Sunday, October 25, 2020

BREAKING: The number of people casting an early ballot in the presidential election now surpasses those who voted early during all of 2016. That's more than 58 million people voting with 9 days still to go before Election Day.


"He likes to act tough and talk tough. He thinks scowling and being mean is tough," former President Barack Obama said at a drive-in rally in South Florida. "But when '60 Minutes' and Lesley Stahl are too tough for you, you ain't all that tough."


Nevada Latinos coming through in style, y’all!


Amy Coney Barrett could be the most qualified judge in America and I would still vote against her nomination because this process is not legitimate.


Waukegan police fatal shooting of Black 19-year-old leads to firing of officer


Make him famous


An enormously important story on the effectiveness of the Trump campaign’s voter suppression efforts, targeting in particular black voters. Also, as a reminder: Kushner and Parscale openly admitted that they did this, and think it is a “success”


“It sets a terrible, terrible example for the American public,” Schumer says of Pence coming to the Senate tomorrow and presiding over the chamber for confirmation vote after being exposed to aides with covid. Says Pence is going to put people who work at the Capitol at risk


"It doesn't feel like we're essential, it feels like we're slaves." Agriculture workers, many of whom are undocumented immigrants, spoke of their fear while working through the COVID-19 pandemic in our July documentary. STREAM NOW:


My closing argument: "The Joe Biden most Americans don’t get to see."


More than 70 science and climate journalists challenge Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett


No one is working harder than House Democrats to get immediate and retroactive help to the American people. We are fighting for money in the pockets of working families, for rent and food assistance, and for a strategic plan to #CrushTheVirus and save lives.


They’re admitting it - they aren’t even trying. Trump wants people to believe letting a deadly virus rage unchecked is the best America can do.


The fact is Secretary Betsy DeVos and President Trump don't care about our students or our teachers. You deserve better.


Huge crowds chant 'Strike! Strike!' The nation has responded to the People's Ultimatum and its voice is ringing out loud and clear.


SPECIAL REPORT: Internally, Trump’s staff described this part of their operation with a term that went beyond the usual strategy of negative campaigning. They called it “deterrence.”


More than 100k of people are protesting today in Minsk. Long live Belarus! Жыве Беларусь!


My latest feature for Rolling Stone examines Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s ties to a botched mercenary assault in Libya, his work for the CIA, and his role in a previously unknown effort to suppress the black vote in 2016.


In Minsk tens of thousands of protestors take part in ‘People’s Ultimatum March’; Opposition says if Alexander Lukashenko doesn’t agree to resign, end police violence & release political prisoners by end of the day (no sign of that), it will call nationwide strike from Monday.


Nancy Pelosi on Trump predicting Republicans will win the House: "You keep thinking that, Mr. President. You just keep on thinking that."


‘Dark moment for the Senate’: Republicans block consideration of COVID relief to speed up Barrett confirmation


BREAKING: Spain's prime minister declares a second nationwide state of emergency amid a surge of new virus infections


One year ago, today!


Every Michigander deserves access to affordable, high-quality health care. In Congress, I've been laser-focused on protecting and strengthening the ACA to lower costs for #MI11 families.


MEADOWS: We're not going to control the pandemic TAPPER: Why not? M: Because it's a contagious virus T: Why not make efforts to contain it? M: What we need to do is make sure we have the proper mitigation factors to make sure people don't die


Be like @BarackObama. Vote early


Trump's relentless lying was supposed to "work" by getting voters to give up on the very possibility of truth. But in the end, it created clarity. The story has become that only one candidate lies all the time about everything, and the other doesn't


Staffers for GOP Sen Kelly Loeffler test positive for COVID-19


This is absolutely the worst lie a world leader can spread during a pandemic


It's almost as if Donald would prefer higher numbers of coronavirus cases than voter turnout. He's doing everything he can to boost the former and suppress the latter.


The last footnote: Jared & Ivanka’s reputations as WH advisors are so bad that they are “libel-proof.” In other words, like mobster “Boobie” Cerasani, who a court denied relief to over the movie Donnie Brasco, their reputations are so bad, they can’t be damaged any further.


My brother in law died of COVID. My sister is a young widow. She was hit with a $1,000,000 medical bill for his weeks in the ICU before his death. Fuck you, Donald Trump! @potus. You fucking monster!!!


No one's going to prison. The Sacklers are retaining their billions, paying chump change to the U.S. Treasury, and exiting. This is not justice


Like some common colds, Covid-19 is caused by a coronavirus, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that some reinfections have been reported


Police officer in Brooklyn uses a loudspeaker to say "Trump 2020" while on the job


Trump to hold what might be his last campaign rally ever in New Hampshire on Sunday


If you’ve had enough of the chaos and corruption, here’s one way to help end it. Chip in ANY AMOUNT to attend the I Will Vote Concert TOMORROW with @JoeBiden @DrBiden @KamalaHarris @DouglasEmhoff and let’s sweep Donald Trump into the dustbin of history


Pope Francis has named 13 new cardinals, including Washington D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who would become the first Black US prelate to earn the coveted red cap.


We demand that: 1. Lukashenko must go. 2. Violence has to stop. 3. Political prisoners must be released. Unless authorities deliver, Belarusians will start a national strike tomorrow on October 26th. Together we are stronger than any regime & we will return the law to Belarus. 2/ — Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya


Many are drawing similarities between protests in Hong Kong and Thailand. Here's a difference: many, many Thai police officers are on the side of the protesters, back their demands, and do not want to crackdown on their movement


What We Learned From Ghislaine Maxwell’s Unsealed Deposition


The scandal is not anything that Joe Biden did. It is that Trump is running what may be the sleaziest presidential campaign since the notorious election of 1800--or possibly ever


#BREAKING: @VP Mike Pence, the “head” of the White House coronavirus task force could not keep the President or his OWN staff safe from getting #COVID19. If they can’t protect themselves how can they protect us?


Mary Trump: Psychiatrists know what’s wrong with my uncle. Let them tell voters. “Not only were (APA) members prohibited from diagnosing public figures, now they couldn’t offer a professional matter how well supported or evidence-based...”


DISGUSTING—Trump tells his MAGA audience that frontline healthcare workers are claiming false #COVID19 diagnoses to profit from it. This is beyond pale. It’s a well known right wing conspiracy theory. PUSH back—1600-1700 HCW have died.


Never mind the dismal Hong Kong popularity ratings, Carrie Lam struggles on with her constituency of one


Event: ‘Freedom, equality and inclusivity’ – Hong Kong’s 13th gay pride march set for November


Women's March in Minsk


Women have marched across Minsk despite of heavy rain to demand the resignation of Lukashenko. 2.5 months of protests against his dictatorship and violence! The victory is near!


#Belarus Day 78. A massive rally is being planned today. Here, riot police are getting ready to suppress the protesters. They’ve been training and were given instructions earlier today, eyewitnesses claim. #Tsikhanouskaya issued an ultimatum, and today is the deadline


‼️All free Belarusian mass media have just reported about the shutdown of the internet in #Minsk ‼️


What Americans should learn from Belarus


Venezuelan opposition figure Leopoldo López flees to Colombia


OMG. The Trump campaign’s communications director claims that the reason some migrant families separated at the US border have not been reunited, is because the parents of 545 missing children do not want their children back. This is KIDNAPPING


One of Trump's final acts of chaos: terrorizing Federal government civil servants, firing them and punishing whistleblowers. PRISON. FOR ANYONE CONNECTED.


My opponent pulled a gun on his first wife & fired it, pressured her and a mistress into three abortions, & illegally prescribed pills to a patient he was sleeping with. Me? I didn't do any of that. I'll give you health care though. Chip in right away.


There is no single person, not even Trump, who has done as much damage to our republic as Mitch McPurplehands. I have zero sympathy for him. I’m too busy feeling for all the Americans he’s hurt with his abuse of power.


GOP Senator, thy name is hypocrite.


NEW VIDEO! #PleaseSaveTheseChildren If you don't have a bright line for crimes against children you don't have a line. And if you support Donald Trump after watching this video you don't have a soul either.


The Lincoln Project’s legal response to the frivolous threat of a lawsuit from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s lawyer. This will not be the last they hear from us.


Rep. Jim Clyburn: "If Trump is reelected, it will seal the fortunes of this democracy. It will be no more."


So unfair to make him do his job.


More than 57.2 million Americans have already voted, according to data compiled by the U.S. Elections Project.


Dear @realDonaldTrump: My brother is a doctor. He gets no extra money if a patient dies of #COVID19. He is saddened that you are now accusing frontline health workers of lying. Over 230,000 Americans died from COVID19 in less than 8 months under your watch. That is your legacy.


FUCK THE KUSHNERS. Every last one of them, including Josh - who profits alongside his brother. Fuck them and all their enablers. For eternity. Vile family. Vile.


@JasonMillerinDC: - Doesn't pay child support. - Has admittedly hired prostitutes. - Was accused of drugging a stripper with an abortion pill. So, of course he works for Donald Trump.


France just recalled its Ambassador from Turkey. The world has had it with Erdogan.


To be clear, CDC guidelines for *anyone* exposed to a confirmed #COVID19 person is 14 days of quarantine, essential or not. Unless Pence is making Air Force Two his quarantine location and not leaving it, there *is* no "maintain his schedule in accordance w/ CDC guidelines".


Murkowski reverses course, will vote to confirm Barrett to Supreme Court The Republican senator from Alaska had initially opposed confirming a new justice to the Supreme Court so close to a presidential election.


Republicans have claimed that Democrats will expand the U.S. Supreme Court if they win the presidency and control of Congress. But some Republican governors and legislatures have done just that in the past with state supreme courts.


NEW: Brad Pitt narrates a new ad Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is airing during tonight’s World Series.


That fake Melania thing is real btw, Trump has used several stand-in’s just like in TV. I wonder if Mark Burnett still casts them.


#Breaking: Donald Trump just attacked American Doctors and said they are fabricating the Covid-19 death count for money. There’s no bottom.


Is anyone in press going to ask DeSantis and @LtGovNunez why they skipped event with @Mike_Pence in Tallahassee today considering it was only a few minutes away from Governor’s mansion


This is from the Chair of the Federal Election Commission.


NYT now reports that at least four Pence aides have tested positive for COVID.