Thursday, February 9, 2017

The cinematography+rhetoric of Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon is filled with controversy+contention.

We sent Amy Hoggart to Scotland to discuss resisting oppression with people who are born crotchety

Justice Department loses bid to reinstate Trump travel ban as appeals court rules against immigration order

NEW VIDEO: Do you love a dog or cat? Trump never has, and he's just put all of them - yours included - at risk

Is this twitter fight baloney all a ruse to make Gorsuch appear "independent"?

House Oversight Chair says Conway's endorsement of Ivanka Trump brand was "clearly over the line" and "unacceptable"

Fox News Tries to Prove Steve Bannon Isn't as Bad as ISIS

I was disappointed John McCain didn’t give the one vote needed to nix Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. But...

Important story: Nuclear experts are freaked out by Trump's ignorance of this key treaty

A federal appeals court says it will rule tonight on whether to reinstate President Trump's immigration order.

Rep. Maxine Waters on Trump: "I certainly don’t intend for him to be around for 4 years...I do be that he is vulnerable to impeachment."

"Go buy Ivanka's stuff."

Wife of Russian dissident blames Kremlin for husband's mysterious illness.

Sen. Schumer says his Republican colleagues are afraid to stand up to Donald Trump:

Tertiary syphillus is no joke people! Get tested today!

Sen Warren On Why Republicans Attempted To Silence Her.

Get over it.

Tom Price: Vowed To Privatize Medicare

Jeff Sessions Will White Wash America.

"If you only have legal labor, certain parts of this industry and this region will not exist," one farmer said.

Warren warns senators who put Sessions’s "radical hatred" into Justice Department

How the Democrats can stop Neil Gorsuch

The mysterious disappearance of the biggest scandal in Washington

Whatever happened to the Trump-Russia story? Comey?

Nordstrom executives sent company memo on Trump’s immigration ban before news about Ivanka's line broke

Tillerson to travel to Mexico City

Trump Aide Derided Islam, Immigration And Diversity, Embraced An Anti-Semitic Past

Michael Anton

A CIA report warns that the Trump administration risks driving Muslims into the arms of al Qaeda and ISIS

Olbermann: HOW many times did you avoid the draft, Weakling? And WHY wouldn't Germany let your draft-dodging grandfather back in?

Sean Spicer: I hope Coretta Scott King would support Jeff Sessions today

Sweet Zombie Jebus!

Never has it been easier to get secret cash to a president

McConnell’s attempt to silence Elizabeth Warren epitomizes the newly empowered sexism of the right

Sanctuary Cities - Samantha Bee

Another morning, another tweet from President Trump: Today he went after Sen. Blumenthal in wake of Gorsuch comments

Trump takes on courts over immigration… Morning Joe: Presidents do not speak this way

Steve Bannon believes the apocalypse is coming and war is inevitable

How Russia became the leader of the global Christian right

Steve Bannon Is Making Sure There’s No White House Paper Trail, Says Intel Source

" No Vacancies" For Blacks

Report: 20 newly approved settler homes are funded by org headed by David Friedman, Trump's Israel Ambassador

Sean Spicer reverses himself, now calls Yemen raid a 'huge success'

Water Protectors Call for Global Mass Mobilizations as Army Plans to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline

Published on Feb 8, 2017 - On Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Tuesday it will greenlight the final phase of construction of the pipeline. Amnesty International called the announcement "an unlawful and appalling violation of human rights." In recent months, police have launched an escalating and violent crackdown against the resistance at Standing Rock. Last week, more than 70 people were arrested after militarized police raided a new resistance camp set up on historic Sioux treaty land. Among those arrested was award-winning Pueblo journalist Jenni Monet, who was on assignment for Indian Country Media Network.

Senator Hatch On Silencing Of Warren. " Think Of His Wife"

I am thinking of HIS wife

Leaks Suggest Trump’s Own Team Is Alarmed By His Conduct

Breaking:Russian state oil co offered Trump adviser cut of huge deal if sanctions lifted

Jeff Sessions was confirmed despite receiving 47 "no" votes, the 3rd highest number among all first-year nominees

Defense Department Renting At Trump Tower Is Another Step Into Ethical Murk


Can't see a fascist dictatorship developing before their eyes

Samantha Bee - CNN had a good day

Joe Manchin daughter is being investigated by the justice department.. Jeff Sessions will make it go bye-bye.

OMG, His daughter IS the Epi Pen price gouger. Screw America, us country boys stick together,

Joe Manchin Only democrat to vote for Jeff Sessions. In case you need to "express yourself"

Joe Manchin (Democrat) voted to confirm Jeff Sessions and this is what his Wikipedia page looks like now. Y'all are quick

Police arrest protesters at Phoenix Immigration office

PHOENIX (AP) — Police made several arrests as protesters blocked enforcement vans from leaving a U.S. immigration office in Phoenix late Wednesday, fearing that a mother of two was headed for deportation.

"Nevertheless, She persisted"

Jeff Sessions confirmed, @SenWarren hopes “we are there every day to look over his shoulder... at every judgment”

Darkest of Days

Schumer to @maddow: "When Jeff Sessions was passed it turned my stomach...He doesn’t belong there and I think a lot of Republicans know it."

Trump attacked @Nordstrom, it dipped. Immediately you bought their goods/stock. Up over 4% in one day. You have the power.

Obama ethics chief: Trump's Nordstrom attack is a clear abuse of presidency

Trump's EPA pick, Scott Pruitt, sued over thousands of concealed emails to energy companies


Elizabeth Warren may have violated Senate Rule 18: "Bros before Hoes."

Trump critics are writing postcards to 'President' Bannon

Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Being Silenced

Elizabeth Warren: Republicans Don't Want To Hear The Facts

Senator Warren defends her decision to read Coretta Scott King's letter on Jeff Sessions, saying that the facts may hurt but it's her responsibility as a Senator to not gloss over them.

Jake Tapper Ain’t Havin’ NONE Of Kellyanne Conway’s Nonsense