Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sen Franken: "I have a lot of questions for the Attorney General." WATCH

Billionaire Trump donor shuts down popular local news sites after staff votes to unionize

Carter Page had NO lawyer for ~7-hour House Intel hearing took the 5th & didn't turn over subpoenaed docs

From Feinstein's ~extensive~ statement on McConnell's treatment of judicial nominee


NEW: Corporations, super-wealthy are big winners in GOP tax plan

FBI also has identified at least one person who was behind the persona known as Guccifer 2.

Rubio breaks with party: GOP tax bill doesn't do enough to help working families

Did the attorney general perjure himself?

CNN Legal Analyst Preet Bharara provides insight on the latest in the Russia investigation as Mueller's team starts to reach the president's cabinet and staff.Source: CNN

BREAKING: Trump agrees to expand use of disaster aid to rebuild Puerto Rico power grid, infrastructure & said fed govt would pay 90% of cost

Investigators have begun asking about Jared Kushner’s role in the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Amazing moment on MSNBC: Nicole Wallace calls out Mike Pence's former press secretary for spouting White House propaganda on her show.

The Mercers wash their hands of Milo

NEW VIDEO “Some thought he might’ve been suffering from early Alzheimer’s.” How Trump’s incapacity impacts Mueller

Here's a bunch of deductions getting repealed: medical, alimony, dependent care, moving expenses, adoptions....

BREAKING: USA TODAY: Trump installed at least 5 people who have been members of his clubs to sr. roles in his admin

Reagan economist: theory that tax cuts create wage and economic growth is false.

NEW: White House learned that Sam Clovis testified before grand jury from MEDIA REPORTS

GOP megadonor sells stake in Breitbart, distances from Bannon, tears into Milo Yiannopoulos

Wow, incredible statement from Bob Mercer -- on Bannon, Milo, Breitbart:

Carter Page has invoked the 5th, on his own without a lawyer, regarding document production, says House Intel member Speier. Which documents? "Any documents," she tells me.

Democrats sue to get documents on Trump’s Washington hotel

Attorney General Sessions last month: "I have not seen anything that would indicate a collusion with Russians to impact the campaign."

[BREAKING] Leahy: AG Sessions Must Return To Judiciary Cmte For Under-Oath Testimony To Address New Revelations:

We shouldn't use the #ACA Prevention and Public Health Fund as a piggy bank as it supports critical health programs like child immunizations

Sam Clovis, trump's pick for USDA’s top scientist, who isn't even a scientist, withdraws from the nomination

Ex-Putin adviser: Putin 'believed' he elected Trump

We can't cut, cut, cut today & assume Congress will grow a backbone later. We've got to take our $20T debt seriously & pass real

Jared Kushner turns over documents to special counsel Robert Mueller in Russia probe

Major trump donor Robert Mercer owes the IRS $7 billion in back taxes.

Read Buzzfeed article that led to Mercer's resignation


Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream

Hedge Fund Billionaire Robert Mercer Will Step Down As CEO Of His Company Following BuzzFeed News Exposé

Small businesses come out against the GOP tax bill

Paul Manafort is charged with violating a law enacted to fight Nazi propaganda

Donald Trump Sealed Indictment Started With Eric Schneiderman


JUST IN: Rick Perry suggests fossil fuels help prevent sexual assault

Opinion: "Trump's base is egging him on to undertake his own 'Saturday Night Massacre' and fire Mueller"

Russian hackers targeted Dems and top US generals

How are states affected by the expiration of CHIP funds? Find out from our fact sheet

GOP tax plan to fully repeal estate tax on January 1, 2024

Virginia Gov. McAuliffe: If any American was involved with election interference, 'it's treason'.

Fox & Friends is furious suspected NYC attacker is going through the criminal justice system: “We're in a war"

John Dean pours cold water on Trump’s claim he’s not under investigation: ‘So out of touch it’s frightening’

The Bundys deny the government's legitimacy—as it pays for their legal defense.

How the White House Gutted the USDA and Endangered America’s Food

Mueller's Investigation Is a Rebuke to Kleptocracy

Manafort was one degree of separation away from ‘the most dangerous mobster in the world’

UPDATE: Police identify 47-year-old Scott Ostrem as wanted suspect in deadly Walmart shooting


NYT: Republican tax plan would repeal the Johnson Amendment that prevents churches from endorsing candidates:

Vanity Fair reports Trump blames Jared Kushner for the mess with Mueller. Steve Bannon fears the developments could lead to Trump being removed and White House Staff are said to be scared of being entangled in the mess. Nick Akerman, Betsy Woodruff, & Jason Johnson join Lawrence O'Donnell.

NYT: Republican tax plan would repeal the Johnson Amendment that prevents churches from endorsing candidates:

New: Mueller's indictment points to a new link between Manafort and Russian organized crime

Trump's lies about NO COLLUSION with Moscow have just exploded. It's a whole new CI game now.

Russian hackers’ hit list went way beyond Hillary Clinton: AP

Could Wilbur Ross Be The Next Trump Official Targeted In The Mueller Probe?

The real West Wing isn’t encouraging health care enrollment — so ‘West Wing’ star Bradley Whitford is doing it

Michelle Obama urges people not to tweet everything that pops into their heads

Comey's book title is "A Higher Loyalty"

Meet Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee who will preside over the Manafort case

For the Record: Sessions on contacts between Trump campaign and Russians

John Authers: Why Donald Trump choosing Jay Powell to lead the Federal Reserve is more than a non-event

Manhattan Attack Is Called Terrorism. What About Vegas?

Starting today, you can sign up for 2018 health coverage.

The Rise of George Papadopoulos, a Trump Adviser Who May Kill Trump’s Presidency

Trump, who hit his lowest Gallup approval number yet on Monday, tells NYT: "I just got fantastic poll numbers."

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company's profits will take a hit as it invests in efforts to prevent abuse

Education officials expect ‘ineffective’ Betsy DeVos to step down as her agenda collapses: report

Bannon doesn't think Trump can survive an impeachment vote

Hackers targeting US election clocked Moscow work hours.

U.S. prosecutors have evidence to charge Russian officials with hacking DNC and stealing data

“Mr. Putin: Turning neighbor into adversary.” And now he’s attacked the US. Putin is running out of friends.

At Senate hearing, social media sites balk at notifying users who saw fake ads

Awaiting Trump's coal comeback, miners reject retraining

President Donald Trump's visit to Asia means lots of planning, no insults and above all, no surprises.

NEW Photo: Two days after inauguration convicted Trump Advisor George Papadopoulos met with Israeli political activist on Trump's behalf

Russia seized Crimea in 2014 without firing a single shot. Putin had used disinformation, weaponized leaks and cyber attacks.

Facebook offered to target "people who want to burn jews" with ads.

WATCH: A warming relationship between Russia and Iran

Court will hear Trump's appeal over rally assault suit

Trump's female accusers feel forgotten. A lawsuit may change that

Top Dem: Confirming Trump bank nominee would be like "putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department"

BBC Radio, Dominic Lawson interviews me on why I changed my mind on Vladimir Putin and became his number 1 enemy

Trump’s Team is terrified the president will say something dumb and cause a crisis on Asia trip

Sen. Schumer asks, "Pres. Trump, where is your leadership?"

Sen. Feinstein to FB,Google,Twitter execs: “I don’t think you get it ...What we are talking about is the beginning of cyberwar fare.”

Forget about Russian hacking. GOP lawmakers would rather talk about Facebook.

CBC: Ukraine's Prime Minister has offered to hand over any info requested on Paul Manafort and Rick Gate

NY publicist says Manafort wanted to pay him for Ukraine work via offshore accounts — to make 'way more money'

Paul Manafort tricked Trump into switching from Christie to Pence by faking airplane malfunction

Polls: Americans Aren't Buying Key White House Arguments For Tax Overhaul

Trump claimed the Steele dossier cost $12,000,000. It cost $168,000.

Canada about to unveil first set of Magnitsky sanctions on Russians and Venezuelans, official says

Trump lashes out at US federal justice system as "joke" and "laughing stock."


Many well-known brands are using free prison labor to produce their products & services

Canada encourages other countries to consider Magnitsky-style law

Biden rips Trump as a "charlatan" who tries to "aggrandize" himself

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, directly blames Rupert Murdoch for the destruction of the NBN, the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote

NRA opposes new bill that seeks to heavily regulate bump-fire stocks

Notre Dame pulls contraceptive coverage following new Trump administration rule

Gaslighting 101: Trump discredits U.S. justice system on camera but hours later his White House denies he said it.

Trump's former bodyguard to go before House Russia investigators

Carter Page Doesn’t Have a Lawyer, and He’s Super Proud of It

Britain investigates Brexit campaign funding, as speculation mounts that Russia may have meddled in the vote

Sen. Nelson to Trump's NASA chief nominee: "Your recent public service career does not instill great confidence..."

Ukrainian officials warned Facebook about ‘fake news’ two years ago — but tech giant blew them off

There was a time when one could tell the difference between Fox and the nutjobs at Infowars. It’s getting tougher and tougher.

FBI says they've located second person wanted for questioning in NYC attack

Russia probe raises the stakes on Trump's Asia trip

Papa John’s CEO thinks black athletes are hurting pizza sales by demanding civil rights

Barack Obama posts a video encouraging Americans to “get covered”

Trump vs. Schumer gets ugly

Russia's state TV host re: U.S. working to enhance cybersecurity measures: "Trump - whom we elected - has let us down."

Sen Warren says the Supreme Court has an ethics problem

Russian ads, now publicly released, show sophistication of influence campaign - The Washington Post

greg p miller says "partisan positioning" slowed down the U.S. response to mounting evidence of Russian election meddling.

My full statement in response to President Trump’s proposed funding cuts to anti-terrorism efforts

These are Sean Hannity's advertisers

Clinton defends campaign funding for research in Steele dossier

Big news! Unknown hackers breached the Trump Organization. Trump's company didn't find out for four years. Ad there's a connection to Russian servers!

Clinton: I wish voters had known the FBI was investigating Trump campaign before the election

NEW: Trump just said the alleged NYC terrorist should be killed. That may hurt the government's case against him.

Ex-British spy was paid $186,000 for work on infamous Trump-Russia dossier:

GOP in disarray ahead of tax plan rollout

Deeper and darker: Trump’s unknown financial connections to Russia may hold the key to the widening scandal

UriLF talks to ex-CIA director John Brennan about the dangers of "Trump unleashed":

These Are the Ads Russia Bought on Facebook in 2016

Obama WH ethics czar: Trump's Papadopoulos tweets increase his personal liability, open him to obstruction charges

Bump stock maker resumes sales 1 month after Las Vegas mass shooting

JUST IN: Trump blaming Kushner for Mueller's investigation: report

Donald Trump just changed the way Presidents talk about terror attacks

NEW Photo: George Papadopoulos meeting with the President of Greece in the presidential mansion as a Trump campaign Advisor-he wasn't junior

Can you tell the difference between regular fake news and the Russian-sponsored fake news?

Michael Flynn Followed Russian Troll Accounts, Pushed Their Messages in Days Before Election

Michelle Obama: "Every word you utter has consequences" when you're president


The GOP wants to bring in more migrant guest workers—but for much lower pay

Many well-known brands are using free prison labor to produce their products & services

Paul Manafort money-laundering charge explained!

Jaimie Nawaday, former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, explains to Rachel Maddow the specifics of how the special counsel's money laundering charge against Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort works.

Expert: First Manafort indictment likely not the last

Jaimie Nawaday, former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, explains to Rachel Maddow why former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is not charged with tax crimes even though they're described in the indictment.

Schiff: Trump Russia collusion plain, if not criminal (yet)

Congressman Adam Schiff talks with Rachel Maddow about the case for collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign as has been established so far by press reporter, court filings and admissions by members of the campaign.

Rep. Schiff puts end to question of Trump Russia collusion

Rachel Maddow shares video of Congressman Adam Schiff listing the times that Russia reached out to help the Donald Trump campaign and the Trump campaign said, yes, please.

Chaos in Guantanamo as makeshift legal process hits a conflict

Rachel Maddow explains how the improvised legal system at Guantanamo Bay has produced a conflict over authority between a judge and the chief legal counsel over whether civilian defense attorneys can be forced to participate in proceedings.