Sunday, May 13, 2018

US government spent thousands on VIP hotel stays at Trump's Scottish golf club: report

NEW: Trump won't call to negotiate Medicare drug prices despite previously supporting the idea

Parkland student celebrates finally being free of shrapnel

Why was Ahmed Al-Rumaihi meeting with Michael Cohen and Timothy Flynn in December 2016 and why did Mr. Al-Rumaihi later brag about bribing administration officials according to a sworn declaration filed in court?

And to be clear - by “warning ignored” I am referring to the refusal of various parties to come clean and the failure of various parties and news outlets to stop with the personal attacks on our side.

Schumer rips Trump for offering help to Chinese company: "How about helping American companies first?"

#BREAKING Ex-Trump campaign aide working with Putin-linked Russian firm get US sanctions lifted: report

Hillary Clinton is in Australia at the moment, and she's been dropping shit bombs on China, heavily warning us about them.

Avenatti posted photos of Misha🇷🇺Flynn w/Cohen at Trump Tower on Dec 12, 2016. Whom were they shaking down for cash? Gorkov from sanctioned #Russian bank, VEB⁉️

WHOA! Avennetti is not messing around.

Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA, according to the pool report. This is Trump's 155th day at a Trump property as president and his 113th day at a Trump golf club as president.

Never mind the promised ‘greatest infrastructure investment program of all time’ trump can’t even manage a single wall!

Gas is headed for $3. What that means for the U.S. economy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is willing to promise North Korea's Kim Jong Un the assistance to fix their infrastructure, yet Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands still await the same!!

The heads of the NSA, FBI & CIA are concerned that ZTE may be using their technology to spy on US consumers. The Commerce Dept banned exports to ZTE because it repeatedly violated U.S. sanctions limiting exports of U.S. technology to #Iran

In Sunday tweet from his golf club, @POTUS expresses concern about "too many jobs in China lost" due to a @CommerceGov denial order on @zteusa.

Why did Trump pay for this golf course in cash? Where did he get the money from?

Former Trump campaign aide is helping Russian firm shed sanctions

A top aide to Putin recently said #Russia is preparing for "100 years (200? 300?) of geopolitical solitude."

Rouhani says Iran may remain part of nuclear accord

Trump administration axes project to generate power from plutonium

“The first stage of a multibillion-dollar military-VA digital health program championed by Jared Kushner has been riddled with problems so severe they could have led to patient deaths.”

GOP pollster: Republican brand is "not doing well right now"

Jared's in a lot of trouble. $30 million from one of Israels biggest insurers into a Kushner company just before the Trump trip to Israel 2017. EB-5 Chinese visa holders, same one his family was pushing, into Real Estate NY

Ethics watchdog American Oversight is demanding that the FCC disclose details of a February 2017 meeting between FCC Chair Ajit Pai and an AT&T executive linked to Michael Cohen.

Following the Money in Trumpland Leads Ugly Places

Judge Jeanine: Trump fulfilled biblical prophecy by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Top UN nuclear official abruptly resigns days after Trump pulls out of Iran deal

Trump’s decision to blow up the Iran deal is a massive attack on Europe

Former President George W. Bush speaks about "the dangers of isolation" as President Donald Trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear deal

Trump: 'I do' have confidence in Pruitt

US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell vows 'no trade war' with EU


George Will just exposed Mike Pence's Faustian bargain

Sen. Patty Murray is demanding info from Novartis about their efforts to lobby the Trump admin.

The wealthy are hoarding $10 billion of Bitcoin in bunkers

Relentless obstruction of President Obama’s judicial nominees allowed Senate Republicans to hand President Trump 112 vacancies on day 1 of his presidency. In contrast, President Obama entered office with just 53 vacancies. Our report

The Trump White House crossed a new threshold for political debasement this week

"There's a war on brown people," complains a Trump voter whose business can no longer get enough seasonal workers from south of the border.

Europe punches back after Trump's Iran decision

Because the things you’ve mentioned won’t help launder billions of dollars of dirty money like a viable North Korean shadow economy will.

Donald Trump repeats misleading claim on Iran's military budget - CNNPolitics

Donald Trump’s Scottish resort paid by US taxpayers for ‘VIP visit’

Trump Lies To Military Spouses

Avenatti strips Cohen to his bare essentials

White House flare-up over McCain leak