Saturday, May 12, 2018

“Where did the money come from [for the Trump Org’s $400 million in cash deals] and why was it spent the way it was spent? There’s some piece of information that we are missing because none of the explanations make sense.”

John McCain's book is not out til May 22, but it's already on Amazon's top 10 best selling books list...

If Americans were 25 times as likely to die of cancer as people in other wealthy nations, the government would be pouring billions into research. Why should gun homicides be any different?

WSJ does sweeping Weekend Interview where we discuss the Bitkov case, Magnitsky’s murder, the Glenn Simpson/Veselnitskaya/FSB partnership, and how the Putin regime will end. Well worth reading

Did Elaine Chao’s DOT interviews help her family’s business?

Iran's supreme leader trolls Trump with photo of himself reading "Fire and Fury" days after Trump ends nuclear dea

A New York lawyer says he fed dirt on the attorney general to Trump's attorney in 2013.

Trump Lies To Military Spouses

Married to the Mob

EXCLUSIVE: Special counsel probing donations with foreign connections to Trump inauguration - ABC News -