Sunday, January 29, 2017


U.S. service member killed in Yemen raid

Twitter CEO: There are more Syrian-born US business owners than US-born ones

McCain blasts Bannon placement on National Security Council

Once again, @realDonaldTrump repeats talking points from Mother Russia. This time the utterly bogus line that the alternative to him is war.

McCain stunned by Trump's "radical" reorganization of the National Security Council:

An open letter to Jared Kushner, from your NYU law school classmates

Tens of thousands in U.S. cities protest Trump immigration policies

McCain and Graham release joint statement against Trump immigration ban

Dem lawmakers to protest Trump immigration ban on Supreme Court steps

hey, is that legal? no

Stephen Bannon became a full member of the NSC while top intelligence and military advisers were downgraded

Merkel 'explained' convention to Trump in phone call

Susan Rice: Trump reorganization of National Security Council "stone cold crazy"

Geez, unless they've been running the long con all along;

Pictures Don't Lie. Vote No On Tillerson

Rex Tillerson and murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

Watch Jared Kushner’s grandmother talk of refugee plight, warn against another Hitler


No fear in NY

Christian leaders denounce President Trump’s plan to favor Christian immigrants

Trump's Immigration Fiasco Might Be More Premeditated Than We Think

Here is the very long list of Republicans in Congress who have taken no position on Trump's refugee ban

Your silence defines you.

Protests continue today in response to President Trump's freeze on immigration from seven mostly Muslim countries. The view in Boston:

Steve Bannon, a racist Leninist who wants to "destroy the state," replaced Joint Chiefs on National Security Council

The White House says having Steve Bannon at national security meetings is essential to Trump's decision-making.

This Week With George Stephanopoulos January 29, 2017 Full Show Spicer, McConnel

This Week With George Stephanopoulos January 29, 2017

Blue Feed, Red Feed: See 'liberal Facebook' and 'conservative Facebook' side by side on Trump's executive order

Dan Rather on Trump immigration order: "I shed a tear for the country"

Could Marine Le Pen give France a Trump-style election surprise?

Don't Do It France!
Take Every Precaution.
Vive la France!
 With Love, The New Fascist Authoritarian United States

George Takei - KGB chief who allegedly helped compile the Trump dossier found dead. Are we all paying attention?

Leaders from Britain, Germany and Italy reject President Trump's refugee

One U.S. Service Member Killed, Several Others Injured During Raid In Yemen

We The People

Tim Kaine Accuses The Trump Administration Of Being Holocaust Deniers

Kaine casts Trump officials as Holocaust deniers

Mass resignations—and mass confusion—at the State Department:

"What we saw yesterday was violations of the constitution. We don't treat different people different ways."

Sean Spicer Defends Steve Bannon Sitting In on National Security Council Meetings

Published on Jan 29, 2017
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended the memorandum President Trump signed that gives Steve Bannon a permanent seat in National Security Council meetings.

Iran retaliates against Trump order by banning U.S. visitors.

Countries under U.S. entry ban are not main sources of terror attacks

Netanyahu in hot water over praise of Trump's wall

Rudy Giuliani admits Trump wanted a Muslim ban, asked for help on doing it legally.

Social media users slam Ivanka Trump for tweeting party photo during immigration ban protests

WATCH: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer holds a press conference on Trump's executive order on immigration

The Times of London is reporting that Theresa May's team says she held hands with Trump at Trump's request, because he is afraid of stairs


Trump attacks media: blasts NY Times, Washington Post in typo-riddled tweetstorm:

Reince Priebus vs Chuck Todd FULL HEATED Interview: "You Don't Stop Talking Chuck" 1/29/17

A week after Meet the Press host Chuck Todd tussled with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway over “alternative facts,” he got into another contentious exchange with a senior member of the Trump Administration.

McCain: Trump's ban will give ISIS "some more propaganda"

McCain: Trump's ban will give ISIS "some more propaganda"
— The Hill (@thehill) January 29, 2017
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Kellyanne Conway Tries To Defend Trump's Muslim Refugee Ban

OMG, disposed of? Detaining green card holders is a 'small price to pay'

Rudy Giuliani brags on Fox News that he crafted Trump's Muslim ban

Donald Trump Defends New Refugee and Immigration Policy

Published on Jan 29, 2017
The 45th president is moving forward with implementing some of his campaign promises through executive orders.

JUST IN: Lyft will donate $1 million to ACLU after Trump immigration ban

"Not what I fought for." Iraq vet w/ 4 Purple Hearts

Boston Police Civil Rights, Crime and Community Policing 1967 relevant again

Booklet to citizens of Boston from The Boston Police Dept., written by my grandfather during a time of great civil unrest. His views on policing and civil rights..seem timely once again...Horses, he always said horses are the most effective means of peaceful crowd control.

History Vs. Ignorance

I have ordered the Port Authority to reverse its decision regarding the JFK AirTrain. The people of New York will have their voices heard.

I proudly served in the CIA post 9/11. Fought actual terrorists. The ban makes that fight harder. It makes us less safe.

The telling letter Betsy DeVos wrote to clarify her position on U.S. disabilities law

Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Temp Immigration Order Was Nominated By OBAMA On Recommendation Of @chuckschumer

While Chair of Joint Chiefs & director of national intel given limited access to Nat Security Council meetings, Bannon has full access.

President Trump’s new rules on immigration could affect hundreds of Boston area college students

Um Charlie, Does the Commonwealth have a plan on dealing with Trump or are we on our own with only our mayors to protect us?

Giuliani admits Trump asked him how to "do a Muslim ban legally." So they focused on nationality.

Several Trump appointees shared unflattering views of minorities, women on social media

Republicans largely silent as Trump bans refugees, immigrants from U.S

Look at Paul Ryan. He knows he's exploiting the mentally ill for his own gain and give no shits.

The Arrest of a U.S. Spy Working as a Russian Intelligence Officer Could Tell Us a Lot About Trump and Putin

Russian Spy believed to be the primary source of intelligence against Donald Trump found murdered in his car.

Paul Ryan's Cooperation With Trump And Cruel Objectivism Define Him

Our very Constitution is at stake and Ryan is an enabler to it's dismantlement. His pseudo Christian Ayn Rand ideologies come before our country. He has the arrogance and the ignorance to believe that he can come up with something better than our founding fathers did.
Can't wait to see how history remembers you, Asshole.

Gore Vidal on Paul Ryans favorite, Ayn Rand

Steve Bannon ia a Traitor to The Untied States

He Swore to defend the Constitution
Steve Bannon Has Got To Go Right Now! A deadbeat dad wife beating Nazi has no place in the government of The United States.

The Governor of Washington just declared Donald Trump an enemy of the United States.This is powerful.

Political hacks and Nazis at the heart of national security. What could go wrong?

Does the Trump immigration ban affect you or your loved ones? If so, we want to hear from you.

Crybaby Sore Losers

Dear World, From America

Dear World,
We felt we needed to say something while saying something is still allowed.
We know many of you have lived under malevolent, unhinged Dictators before, but this is new for us. For its history our nation has been led by men who, despite their varying flaws and deficiencies, some of which were quite disturbing—were by and large, normal human beings. Whatever darkness in them, they had at the very least, a baseline of humanity and decency that more often than not insured rational behavior.
This man is not normal.

He is unstable, malignant, devoid of integrity—and he does not speak for us.
Please understand that nearly three million more people voted for his opponent Hillary Clinton than for him. (Yes, we realize this is completely screwed-up). Millions more voted for other candidates, and sadly nearly 90 million of our people did not vote at all. The point is, the vast majority of Americans are not with him. He does not speak for us. His America is not our America.
Over the past week, we’ve watched long erected pillars of our Republic bulldozed in the stroke of a madman’s pen. We’ve seen the very hallmarks of who we are as a nation tossed in the garbage; the celebration of diverse coexistence, the open welcome to the oppressed, the guarantee of unalienable rights for every person, the same access to health and opportunity and safety afforded to everyone, the freedom to speak without censor or restraint. At this moment these are all in great jeopardy.
Things we took for granted in our leadership: things like goodness, wisdom, and basic truthfulness are no longer in play, and as things are eroding quickly we wanted to let you know that we’re sorry.
We’re sorry that our apathy and laziness have yielded such a reckless, impulsive, small man to steward this nation.
We’re sorry for the jagged, bitter ugliness that is characterizing us in these moments.

Read More

US border patrol is checking people’s Facebook for political views

Trump’s Propaganda War

Joy Reid, Hugh Hewitt, and Margaret Carlson join Hardball to debate Trump’s war with the press. Duration: 9:38

Some marchers chanted “Donald Trump, you racist clown! Build a wall, we’ll tear it down!”

California Just Threatened To Stop Paying Taxes If Trump Cuts Federal Funding Over Sanctuary City Status

Republicans’ cautious embrace of Tillerson marks hawks’ unlikely marriage with Trump

The 25th Amendment RIGHT NOW Pass It On

Iraq parliament panel asks government to 'reciprocate' to U.S. travel curbs

Reagan And Bush Common Sense Immigration. What has become of the Republican Party?

This video is shocking. The way that Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush talked about immigration and the US/Mexico border in 1980 -- during a presidential debate -- you would think that they were Democrats. What has become of the Republican Party?

Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco

This will cheer you up.

Trump Won't Shit Where He Eats - Ban Was Not Arbitrary - His Empire Is Safe

GOP Hypocrisy - Right To Life

Live from SeaTac Airport: press conference on executive order detainees

Immigrants with Affected Family Fearful of Ban

Donald Trump's signing of an executive action to bring sweeping changes to the nation's refugee policies is causing fear and alarm for immigrants in the U.S. whose family members will be affected. (Jan. 27)

Todays Protests The Resistance

Analysis: The perils of calling Trump a liar

The Latest: Homeland Security says NYC court order won't affect overall implementation of Trump immigration order.

Republican split on Obamacare strategy evident during private meeting

The Steve Bannon Files

More Repulsive than you ever imagined. This is who has Trumps ear.

Mexico’s president is definitely not meeting with Trump after his border wall executive order

Clinton breaks silence on Trump immigration ban: "This is not who we are"

Thug Propaganda By Alt Fact Facist Cheerleader Conway

WATCH: ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero coming out of the court where the ACLU just argued and won block of Trump's Muslim ban.

Celebrations break out at Brooklyn courthouse after judge grants stay temporarily blocking Pres. Trump's exec. order

WTF Is Going On? | Real Time with Bill Maher