Wednesday, July 18, 2018

‘The truth is recorded’: Fox News’ Shepard Smith blasts pattern of White House trying to change Trump’s comments.

#Russia's state TV: The Russians scoff at Trump's attempt to "correct" what he said @ the #HelsinkiSummit.

The White House transcript on Trump's "no" moment is revealing.

American Allies Move to Bolster Global Systems That Trump Has Attacked. But it isn’t easy

Federal prosecutors accused Maria Butina of being a Russian agent who allegedly offered sex in exchange for a job where she could influence U.S. policy.

Take this to the bank, @realDonaldTrump: you turn over former U.S. Ambassador @McFaul to Putin, you can count on me and millions others to swiftly make you an ex-president.

No "consultation" is needed to make clear that U.S. will never cooperate in Putin's crusade against Bill Browder or former U.S. officials, like Ambassador McFaul.@McFaul served his country honorably. His freedom is not up for negotiation or to be offered up as a gift to Putin

An American President, horsetrading U.S. citizens to Putin.

More dots conecting..... Macedonian teens didn't spontaneously launch their anti-Hillary fake news industry in 2016. They were supported by wealthy US conspiracy peddlers and Russia's Internet Research Agency,

Ex-Montenegro president fires back at Trump: "Strangest president in history"

The audio tape of McCarthy, Ryan & Republican leadership openly discussing Trump's corrupt relationship w Putin. The recorded meeting was on June 15, 2016, just days after the June 9 Trump Tower meeting w Russians Ryan told them to zip it

It happened! @PressSec tried to avoid @HallieJackson's follow-up questions by calling on The Hill's @JordanFabian. But Fabian deferred to Jackson, so she could follow up. So many viewers have wanted to see this happen... unity... and today it did.

Trump sold out America. It’s that simple. Joined fellow military veteran Members of Congress to speak out and condemn @realDonaldTrump's posturing during the #TrumpPutinSummit. Watch our press conference

On the same day as a criminal complaint was unsealed against a Russian citizen accused of using the NRA as a conduit to influence U.S. political leaders on behalf of Russia, the Trump admin announced new rules that would allow the NRA to stop disclosing its donors.

WH Press Secretary is now defending an accused Russian spy from the WH podium. For real.

And it never dawned on this guy that this gal's motives for "cohabiting" with him might not have been on the up and up?

An Australian father who lost three children in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has lashed out at President Trump for his relationship with Russia, on the fourth anniversary of the tragedy

This seems to contradict what Sarah Sanders just said: DNI Coats said last week that the U.S.'s digital infrastructure is "literally under attack" and that Russia is the "worst offender."

A reporter asked Sanders for a statement on the Russian national accused of trying to infiltrate right-wing American political organizations

WH press sec Sanders acknowledged that Putin talked to Trump about his interest in prosecuting financier Bill Browder and former US Michael McFaul. she declined to rule out US cooperation in that effort, saying Trump would consult his national security team

A @BuzzFeed investigation reveals that Macedonian fake news sites that flourished during the 2016 election weren’t just the work of local teens. The sites worked closely with two high-profile American conservative partners.

Speak up. Join us tonight at more than 150+ events nationwide:

State prepared a fiery statement rebuking Russia on the 4th anniversary of the downing of MH17 amid the Trump-Putin firestorm. The statement never went out. Here’s a draft copy.

Russia Is No Longer Targeting the U.S., Trump Says, Contradicting His Own Intelligence Directo

I asked Trump nominee Andrew Oldham four times whether he believes voting discrimination exists. He wouldn’t answer. Today, the Senate will vote on his lifetime appointment to the federal bench. I will absolutely vote NO on his nomination.

CIA Director Gina Haspel looking on during President Trump's Cabinet meeting today, when he seemed to contradict intelligence assessments that Russia continues to target the US

Mueller Team And Attorneys For Roger Stone Aide Meet In Sealed DC Courtroom

Ex-Pentagon chief: "No question" Putin has information that intimidates Trump

This is huge. So @realDonaldTrump back not believing his intelligence community on Russia and election meddling!

McCain flashback: Russia threat is dead serious. Montenegro coup and murder plot proves it

One of the other Americans Putin asked for in his quid pro quo with Trump in Helsinki in connection to the 12 GRU agents was Kyle Parker. @kyleparkernet is the congressional staffer who single handedly drafted the Magnitsky Act that Putin hates so much

Spanish prosecutor characterizes a wiretap of Butina's handler as "Mr. Trump’s son should be concerned."

BREAKING: #Russia covering up the #Skripal case tracks: #Putin just signed the order to abolish town Shikhany - 'birthplace' of the #Novichok

This literally contradicts exactly what the Director of National Intelligence just said. Point blank.

US Person 1 ... "was instruemental in aiding her covert influence operation, despite knowing its connections to the Russian Official." (Wapo says US person 1 is likely Paul Erickson, GOP Operative and soon-to-be arrested dude)

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, who used to coach wrestling at Ohio State University, was interviewed by a law firm investigating allegations that a now-dead team doctor sexually abused male athletes

Defiant Trump says Russia not targeting U.S., calls critics deranged

NEW: The FBI says Mariia Butina was compared to Russian spy Anna Chapman by a Russian Official, was planning to leave Washington (if not the country), and offered someone sex in exchange for a position in a special interest organization during her work in the US, per court filing

WATCH: Former President Obama: "The denial of facts runs counter to democracy."

Wow. Brett Kavanaugh's opinion that would open the door to foreign spending in our elections is being used by a Russian company indicted as part of the Mueller investigation. Kavanaugh needs to answer for this decision at his hearing.

Pres. Trump tells Tucker Carlson "Montenegro is a tiny country...they are very aggressive people" (Below Trump w/ Montenegro PM last year)

White House: U.S. Can’t Afford Veterans’ Health Care Without Cuts.

In @mike_pence case I heard it was boys who might be considered over the age of consent in many places including the UK (16) so I’m reluctant to call it child abuse; but using the Gov mansion to abuse police officers investigating- public corruption. @GenFlynn did not lie to @VP.

.@mikebarnicle reacts to the president's tweet this morning about meeting with Putin

I really think when armed Tier 1 professionals materialized in that green room in Saudi Arabia and forced him back to America after one day, @reince knew he was done.

The Eastern European nations have been some of our most loyal allies in Afghan:

Coincidence that the The NRA was colluding with a Russian spy and within 24 HOURS, there’s a law that saves them from having to disclose their dark money donors to the IRS??

Front page

Barack Obama Breaks His Silence

From Australia

NEW POLL: Kavanaugh is least popular Supreme Court nominee in Gallup polling history

Standing time to protest Trump is 8 PM daily until he is gone. If you are in DC or visiting DC, stop by Lafayette Park and make sure he hears you when he’s trying to sleep. Incredible job tonight everyone!

I have a relative who lives in Montenegro. We met in Berlin recently, and he gave me some backstory on 2016's Russian-backed coup attempt. Montenegro is at SEVERE risk of Russian takeover, and Trump is sending signals that he'll let Russia take

Trump’s Road to American Martial Law

Less than four months before the midterm elections that will shape the rest of Trump’s presidency, most states’ election offices have failed to fix their most glaring security weaknesses

It’s official: The Brexit campaign cheated its way to victory

Trump’s migrant fiasco diverts millions from health programs

Maddow tells viewers to prepare for "worst case scenario" after Trump-Putin summit:

Steve Schmidt Demands That Mitch McConnell Be Removed From Power

According to a new study, when President Trump makes international headlines, the number of people searching for flights to the United States tumbles.

Donald Trump wrongly claimed that Queen Elizabeth II reviewed her honor guard for the first time in 70 years during his UK visit. The Queen regularly reviews a guard of honor from the Household Division, and has been on the throne for 66 years, not 70

Ret. Adm. Sandy Winnefeld says military alliances like NATO "are at risk"

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” — George Orwell, '1984

WHOA Congressman reveals GOP members refused to allow Dems to question Russian 'spy' Maria Butina and 30 other witnesses

What keeps you awake at night if you are the foreign minister of one of America’s vulnerable allies, as I was?

why Poland is worried

Medicaid Under The Influence: How Drugmakers Sway Medication Options For Patients

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem to cost more than $21 million — nearly 100 times Pres. Trump’s estimate

HIPAA only protects your medical information. What happens when insurers and data brokers use your everyday data to predict your health costs? A look at the health insurance hustle in @ProPublica:

"For everything we have have been through as a country ... we haven't ever had to reckon with the possibility that somebody has ascended to the presidency of the United States to serve the interest of another country rather than our own."

U.S. adds second charge against Russian national linked to NRA

A congressman who physically assaulted the free press arguing that we're not mining nearly enough coal on tribal lands = peak GOP

Uh, what agreement?

Roblox, an online kids game, explains how a hack allowed a character’s virtual "rape"

It’s horrifying that the Trump administration is shackling pregnant women in immigrant detention centers. This immoral treatment is hurting women’s health & some women have had miscarriages. I’m joining @PattyMurray to introduce a bill that will put an end to this shameful policy

The NRA had a $19 million contract with an obscure consulting firm. The NRA may have broken campaign finance law by illegally using the firm as a conduit to coordinate with political campaigns

White House Eliminates Cybersecurity Coordinator Role

Could your wrestling team trust you to defend them against being molested by the team doctor?

yikes. george will on lindsay graham: “for years enjoyed derivative gravitas from his association with John McCain”

Pres. Obama: Democracy demands getting inside "the reality of people who are different than us."

There’s a chance we can stop Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination but it’s going to require every one of us to call your Senators at (202) 224-3121, and talk to your friends and family about what’s at stake.

Scott Walker accepted a gift from an indicted Russian national that Walker never reported receiving and there is a picture of it. But Walker says it never happened, just ignore the picture

Two more indictments about to drop....

For those unaware, Article Five of the NATO treaty — an “armed attack” on one member “shall be considered an attack against them all” — has been invoked exactly once: by the other nations after the US was attacked on 9/11

Could Trump’s tax returns explain Helsinki performance?

The only reporter to obtain a complete Trump tax return, Tim O'Brien, tells Lawrence O'Donnell the information in Pres. Trump's tax returns would help answer whether Trump is "beholden" to Vladimir Putin. David Frum explains why Trump's tax returns have become a national security concern.

Happy one year anniversary to this tweet defending a campaign meeting with Russians to get dirt on his political opponent

This Is the Moment of Truth for Republicans

“I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddling in the 2016 election took place. Could have been other people also. Lots of other people out there”

Commentary: Trump’s cost to U.S. credibility

Declining to hold daily press briefings = another sign of a White House in crisis.

Queen Elizabeth wore brooch from Obamas on the day Trump arrived in the UK


The Democrats' lead in the generic ballot is now up over nine points:

Bernanke warns against reading wrong yield curve signal

Stop giving airtime to Trump propagandists

Trump changes one word. What about the rest?

Trump tried to undo the damage from his Putin press conference, but Trump only undid the damage from one line that he said. Lawrence says there are many other lines from that press conference which show Trump's true intentions against the U.S. intelligence community. Ned Price, Jill Wine-Banks and Tim O'Brien discuss.

Widespread protests on tap after Trump show of servility to Putin

Rachel Maddow reports on planning for a "Confront Corruption: Demand Democracy" protest taking place in scores of cities around the United States in response to Donald Trump's behavior toward Vladimir Putin.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen says she wants to bring in the U.S. interpreter from the Helsinki summit to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on what, exactly, Trump shared with Putin.

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

The NRA and some other nonprofit groups will no longer have to give the IRS the names of donors who give them $5,000 or more

Mueller looks to give immunity to five witnesses in Manafort case

Joyce Vance, former U.S. attorney, explains to Rachel Maddow what it means that Robert Mueller wants to give "use immunity" to five witnesses in the prosecution of former Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort.

Trump says he's bothered by provisions of NATO that require the US to come to the defense of other member countries

SCOOP: Federal govt spending records reveal Trump Org businesses made tens of thousands of dollars during President Trump's trip to his Scotland golf club & resort properties—routed through SLC Turnberry Ltd—with U.S. taxpayer money footing the bill

DNC says Secret Service rebuffed attempt to serve hacking-related lawsuit on Jared Kushner at his D.C. home. Doc:

The Republicans are responding to a successful investigation that just nabbed over a dozen Russians who attacked us by impeaching the man who oversees the investigation.

House Republicans block Dem resolution rebuking Trump over Russia remarks

Murphy: The good news is we're only four months from an election

Senator Chris Murphy talks with Rachel Maddow about the obstacle congressional Republicans pose to Congress doing anything to adequately deal with the national emergency of Donald Trump's compromised posture toward Russia.

Plenty for Congress to do if it wants to deal with Trump crisis

Rachel Maddow outlines some of what Congress can do to fulfill its duty to defend the system of democracy in the United States against the crisis posed by Donald Trump and his dubious allegiance to the U.S.

Putin tells Russian state TV Trump gave him a ‘very interesting offer’ on Ukraine and discussed getting around sanctions

"Your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying." — Ralph Waldo Emerso

“Our troops didn't die in Yorktown, didn't take Normandy beach, didn't rebuild Europe and secure the postwar peace that you are now destroying, Mr. President, for you to live as a Manchurian candidate in our White House.”

This Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design that “Ambition must ... counteract ambition.” All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall. Policy differences don’t matter right now. History has its eyes on us.

Hollywood star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger berates Donald #Trump for acting "like a wet noodle" at press conference with Vladimir #Putin

Per 3 sources, Kelly privately lobbied congressional Republicans to rebuke Trump publicly for Putin presser, my latest:

She chose to stay in America to avoid being captured and discarded by the kremlin! She did not flee to save her life not because she is innocent and not a flight risk ! Russia kills their liabilities !

Congress begins to shape plan for protecting US from Trump crisis

Rachel Maddow points out the necessity of Congress to step up to help the United States through the national security crisis that is Donald Trump if American democracy is to be preserved.

BREAKING: After Putin accused me at the Helsinki Summit of donating $400m to the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Russian General Prosecutor clarified that Putin should have said $400k. The real answer is I donated ZERO.

“Meddling” is what happens in Scooby Doo. We should stop calling Russian attacks on American democracy “meddling” and start calling it by its name: “information warfare.”

If Republicans will impeach a president for getting a blow job in the Oval Office, why won’t they impeach a president for giving one in public?

NSA and Cyber Command to coordinate actions to counter Russian election interference in 2018 amid absence of White House guidance

"Morally repugnant": Homeland Security advisory council members resign over immigration policies

Column in the Salt Lake Tribune, owned by the Huntsman family: "Ambassador Huntsman, you work for a pawn, not a president. It's time to come home. There is no other reasonable course of action."

George Will on "Helsinki Republicans"

As I discuss in detail in From Cold War to Hot Peace, Putin has been harassing me for a long time. That he now wants to arrest me, however, takes it to a new level. I expect my government to defend me and my colleagues, in public and private.

Today, #Russia's state TV hosts are trampling on the seal of the DOJ. Symbolism is a very important aspect of the Russian propaganda

Batina previously testified privately to Senate Intel Committee

Rachel Maddow reads excerpts of the trancript of Mariia Batina's court hearing on Monday, in which it was revealed for the first time that Batina had testified in a closed session of the Senate Intelligence Committee.