Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How did Trump end up in front of a presidential seal doctored to include a Russian symbol?

The President committed crimes. Repeatedly. If he were a private citizen, he would be charged with those crimes.

.@RepSwalwell tells @Lawrence that Mueller has "laid out a road map" for Congress to hold the president accountable and that's impeachment.

What a crybaby. The #Maga cult is mentally ill. He sounds like a spoiled, little brat whining that he got caught for being an immoral, unethical scumbag. History will not judge this clown well.

The Special Counsel stated today that the Russian government's effort to interfere in our election "is among the most serious challenges to our democracy." We must heed his words, take decisive steps to protect our elections, and as I've long stated, open an impeachment inquiry.

Mueller reiterates that OLC decision is reason why he didn't indict Trump

Mueller is asked what he wants the American people to get out his report He calls it "a signal, a flag, to those of us who have some responsibility in this area, to exercise those responsibilities swiftly and don't let this problem continue to linger"

Doctored presidential seal appeared behind Trump at Turning Point USA summit

AHEM: “But the evidence does indicate that a thorough FBI investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and the President personally that the President could have understood to be crimes...” — Mueller Report pg. 76

So why won't Mitch McConnell let us vote on legislation to protect our election security?!

"I would have liked if special counsel Robert Mueller were more verbose, but he answered 'yes' and 'true' to a number of devastating facts." - Rep. @tedlieu on Mueller's testimony on Capitol Hill

The president again stands with Saudi royals against Congress. This brutal regime should not have our military support.

Clip that will be on every TV screen around the world tonight. Asked did he totally exonerate #Trump in #Russia investigation, Mueller answers no..

ME: “Mueller said you could be criminally charged after leaving office?” TRUMP: Denies Mueller said this and then when I challenge him on facts, calls me “the worst.”

Don’t let Mueller’s restraint fool you. The facts do speak for themselves and they are devastating.

“Galicia says he lost 26 pounds during that time because officers didn’t provide him with enough food. He wasn’t allowed to shower. His skin was dry and dirty.”

Not impeaching him isn't just "not impeaching" him. It's emboldening a madman wannabe dictator

While Congress was debating a report that showed Trump betrayed America, Trump was busy betraying America to the country that produced most of the 9/11 hijackers.

Republicans JUST blocked 2 election security bills — hours after Mueller said Russia is actively trying to sway the 2020 elections — showing in plain sight that they’re willing to dismantle our democracy & take help from our most dangerous adversary to win

Jim Jordan in this moment putting poltical conspiracy theories ahead of national security. Just call it what it is.

The Congress will not shy away from our duty to get the answers necessary for protecting America’s democracy.

Literally 8 minutes after the close of the Mueller hearings, with their emphasis on the significance of Donald Trump's finances, Donald Trump filed an emergency writ in federal court to try to block his taxes from being released in New York state.

Special Counsel Mueller’s testimony raises serious concerns about the national security implications of this President’s actions – or more often inaction – with regards to Russia.

Judiciary Committee's David Cicilline: "To not open an impeachment inquiry in the face of such obvious corruption is an abdication of the oath we took to defend our country, uphold the rule of law and hold the President accountable for his misconduct."

Maddow: When it's stuff that really matters to the country, airing it out in open hearings so we all have the same information is a really solid basis for us to move forward with a higher level conversation, a more constructive debate, and helps us be better citizens.

Mueller was just asked what he thought of Trump, during the campaign, publicly encouraging & touting the Wikileaks illegal release of stolen information. Mueller called Trump’s behavior “disturbing,” “problematic,” “unethical,” and “demanding of an investigation.”

Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times in Early ’90s

BREAKING via ⁦@NarativLive⁩ Ethics panel of D.C. bar seeks to suspend conservative attorney Larry Klayman for 33 months

Trump spoke in front of a fake presidential seal that included a Russian symbol. How it got there is a mystery.

"Could you charge the president with a crime after he left office?" Robert Mueller: "Yes." "You could charge the president of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?" "Yes."

Oh my god. Watch this

Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources

The President’s shameful veto of legislation to block his sale of arms to Saudi Arabia & the UAE tramples over the bipartisan will of the Congress & perpetuates his Administration’s involvement in the horrific, unconscionable conflict in Yemen.

Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler holding a press conference at 4:45pm ET

Devin Nunes did his homework

Robert Mueller torpedoed two of Trump's favorite lines when he told Congress that his report did not exonerate the president

Some takeaways. Mueller said: Trump is not exonerated, the investigation was not a witch hunt, Russian interference was not a hoax, the president could be charged with a crime after he left office.

WATCH: Mueller on Russian interference in the 2016 election: “It wasn’t a single attempt. They’re doing it as we sit here. And they expect to do it during the next campaign.”

Mueller on Russian interference in the future: "They're doing it as we sit here."

“Deutsche Bank has exhibited a resistance to come clean in the past,” writes former IRS investigator Martin Sheil

Mueller confirms his investigation was hampered by encrypted messaging and deleted emails — a revelation that will surely stop those Trump rally cries that Clinton acid washed her emails.

Swalwell: "Six individuals have all lied to your office" / "your investigation hindered by encrypted communication" / "Your investigation hindered by witnesses who deleted messages" / "You were unable to fully assess".

The #MuellerHearings just referred to "rallies" staged by Russia in support of Trump. Here's our exclusive reporting on those rallies in which Russians appeared to push in 17 U.S. cities using Facebook:

House Intelligence Committee Chair @RepAdamSchiff's opening statements in part 2 of the #MuellerHearings

Schiff: "There is an angry man down the street" who does not want Aaron Zebley to be there. That is sad, but nobody cares.

Rep. Adam Schiff: "Worse than all the lies and the greed, is the disloyalty to country, for that too, continues. When asked, if the Russians intervene again, will you take their help, Mr. President? Why not, was the essence of his answer"

@RepTedLieu: What we established today in the hearing is we have a felon sitting in the White House.

Swalwell asks Mueller about the letter from over 1,000 former prosecutors. Mueller says he respects them. Mueller: They have a different case.@RepSwalwell: Do you want to sign that letter? Mueller: They have a different case.

Rep. Lieu: "The reason, again, that you did not indict Donald Trump is because of OLC opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting president. Correct?" Mueller: "That is correct."

Rep. Buck: “Could you charge the president with a crime after he left office?” Mueller: “Yes.”

‘National embarrassment’: GOP’s Matt Gaetz hit with a wave of mockery for his unhinged attack on Mueller

This is devastating

Rep. Ted Deutch: The president wanted to fire you because you were investigating him for obstruction of justice. Isn't that correct? Mueller: That's what it says in the report, yes. And I stand by the report.

As Rep. Jordan expresses his frustration with the Mueller investigation, Jordan also (whether intentionally or not) contradicts the long-running conspiracy theory that the Steele Dossier started the Russia investigation.

Democrats are hammering home their claim that the only reason Trump wasn't indicted is because he's a sitting president — not because he was exonerated.

Trump ordered the White House Counsel to fire Robert Mueller. During his investigation.

The GOP's strategy is to condemn an honorable man to protect a felon. History will remember.

.@NorahODonnell: "When news organizations reported instances that he had directed Don McGahn, his WH counsel, to fire the special counsel -- those were press reports at the time -- the president derided those as 'fake news' and not true. It turns out the president was lying."

Mueller to Congress: Trump’s Wrong, I Didn’t Exonerate Him

Cut through all the noise. This is the 35 seconds that you really need to watch

GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe, who used his five minutes of questioning to defend Trump, is up for a White House job, sources say

Mueller says it's accurate that @realDonaldTrump knew he should not have asked McGahn to fire him.

To sum up the questioning: GOP member of Congress: “Aren’t you part of a globalist plot to sap our precious bodily fluids?” Mueller: “That’s outside the scope of my report.”

BREAKING: Robert Mueller tells House Judiciary Committee the Department of Justice is continuing to investigate the June Trump Tower meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr. and co.

Gaetz talking about Russia "trying to undermine confidence in our duly-elected president" when @realDonaldTrump WAS NOT YET PRESIDENT when Steele complied his reports. Mueller does not look amused.

Rep. Cedric Richmond: "So it's accurate to say the president knew that he was asking [Don McGahn] to deny facts that McGahn 'had repeatedly said were accurate.' Isn't that right?" Robert Mueller: "Correct"

Rep Chabot is trying to get mueller to talk about Fusion GPS because Sean Hannity

Please @HouseDemocrats pick up on Mueller’s “I’m not sure I agree with your characterizations” in response to Jordan’s rants about spying.

Bob Mueller called the President “Trimp,” which is a rare breed of brainless shrimp.

Mueller was asked, “Did you actually totally exonerate the president?" He responded simply, “No,” and said, “The president was not exculpated.” When asked if it was true Trump could be charged when he leaves office, Mueller responded simply, “True.” That’s pretty clear cut.

Chairman Nadler: "Under Department of Justice policy, the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office, correct?" Mueller: "True."

House Republicans run with Fox's disinformation campaign in Mueller questions

Roby: Was anything in Barr's letter inaccurate? Mueller: I'm not going to get into that.

New: Mueller says his report did not exonerate the president

Watch my opening statement from today's @HouseJudiciary hearing with Special Counsel Mueller:

"Wait, are you telling me NO ONE did the assigned reading?"

FUN FACT: Donald Trump is not behaving’ this mornin’ like a man expectin’ to be exonerated.

Don't underestimate the GOP committee members today; they've been working very, very hard in *direct* coordination with the WH and Fox to turn this in to a show trial.

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords husband NASA astronaut Mark Kelly's next mission is to represent the people of Arizona and bring science back to DC. This is a prime pickup opportunity for Democrats. If everyone who read this chipped in $5 we‘d flip Arizona

The black box of today is one question...does Robert Mueller speak to history, or to misplaced loyalty to the rules of a DOJ now overrun and perverted by Barr and Trump?


BREAKING: Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign has been hit with an unfair labor practice complaint alleging illegal employee interrogation and retaliation against staffers.

Breaking: Robert Mueller arrives on Capitol Hill to testify

MUELLER: -lifelong Republican -FBI Director for 12yrs -served under both parties -Veteran, received Purple Heart & Bronze Star TRUMP: -Republican since 2012 -racist landlord -6 bankruptcies -inherited everything -sexual predator -Putin’s puppet -5X-draft-dodger

The USDA is still determining how many acres will be left unplanted as a result of this year’s tough weather, but estimates place unplanted acres as high as 15 million for corn—well above the 2013 record of 3.6 million corn acres

Elizabeth Warren NAILS The Mueller Report In less than one minute!

REP. PAUL MITCHELL, a second-term Michigan Republican in House GOP leadership, tells @playbookplus he will not run for reelection to Congress. His district -- northeast of Detroit -- is an R+13 that Trump won by more than 30.

McConnell took millions from oligarchs Blavatnick, Vekselberg, & Deripaska in exchange for voting down sanctions, refusing release of Mueller Report & obscuring Russian evidence. Support @maddogpac billboards.

Yet they all beat the drum of values and patriotism.

Jeffrey Epstein is a real pedophile. Why are QAnon and Pizzagate so focused on fake ones?

WEDNESDAY - Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies before Congress • 8:30am ET - House Judiciary Cmte Hearing • 12pm ET - House Intelligence Cmte Hearing

Bookmark this link to watch Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress tomorrow.

USA TODAY will be live streaming #Mueller's testimonies on our website.

Reminder: Robert Mueller will start testifying today at 8:30 am ET with a three-hour House Judiciary Committee session focused on obstruction of justice. Watch live here:

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Perhaps you didn't read the Mueller report or don't understand the crime of Obstruction of Justice. You should watch the #MuellerHearings. Starts at 8:30 am ET / 5:30 am PT this morning.

"Mueller doesn't have to listen to the DOJ," says Rep. Ted Lieu about the Justice Department's letter to Mueller, warning him "to remain within the boundaries" of his public report. "I think the American people should be asking, what is the Trump administration trying to hide?"

A dimwitted reality television host is our president, here he is dancing with enormous life size human chickens. Did I mention, he has the nuclear codes?

“At its core, the doctrine of executive privilege is intended to preserve the ability of a President to receive confidential advice from the President’s closest advisors. It is NOT intended to shield a President from congressional testimony of the utmost national importance....”

To ⁦@IvankaTrump⁩ you have explaining to do. What’s w the swastika?!?

Wow. Trump alleges, without evidence, that electoral victories for Democrats in “California and numerous other states” are “rigged” because undocumented immigrants vote “many times — not just twice.”

Trump laughs and smiles as people from the audience yell “lock her up!” after he brings up Hillary Clinton

TRUMP: "Then I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president." (Article 2 does not in fact empower the president to do whatever they want.)

Trump is sharing his disturbing kidnapping women fantasies with conservative youth

Trump makes White power hand gesture while saying AOC's name

Trump today: "Then I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president." This man should not have a second term.

Jon Stewart has gotten conspicuously angry in public twice. The first time, he got Crossfire cancelled. The second time, he got this bill passed. He's already contributed more to American politics than Newt Gingrich has in 30 years.

Mike Flynn’s scheme to foil Mueller and help Trump just went end up today! So much for that dumb idea.

Sean Hannity had a meltdown tonight about “FISA ABUSE”. In short, he is pissed off that the bank camera caught the bank robbers.

"Mueller adhered to Marquis of Queensbury rules when the Trump camp — including the president — was applying a no-holds-barred cage fighters’ approach, including vicious and false attacks on the special prosecutor."

Comedian and activist Jon Stewart says he hopes 9/11 'Heroes' Act begins healing process

The US citizen seized and detained by CBP for three weeks has been released after widespread outrage

ICYMI: He’s a Chinese billionaire and a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. Is he also a communist spy?

"this is not an a la carte menu. If you plan to vote for Trump because of his tax cuts, for example, or his uncritical support of Israel, you’re also voting for his racism."

The threat of caravans always returns when Trump faces problems at home.

MAGA bomber radicalized by Trump state television

Fugitive Chinese billionaire saved from deportation by Mar-a-Lago membership may be a communist spy: report

Justice Ginsburg: 'I Am Very Much Alive'

"U.S. attorney general William Barr has said consumers should accept the risks that encryption backdoors pose to their personal cybersecurity to ensure law enforcement can access encrypted communications." The former head of the NSA says

Our series #perversionofjustice now has more than 6 million views — we received more than 800 subscriptions in one week alone. Thank you for supporting #localjournalism ! Jeffrey Epstein: About the sex trafficking case & accusations

People wonder why trust is lacking

So this whole election is going to come down to 6 states?

I think it shows @JaneMayerNYer has courage to explore a side of the story that may not be popular to some, but should be part of the conversation — whether you agree with it or not. This take down is misguided. There was a way to express your points without attacking the writer.

Community members formed a human chain to block ICE agents from arresting a neighbor and his son

"Now, presidential politics ain’t beanbag, never has been, and never will be. Still, some things should be over the line,"

Mark Esper confirmed as US defence secretary

"On what was supposed to be one of the best days of my life, I was chased out of Angry Orchard by security who followed us all the way to the parking lot," Facebook user Marie Cleone in a public post about her trip to the New York cidery.

Trump is considering how to respond to Turkey’s decision to accept a Russian missile-defense system

FBI Director Wray not particularly attentive to Mueller findings

Barr may have opened door to expanded Mueller testimony on Trump

Mueller aide Aaron Zebley to join testimony before House Intel

EXCLUSIVE: Thousands of unaccompanied migrant children could be detained indefinitely

Trump's former national-security adviser Michael Flynn has been convicted of conspiring to lobby for Turkey.

Awesome moment: Jon Stewart embraces a crying John Feal, the 9/11 first responder who led the organization pushing for the full extension of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, just after the bill passed in the Senate 97-2

Mueller aide Aaron Zebley to join testimony before House Intel

Witch hunt update: Flynn business partner and Trump advisor Bijan Rafiekian AKA Bijan Kian convicted on all charges. You know who else saw Witches? Richard Nixon.

ICYMI - The Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint that Hillary Clinton’s campaign illegally coordinated with a super PAC during the 2016 presidential election cycle

First, did your report find there was no collusion? Second, did your report find there was no obstruction? Third, did your report give the president complete and total exoneration?

.@BorisJohnson inherits a country he did a lot to divide. If he persists on going ahead with a no deal Brexit he will midwife not just further political but also territorial division as Scotland and possibly NI opt to secede to remain in Europe. The #disunitedkingdom will result.

incredible freudian slip moment

Who has a record of honorable conduct? Who has a history of telling the truth? Robert Mueller? Or Donald Trump?

A U.S. citizen was held by Border Patrol for weeks. Now he's free

Deutsche Bank played a key role in Jeffrey Epstein’s financial dealings in recent years, helping the accused sex-trafficker move millions of dollars in cash and securities through dozens of private-banking accounts.

Graham: "Are the Russians still trying to interfere in our election systems?" FBI Director Wray: "The Russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections through foreign influence."

People Trump has sued to keep his finances secret: -House Ways and Means Committee -the House Oversight chair -the New York Attorney General -the New York tax commissioner -Deutsche Bank -Capital One

So here we are.