Monday, October 2, 2017

How Donald Trump Jr. Helped Push the Now Highly Controversial Gun Silencer Bill

Just in: Facebook estimates 10 million people viewed 3000 ads bought by #Russia, nearly half (44%) before US election

NEW VIDEO: The 2nd Amendment Bullshit threatens every one of us. It and Trump's "warmest condolences" must be ended

LAPD says it did not respond to any incident involving singer Tom Petty; coroner has no report of his death.

"Here in America we are 25 times more likely to die from gun violence compared to people in other industrialized countries. This must stop."

Russia tells official who bought Trump-branded Florida condos: You’re fired

The National Rifle Association met with Putin’s deputy in Russia in 2016

Bill O'Reilly responded to the Vegas shooting by suggesting these types of events are "the price of freedom."

Gun store mgr. who sold weapons to #LasVegas mass murderer says he seemed "like a normal fellow, a normal guy."

Rachel Maddow: Trump’s TV Nemesis

“You’d be embarrassed to ask Bob Mueller for a leak. It’d be like asking him to watch a porn movie with you.”

Massachusetts Dem refuses to take part in GOP-led moment of silence

Chef Jose Andres announces he is working to provide over 50,000 meals tomorrow in Puerto Rico

Because of Russia, Facebook is adding 1,000 people to review ads

HP Enterprise let Russia review same software used by Pentagon

LV gunman had 19 rifles in his hotel room, two on tripods at the windows, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition

Did Manafort Use Trump to Curry Favor With a Putin Ally?

Perspective: Country artists have the ear of American gun culture. They need to speak up.

Tom Petty, legendary rocker, is dead at 66. The musician reportedly suffered cardiac arrest

Putin’s fear can be measured by the number of times he imprisons Mr. Navalny, his peaceful opposition.

Rep Adam Schiff seeks to make Russia-linked Facebook ads public

“Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough”: Politicians Call for Action After Las Vegas Shooting

Inspector general investigates Interior Secretary Zinke's use of charters, including $12,375 Vegas-Montana flight.

Hillary Clinton slams NRA, gun silencer bill in wake of Las Vegas shooting

The NRA gave Donald Trump's campaign $30 million. THIRTY MILLION

WATCH: Hundreds of people are waiting in line to donate blood in Las Vegas

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

After mass shooting, Fox News host whines ‘could we just have a day’ before we talk about guns

"I cannot express how wrong I was": Country guitarist changes mind on gun control after Vegas

GOP still plans to vote on NRA-backed legislation that eases gun restrictions

Trump’s company had more contact with Russia during campaign, according to documents turned over to investigators

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's father was wanted by the FBI

The government won't research gun violence because of NRA lobbying

"Premature" to talk gun control, White House says after Vegas shooting

U.S. will only talk to North Korea about freeing U.S. citizens: White House

White men have committed more mass shootings than any other group

ABC host breaks down in tears on live TV while covering Las Vegas massacre

WaPo: Russian Facebook ads showed a black woman firing a rifle, amid efforts to stoke racial strife. — Kyle Gri

BUSTED: Leaked Bossert memo reveals White House strategy to duck blame for Maria mess

The growing irrelevance of President Donald Trump

Critics pan USDA plan to move food safety work to trade office

White nationalists terrorize Houston Book Fair in largest show of force since Charlottesville

Iran’s foreign minister has some things he wants to say to Donald Trump

This shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the U.S. More than 50 people are dead

“We located numerous firearms within the room that [the shooting suspect] occupied,” Sheriff Lombardo

Update: Police now say more than 50 people are dead and at least 200 injured at Las Vegas concert shooting

Pence: “I probably don’t need to tell the people of Alaska about the failings of national socialized healthcare"

Trump hasn't implemented Russian sanctions that he signed 2 mos ago & now he missed a deadline to issue guidance to ID Russian intel agents.

NJ Democrat Phil Murphy: Probably the Next Governor, and Major Anti-Trumper

Andrew Breitbart’s Photo of Anthony Weiner’s Penis Helped Donald Trump Become President, And Everything Is Terrible

JUST IN: Stephen Paddock ID'd as Las Vegas gunman; a search warrant has been issued for his home, CBS News confirms

Trump repeatedly begged Jerry Jones to not let Cowboys kneel during national anthem: report

BREAKING: 64-year-old Stephen Paddock has been identified by Las Vegas Police as the shooter of the Vegas concert event.

Female suspect Mari Lou Danley pictured here in Dubai last year. Police have not yet located her.

AP sources: US spies working under diplomatic cover in Havana among 1st, most affected by attacks.

Welcome to Hamilton 68 Dashboard Tracking Russian Propaganda - Here's what #Putin wants Americans talking about

North Korea's got a second internet connection, this time through Russia

High Flying Trump Officials Scramble to Avoid Tom Prices Fate

"They said I was within a minute of death"

Robert Mueller has no comment

Employers are aiming to thwart class action suits as the U.S. Supreme Court term begins

Jindal, Shulkin, Verma, Scott among names being talked about to replace Tom Price

Trump's spat with Puerto Rico risks lasting damage to the GOP's standing among Latino voters

“I have no idea how I’m going to get through the next few days. We have money, but we just can’t get to it.”

Analysis: Trump is making Canada great again

Vegas police: Suspect dead, identified as local resident; female companion sought by authorities for followup

BREAKING: More than 20 dead and "in excess of 100 injured" in Las Vegas shooting, police say

A Guide to Mass Shootings in America

"The reality is that for most people, in most places, the Affordable Care Act is working." writes

Trump to judge official travel by what's "right," Mick Mulvaney says

Does Facebook have a responsibility to vet paid content?

The sound of gunfire likely saved people tonight. The NRA & GOP House members are trying push a new silencer bill

Chris Wallace stomps Mulvaney for lying about tax cuts & points out the largest economic growth happened when Clinton raised taxes

This morning Trump RTed a tweet from a conservative "Christian" who called for internment camps for anti-Trump protesters.


JUST IN: Las Vegas police "do not believe there are any more shooters;" at least 2 people confirmed dead

Nevada passed a law for universal background checks on all firearm purchases but governor Brian Sandoval vetoed it

News Analysis: Trump Takes On All Comers, Believing Himself the Victor

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg asks for forgiveness for ways his work "was used to divide people"

Facebook allows Russia to use it to influence US election, but now blocks Chinese dissident from exposing corruption

Breaking - Mass shooting in Las Vegas

Scoop: Trump urges staff to portray him as "crazy guy"

What really worries South Koreans: President Trump

Dems rip Trump for dedicating trophy to hurricane victims: They need basic supplies, not a trophy

Facebook provides Russian-bought ads to Congress but won't release them to the public

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 10/1/2017