Saturday, January 28, 2017

Immigration Man by Graham Nash Must See Video

Video of Graham Nash's song "Immigration Man", an animated editorial by Andrew Thomas.

Malia Obama joined Dakota Access pipeline protests

The 25th Amendment RIGHT NOW Pass It On

LeBron James mocks Trump during question about NBA All-Star game

This is what democracy looks like

Some Republicans oppose Trump immigration order Many others kept silent, as Dems vented their fury.

I count three.
Only 3 Republicans.have balls to choose country over party?
Swear to defend the Constitution indeed!

"Trump's refugee ban is the perfect ISIS recruiting tool"

“When you get off the plane, you show your documents, and they grab you.”

Trump Putin - Trumtin

exclusive video of Trump during his call with Putin today

Yet Again, Republicans Demonstrate the Mean-Spiritedness at the Dark Heart of Their Party

You Own Him GOP

While All Hell Breaks Lose, Trump And Putin Talk Officially

...I'm doing everything just like you told me, Vlad.

Paul Ryan: Trump executive order is not a Muslim ban

Paul Ryan Embraces Alternative Facts

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark: We don’t know what ‘extreme vetting’ means

Apple CEO knocks Trump immigration ban: "Apple would not exist without immigration"

The 25th Amendment RIGHT NOW Pass It On

French Media Think Trump Is Insane, Literally

Trump’s executive order on refugees created a nationwide crisis. Here’s how New Yorkers reacted.

Dem lawmakers secure release of detained Iraqi refugee

To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

NY Taxi drivers refuse pick-ups from JFK in solidarity with refugees

Only You Can Resist Fascist Liars

Melania Trumps Immigration Lawyer Speaks Out

Trump's immigration crackdown is an exercise in government cruelty.

Trump: New York Times is 'fake news'

Fake President!

When Dick Cheney and Cory Booker agree that Donald Trump's executive order on refugees and immigration is unAmerican, it probably is.

Canadian PM to refugees: "Welcome to Canada"

The 25th Amendment RIGHT NOW Pass It On

The 25th Amendment - Hey, Pence, McConnell,Ryan, Don't You Think It's About Time? Pass iIt On

The 25th Amendment RIGHT NOW Pass it on 
Hey, Pence, McConnell and Ryan - Don't You Think It's About Time? 
To Continue To Enable Him Makes Your Whole Damn Party Accomplices.
Don't Insult America And The World's Intelligence.
You Know Exactly Where This Road Is Leading Us.

Oh Ya, After All This Is Over You Owe Us All  Free Healthcare For Putting Up With All This Bullshit.

Crowds at JFK honking to support protesters

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

May God Forgive Donald Trump And THE GOP For What They Have Set In Motion

 The Citizens of The United States Of America Will Not Stand For Democracy To Fall
The world will not stand for The United States of America behaving this way

One thing encourages me: Much of official (and unofficial) Washington agrees that Week One of the Trump...

States propose bills to penalize protests

Ten states are considering bills that could make it dangerous and difficult for people to protest, and in one case legal to potentially injure protesters. Joy Reid and her panel of activists and journalists discuss. Duration: 9:09 

Everybody in NYC area-- head to JFK Terminal 4 NOW! Big anti-Trump protest forming out of nowhere! Ppl mobilizing against Trump's Muslim ban

Lawyers are stationed at airports across U.S. If you know someone entering country, tell them not to sign anything before talking to lawyer

Where have I heard this before

Wake up, Republicans! You are in league with racists opposed to the cause of liberty. Your silence shall define you!

Google recalls staff members to US after Trump’s immigration order

Paul Ryan: Building Mexico border wall "urgent"

Somebody Edited the Invertebrate Wikipedia Page to Include Paul Ryan

History IS Repeating Itself

...and the GOP does nothing.

Joan Jett Sings Mary Tyler Moore Theme Song

Dead Voters

GOP Exploits Trump's Many Mental Illnesses For Power And Financial Enrichment

Why Trump Will Hide His Tax Returns Forever

'I don't need Steve Bannon's permission to do my job'

The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson discusses Stephen Bannon's remarks about the press as provocation and why he doesn't need permission from Bannon to do his job. Duration: 6:37

Protest works

The subtle ways our society often equates being white with what’s normal

Paul Krugman: Making the Rust Belt rustier

California AG Becerra: I Will Find Ways to Stop Trump's Wall

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra joins MTP Daily to discuss working with Pres. Trump on the Mexican border wall and more. Duration: 7:45

A Caucasian of Republicans

Russia sanctions must be tied to progress on Ukraine peace: Gabriel

Ethicists say President Trump is improperly profiting from his office

Trump Thief

A Pence Ryan Coup?

Don't forget the 25th ammendment

First Week - Stephen Colbert

Breaking: Trump exec order so broad it could bar 500k *legal residents* from traveling

Navigating Climate Change in America’s Heartland

Bill Maher - Alternative Facts

Trump Joke

Trump and Putin to speak amid European, GOP worries over future of U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Dear America, you are officially no longer the “leader of the free world.”

This is climate science

Veterans: Trump refugee ban puts the lives of foreign translators at risk

Republicans Have a Warning for President Trump: Don't Play Nice With Russia - Robert Reich

President Donald Trump's First Negotiation Was A Humiliation | The Last Word

Lawrence O'Donnell explains why Mexican President Peña Nieto's decision to not attend a scheduled meeting with Pres. Trump over the border wall is Trump's first humiliation on the global stage and sends a message to other world leaders about future negotiations.


Let Chief Justice Roberts explain why the global gag rule is unconstitutional:

Russian Billboard - Trump Putin

Twitter: FBI forced us to reveal data on two users

Who March the World? Girls. | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

How much does Trump love Putin? And how worried should we be?

For Jewish and Christian groups, the commitment to help refugees reflects their understanding of God's commandments.

Kamala Harris on refugee ban: "Make no mistake — this is a Muslim ban"

Democrats have gone from the party that protects people to the party to the party that protects feelings.