Sunday, June 2, 2019

Robert Mueller has one last service to perform, and that is to answer questions for the Congress and American people. There are any number of questions that we have every right, and the American people have every need, to have answered about his investigation and what he found.

Trump confidante Roger Stone called for former CIA Director Brennan to be "hung for treason" in Instagram post

Mulvaney On Gun Reform After Virginia Beach Shooting: Can’t ‘Protect Everybody’ That’s how to improve things “sorry, can’t protect everybody”. Thoughts and prayer for dead children

Trump's Mexico tariffs would constitute the biggest U.S. tax hike in 30 years

Roger Stone has posted an Instagram Story saying John Brennan "must be" charged and convicted and "hung for treason." Wonder how court officials and Instagram moderators will react.

How will Judge Sullivan, infamous for tough treatment of prosecutors, react to DOJ defiance? He could haul the prosecutors and their boss, Attorney General Barr, into court to explain why they shouldn’t be held in contempt for violation of a court order

Cory Booker on impeachment: "This president is not above the law. He should not be able to stop the checks & balances on the executive. And I feel like we have a moral obligation now to investigate this president. Impeachment proceedings will give us more legal leverage."

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff: "One party, the Republican Party, has turned itself into a cult of the president's personality and is not likely to act consist with its constitutional obligations."

Dems need to realize this band of “progressive warriors” is really Tea Party 2.0. TP destroyed the GOP’s long-term prospects, and their extremist know-nothing politics has cost the US trillions of dollars in economic damage. TP is the org “Justice Dems” want to emulate...

Trump calls Meghan Markle "nasty" ahead of his meeting Prince Harry. What could possibly go wrong?

Interesting. @blackrock forces @exxonmobil's (lame) climate risk disclosure, hires Obama’s Deese, then does no due diligence on (lame) Exxon disclosure and is outed as one of worst climate performers on proxies and investment.

Trump tweets that he never called Meghan Markle "nasty" after recorded interview where he said she was "nasty" about him

In January, Virginia GOP killed bill to ban sales of large-capacity magazines

Anyone ever going to ask Zuck about the 100s of millions in bailout funds he took from Usmanov (via Milner) - a Russian state-backed mafioso (real life mob boss), back when FB was burning through all its cash & had yet to find a business model? Anyone..?

An impeachment trial will be the most watched event in a long time; making it a strong venue to lay out the facts & evidence of the case to the American people. Make GOP’ers own their votes for not convicting after. They’ll pay for it later.

Less airtime given to known liars such as Rudolph W. Giuliani and more factual detail about the president’s conduct are required. Public ignorance and confusion result from the media’s misguided fixation on “balance”

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” — Orwell, 1984 — Jake Tapper

"The story here should be that Mueller wrecked the entire foundation of Trump World’s account of 2016 — that one side’s lies have been reduced to smoldering rubble, not that the two sides are locked in partisan combat over what Mueller said." Exactly.

.@MarkWarner says there are 3 things Congress can do this week to protect future elections Pass bipartisan election security Put some guardrails on social media On future federal elections, if there is a foreign entity trying to intervene, an obligation to report that to the FBI

Rudy Giuliani threatens $17 million legal action against Robert Mueller during Fox News interview

Mick Mulvaney says it was "not unreasonable" for "some 23- or 24-year-old person" working in the White House to ask the Navy to move the U.S.S. John S. McCain

Trump's new baby concentration camp.

Why is this woman—who is not an expert in um, anything, be on tv to talk about tariffs? (she’s also promoting the idea that US taxpayers would NOT shoulder the burden —which is wrong). It’s crazy that cnn fills it’s air this way and explains why their ratings are down, imho.

EXCLUSIVE: Iran will not be intimidated by President Trump’s “art of the deal pressure” by using economic sanctions to push the country to negotiate, Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tells ABC News'

Just the mayor of London saying our president is a modern day fascist.

Fmr. Special Counsel Mueller said that "every American" should be worried about Russia's ongoing efforts to undermine our democracy. Why does the top Republican in Congress refuse to do anything about it?

'We will not let you get away with it', Greta Thunberg slams politicians for ignoring climate crisis

President Trump casts Chinese, Mexican trade wars as way to create jobs

You only tell the truth by mistake. Like you did here! You deleted the tweet, but you can't delete the proof.

US Ambassador confirms that Trump would want American Health Care companies to get NHS contracts in UK post Brexit. This is the no-deal Brexit agenda

Frustration over disaster aid grows as House delays funding — again “It’s just damn sickening to see our representatives up there that don’t think about what they’re doing. They’ve got lives in their hands,” one farmer said.

Pentagon tells White House to stop politicizing military

Lesson #1 from history: "Don't trust the Kremlin."

We need to support Democrat Jaime Harrison with EVERYTHING we have!!!

The 30th anniversary of the 1989 election that ended communism in Poland is approaching. And the free press is on the brink of disappearing once again

ICYMI. Trump Administration Rebrands Fossil Fuels As "Molecules Of U.S. Freedom"

Just think what Goebbels could have done with Facebook

Every nation is home to angry, disgruntled and unstable people - online and offline. Only America gives them easy access to arsenals, silencers, high capacity magazines and bulk ammo.

At Virginia Beach, it took four cops — trained professionals wearing bulletproof vests — using all their ammunition to take down one mass shooter who had already killed 12 people. And y’all really think some “good guy with a gun” can single-handedly stop these tragedies? WAKE UP!

U.S. Now Requiring Visa Applicants to List Social-Media Names

“My wife and my kids sleep here every night, and we’ve never had so much as a bolt stolen out of the bodega. People say, ‘Well, maybe you’re safe but we’re not safe from the onslaught.’ But what onslaught are we talking about?”

Trump’s census scheme exposed—a lie to increase white power

I will never understand how anyone can watch this punchable face asshole

The 12 people killed in the Virginia Beach shooting included decades-long employees of the city, according to officials. "They leave a void that we will never be able to fill," City Manager Dave Hansen said.

Gun girl has had a change of heart.

Tariff threat against Mexico confirms a deal's not a deal with Trump

Inside Taylor Swift’s Bold Anti-Trump LGBTQ Stand: ‘Treat All of Our Citizens Equally’

If Barr thinks Mueller could have accused Trump of a crime, then SDNY prosecutors should stop being coy about “Individual 1” and announce whether Trump should be charged with campaign finance fraud. Michael Cohen + David Pecker + recording + reimbursement checks = indictment.

In a milestone that passed by quietly, the famously coal-centric state of West Virginia last year produced more natural gas than coal

Analysis: In Netflix’s Central Park Five miniseries, Trump is called a "bigot" whose "15 minutes" are almost up

Russia gets caught sports doping AGAIN and and now faces new Olympics ban over doping. These guys only know how to cheat to win

11 of the 12 victims in Friday's shooting worked for the city of Virginia Beach.

"We let him get away with naming people. I think it's time to start calling him 'Unindicted Donald.'"

Italy to evict Steve Bannon’s academy from monastery

McConnell should be censured and removed for failure and dereliction of duty

Hey @ThomasJTobin1 of the Catholic Church: I'm Catholic & I don't remember Jesus saying anything about LGBTQ. But I do remember Christ teaching about love. And your asinine remark about children is exactly the type of bigoted belief that leads to the evil of conversion therapy.

‘The Walking Dead’ Threatens To Leave Georgia After Ten Years If Highly Restrictive Abortion Law Actually Goes Into Effect

AP FACT CHECK: Trump and his Veterans Affairs secretary are claiming full credit for improvements for veterans such as same-day mental health care, but those initiatives were put in place during the Obama administration.

He looks really, really, really happy and satisfied, doesn’t he? Must have been some night.

Imagine feeling like your career depends on saying stuff like this.

Flood served as Clinton’s attorney durin’ his impeachment, but now that impeachment clamor is growin’ by the day, he’s headin’ for the exits? Either he was asked to break the law, or he saw what happened to McGahn and left before it happens to him

The consequences of climate change are severe, and they are already affecting places like Burlington, Iowa. We have a moral responsibility to act—now.

Tupperware Trump

Iran warns any clash in the Gulf would push oil prices above $100

Trump says U.S. aircraft carrier design is "wrong" and plans an overhaul

Opinion: Impeachment would be a debacle

Israeli fighter jets and attack helicopters struck a number of military targets in Syria on Sunday in response to rocket fire at the Israeli-held section of the Golan Heights

This is illegal. This is inhumane. These are CHILDREN. This needs to stop

Navy to review dress code after pro-Trump patches seen on some uniforms

"Congressman Hunter Says He Probably Killed ‘Hundreds’ Of Civilians While In Combat" Amazing this isn't a bigger story. A sitting Republican member of Congress basically bragging that he's a war criminal.