Thursday, March 26, 2020

President Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus, but he bears full responsibility for the slow and uncoordinated response. The harsh reality is that at least 3 million people now don’t have jobs because he didn’t do his job when it mattered.

USA failing under Trump. No excuses

Opinion: Trump’s effort to bury the truth about his coronavirus fiasco is failing

In a time of national crisis, @JoeBiden gives America answers. Donald Trump gives America excuses.

BREAKING: The U.S. now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any nation in the world, according to data from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Nearly 1.5 million N95 respirator masks are sitting in a U.S. government warehouse in Indiana and authorities have not shipped them because they are past their expiration date. CBP has no plans to offer the masks to hard-hit hospitals.

The White House is currently evaluating the plan of a conspiracy-peddling doctor who claims he has successfully treated hundreds of coronavirus patients with an unproven anti-malarial drug. Where did the White House get this idea? Fox News.

Thank you to the first responders, health care providers, grocery and retail workers, and everyone on the front lines of this fight. Your hard work is what makes America run every single day — but especially in times of crisis. We truly couldn't get through this without you.

3.3 million people, suddenly out of work. How many of those jobs could've been saved, if our government had taken this threat seriously in January, even February?

This Mom Can’t Get Enough Food To Feed Her Kids Because Panicked Shoppers Are Buying All The WIC-Eligible Food

“If it were up to me, and it’s not, I would stop putting those briefings on live TV,” said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on her show earlier this week. “Not out of spite, but because it’s misinformation.”

Atlanta cheering for medical personnel at shift change

Trump is ensuring the avoidable death of countless New Yorkers by deliberately sitting on 20,000 urgently needed ventilators so he can blame Cuomo. His moral culpability is that of a murderer even though the law doesn’t call him one

New: Wearing swim goggles for face protection and trash bags for surgical gowns, frontline healthcare workers have been forced to fend for themselves amid federal stockpile shortages.

Alex Jones has lost another appeal in his legal battle Sandy Hook families and now owes $150K in legal fees — all before even getting to trial.

NEWS: After Trump told governors that his administration was ready to be the “backup” for states in crisis, Inslee spoke up and said to the president, “We don’t need a backup. We need a Tom Brady."

Doctors Are Writing Their Wills

The Trump campaign told TV stations they could lose their licenses for airing an ad criticizing the president’s actions in the coronavirus crisis

Weird how Republicans want blue collar workers who maintain theatres like the Kennedy Center to lose their jobs

Michelin star chef Andrew Wong and his staff have started producing cook-at-home boxes which they give free of charge to people who are struggling as radical measures to curb the spread of coronavirus take effect

Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ is among the first in Virginia to die from virus

"This shutdown has shown us that the only moral choice is for the industry to provide a better safety net for our workers." — #jbfa nominee

During your grocery shopping, please avoid items marked “WIC.” These are the only things available to low-income mothers with young children. They can’t be substituted.

Like Paul Manafort?

Here's how Belgian media is describing the U.S.: "In a country where most workers receive meager unemployment benefits, where pensions depend partly on the markets and where the savings rate is very low, ...the spread of the virus risks pushing millions into poverty."

Mexico crackin' down on illegals crossin' the border

Just a nurse in Chicago wearing pampers pull-ups because they’re low on masks. America...

CNN Anchor Shreds Trump’s Trade Adviser Over Coronavirus Response: ‘You’re Wasting Everyone’s Time!’

"Saving Private Equity Ryan," in which seven senior citizens set out on suicide mission to save one hedge fund manager who is facing massive margin calls

This Is Bigger Than a War. Will Dems Step Up to Defend Us?

New: At ICE detention camps across the country, unrest is growing as detainees warn that dirty conditions and a disturbing lack of soap and other supplies could allow coronavirus to run rampant.

Deeply saddened by the attack on a Sikh Gurdwara in Kabul that killed at least 25 worshippers. Those mourning the loss of loved ones are in my prayers & I stand w/the Sikh Community. Even in times of global crisis, America must condemn & fight religious persecution & hatred.

Russian state media says “coronavirus will determine the winner in the rivalry between China and the United States” and on a larger scale, “the success or failure of the United States will form a global view of the effectiveness of democracy vs autocracy.

Trump to America: “Drop Dead”

Cuomo: "The outpouring of support for the people of New York has been so inspiring. Not just from New Yorkers. I'm telling you from across the country ... We've asked medical staff to volunteer ... 40,000 had volunteered. We now have 12,000 more people in one day volunteering."

Russian state media is framing the failure by the Trump administration to offer help to its European allies in their fight against the deadly pandemic as the defeat of the United States, the end of NATO, & the virtual nonexistence of trans-Atlantic unity.

Great interactive model but these two slides alone tell you a lot you need to know. 2 more weeks of social distancing: 128m infections 2 more months of social distancing: 14m Plus time for serology testing to detect immune people to help reboot economy

Yeah this is profoundly ridiculous. No sane Canadian would "flee" to the US right now.

New York is doing more tests, now up to 18,650 tests per day. 25% of all tests in the country have been done in New York. We need to find the positives to help stop the spread.

I would argue that the president is now murdering people in the middle of Fifth Avenue

Dr. Oz is a snake oil salesman and a disgrace. Doctors are frightened, concerned, and exhausted. They’re begging for more supplies and help. And they can barely sleep because they feel a deep sense of responsibility to protect the health of the public.

It’s imperative for the U.S. and China to work together on the coronavirus pandemic

Cuomo harshly criticizes $2 trillion coronavirus bill, saying it doesn't adequately address local gov't needs. "This was the time to put politics aside...This is the time for governmental leaders to stop making excuses and just do your job. Do your job."


1/ A Trump supporter sends: "You are full of hate for Donald Trump." Yes. Yes, I am. Hate is the rational emotion when a man like Trump puts the lives of millions in jeopardy for political benefit. Hate is the rational emotion when he knew what was coming and lied.

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Shell shares in a staff memo that he has coronavirus, and says it has been tough to cope with. After urging staff take care of each other, he reveals the news in the third paragraph. We all hope he gets better soon.

Warning on Multi Level Marketing

Venezuelan Officials Suspected of Turning Country into Global Cocaine Hub

“This recommendation highlights what wildlife advocates say is a contradictory approach to wildlife: shutting down the live trade in animals for food on the one hand and promoting the trade in animal parts on the other.”

U.S. Army halts all training over coronavirus but then abruptly reverses course, causing confusion in the ranks.

Republicans believe you can lie about a pandemic and win

Here's Mitch McConnell responding to a female reporter's extremely straightforward question about the coronavirus bill by condescendingly asking her, "do you work here?"

At her press conference, Pelosi says the fourth package should be negotiated among the Big Four leaders of Congress and include: Paid leave, OSHA protections, increase in food stamps, more money for state and local governments, making sure coronavirus treatment is free.

“Instead of reassuring the country, Trump wants the country to reassure him.”

BREAKING: Bill Gates: If we do 6-10 weeks of hardcore isolation & testing. And then we have light at the end of the tunnel. Watch and circulate

jobless claims = 3,283,000 last week was 281K dear lord

China was reportedly trying to strip NATO and FVEY countries of medical supplies - Poland, CZ, now Australia - while it hid the pandemic and Trump propagandized the U.S

BREAKING - Weekly Jobless Claims: 3,283,000

“Trump administration cut staff by more than two-thirds at a key U.S. public health agency”

I wrote about the one person on the Covid-19 task force who is neither a doctor nor an elected official in ⁦@thedailybeast⁩

NEW ; It has been discovered by that in Jan/Feb, just as the world was trying to understand the pathogenic nature of COVID19, a Chinese company was stripping Australia of medical supplies, sending back to China

Trump's felon friend @DineshDSouza says that #coronavirus only affects "blue states" on the Fox Disinformation network. Not only is this a gruesome lie, but viewers in those states might actually believe him. Just google Albany, Georgia right now

So less than 24 hours after @TeamTrump sent swing state TV stations a cease-and-desist letter demanding they stop showing this ad, @Morning_Joe devoted a segment to it and played the ad three times in five minutes.

Letter sent today from @TNDemocrats and @TNSenateDems to @GovBillLee raising questions of focus, transparency, and effectiveness of his admin’s response to the COVID-19 crisis in TN.

Seven Russian warships enter British waters.

Q: "Is this Easter timeline based on your political interests?" Trump: "No...There are certain people who would like [the country] not to open so quickly...because they think that would be very good as far as defeating me."

itch McConnell blocked Democrats’ coronavirus bill for 10 days — and the press covered for him

“Is there any limit to the amount of money the Fed is willing to put into this economy to keep it afloat? Is it a blank check?” -@savannahguthrie "... Essentially, the answer to your question is no," Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell explains.

Jerome Powell assured the nation the Fed will never run out of ammo. The problem is not the Fed running out of ammo, but the Fed's ammo running out of value. The Fed's only weapon is a printing press, and the only ammo is paper and ink. The Fed will fire until the dollar is dead.

TRUMP: Looks like the smoke is almost done billowing. Time to reopen Chernobyl and get back to work.

Analysis: Calculate how much you’ll get from the $1,200 (or more) coronavirus checks


Will economic stimulus checks also go to social security recipients?

Republican senators are on message

"When things were going relatively well, the nation could more easily absorb the costs of Trump’s psychological and moral distortions and disfigurements," @PeterWehner writes. "But those days are behind us."

Please Read This List of Donald Trump’s Attempts to Play Down Coronavirus and His Administration’s lies about Testing

#NATO has been implementing robust measures to limit the spread of the #COVID19 virus; to reduce the risks to our soldiers, civilians and communities; and to ensure that our essential work continues

“Mulvaney...told a crowd of conservative activists that the media was exaggerating the threat posed by covid-19 because “they think this will bring down the (Trump)...” But unbeknown to attendees at CPAC, Mulvaney had already received a coronavirus test..”

Trump was more concerned when he learned a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate his Russian connections (“Oh my God... I’m f**ked!”) than he has been at any point in the Coronavirus crisis.

Mexican protesters cut border crossing, demanding more screenings on traffic from U.S.

"The Trump admin forced a catastrophic strategic surprise onto the American people. But unlike past strategic surprises—Pearl Harbor ... or especially 9/11—the current one was brought about by unprecedented indifference, even willful negligence."

History shows us it doesn’t work out well when a country looks away as a leader demonizes and locks up people in cages. We let Trump do this for three years, he is the worst of humanity and we let him fester in his evil, now we all get to suffer alongside them.

In a strange defense of his position, Lindsey Graham says the people of South Carolina shouldn’t receive more money because Amazon needs to be able to afford to pay employees

“Show me your budget; show me your values” FAILED Sasse amendment to keep $600 from the lowest paid workers whose livelihoods are being sacrificed to flatten the curve of a pandemic. #COVID19

Trump administration is trying to stop the circulation of this ad

Mississippi your governor is trying to kill you. Are you going to let him get away with it?

In teaching physician leadership, I sometimes describe what doctors & soldiers have in common. Last night, an ED doc I admire described the palpable anxiety her team feels as they await tougher times. “I suspect it’s a lot like the 1st time going into battle,” she said.

Why aren’t Trump’s hotels doing the same thing?

Mexican protesters cut border crossing, demanding more screenings on traffic from U.S.

THREAD --> @SenJohnThune woke up this morning and didn’t feel well, so he consulted with the attending physician and his physician in Sioux Falls.

BREAKING: President lectures us on how extremely busy he is and how little time he has for stupidity, while sitting on Twitter.

India has announced a relief package worth $22.6 billion to assist those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide lockdown

Trevor Noah: "As mind-boggling as it seems, while New York is in an actual crisis right now, with thousands of lives at stake and people actually dying, Donald Trump is asking people to be polite to him in exchange for his help."

NBC and CNN producers say they're through airing Trump's virus pressers. “We might take it from the top and then cut away after the first lie, and return when the lies stop.”

(Meghan McCain’s husband, ladies and gentlemen)

“Medical professionals around the US told BuzzFeed News that the official numbers of people who have died of COVID-19 are not consistent with the number of deaths they’re seeing on the front lines.”

How companies treat employees during this pandemic will define their brand for decades

The virus is scary. But what keeps me up at night worrying is Trump's incompetence, impulsivity & malevolence. He has bungled the response with delayed testing, inadequate coordination to get supplies and dangerous messaging—and we have to worry he'll play favorites with states.

“If a nationwide lockdown were to happen, it would likely be because 50 individual state governments all independently reached the conclusion that such a lockdown was necessary.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “We are in the escalating phase of a very serious pandemic. That is a fact. We have got to realize that and to prepare and respond. The coronavirus is NOT under control.”

Trump is going to end social distancing — just as experts warn America is to become the #Coronavirus Epicenter! No Surprise Why: “Trump only started itching to end social distancing after his 6 most profitable clubs closed.”

HELP! I have a family member in Orange County, CA on a vent in critical condition for #COVID19. We are urgently seeking a person who has recovered from #coronavirus infxn w/ no symptoms in past 14d & able to donate plasma asap. Irvine/Tustin or LA area. DM me w/ leads. Pls RT.

We have more work to do here to fight this pandemic and help workers and families weather this crisis. This isn't the time to take a recess.

Just came off senate floor to vote for the bill to get medical supplies to the sick & help workers get through this pandemic. Also thank you everyone for the kind words & prayers for my husband. He’s still in the hospital but one lung has improved & I hope he will be home soon.

Former President Obama is urging Americans to continue social distancing in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus, a noticeable difference in tone from his successor, who has publicly suggested opening up the nation in two weeks to boost the economy.

For the past week, there are no Chlorox wipes, no antiviral disinfectants, no hand sanitizers or thermometers ANYWHERE in New York City or online, it's almost like Trump is trying to kill us.

.@realDonaldTrump you will never see this, I'm just a 75 year old journalist in NYC. There were 13 deaths in Elmhurst Queens Hospital today. ALL New York Hospitals will be FULL Friday and I have a fever. Please help us. We know you hate us but, be a mensch for once in your life.

holy shit this @JoeBiden ad is good.

No place should have to be Ground Zero twice.

The governor of Florida left his beaches open for spring break, against the advice of everyone, and now he's blaming his state's coronavirus outbreak on (spins wheel) New York

An epidemiological model suggests that opening the country up at Easter, as President Trump wants to, rather than two weeks later would kill an additional 450,000 Americans If you want to reopen the economy, you need widespread testing first

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has said he rejects "dictatorship models like China," a day after he overrode local stay-at-home orders brought in response to the novel coronavirus

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has said he rejects "dictatorship models like China," a day after he overrode local stay-at-home orders brought in response to the novel coronavirus

Talking to my homie in Ireland. They immediately nationalized all hospitals. Paying 70% of workers salaries. Unemployed get $2k, rent, mortgage, utilities freeze America, like WTF we doing?

Howard University has a hospital that has been designated one of DC's covid-19 treatment facilities. It is located 2.1 miles from Rep. Gaetz's workplace.

"What happened in Wuhan and now what's happened in north Italy is not the peak of an epidemic. That's about a month away from the peak," "They are still facing now, most likely, a second wave in one to two months' time. So are they going to shut down again?"

"This is the making of a major public health disaster. I am not sure where he (Trump) is getting his information from, but it is extremely flawed," said Dr. Tina Tan of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

This is the mayor in Walton Kentucky and I think we should put him in charge of everything

How the fuck is this an intelligence failure? The IC was continuously briefing these stooges. It’s a failure of leadership. A failure of news organizations to report truths about the buffoon who would be king. A failure of Congress to uphold its duty.

Cable news is giving Trump free airtime. Repeat of 2016 all over again.

Trump bitches out yet another reporter instead of answering her very direct, very legit question: are you linking the closing of the country to your election success in November? (Anyone know who this is? She's great.)

Follow up Question: 4 people died as a result of supposed Obama mishandling in Benghazi. How many have to die in a pandemic before the same people get angry?

"This is a pattern playing out across parts of Asia ⁠— mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan ⁠— that were among the first to tackle the outbreak," “All are now introducing new restrictions as a sudden wave of renewed cases begins to crest."

A nurse: “I feel like death. I’ve had fever for nine days straight. My kids are sick. My husband is sick,” she said. “This is really, really bad. There definitely wasn’t enough of an effort to keep anyone safe.”

Asked about his tweet this evening alleging the media wants social restrictions so he'll lose, he elaborates, claiming some "people in your profession" want the economy to tank so it'll be easier to beat him. He singles out reporters in the room he claims write "fake news."

New York City has bought 45 refrigerated truck trailers as city morgues and hospitals become overwhelmed with number of dead

Opinion: In trying to gauge the coronavirus crisis, we are all struggling for historical reference points. Which is the historical example to choo

"The first wave was the worries of transmissions from mainland (China), so we have put in a lot of measures," “The second wave was the local transmissions, with those clusters arising from dinners and other things. Now we are facing the third wave."

"At times when people fear death," @anneapplebaum writes, "they go along with measures that they believe, rightly or wrongly, will save them—even if that means a loss of freedom."

I recovered from the coronavirus. But I’m still living with its effects.

The calls for economic collapse, military strikes, cheering food shortages, and demanding more “maximum pressure” come at a severe humanitarian cost. But for many in the Trump administration and their allies, that’s precisely the point...

New Orleans emerges as next coronavirus epicentre, threatening rest of South

today's #KeenOn interview with @anneapplebaum about how the crisis could compound authoritarianism

This is Tate Reeves, the Governor of Mississippi. He not only won’t close anything down, he told mayors who tried to enact a “stay at home order” that they are not allowed. How would you describe him?

Trump on his handling of coronavirus: “it’s hard not to be happy with the job we’re doing - that i can tell you”

Biden says he will not debate Bernie again, since he's already won the lead -- and it's over. Bernie says he will debate an empty lectern if he must.

Never forget that the Trump White House was spewing bullshit instead of doing everything possible to deal with this pandemic early on. Now people are dying because of its ineptitude and brazen disregard. This is criminal

You can lead a President to intelligence but you can’t make him think.

It’s official: Senate on recess until April 20 after tonight, McConnell says. He says the chamber will remain “nimble” and will return earlier if warranted, with senators given 24 hours notice

The last 30 seconds of this are especially crazy.

Mass antibody testing could offer new coronavirus insights

Medical students called into service early to help in COVID fight

States fight for supplies in absence of federal coordination