Saturday, June 1, 2019

London mayor Sadiq Khan has granted permission for a Donald Trump baby blimp to fly over the capital during Trump's state visit

An Arkansas woman in Greenwood Acres subdivision lynched a black mannequin from a tree right next to a confederate flag in her front yard. The woman claims it’s a “Halloween decoration”, in MAY?!

Crazy dude just rushed @KamalaHarris at @MoveOn

The U.S. Navy has acknowledged that a request was made to hide the USS John S. McCain during President Donald Trump's recent state visit to Japan

New lawsuit: Rep. Jim Jordan's cousin retaliated against Ohio State whistleblower

Matt Gaetz got milkshaked in Pensacola

This man is clearly overcompensating for something...

We will go where the facts lead us. We will insist on the truth. We will build an ironclad case to act. Because in the United States of America, no one is above the law – not even the president! And President Trump will be held accountable for his actions!

As calls for impeachment grows, its probably not a good sign when your impeachment attorney is resignin’

Reminder: the head of Mueller’s legal team was Michael Dreeben, the most accomplished criminal lawyer in DOJ. He has been in charge of all DOJ criminal appeals for more than 20 years and has argued more than 100 cases in the S Ct. So his legal analysis was trumped by...whom??

Obama warns about effects of fake news on democracies during address in Ottawa - The Globe and Mail

Live shot of Emmet Flood leaving the White House...

CONTEXT ALERT: Emmet Flood was brought on because of his experience defending @BillClinton from impeachment. One wonders why he’s leaving now.

The White House's lead lawyer during the Mueller investigation is to leave his post, Trump announced Saturday

Former GOP chairman arrested in Boise on stalking charge | Idaho Statesman The complaint states that Parker’s conduct included “repeatedly hiding in bushes, masturbating, disguising himself with a wig” at or near her apartment complex.

UK's Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable: "There is no justification for the Trump state visit." "President Trump will not be the first or last nasty piece of work to enjoy a state visit, but he is among the most dangerous."

A foreign client paying Flynn more than $500,000 to mount a campaign to advance Turkish gov’t interests during the 2016 presidential campaign explicitly complained to a Flynn aide that then-candidate Trump was not being supportive enough, newly released documents show

Here's last night's Channel 5 report on the $53,000/year Speaker @GlenCasada Aide Who Says Public Schools Are "Satanic" and "Feeding Our Kids To the Big Gay Beast" 3 Casada aides have already resigned in shame. Casada himself should follow them out the door.

If only we had heard from Robert Mueller before William Barr's spin

Let’s make sure Trump knows exactly what ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ thinks of ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩

All but one of the 12 victims killed Friday in nation's deadliest shooting of the year worked for the city

No wonder Zuckerberg wouldn’t take down the Pelosi video - he wants to take HER down.

Tyrants overthrowing virtuous men.

So if Judge Sullivan doesn't say anything I will presume he got tap on the shoulder from one of the FISC members who are colleagues in US district court in DC. They won't have to say a word.

Good morning. A massive coverup is under way at the top of the Justice Department and across the GOP to shield Donald Trump from any consequences for the crimes described in the Mueller report. We are living in a wobbly autocracy, abetted by kleptocratic GOP minority rule.

Perhaps the USS John McCain hat will become the anti- MAGA hat.

Watch full coverage of President Trump's state visit to the UK from Monday on @SkyNews. #TrumpVisit You can find us on Sky channel 501 or live here

Donald Trump lashes out, calls Duchess Meghan 'nasty' on eve of UK visit

So ... @HouseholderOH says it's wrong for Ohio libraries to teach "Drag 101" classes because he sees himself as a "good steward of the public's money." Yet, last weekend we paid $650,000 to bring the Klan to Dayton. I have questions.

In Trump’s and Barr’s America, it looks like the Executive Branch has finally claimed it can defy not only the Legislative Branch but the Judicial Branch as well. Isn’t that called a dictatorship? Please tell me what I’m missing here.

If you're ok with 100 mass shootings where multiple people died in only the 6 first months of 2019 but you claim every life is precious & you're quick to ban abortions putting women's lives at risk of life threatening injuries or death, you're not pro life, you're an accomplice

Trump’s Moscow Deal Is Exactly What the Framers Worried About Self-dealing and foreign influence were their biggest fears for the presidency.

How many ppl in trumps orbit knew about the Mexico tariffs in advance? He's manipulating the stock market.

I suspect Judge Sullivan will issue a “Show Cause” Order, directing the prosecutors to demonstrate why they should not be held in contempt for failing to comply with his earlier order to disclose. Institutional danger ahead . . .

Franklin Graham Threatens America With Civil War If Trump Is Impeached

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 had just been shot down over eastern Ukraine, Putin used the same trolls he used to influence the U.S. presidential election to pump out conspiracy theories to cover it u

Just a reminder that Paul Nehlen is a racist and if you’re defending him that’s what you’re defending.

Thanks to Trump’s tax cut, corporations lowered their effective tax rate to just 7% - the lowest since WWII. And yet the IRS collected $100 billion more from individuals last year. Democratic candidates should be shouting this story from the rooftops.

“... But the evidence does indicate that a thorough FBI investigation *would* uncover facts about the campaign and the President personally that the President could have understood to be crimes...” — Mueller Report pg. 76.

Could overturning Roe go beyond rolling back abortion rights?

Yeah, you can see how Bill Barr might have a hard time understanding why the FBI would have wanted to take a look at the Trump campaign... ...well, except for...

He was known as the Michelangelo of gerrymandering. Since his death, his hard drives have emerged as containing evidence that could be relevant to a major Supreme Court case

Climate Change Is Intensifying Food Shocks

Britain is at its most delicate political moment in years. Now here comes Trump.

People who deactivated Facebook in a study were happier afterward, reporting higher levels of life satisfaction and lower levels of depression and anxiety. That change is equal to about 25-40% of the beneficial effect typically reported for psychotherapy

ICYMI: I have never met someone - Democrat, Republican, or Independent - who likes being cheated. So when some of my colleagues tried to propose an amendment that would gut the #ConsumersFirst Act, a bill to protect our nation's top consumer watchdog, I stood up and spoke out

William Barr said he consulted the Office of Legal Counsel on whether Trump obstructed justice. We sued the OLC after it failed to turn over records of its opinion on the matter

U.S. judge waves through D.C. case against Facebook

Hard to believe that with two years of inactivity from a Republican held Presidency, Senate, and House, Trump's now trying to pin this on Democrats!

Nijat Turghun, a #Uyghur analyst at Stockholm University, argues that #China's concentration camps are a test of the international community and its #norms. If we fail the test, our #values and norms of #democracy and #humanrights are at risk.

Impact of Mueller statement highlights need for public testimony

This is a clear conflict of interest. We need to pull corruption out of Washington by the roots—and we can start with my plan to #EndCorruptionNow, the most ambitious anti-corruption plan since Watergate

Taylor Swift calls for the Senate to pass the Equality Act

The Justice Department has refused to comply with Judge Sullivan’s document request. There’s no justification for the DOJ’s decision; it’s one more action in a pattern of obstruction.

NEWS: Prosecutors rebut ROGER STONE claim that Russia wasn’t behind the DNC hacks — and reveal they had probable cause to search him for a whole bunch of crimes he wasn’t charged with (conspiracy, wire fraud and more). The details:

BREAKING: Trump says the U.S. will impose a 5% tariff on all goods from Mexico

Wow. There is so much wrong w Barr's words. If Mueller accused 45 without indicting: he'd be doing what Comey did to Hillary. More important, did Barr forget Watergate and Clinton precedent of referring evidence to Congress for impeachment instead of indicting for crime??

Would Trump sell America’s secrets to protect his own?

Russia Deployed Its Trolls to Cover Up the Murder of 298 People on MH17

I know there's a lot going on these days, but the GOP trying to manipulate the census to undercount non-Whites and lying to the court about it is a political scandal that will massively impact this country for decades. Everyone should be paying attention.

NEW: Nadler says “there certainly is” justification to impeach Trump — but not before the public is on board. “The American people right now do not support it because they do not know the story. They don’t know the facts. We have to get the facts out.”

“[Barr’s] not entitled to disparage Bob Mueller… If Barr really had difficulty with what Mueller did, he remains his boss, he could demand that Mueller give him his conclusion, it just seems like they’re trying to set up a very good man... ”

New documents released today show Flynn was a paid secret agent for a foreign country. Likely one of the reasons Sullivan asked if they’d thought of charging him with treason.

China gears up to weaponize rare earths in trade war

Mueller's warning that ALL Americans should be aware of election interference is real. Who is blocking legislation to bring greater election security? One answer: Mitch McConnell. He should never again be

Tired of Mitch McConnell? Want to #FlipTheSenate in 2020?@az_resist will be live-tweeting from the #AzIndivisiblesForMark event today, follow along and hear what our future Senator has to say

Opinion: Here’s the dirty truth about China’s rare-earths threat

"If every unvaccinated child in the U.S. were vaccinated today, Friday, May 31," Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist, said, "the outbreak would be over across the country by June 15."

I’m heartsick and praying for the victims and their loved ones. Eleven people should not have been murdered today. How many lives will it take before Congress acts to end this crisis?

U.S. begins collecting higher tariffs on Chinese goods arriving by sea

Exhibit A: Zuckerberg announces 'THE FUTURE IS PRIVATE' in front of large crowd Exhibit B: Facebook's official response to class action over Cambridge Analytica breach - "No expectation of privacy" on Facebook because "it's the opposite of private."

Mexico sells $346 billion worth of goods to the US every year. Here's how prices could raise on everything from cars, groceries and even iPhones.

Disgruntled city worker kills 12 in Virginia beach resort; suspect also killed

Califonia Gov. Gavin Newsom is welcoming women without access to abortions to have the procedure performed in his state.

DOJ surprises with omissions in response to Flynn document order

This might also be a good time to mention that the Attorney General of the United States has never actually prosecuted a case in his life. Oh, also, he is corrupt and lies a lot. So, he's perfect for the job in the Trump Administration.