Sunday, March 24, 2019

Letter from attorney general to Congress on Mueller report

My take: The most important question is wtf is Barr doing trying to clear his boss?

NEW: Rep. Jerry Nadler says House Judiciary Committee will call on Barr to testify before Congress and defend that there’s “not sufficient” evidence in #MuellerReport that Trump acted to obstruct justice

President’s response to #MuellerReport summary

The Barr Letter says Mueller did not make a determination of whether Trump obstructed justice. It sets out both sides. But Barr concludes— on his determination — that there was no obstruction. How did he do that without trying to interview Trump? Full report now needs to come out

“Absolutely. I think the report needs to be made public, it needs to be released to the Congress and it needs to be released to the American people. This has consumed two years of the American people’s time and we need full transparency,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says

#BREAKING: Second Parkland shooting survivor commits suicide, police confirm

Nadler wants Bill Barr to testify before Congress

The American people are entitled to see the Mueller report, and its underlying documentation, for themselves. They do not need or want the Trump Administration to summarize, sanitize, or spin the report. They simply want the truth.

Pic 1: Description of EDNY’s specialities. Pic 2: Why it matters. Let the process play out. All of it.

I'm not sure why people ARE NOT BLOODY READING the entire thing and ARE NOT UNDERSTANDING what is going on. I couldn't have been clearer today. THIS IS BARR'S SUMMARY it is NOT Mueller's report. Mueller LEFT CONCLUSIONS TO DOJ, BARR REFUSED TO INDICT TRUMP AND LEFT IT TO CONGRESS

Attorney General William Barr Gives Congress Summary of Mueller Report

Recall that Barr sent an unsolicited 20-page memo last June to the DOJ that excoriated Mueller's probe of whether Trump obstructed justice, saying it was based on a "fatally misconceived theory," per @sgurman @aviswanatha. Trump tapped Barr as AG in Dec.

Here is a link to the letter we received from Attorney General Barr. Seems like the Department of Justice is putting matters squarely in Congress’ court.

Barr and Rosenstein appear to have made this determination quickly and without even trying to interview the president.

Barr does not commit to releasing the full report but says his “goal” is to release “as much” of Mueller’s report “as I can consistent” with law and regulations

Mueller: Trump cannot be exonerated of obstruction of justice. Barr: I exonerate him.

“The Special Counsel states that ‘while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.’”

A.G. Barr says that the Mueller report states the following: "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities."

Per Barr letter, Mueller's decision not to reach any "legal conclusions" on obstruction "leaves it to the Attorney General to determine whether the conduct described in the report constitutes a crime."

Barr on Russia’s 2016 hacking: Mueller “did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist"

U.S. Posts The Biggest Monthly Budget Deficit In American History

Opinion: I wrote the special counsel rules. The attorney general can — and should — release the Mueller report.

Florida NOW Calls on Congress to Investigate Epstein and Acosta

Hundreds of thousands are marching in London today to demand a second Brexit referendum.

Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes

There you go. So, Putin loyalist now explaining how recognition of annexation in one place legitimates annexation more broadly. Very dangerous precedent.

Using WhatsApp for White House Business Is 'Far More Egregious' Than Hillary Clinton's Emails, Cybersecurity Expert Says

Jared Kushner gave Saudi Crown Prince MbS tacit approval to blockade Qatar, a U.S. ally, according to Vicky Ward. “Jared nearly put us into war in the region,” says the author of “Kushner, Inc.”

Lindsey Graham calls for Clinton investigation at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser as Trump fans chant ‘lock her up’

No, @NikkiHaley we do not “have to acknowledge that” Trump publicly delegitimized the investigation ON A DAILY BASIS. He sought to fire Mueller, derided Rosenstein, and tampered with witnesses. You will always bear the shame of how you normalized a criminal presidency.

The Manafort asset forfeiture proceeding is getting odd. What's up with this shell company that says Manafort owes $1 million? DOJ asked today in court

“One friend of Mr. Trump said that despite his outward good spirits, the president remained anxious about the contents of the report and was concerned that its release was taking longer than he expected.”

We want to hear it from Mueller, himself.

Somehow, sometime, Donald Trump will leave the political stage; but the moral and material corruption he has inflicted will be with us for a long while.

NBC News President Noah Oppenheim: “Earlier today, a device exploded in the vicinity of a group from NBC News in Syria. We are thankful that NBC employees escaped unharmed, however one of the local drivers working with them was tragically killed."

Several senior W.H. officials flew to FL this weekend "in part so Trump would be surrounded by people he knows and trusts and therefore be less likely to do something rash,"

President Donald Trump has emblazoned the “Trump” brand name on images of the White House to sell in his Trump Store and at the Trump International Hotel in the capital. The products give the bizarre impression that the White House is a Trump hotel.

The federal probe into Trump’s business and campaign finances will fall into new hands next month. Here's what you need to know about the Southern District of New York's Audrey Strauss.