Tuesday, November 20, 2018

CDC Warns Everyone in the Country to Avoid Romaine Lettuce of Any Kind

.@vincecable It is completely unacceptable that the Govt. are considering voting to elect Prokopchuk for Pres. of Interpol. His election would be an insult to the Salisbury victims and those who have been unjustly targeted by Russia’s red notices.

WaPo: Acting AG Matt Whitaker went went from a $79k-a-year Iowa attorney to the $1.2 million sole employee of a shadowy nonprofit in DC with secret donors

Mississippi Senator Caught Proudly Sporting Confederate Army Hat

CDC is advising that U.S. consumers not eat any romaine lettuce, and retailers and restaurants not serve or sell any, until we learn more about the outbreak. This investigation is ongoing and the advice will be updated as more information is available.

NEWS: Trump’s lawyers have submitted responses to written questions from Mueller, nearly a year after the special counsel first indicated he wanted to interview the president.

BREAKING / NBC News: The President has submitted his written answers to questions posed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Office.

Conservative nonprofit with obscure roots and undisclosed funders paid Matthew Whitaker $1.2 million, records show

Dem Ben McAdams declares victory over Mia Love in Utah House race

We have secured guilty pleas from Kristy Mazurek and David Pfaff for knowingly and willfully attempting to engage in illegal campaign coordination while acting on behalf of the Western New York Progressive Caucus.

BREAKING: @CREWcrew has the Whitaker financials, linked below. Five "clean ups" in the past two weeks alone! Aroma of bad fish coming out of my computer already. We are dumpster diving into these, stand by for more.

Trump told the White House counsel in the spring that he wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute two of his political adversaries: Hillary Clinton and James Comey, two people familiar with the conversation tell NYT

Another NEW sealed motion just filed -- apparently from Mueller -- in the mystery grand jury subpoena case we've been tracking here at @politico - This one is 3,074 words.

BREAKING: We finally found the guy fundin' the caravan!

"It is what it is."

Trump defends daughter Ivanka amid email scrutiny

Mueller might soon bring charges that even Trump die-hards can't trivialize - Los Angeles Times

#Russia's state TV hosts and panelists excitedly discuss the possibility that the Russian candidate, Major General Aleksandr Prokopchuk, may be elected as the head of @INTERPOL_HQ . TV host Olga Skabeeva says: "We'll put the entire government of #Ukraine in prison."

UPDATE: Dershowitz says he had "no knowledge" of Mercer's involvement at Gatestone or the partnership with Rebel Media.

#BREAKING: Trump vows US loyalty to Saudi Arabia despite report that CIA believes Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi killing

It’s been FOUR MONTHS since the @realDonaldTrump Administration was ordered to reunite families separated at the border, and there are STILL children in custody, with potential plans to expand and accelerate the child-snatching policy. Inhumane and unacceptable.

A written statement, issued in the President's name from the White House, puts the CIA's reported high confidence assessment on par with Saudi denials. How appointed intelligence leaders could continue to serve after this betrayal is beyond me.

At least someone is doing something about this.

Trump’s claim he would have found Bin Laden sooner is typical. He is Walter Mitty in the White House: a milquetoast and an ignoramus in real life who is a dashing hero and “very stable genius” in his own rich fantasy life.

What happens to the country if the only young people who can buy houses are already wealthy? We’re about to find out

Everyone deserves a good meal on Thanksgiving, & we need your help! Join our Food First Responders as we provide 15,000 meals for victims of the #CampFire in Paradise, CA. Your donation helps buy ingredients to prepare a hot meal for those in need. Donate:

Hundreds of families who lost their homes and all their belongings in the California Camp Fire are staying in tents inside makeshift camps in area shopping mall parking lots.

FRONTLINE and @ProPublica investigate a violent neo-Nazi group that has actively recruited inside the U.S. military. Our reporting on white supremacists in America continues in "Documenting Hate: New American Nazis" — Nov. 20 on @PBS and online.

"It’s not just that allies don’t believe the reassuring voices in the administration. ...They are resigning themselves to a world without American inspiration or partnership, to a post-American international order,"

Pakistan has summoned the U.S. chargé d'affaires in Islamabad to protest against President Donald Trump's criticism of Pakistan's role in fighting terrorism and the killing of Osama bin Laden.

U.S. recession chances edge up, risk Fed delivers fewer hikes: Reuters poll

This guy, a union organizer, talks about widespread union support for Pelosi, and tells ⁦@sethmoulton⁩: “I’d really like to see you back off this.” Crowd applauds.

Putin is about to gain control of the world’s main law enforcement organization

Per White House letter to Acosta on Nov. 19, here are the new rules for press conferences at the White House.

Former FBI agent: CIA leaked Khashoggi report because no one trusts Trump to ‘act on the truth

"Eyebrows will be raised by proposal to have Greece lead the EU intelligence academy, with help from Cyprus, meaning two of the EU’s members with the closest ties to Moscow would run the project."

It’s been 12 days since we requested Whitaker’s financial disclosure report. Here’s what the process involves: DOJ needs to hit “print to PDF” and email us the PDF. When I was at OGE, the process took at most a day. What is DOJ hiding?

Stocks fall around the world, with Europe and Asia following Monday's rout in the U.S.

Trump once said Hillary Clinton's use of private email put the "entire nation at risk."

.@ChrisMurphyCT: "I can’t throw a nickel from the Capitol without hitting a think tank that’s been financed by one of the Gulf States."

Whistleblower says that Putin’s favorite Western bank —Deutsche Bank — helped the Estonian branch of Danske Bank launder $150 BILLION (nearly two-thirds of the #Russian🇷🇺cash laundered by Danske) and offered him him hush money to keep quiet.

Putin says Russia will retaliate if U.S. quits nuclear missile treaty: agencies

Most Americans think migrants who reach the US border should be given the opportunity to enter the country if they meet certain requirements, according to a new poll by Monmouth University

Minuteman Robert "Lil Dog" Crooks patrols the US-Mexico border in California. The Minutemen project is run by private US citizens who keep watch for illegal immigrants crossing the border. Supporters praise "a terrific job" - critics warn of "vigilante" justice

Opinion: How should we address the growing power shift from Washington to Silicon Valley?

A police officer, a doctor and a pharmaceutical assistant are dead after a shooting at a Chicago hospital. The gunman was also killed.

Trump inflated importance of Saudi arms sales to US job market, report says

Beto O'Rourke Hints He May Run for President in 2020: 'I Haven't Made Any Decisions'

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark writes for The Post: "I served under 8 commanders in chief. Trump doesn’t grasp the role."

Pompeo handed Riyadh a plan to shield MBS from Khashoggi fallout: Source | Middle East Eye

Blood pressure break

Ivanka made $3.9 million from the family's DC hotel in 2017 -- the hotel that is supposed to remit profits to the Treasury, hosts foreign diplomats, and which is the target of lawsuits alleging POTUS is violating emoluments provisions of the Constitution

Trump’s Lies Are a Virus, and News Organizations Are the Host

You’re watching an RU op which mirrors the Freedom Caucus in the Repub party. Notice Trump’s tweet re: Pelosi today? See the agitprop video by O-Cortez? Timing. The Dems are going to fall for this shit unless they wtf up.

Beijing pioneering citizens' 'points' system critics brand 'Orwellian'

NATO is learning from Russia’s tactics in Ukraine to prepare for a new Cold War

Critics of the Massachusetts Democrat on Monday night called his opposition to Nancy Pelosi a product of sexism and ageism

Could the Northern California fire really have killed 1,000 people? The staggering number of missing haunts Paradise

President Trump continues to squabble with retired Adm. William McRaven, the commander of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, now falsely claiming credit for pointing out the terrorist’s name in a book he authored before the 9/11 terror attacks

GOP gerrymandering: Democratic votes not matched by seats gained

Trump’s Defense Spending Is Out of Control, and Poised to Get Worse

Ivanka Trump last year often used a personal email account to discuss or relay official White House business, according to emails released by a nonpartisan watchdog group

This is the dumbest kind of capitulation to Trump's bullying thuggery.

Rachel Maddow obliterates Trump's 'toxic' response to the deadly wildfires in California.

'A particularly corrupt state’: #Maddow notes suspicious timing of Alabama Republican firing top public corruption

‘He’s evolving’: Once a sunny conservative, Rubio goes all-in on Trumpism

Here’s my oped in the ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ on why it would be a disaster to let a Putin official run Interpol. It would totally degrade the legitimacy of Interpol’s role in international crime fighting

John Kelly must be compelled to explain to Congress why Ivanka & Jared’s security clearances were granted on a permanent basis despite their email practices being known at that time to the White House as running afoul of security requirements.

Arkansas added Medicaid work requirements. Reporting is online-only, not by phone, mail, office. Also, state has lowest home internet access in the country. And the website *shuts down every day at 9pm.* No surprise that 12k kicked off Medicaid so far

This is happening all over the country. People are rationing their medicine, putting off bills to pay for it & sometimes dying without it. We are the only industrialized nation in the world without universal healthcare. This blatant profiteering must end!

!! Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account, many of them in violation of federal records rules, WaPo reports.

Queens Immigration Attorney Found Guilty Of Operating Asylum Fraud Scheme Andreea Dumitru Knowingly Made False Statements and Representations On More Than 100 Asylum Applications

Judge bars enforcement of new Trump restrictions on asylum seekers

NEW: After lynching comments, @Walmart donates to Cindy Hyde-Smith

Woman who witnessed the Mercy Hospital shooting: "You can't go to the hospital, you can't go to school, you can't go to church, you can't go to the grocery store. You can’t go anywhere. You never know when you walk into a place if you'll come out alive.”

A Mafia state is about to gain control of the world’s main law enforcement organization. Not a great idea given #Putin’s & ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩’s ties to Russian Mafia .

NEW Mueller brief filed in Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, addressing Whitaker appointment and what it does to a subpoena fight to get testimony from a Roger Stone associate. In short, special counsel lawyers say the change in who's in charge "has no effect on this case."