting firm Mazars USA.

Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago indicted on two counts

NEW: Trump advisers discussed this week whether the US military could build and run migrant detention camps, according to 3 US officials familiar with the conversations

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Dude, you can't tell a federal employees to violate the law and then say you will issue a pardon. That's the kind of stuff that can get you impeached.

NEW: In a rare public rebuke of Trump by a sitting federal judge, Judge Carlton Reeves gave a speech yesterday comparing Trump's criticism of the judiciary to the KKK and segregationists

If Barr & Rosenstein redact Mueller’s report for Congress, it will be by choice, not legal compulsion. Rosenstein chose to give a GOP House nearly 1 million pages of discovery in Clinton & Russia probe. But they choose not to give 400 pages of Trump-related info to a Dem House

Fox News cuts away from press conference as Trump begins rambling incoherently about fences and trucks

JUST IN: Political consultant Sam Patten sentenced to 3 years probation, per @kpolantz in the courtroom. Patten avoids prison because he helped Mueller and other federal investigators, who vouched for him before sentencing. Background on the case here:

Opinion: The latest Stephen Miller revelations require a tougher Democratic response

Undisclosed cash flowed at Trump inaugural ball with ties to China, embattled Saipan casino

Trump's sister retires rather than face ethics probe

Gee, why would @seanhannity suddenly delete all of his tweets pandering to Julian Assange? Someone seems a bit nervous...

Obama fired him. Two years later, he was working with Trump’s 2016 campaign manager & filthy criminal, Paul Manafort - which is when he committed these crimes.

Collins took more money from the billionaire behind Breitbart than from all of Maine

Former First Lady of Malaysia, wife of indicted Prime Minister represented by John Ashcroft, also charged with corruption.

Manhattan DA’s office had graphic and detailed evidence of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s depravity when a prosecutor inexplicably argued for leniency during his 2011 sex offender registry hearing, The Post has learned. Per newly unsealed docs:

"Whether you see your taxes go up or down will depend on whether you live in a red state or blue state and that's by design," explains @JohnAvlon in today's #RealityCheck as he looks at how Trump has used the tax code to hurt Democratic states.

" Trump grinds them into dust "

What happened to Julian Assange's cat?

Facebook has become a place where companies can market fancy houses to white people and junk food to black children, where hate speech is amplified and the right to vote is suppressed.

"Don’t continue to fall for his phony pleas for sympathy, his megalomania, and his well-established promiscuity with the facts. Julian Assange got what he deserved,"

Herman Cain tanking

.@RepKatiePorter challenged big bank CEO Jamie Dimon to pay his workers a living wage by literally showing him the math

Barr is the opposite of Sessions, who was recused. Barr is embedded.

Twice as many companies paying zero taxes under Trump tax plan

Imagine if Americans held people like Sean hannity to this standard.

A man with close ties to Assange has been arrested while trying to leave for "investigative purposes". An unnamed government official told the Associated Press that the man is Ola Bini, a Swedish software developer

This is beyond shocking. We have a President who acts like the President of only a portion of the United States, and an enemy to the rest. Heartbreaking.

For anyone squawking the Kremlin line that Assange is a journalist, ask how many journalists actively hope their sources are murdered.

Hey, somebody better check @RepMattGaetz's office walls, 'cause I think he's scared just as shitless as Assange.

"When the siblings sold off their father’s empire, between 2004 and 2006, her share of the windfall was $182.5 million, The Times found."

Israel's elections have Netanyahu poised for a fifth term, but corruption investigations are casting a growing shadow.

Australia's FM has released a statement regarding Assange's arrest. States he will receive "the usual" consular assistance & expresses confidence in the UK justice system that he will receive "due process".

"There's a reason why Bernie bros and Trump supporters love Julian Assange equally"

The House Oversight Committee is threatening to hold a Justice Department official in contempt of Congress after the agency refused to comply with a subpoena seeking testimony and documents related to the 2020 census citizenship question.

"Bill Barr is not the attorney general of the United States. He is the Roy Cohn whom The Donald has craved since become president; an attorney general who sees his duty as serving Trump,

House Ways and Means member Bill Pascrell is suggesting holding Steve Mnuchin in contempt of Congress over Trump's tax returns: "The way Mnuchin talked and the way he writes, he's very dismissive of the legislative branch of government."

White House tried to pressure U.S. immigration officials to release detainees into 'sanctuary cities' to target Trump's foes

DA knew Jeffrey Epstein was a dangerous pedophile when arguing for leniency

Instead of sending another letter, why don’t they actually issue a subpoena?

In 2016, Julian Assange declined to publish 68 gigabytes worth of leaked Russian docs that could have helped exposed the Russian government’s corrupt activities in Ukraine, even as it selectively leaked thousands of files designed to harm Hillary Clinton.

Question: "Would you call yourself an Obama Democrat?" Sen. Kamala Harris: "I call myself Kamala."

US and Russia 'need to strengthen' economic and political ties, Russian finance minister says - CNBC

Mike Pompeo Leaned on guy who ordered murder to Ditch Associate Tied to Khashoggi Murder

Inside the Russian effort to target Sanders supporters — and help elect Trump

Hannity, who has visited The Pooping Gnome at the Ecuadorian embassy, Rallies to Assange’s Defense: WikiLeaks Has Better Track Record Than ‘Fake News Media’

U.S. Senator Warner eyes social media bills for hate speech, data portability

Pelosi: "To be president of the US is to have a very special personality. But there are shared values about commitment to our Constitution, to the vision of our founders to the Constitution of the US. I don't see those features yet in this president."

Rosenstein defends Barr’s handling of Mueller report

"Inside Ivanka's Dreamworld." I spent the last three months profiling Ivanka Trump. This is the result

Seth Meyers destroys GOP Rep. Thomas Massie over John Kerry disaster: "One of the dumbest lines of questioning in the history of American politics"

Why is the Trump administration trying to drag light bulbs back into the dark ages?

The Incredible Shrinking Fox News

Trump is bulldozing across the presidency’s red lines

Attorney General Barr was quick to tell the world that President Trump wasn't guilty of obstruction of justice—despite the fact that Special Counsel Mueller did not exonerate him of that crime. But when I asked him to tell me how he reached that conclusion, he refused to answer.

Florida's Gaetz, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, titled the resolution the "PENCIL" act as a nod to insults made by the president, who dubbed Schiff, "little pencil neck Adam Schiff."

Heres the Law That Requires Steven Mnuchin to Turn Over Trumps Taxes, or Lose His Office and Go to Prison

Renaissance Technologies, founded by Robert Mercer and James Simmons, is trying to reach settlement with IRS which is reportedly seeking billions in unpaid taxes - in 2014 a Senate panel estimated $6.8 billion was due

@PeteButtigieg on Mike Pence: “I’m not critical of his faith. I’m critical of bad policies. I don’t have a problem with religion. I’m religious, too. I have a problem with religion being used as a justification to harm people.”

They wanted to use living, breathing people as weapons against their political opponents. They wanted to endanger vulnerable, frightened people for a political stunt. This administration is endlessly cruel.

Barr scrambles to rewind 'spying' conspiracy theory embrace

Narrow window if Assange is to see charges for 2016 activities

Assange arrest puts WikiLeaks tie to Trump camp back in spotlight

Dozens of new charges filed against Michael Avenatti

Mnuchin's open defiance of tax law a new test of enforcement

"According to the documents obtained by @BuzzFeedNews, the leaks were highly embarrassing to the US government and endangered the lives of foreign sources who provided the US with intelligence..."

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "Donald Trump certainly is a fan, a cheerleader, an advocate for Wikileaks. And they are a fan of his."

Pompeo Is Warned Against Sidestepping Congress for Conflict With Iran

In his first interview since the Mueller probe ended, Rod Rosenstein beat back suggestions that William Barr is trying to mislead the public

55% is actually the President’s *disapproval* rating in this poll. Fox Business acknowledged that the “poll that was not entirely accurate, which Fox Business would like to correct....The 55 percent number was those who have an unfavorable impression of President Trump.”

Assange's Swedish accuser asks for sex assault case to be reopened in Sweden

Rod Rosenstein tells @sgurman that William Barr has been as “forthcoming as he can” and that it’s “just completely bizarre” to say he’s been misleading people

Lawyers: Robert Kraft will suffer ‘irreparable harm’ if video is released in Fla. prostitution case

Sam Patten worked w/Konstantin Kilimnik & Cambridge Analytica/SCL & failed to register for FARA for Ukraine lobbying His wife Laura Patten had worked at CIA & FBI counterintelligence Transnational Organized Crime East (covers Ukraine) HT

White House officials have tried to pressure US immigration authorities to release detainees onto the streets of “sanctuary cities” to retaliate against Trump’s political adversaries, according to Department of Homeland Security officials & email messages:

BREAKING: Swedish software developer who is allegedly close to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is arrested at Quito airport, Ecuadorian official says

Over and over again, we've seen Trump's judicial nominees refuse to say if they think Brown v. Board was correctly decided. Now, we're seeing it from his nominees for the Department of Justice. This should be a major red flag

In 2014, news outlets reported on the cache, which revealed details about Russian military and intelligence involvement in #Ukraine. However, info from that hack was less than half the data that later became available in 2016, when Assange turned it down.