Saturday, December 2, 2017

The GOP's rush to tax cuts was brainless

You know who else was on the Trump National Security Transition Team? Advised on hiring for those roles? Devin Nunes

We need to speak up together and demand an end to this dangerous presidency.

Trey Gowdy used $150,000 in taxpayer dollars to settle with a former aide who alleged he was fired in part because he was not willing to focus his investigative work on Hillary Clinton.

Everyone, especially @realDonaldTrump, needs to see what KT McFarland wrote in this email.

Trump and Putin 'a new generation of monsters'

Talk about bravery. Laurus, my Ukrainian publisher is selling Red Notice in Russian at a Moscow book fair.

Exclusive: Inside the secretive nerve center of the Mueller investigation

Ever wonder why @AlanDersh always has Trump’s back? Ever wonder what Trump has on him? Maybe ask Jeffrey Epstein....what he has on @AlanDersh .

Emails Dispute White House Claims That Flynn Acted Independently on Russia

Mueller Removed Top F.B.I. Agent Over Possible Anti-Trump Texts

In your view has the President lied about what communications his team had with Russia?" Rep. Adam Schiff: "Abundantly and frequently and in just about every way."

The Lauer accusations put the media sexism that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s loss in sharper focu

Senate Republicans Can't Put Handwritten Tax Cut Amendment Into The Record Because No One Can Read It

The White House is finalizing plans for President Trump to announce that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

These handwritten changes are kinda mindbending. 18yos qualify for the child tax credit for 7y, then it reverts to 17yos?

Jaws Drop As Roy Moore Supporter Says She'd Support Him Even With Proof Of Child Molestation

Exxon Mobil Seeks U.S. Sanctions Waiver for Oil Project in Russia

Just out: CBO score of revised tax bill Their projections… New debt by 2022: $918 billion New debt by 2027: $1.5 trillion

Comey says: “To paraphrase the Buddha — Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun; the moon; and the truth.”

Joined @HouseJudDems in requesting an urgent election security briefing from @TheJusticeDept. Read our letter to AG Sessions

Trump tweets evidence of obstruction of justice

the stuff I am witholding on @IvankaTrump and @JaredKushner nobody would believ

A Historic Tax Heist

Obama says ‘I wouldn’t vote for me’ if I watched Fox News

A good assumption for everyone who breaks the law: Reporters cover investigations into potential law-breaking

Why did the principal of an intel agency lie to the FBI? He thought the law of law would be suspended.

Trump protest NYC! Rise and resist at Grand Central

Why is Bannon bashing McConnell over Roy Moore instead of taxes?

The Republican tax bill will exacerbate income inequality in America

Read our letter to AG Sessions, which quotes his response to my question about whether he had ordered a review of what needs to be done on election security

Trump told press on WH south lawn there has been "absolutely no collusion,” when asked what Flynn will say to special counsel.

No tax shall be imposed...on any amounts paid by an aircraft owner for aircraft management service related to...maintenance and support of the aircraft owner's aircraft or flights on the aircraft owner's aircraft"


Meanwhile: “44 different administration officials have close links to the Kochs.”

Inside Donald Trump’s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models

Graduate Students Protest Tax Plan; A House Proposal Would Boost For-Profit Colleges

Michael Flynn leaves courthouse following guilty plea and amid shouts of "Lock him up."

Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s questions in Timothy Ivory Carpenter v. United States, a case about the privacy of data on personal devices, drew out contradictions in the government’s argumen

Here's the way the Cruz amendment works: the more money you make, the more the government will subsidize your kids' private school tuition

FYI: There are more than 170 ppl listed as being on Trump’s pres. transition team.

This vote will live in infamy. It eviscerates the last vestige of Congressional integrity and does irreparable damage to our once proud Republican Party. It will not stand.

READ: Senate GOP's new 479-page tax bill

Cotton cements his rise under Trump

Flynn was informed by the judge that his new criminal number was 17-232, that he potentially faced up to five years in jail, a fine of up to $250,000, and possibly having to pay the costs of his own imprisonment

You wouldn’t think from this picture that they just stole health insurance from 13 million Americans, but here we are

"The Flynn Plea: A Quick and Dirty Analysis"

Here is the initial 12/16 WaPo report on McConnell threatening Obama against disclosing Russian intervention before the election:

Only 2 times in our country’s history have the @GOP controlled all three houses, wealth inequality was at an all time high and top level tax rates at an all time low... The Great Depression 1929 The Great Recession 2008

Two words explain why this terrible tax bill will pass: Citizens United. GOP cares more about donors than voters

List of the @GOP traitors who gave poor, working class, students, professionals, self employed, veterans and seniors a huge tax hike . They will ALL be called to account for this assault on the American people.

The Hillsdale carve-out: How this small, influential conservative college was only beneficiary of last-minute add to Senate tax bill

Senate Republicans vote to allow oil drilling in Alaska's wildlife refuge for the first time

Top charity comes out against Senate GOP tax bil

Tillerson worried about mixed messages from Trump’s son-in-law and US diplomats—even Trump not in loop on all Kushner discussions,

In the TAX PLAN they put in An abortion law reclassifying life at conception...

Flynn will be sentenced in 3 months prosecutors say

EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Mike Pence Targeted for Obstruction over knowledge of Mike Flynn, Erik Prince dealings with Chinese intelligence


CBO says Senate GOP tax bill would increase the deficit by $1.4 trillion

Analysis: Mueller investigation "should make you very nervous" if you have something to hide

Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Bill That Overwhelmingly Benefits the Wealthiest Americans

This could be our last chance to save the free & open internet as we know it. Oppose the FCC's net neutrality repeal

Lisa Murkowski will be at a lunch on Friday December 15 at 11:30am at the Captain Cook Hotel

“This is going to cost me a fortune … this is not good for me,” Trump claimed. That's a stretch.

McFarlane, who escorted Russian amb to Trump's April 27 pro-Russia speech was also seen at Trump Tower in December, with Flynn

Exclusive: Backers of plan for U.S.-Russia nuclear cooperation in Middle East - which would have required lifting of sanctions - bragged after Trump's election that they had top aide Michael Flynn's support - documents

Kushner holding secret talks with Saudi prince, not sharing details with State Dept: report

Gowdy, Benghazi panel settled wrongful firing suit with $150000 in public funds

JUST IN: Latest analysis from non-partisan Congressional Budget Office confirms that the GOP's tax bill would add a staggering $1.5 TRILLION to the national debt.

The Senators who vote on the tax legislation tonight won’t be around to pay the bill. Our children and grandchildren will be paying off this $2.2 trillion increase to the national debt for years to come.

Whopping tax cuts don’t pay for themselves

Ted Cruz and 49 of his friends just added a tax break for private school tuition.

Rep. Adam Schiff: "Given the much broader exposure General Flynn had to other charges, Bob Mueller must be getting very substantial cooperation from General Flynn."

CNN: White House claims Obama admin approved Flynn calls with Russian ambassador

U.S. stock market starts to tumble upon news that Michael Flynn has plead guilty to lying to the FBI

One market expert says the financial system could collapse at any moment

ICYMI: Here's what Michael Flynn admitted he lied to the FBI about

Fox News legal analyst: Flynn's guilty plea is a "nightmare" for Trump

Sen. Michael Bennet On Last Time GOP Instituted Tax Cuts

Too Late for Pardons

Lawrence: Flynn guilty plea means walls are closing in on Trump.
Robert Mueller's investigation is now just one person away from the president after Michael Flynn's guilty plea, Lawrence O'Donnell says. Because Flynn has already told his story to the special counsel to get a deal, even pardoning Flynn can't save Trump now.

"Trump’s Russian winter grows colder with Flynn plea deal"

EXCLUSIVE: Backers of U.S.-Russian plan to build nuclear reactors across Middle East bragged after election they had backing from Flynn

WATCH: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Democrats had "plenty of opportunity" to see the tax bill before vote

Over 6,000 DC lobbyists worked on GOP tax bill: report

Pretty sure we have just discovered an earmark for Hillsdale College/Betsy DeVos courtesy of Pat Toomey

Senate tax bill accomplishes major Obamacare repeal goal

CNN: Senates passes sweeping GOP tax plan in early hours of Saturday morning

GOP poised to raise middle class taxes to benefit corporations

Rachel Maddow reports on the slapdash tax bill that Republicans unveiled at the last minute before a vote and intend to pass despite deep unpopularity and cost to middle class Americans in favor of extremely rich people.

Mike Flynn case allows peek at Robert Mueller legal team

Rachel Maddow looks at what was reported about the reputations of Zainab Ahmad and Brandon Van Grack before we saw their names at the bottom of Mike Flynn's prosecuting papers.

Flynn prosecution still possible despite plea agreement

Paul Fishman, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about Mike Flynn's legal situation in light of his guilty plea and whether his deal makes it more likely that other people in Donald Trump's circle will look for deals as well.

Flynn charge gives insight on Mueller investigation's progress

Paul Fishman, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about what the Mike Flynn guilty plea tells us about the Robert Mueller investigation, and Sally Yates' warning to the Trump administration that Flynn had been compromised.

Why did Trump ignore repeated warnings Flynn was compromised?

Rachel Maddow looks at the warnings Donald Trump received about Mike Flynn and the inexplicable way Trump held Flynn in favor even after he left office.