Friday, June 22, 2018

JUST IN: On the US House floor, Rep. Lieu plays audio of children at detention facilities, despite being ruled out of order by the chair: "Why are we hiding this from the American people?"

A plan Trump’s allies worked on that would have ceded Crimea to Russia and lifted key sanctions against the country was developed much earlier than has previously reported — in the beginning days of 2016.

Trump’s superpowers fail

Another EPA stunner

Prediction: Trump will keep harping on immigration. A Dem strategist told me why—‘it’s their only wedge issue that works right now’

The brothel owner from HBO’s Cathouse is running for office with evangelical Christian support.

Fox & Friends host: "These aren't our kids. Show them compassion, but it's not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas"h

Pruitt has only sent one email from official EPA account to an address outside the agency in nearly whole year as chief

The Mystery of the American Lawyer Who Worked for a Putin-Friendly Oligarch and Julian Assange

Trump’s young staffers say it’s hard to date and socialize in Washington once people find out they work for the White House

The Art of No Deal: Why Trump doesnt want an immigration bill

Turns out GEO, the company that runs immigration detention centers, is ⁦@CongCulberson⁩’s largest donor.

Republicans in Washington added $1 trillion to the deficit so that they could give a giant tax cut to rich people and big businesses. Now, they're planning to cut your Medicare and Social Security benefits to pay for it.

A foundation established by Ryan Zinke and headed by his wife is playing a key role in a real-estate deal backed by the chair of Halliburton, which stands to benefit from Interior Department decisions to open public lands and change standards for drilling.

Fox News Is The Worst It's Ever Been Right Now

Protester who drove Trump Homeland Security chief from Mexican restaurant is a Justice Dept employee

Inside the Ukraine peace plan in Mueller probe: More authors, earlier drafting than believed - including former Republican Rep. Curt Weldon and New York real estate mogul Alexander Rovt

Nikki Haley lashes out at UN for "ridiculous" analysis that blames US poverty on politics

EXCLUSIVE: @NYGovCuomo orders ALL NY agencies that received children from ICE to reveal their names, ages, the name of their parents and the place they were separated by 10am Friday or they will face legal sanctions.

Protestors are outside of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Alexandria townhouse, playing audio of the detained children. She appears to be still be home.

Cummings Announces New Effort by Oversight Dems: Trump Administration Officials Must Account for Every Immigrant Child They Separated From Parents

A Trump supporting soybean farmer whose farm has lost ≈ $250k in value due to tariffs: “This isn't just numbers on a sheet or percentage of trade or dollar value. This is multi-generational Am

How Did Trump and Clinton Pal Jeffrey Epstein Escape #MeToo?

Think about it: This president built tent cities in order to separate, cage and jail immigrant children faster than aid was provided to American citizens in Puerto Rico.

Seems like they really don't care. Do u? — Nancy Pelosi

Trump repeals Obama order protecting oceans from oil spills

Americans don't support President Trump's tariffs or foreign policy, a new CNN poll shows

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Russia was not ‘taking sides’ when it hacked 2016 election to help Trump

Russia and Saudi's plans for a so-called OPEC+ could reshape the global oil order

Stocks set for worst week in three months on trade war worries

GOP candidates are digging in on their support for Pres. Trump, trying to cast blame for separation of immigrant families on their Democratic opponents.

.@HouseGOP just passed a bill that will strip nutrition assistance from millions and take school lunches away from hundreds of thousands of school kids. Because after giving trillions in tax breaks for billionaires, @SpeakerRyan has decided it’s too expensive to feed hungry kids.

Dear Sir or Madam: The United States government no longer wants to know how much methane gas you are leaking into the atmosphere. Thank you for your continued support....(Letter sent out to the industry after Pruitt killed data collection effort)

NEW: At least five government employees have reached out on an offer of legal representation for potential conscientious objection to Trump's family separation policy.

We found out that HHS Secretary Azar was at college reunion while the migrant child crisis was boiling over this weekend. Anyone have a photo of him at that reunion?:

But a cluster of flight attendants who had been on board stood nearby after the children deplaned, visibly distraught. “They lied to us,” one flight attendant said.

Protesters confront Stephen Miller at Mexican restaurant, call him a "fascist"

BREAKING: GOP to propose $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

Undocumented migrant children allege grave abuse at detention centers ranging from assaults to drugging, a CNN investigation finds

JUST IN: Accused NSA leaker will plead guilty to giving cybersecurity memo to The Intercept

Sinclair Forces Stations To Air Commentary Arguing ‘Liberal’ Reports of Child Detention Were Exaggerated

Attorneys launch a frantic effort to reunite immigrant parents with their separated kids, but find few of the children their parents are seeking

Rhode Island bill would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he files his tax returns

Rational people always knew the National Enquirer was fiction. Now we know it was also an arm of the @realDonaldTrump campaign. And currently it operates essentially as state media. Sort of like Sean Hannity.

Opinion: A matter of honor and the fiction of Malcolm Nance

"Just tell me whatever you want me to do. I will go to the borders. I'd get arrested again. If necessary, I'm prepared to go to jail."

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You are correct no Dems voted for the Goodlatte bill. A bunch of Republicans voted no too. Why? Because the bill sucked. Also, the bill did nothing to reunite the 2300 kids you ripped away from parents. Until you return the kids, it looks like kidnapping.

Disgraced corrupt former head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, has private meeting with Putin in the Kremlin. Pretty much says it all.

As I told Politico, I don’t think most Americans understand that a 33-year-old with connections to white supremacists is crafting policies that are going to literally destroy our country and what we stand for. Stephen Miller should be fired. He should not be in the White House.

This was March 2017 and we all forgot it even happened. “MELANIA’S JACKET!!” - all news outlets