Thursday, October 10, 2019

NEW: Deutsche Bank tells court it does not hold President Donald Trump's tax returns

Attorney General Barr met privately last night with Rupert Murdoch, NYT reports. The meeting was held at Murdoch's home in New York, according to someone familiar with it.

NEW: Sen. Lindsey Graham thought he was talking to the Turkish defense minister. It was actually Russian pranksters. Graham called the Kurds a “threat” to Turkey and mentioned Trump's personal interest in a “Turkish bank case.”

Speaker Pelosi: "We believe that the times have found us to keep the republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And that would be those who say things like, 'Article II says I can do whatever I want.' That’s not a republic, that's a monarchy."

600 former EPA officials demand investigation into Trump administration over California threats

“The day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena is that day that he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from Congress over the impeachment process away from Congress and he became the judge and jury.” - Lindsey Graham, 1998

Trump "now faces a brutal reality: The U.S. manufacturing sector is spiraling into recession, victimized by Trump's trade wars and sagging confidence among corporate executives who have little idea how to plan for an uncertain economic future."

Breaking via WSJ: The White House gave a politically appointed official the authority to keep aid to Ukraine on hold after career budget staff members questioned the legality of delaying the funds, according to people familiar with the matter.

Kurdish leader calls for sanctions against Turkey ahead of UN Security Council meeting

REVEALED: Rudy Giuliani’s indicted Ukraine henchman gave thousands to Kevin McCarthy

John Dowd, Trump’s former lawyer, represents the 2 before the House Intel Comm & in addition to the usual complaints about the impeachment investigations offers some detail about their relationship with Giuliani & others in a letter he sent the Committee.

President Trump lashes out over Fox News poll that shows majority support for his impeachment: "Whoever their Pollster is, they suck."

House Dems subpoena Giuliani associates Fruman and Parnas for documents by October 16, undeterred by their arrests today over an alleged campaign finance scheme

This indictment shows how illegal foreign money is being funneled into the US to support Trump and Republicans.

Cities across the country say Trump's campaign has failed to reimburse them for law enforcement costs.

More helpful analysis of Kremlin propaganda aimed at the West by @TomRtweets -- keep it up, Tom, and take a read, everybody. This is about more than just RT & Sputnik

Hmmm. Looky who took a smiling photo's with the arrested thugs?

Sekulow in a brief comment says case involving Giuliani associates not connected to Trump: “Read the indictment. Neither the candidate nor the campaign have anything to do with the scheme these guys were involved in

The indictment references a congressman, identifiable as ex-Republican Rep. Pete Sessions, whose assistance Lev Parnas sought in "causing the U.S. government to remove or recall the then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine."

UPDATE : #Syria - #Turkey • Fighting in Tal Abyad,Ras Al Ain • 15 SDF killed,9 FSA (Arabiya) • Shelling across border to Turkey • Thousands of Civilians flee • Erdogan threatens EU w refugees • Wide condemnations; UNSC meeting; Russia offers talks

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present this episode of "The Best People" for your viewing pleasure?

Parma and Fruman were arrested at Dulles Airport awaiting an international flight on the day they were supposed to testify before Congress. The simple plot to trade military aid for dirt on Biden is becoming a Russian epic.

So far this week, both POTUS, his campaign manager, & Fox News have recommended that republican voters use Sputnik, aka Kremlin media, as a source of political information. If you want to know why the Kremlin propaganda apparatus works so hard to recruit American pawns--this.

Fruman and Parnas were under scrutiny because of their donation to America First Action, a pro-Trump super PAC. The company they used to make the $325,000 donation, Global Energy Producers, was setup up only five weeks earlier

Tillerson and Kelly owe it to the American people to publicly tell the truth about this episode. If they don’t, they ought to be shunned. It’s damn simple: Americans have the right to know if @realDonaldTrump is shaking down the USG for @RudyGiuliani.

It's becoming a challenge to keep up with the high crimes and misdemeanors. — Hillary Clinton

1. Campaign finance laws are not inconveniences. They are core guardrails that protect the integrity of our elections. 2. Lev Parnas should have had zero role in recalling a US Ambassador. 3. The corruption around @realDonaldTrump is unprecedented. 4. I'm not Congressman-1.

"Two Foreign-Born Men Who Helped Giuliani on Ukraine Arrested on Campaign-Finance Charges"

Two Giuliani associates arrested for violating campaign finance rules

WSJ: Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman arrested and will be presented in federal court in Virginia today.

Turkey shelled prison holding IS foreign fighters Kurdish-led administration

Russia tells U.S. military to get out of Syria

Any Senator or public official of any sort that signs #LeningradLindsey's loyalty oath to Donald Trump should be immediately stripped of their office and title. United States officials should ONLY pledge loyalty to the Constitution.

Syrian Kurds - including school kids - have been rallying outside a US base in Syria. They are literally asking us not to abandon them.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump urged Tillerson to help Giuliani client facing DOJ charges

Wait, Trump pulled out of Syria and got the Kurds attacked on Vladimir Putin's BIRTHDAY?

Justice Department labels Devin Nunes’ claim on Russia a conspiracy theory

Donald Trump killed this Kurdish child today. This child's life was very real — not abstract. A child laughs. A child cries. A child loves. A child has dreams. This image is very painful to see — it's supposed to be. This child dreams no more.

Turkey wants to destroy us. Trump just gave them a green light.

More than half of US voters want President Trump impeached and removed from office, according to a new Fox News poll

Pence is trying as hard as he can not to go down with the ship.

The White House’s desperate effort to cover up and conceal won't deter Congress from exposing the facts: Trump abused his power and endangered our national security. We have the call record. We have the texts. The evidence of his grave misconduct only grows.

At the end of the Obama admin, Erdogan pushed us hard on the Zarrab case. Erdogan feared revelations about corruption would come out in court. We told him it wasn’t appropriate for the WH to interfere in such cases. Trump wasn’t just helping Rudy here.

"Although the president is trying to tell his followers that he's getting all of the troops out of Syria, in fact he's not. And what he's done is greenlight Turkey, greenlight Russia and really given a present to Vladimir Putin." -Wendy Sherman, former US undersecretary of state

Putin & Tillerson signed an agreement in June 2012 for Rosneft and ExxonMobil to extract hard-to-access reserves in western Siberia.

A new video from Qamishlo where homes in residential neighborhood of Bashiria was hit. This is where Kurds and Syriac Christians live together

“Manafort must face mortgage fraud charges against him in New York, even though he is already serving a prison sentence after being convicted of similar federal crimes, New York state prosecutors said on Wednesday.”

“What we see now is Mike Pompeo…refusing to cooperate at all with Congress,” said @AmbassadorRice . “Secretary Clinton sat for 11 hours. I sat for four hours before Gowdy and his crew behind closed doors. You know why? Because we had nothing to hide.”

Not The Onion: Mick Mulvaney is trying to help Trump with ‘charm offensive’ so Republicans won’t abandon him

Story: Trump is calling Mitch McConnell as often as three times a day. Trump has been lashing out at GOP senators he sees as disloyal, telling McConnell he will amplify attacks on those Republicans who criticize him.

Small American farmers are getting destroyed by this administration, and according to Sonnny Perdue, these guys could care less.

Blood is on the hands of Fox News.

Fire concerns darken California with preemptive power shutoff

Ill immigrant kids still in limbo despite Trump admin promises

Trump Syria flip greenlights Turkey, Russia on Kurdish slaughter

Trump abandons U.S. counterterror partners to Turkish aggression

Trump asked Tillerson to help Giuliani client with DOJ: Bloomberg