Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We’ve uncovered 2 million fake #netneutrality comments using the stolen identities of people across the country. This should raise alarm bells for every American. We need to delay the @FCC's vote now.

Net neutrality keeps the Web from running like an airport security line. And it might go away.

BREAKING: Top GOP lawmakers pivot against Trump, suddenly join the outcry against FCC move to repeal #NetNeutrality -- as a new poll shows the vast majority of Republican voters want the rules preserved. The FCC vote is TOMORROW.

Suspicious? Roger Stone's go-between with WikiLeaks takes the Fifth

JUST IN: White House withdraws second controversial Trump judicial nominee: report

Don Jr been behind closed doors with Senate Intel staff for nearly seven hours - and no end in sight yet

Trump thwarts Tillerson's peace attempts again

JUST IN: @SenJohnMcCain’s office releases an update on his health (he has missed votes this week

Republicans reach last-minute deal to give wealthy Americans an even bigger tax cut

34,000 Americans are killed by guns every year. Whether you blame guns or people, it is an undeniable fact that this is a public health crisis. Yet the House has blocked the CDC from studying causes of and solutions to gun violence. We’re trying to change tha

Poll: Almost Nobody Likes Plan To Kill Net Neutrality. GOP FCC Chair Ajit Pai: We're Doing It Anyway

There has not been one public hearing, no opportunity to hear from economists, governors, mayors or ordinary Americans who will be impacted by this tax bill. This is a sham

Keeper of holiest Christian site in Jerusalem will refuse to welcome Pence

Breaking News: House and Senate Republicans have a tax deal, putting a bill on track for final votes next week. It has cuts for businesses and high earners.

Just in, statement from DOJ official: "We often provide information [to reporters] that we give to Congressional committees to avoid any confusion." Me: Even amid an ongoing OIG investigation? Official: Statement stands

"Let me emphasize that correlation is not causation.” - Janet Yellen

Dont forget that Russians didn't just hack the Democrats. They hacked the RNC too. And they hacked the email of Senator Lindsay Graham.

My exclusive report on the exit of @Omarosa #Omarosa from the #WhiteHouse

The always awesome @AprilDRyan gives the INSIDE scoop on the firing of #Omarosa & her assistant‼️ Trust me, you *must* watch this

Cernovich is being investigated by US Capitol police for being involved in a forgery attempt to discredit @SenSchumer they have also forwarded to FBI.

US government confirms that Americans looking for coverage through will struggle if they froze credit after the Equifax breach.

Written in secret, passed in the middle of the night, finalized behind closed doors, and now being rushed to a final vote: the #GOPTaxScam is Swamp 101.

When a president dips below 50% approval, average House loss for his party in next off-year election=32. But the average for 4 ultra-unpopular presidents - Truman, Nixon, Carter, W. Bush = 42. Current GOP majority in House = 28.

I believe a free and open internet is part of the foundation of a modern democracy. It is plain wrong that the @FCC wants to end Title II Net Neutrality protection. It is yet another attack on those attempting to bring about the beloved community.

Americans are about to lose a tax deduction worth over $500 billion every year — here's what to do now before Trump's tax plan goes into effect

Perspective: The Republicans have momentum on the tax cut. How did it come to this?

During the first presidential election without full protections for voters of color, people across the country were denied the right to vote and removed from voting rolls. Tell Congress to fix voter discrimination before our next elections.

Judge bars ex-Speaker Hastert from being alone with minors

NEW: The Schumer forgery hyped by @Cernovich plagiarized a portion of the Conyers complaint—including "House Rule 23"

Trump uses signing statement to object to Russia-related provisions in Defense Bill

Why are two FBI agents being smeared by the right?

.@RepJerryNadler, ranking Dem on House Judiciary Committee, defends Mueller team at opening of hearing today - dismisses anti-Trump texts from FBI agents: "Peter Strzok did not say anything about Donald Trump that the majority of Americans were not also thinking at the same time"

Turkey's Erdogan slams Trump Jerusalem decision: "Out of the question" for "biased" US to broker peace deal

Here is Mitch McConnell in 2010 demanding no vote on the ACA until Republican Scott Brown is seated. "I'm convinced now that no gamesmanship will be played by the other side with regard to future votes in the Senate."

NOW: Outgoing Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks; Fed raises benchmark interest rate

Here is what John McCain said in 2010 about passing a bill before a Senator has been seated: "Stop this process, sit down in open and transparent negotiations, and let’s begin from the beginning.”

Trump judicial pick Brett Talley withdraws following criticism over lack of courtroom experience, wife's role in White House

GOP reaches tax deal to slash corporate and individual rates

Chuck Grassley says Senate Republicans have to "continue to try to deliver" with just 51 members

WATCH: Deputy Atty. General defends Special Counsel Robert Mueller, calling him a 'dedicated' public servant. 'I think it would be very difficult ... for anybody to find somebody better qualified for this job.

BREAKING: Rod Rosenstein tells the House Judiciary Committee that he WOULD NOT take action to fire Mueller unless he has violated his duties. Says Mueller IS running the investigation APPROPRIATELY. Note: This include the appointment of agents who the GOP accuses of being biased.

BREAKING: Minnesota Lt. Gov. Tina Smith appointed to replace resigning Sen. Al Franken

Rosenstein says Mueller has not exceeded his mandate. "The special counsel is conducting himself consistently with our understanding of the scope of the investigation."

Sen. Schumer: "Today we Senate Democrats are calling on Mitch McConnell to hit pause on his tax bill and not hold a final vote until Doug Jones is sworn into the Senate."

BREAKING: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein tells the House Judiciary Committee that regulations do not permit him to appoint a special counsel to investigate the FBI if laws were not broken. Note: being biased against a President is not illegal

Schumer: "It would be a big mistake for Republicans to dismiss his loss only as a result of Moore's personal past. The Republican brand, even in deep-red Alabama, is positively toxic." (via ABC)

According to multiple sources Omarosa did not resign. She was even escorted out of he building and off campus.

Doug Jones' victory in Alabama special election "opens the door, for the first time, for the Democrats to take back the Senate."

Sponsor of a fundraiser benefiting Kentucky Gov Bevin is the director of a company that recieved a $15Mil state investment

Roy Moore’s brother warns of God’s wrath: ‘Doug Jones will pay for what he’s saying’

Roy Moore’s brother warns of God’s wrath: ‘Doug Jones will pay for what he’s saying’

The alt-right movement voiced despair after Roy Moore lost in Alabama

Alabama GOP distances from Roy Moore's recount call: "This race has ended"

Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith to replace Franken: report

Reminder, Bannon and Kellyanne lobbied Trump to back Moore after sex abuse scandal

CNN’s Anderson Cooper says his Twitter account was hacked.

This pic clearly identifies the issue not only during this race but in America. 74% of white men support pedophilia, 65% of white women support pedophilia. It was 92% of Black men & 97% of black women who challenged this culturally deprave white nationalist evangelical movement.

NEW: Republicans fear deep losses in 2018 elections

Trump suffers 'big black eye' in Alabama

Please help keep the internet free and fair just text "RESIST" at 50409

Conservative WSJ editorial sticks a fork in Steve Bannon and his ‘loser’ candidates

If Congress does not act, funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program will run out soon. Ahead on @CBSThisMorning, how the program helps nearly 9 million children:

“President Trump is wrong, he is a bully and he’s been attacking people across this country since he’s been president.”

“The president says whatever he wants whenever he wants. I don’t think that level of discourse, however, is what this country wants.” @SenGillibrand on Trump

Guess America broke your data weapon, @PutinRF.

Make one painless phone call today to save net nuetrality!

Opinion | Congratulations, Steve Bannon, you just elected a Democrat in Alabama

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand calls Trump Twitter post 'sexist smear'

Before backing two losing Senate candidates in Alabama, Trump opened the seat by picking Jeff Sessions as AG. "Now Trump hates him and a Democrat is in the Senate," a senior White House official says

When Scott Brown won the MA senate race in 2010, Harry Reid & Obama said they would not ram through a vote on health care until he was seated. McConnell shld follow their example and hold no new votes on tax reform until Jones is seated

Ex-McConnell aide torches Bannon: Thanks "for showing us how to lose the reddest state in the Union"

Republican finger-pointing over stunning Alabama Senate loss has begun

Health care for millions of kids is threatened. Call (202) 225-3121 to tell Congress to #FundCHIPNow!

The cover of the Montgomery Advertiser for Wednesday after Sen.-elect Doug Jones' victory in the Alabama Senate election.

Daily News Front Page

Ignoring The will of the people again, Mitch McConnell Vows Not To Seat Democratically Elected Doug Jones Until After Tax Vote

Today on TODAY: @SavannahGuthrie will talk to @SenGillibrand in an exclusive live interview about her heated back-and-forth with President Trump and more.

White House aides were bracing for the fallout from Trump after Roy Moore, the candidate he vigorously backed, lost the Alabama election

Republicans will now have to hurry to get their tax bill through Congress before Doug Jones takes office

POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE’ in Alabama -- WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about how this affects Washington

Palestinians will not accept any US role in peace process 'from now on', says Mahmoud Abbas

Wonderboy Kushner Fail

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein appears before House Judiciary Cmte today in open session

The FCC is not listening to the American people. Instead they use feedback sent from Russian IP addresses in backing up their decision on repealing Net Neutrality. Please make your voice heard and save our internet!

Fingerprints of Russian Disinformation: From AIDS to Fake News

Trump bashes Gillibrand using a favored weapon: Innuendo as insult

‘Other Bible verses say it’s over’: #FoxNews’ Bret Baier hits Roy Moore for refusing to concede

Australia's version of America's FinCen, is all up in this 3 ways to Sunday. Fun Fact; the software the Commonwealth Bank was using that allowed these breaches to occur, came from Diebold Technologies

Former EPA heads from GOP administrations slam controversial Pebble Mine proposal

Meghan McCain after Doug Jones victory: "Suck it Bannon"

Roy Moore refuses to accept election loss and asks supporters to pray for him

.@RBReich calls out @AjitPaiFCC: "His plan would be a huge gift to cable companies."

Are tax cuts worth adding $1 trillion in debt?

Tech groups accused of failing to protect online users from abuse

For the first time in a generation, Alabama will have a Democratic senator

Why are Republicans so obsessed with Voter ID? Ask a Republican

Trump accusers fire back: His denials are "straight out of the Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby playbook"

Democrat Doug Jones’s Senate win may further drive a wedge between the president and party leaders

Dem lawmaker: Mueller is braver on his weakest day than Trump is on his best

"We won't be silenced anymore." Tina Johnson, who accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, weeps after Doug Jones is named apparent winner of the Alabama election.

Gretchen Carlson: Trump was implying Gillibrand would perform "sexual favors"

Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. — Donald J. Trump

The Fed and Interest Rates: What to Watch For Today

From McConnell spokesman @StewSays: "Once the state certifies and sends us the paperwork, the new Senator is sworn in. But since the state said they don’t expect to certify until the end of the month, and we expect to finish before the end of the month..."

Another 6 years of Putin could be bad news for the ruble

Trump's stand-in bureaucrats may have overstayed their time limits

Islamic nations come together at Turkey summit, seeking united stance against Trump's recognition of Jerusalem.

White House qualifies false Trump claim he doesn't know his accusers

Trump attacks senator and dismisses sexual harassment claims as Democratic conspiracy

Backed by Putin, Russian military pushes into foreign policy

Inside Trump’s White House: The fallout from Alabama’s Senate race

Poll: Vast majority of voters oppose FCC repealing net neutrality rules

Doug Jones Rides a Perfect GOP Storm to the Senate

Trump suffers 'big black eye' in Alabama: A state that adored him in 2016 delivers the most serious setback of his presidency.

Apparent effort to dupe a news organization and smear a senator

Schumer calls cops after forged sex scandal charge- Comms director @mattwhouse: The doc is forged, every allegation is false & we've turned it over to Capitol Police to investigate & pursue criminal charges bc it's clear the law has been broken.

Donald Trump Jr. will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday

Opinion: That special place in hell is getting crowded

What does Doug Joness win mean for the country?

Fact-checking Jimmy Kimmel on CHIP funding

White House lawyer: Robert Mueller finished with interviews he’s requested


Exit poll: Parents prefer Jones, while those without kids like Moore

Fight back TODAY and help save the internet

Opinion: Voters will remember the Republicans who made this mess

As soon as voting started in Alabama, people started complaining about voter suppression tactics

Tillerson overture to North Korea: U.S. ready to talk without pre-conditions

Trump bootlicker GOP Rep Matt Gaetz, who previously claimed the US is at risk of a “coup d’etat” by Mueller馃嚭馃嚫, now says he warned Trump personally last week that Mueller’s #Russia馃嚪馃嚭investigation is “infected with bias”.

Top GOP senators push back against lowering individual tax rate in GOP tax plan

Trump adviser H.R. McMaster calls Russia and China "threats" to U.S. liberty

Professor who says Sandy Hook was a hoax sued the university that fired him. A jury ruled against him.

Former Trump adviser Carter Page files court brief against the AT&T-Time Warner merger

Roy Moore didn't immediately concede to Doug Jones in Alabama and his campaign manager said the results were too close to "make a final decision"

I call on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to listen to the people of Alabama and seat @GDouglasJones without any delay.

Cryptocurrency buyers warned by SEC

Dem AGs torch Trump for tapping Mulvaney as CFPB head: His attacks on the agency "disqualify" him

Democrats hail women who accused Moore as Republicans rip Trump and Bannon following Alabama election

Scott Pruitt spent $25,000 on a soundproof phone booth. The Inspector General is now investigating

Charles Barkley calls #ALSen special election "one of the greatest nights of my life": "I'm really just proud of the people of Alabama. They've been beat down for so long...They rose up tonight."