Friday, August 21, 2020

The Trump administration delayed the release of fresh data on the number of Americans receiving food stamps, citing problems with reports it had received from states

Donald Trump has failed to protect the American people — and that is unforgivable.

Steve Bannon’s "Build the Wall" scandal just keeps on giving

The truth is, we ignore the lies you racist idiots always spread. The truth is that you’re still in Congress even though you enabled, allowed, lied about, ignored warnings of, covered up the mass sexual abuse of male student athletes under your watch at Ohio State, pervert.

Gym Jordan tosses his own state under the bus by saying he supports Trump's boycott of Goodyear Gym Jordan is such a repugnant tool.

I won’t allow @realDonaldTrump to send law enforcement to polling locations to intimidate voters. This is designed for voter intimidation, indistinguishable from tactics used against black voters in the Jim Crow South.

Federal law prohibits president from sending “armed men,” such as federal law enforcement agents, to polls on Election Day. 18 USC 592.

They all knew

JUST IN: VT Republican Gov. Phill Scott announces "I won't be voting for President Trump"

“U.S. prosecutors in the criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell asked a judge to keep some documents secret to protect an ongoing grand jury investigation involving her.”

Coronavirus cases tied to this month's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota have appeared across state lines in Nebraska, public health officials said.

Matt Gaetz unanimously admonished by House Ethics Committee over misconduct -

Czechoslovakia ramped up spying on Trump in late 1980s, seeking US intel

Senate Intel report reveals Ivanka pushed the Trump campaign staff to promote hacked emails via WikiLeaks one week after the CIA confirmed the emails were hacked by RU military intel & was a key player in the TT Moscow development & Trump/Putin mtg plan.

DeathSantis refuses to protect our safety & Secretary of Education bragged on FOX News would fire any teacher that doesn't come to school. However, if you want to do a tour of Governor's Mansion, no such luck. Call: 850-717-9345 or to try to get one

This is a very big deal

Louis DeJoy told Sen. @GaryPeters today that he has not cut postal workers' overtime. But this internal #USPS talking points document I obtained show how his policy changes have the same effect: prohibiting "extra"or "late" trips and mandating that carriers "return on time."

You won’t want to miss our town hall tonight at 7 PM ET. @TheRickWilson, @reedgalen, @NHJennifer, @madrid_mike, and @RonSteslow will answer your questions about how we can defeat Trump in November. Register here:

I thought Joel looked familiar!

BREAKING: Feds: We obtained Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell evidence through a fed grand jury subpoena; suggests more charges could be coming as grand jury still active

BREAKING: The Second Circuit DENIES Trump’s request for a stay of Manhattan DA Vance’s subpoena pending appeal and schedules arguments for Sept. 1. Trump previously announced plans to seek a stay from SCOTUS. Background,

Yeeeeah, f**k this guy. Also, does Vladimir Putin realize how busted his spy operations are? Strategically, he sucks at this a lot.

Beyond bounties on the heads of American soldiers, the GRU allegedly recruited a US Army veteran to spy for them for almost 15 years — a spy the Russians used to target other US servicemen. What will it take for this administration to stand up to Russia?

On @USPS policy changes. DEJOY: "The analysis we did would show that we would improve service to every constituent."@SenJackyRosen: Can you provide me with that analysis by Sunday? DEJOY: "No ma'am." ROSEN: Can you provide it at all? DEJOY: "Uh, I will get back to you..."

JUST IN: Trump administration bars FDA review of some coronavirus tests

NEW: The definitive guide to Fox News' overlap with QAnon

The day before he tested positive for covid, this Republican Senator was busy lying while driving about the risks of covid and Democrats trying to “federalize elections.”

DeJoy has refused to stay for a second round of senator questions.

SEN. PETERS: Will you bring back any mail sorting machines that have been removed recently? DeJOY: There is not intention to do that. They are not needed.

Senator Ron Johnson says, without any evidence, that Democrats "are ginning these issues and these problems up" with the USPS "into something that it's not." There's no evidence of that whatsoever. No evidence. And Johnson provided no evidence.

"We've got to go to less employees" Paul says, arguing for job cuts at USPS. As well as giving less frequent mail deliveries to rural homes.

Sen Rand Paul has the answer to the post office problems. Cut USPS jobs. Wow.

There’s a reason why Rand Paul was chosen to hand deliver a letter from orange face to Putin. There’s a very good reason as to why Ron Johnson flew to Moscow with 8 other GOPers on a 4th of July weekend to suck up to Putin. Those are what traitors and foreign assets look like.

For people wondering, it's from the Wall-A-Thon they did in June 2019

Hey Republicans, look at this. The GOP-endorsed Senate report says that Trump's business used "positive public comments" Trump made about Putin to advance Trump's secret effort to score a big tower deal in Moscow. Doesn't this absolutely stink of corruption and double-dealing?

Ron Johnson wraps up the DeJoy hearing by pushing conspiracy theories

Boris Johnson faces legal action from MPs over his refusal to investigate #Russian interference in the 2016 #Brexit vote

It makes me sad to see so many families in need of food...and no leadership to fix it. We need a National Feeding Plan—not just raiding FEMA for 3 weeks unemployment. @WCKitchen will very soon have to end these food distributions because donations can only go so far....What then?

Steve Bannon sees Trump supporters as ‘suckers, dupes and marks’: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin

Pence answering Biden’s indictment on the pandemic: “we think there is a miracle around the corner...a tribute to President Trump’s leadership”

“This is the perfect encapsulation of the Trump era,” Meyers said on Thursday. "From beginning to end, the wall was a nonstop scam"

While we’re making Rob Roy infamous for calling @KamalaHarris a “hoe,” don’t forget the racist scumbag who owns the sign company that made this trash (I spoke with him, he’s a white supremacist Trump supporter). Bob’s Signs 50 Elm Street Salisbury, MA 01952

Why does a Black woman have to be a “hoe,” Rob? Make this guy infamous. Rob Roy Auto Sales and Service 49 Main St Salisbury, MA 01952

It's been 5 days since the death of Robert Trump who Donald called his "best friend." In hours of interviews since, Donald hasn't told one story about his brother's accomplishments. His own brother's death meant nothing to him. How could a stranger's life have any weight?

"It is time to confront more directly Trump's fake apocalypticism and the frequent conclusion that his followers represent Christianity as a whole," writes Samuel L. Adams, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, for @CNNOpinion

Trump lied about the wall to steal their votes. Bannon lied about the wall to steal their money

Trump just told Hannity that he plans on having sheriffs and other members of law enforcement at polling places to check voters' ID on Election Day. Whoa. cc:

"I am really concerned that more people in our country are not understanding what has happened elsewhere in the world that Trump seems to admire, and what would stop him from going even further than he has if given the chance." -Hillary Clinton

Special effort by Broward postal workers made sure 1,225 ballots arrived in time to be counted

"Law enforcement", meaning unidentified goons like he sent to Portland, who will "help" us vote. Here we go...

Joe Biden says when President Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides” as white supremacists marched in Charlottesville, “it was a wake up call for us as a country and for me, a call to action. At that moment, I knew I had to run.”

Another story tied to Bannon partner Guo Wengui A criminal complaint was filed this week alleging Nickie Mali Lum Davis failed to register to lobby WH for Malaysia to drop 1MDB charges & for China to extradite Guo Wengui Davis worked with Elliott Broidy

Why don’t you tell folks what your dad does before he has to read from a teleprompter, Scrump. You know snorting crushed Adderall before you have to read in public isn’t normal right? Your father hides his dyslexia and drug addiction. @realDonaldTrump

Davis helped arrange 2017 meeting between Trump and Malaysian PM Najib Razak, recently sentenced to 12 years in prison for role in 1MDB scandal Davis worked w/Elliott Broidy (Ex-RNC finance cmte co-chair w/Wynn, Cohen, DeJoy). Broidy was not charged

Both Elliott Broidy and Steve Wynn were involved in efforts to lobby the WH to extradite Guo Wengui to China

New postal chief Louis DeJoy during a Senate Homeland Security hearing today will be asked to justify Postal Service cutbacks before an election in which mailed ballots are expected to reach record numbers because of the coronavirus.

One USPS Governor who elected DeJoy, Robert “Mike” Duncan, was a Republican Party of Kentucky national committeeman when the Party filed an SEC complaint against the father of McConnell’s opponent. Duncan’s son, the USA for EDKY, prosecuted the case.

I think the Goodyear blimp should fly over the RNC.

Trump will still have ’77 days to wreck America’ even if he goes down in flames: columnist

This administration's Iran policy has been an abject failure by every metric. Joining in that category its North Korea policy, its Russia policy, its trade policy, its economic policy, its climate policy, its immigration policy, its Syria policy, its democracy policy and...and...

So Steve Bannon was not only arrested on the yacht of a Chinese billionaire, but his host is also a Chinese spy, subject to deportation, who has evaded it because he is a member of Mar-a-Lago.

New: Steve Bannon says “this entire fiasco is to stop people who want to build the wall.” Worth noting that he gleefully pulled off his mask as soon as he was required to—after spending 7+ hours inside federal court.

‘We Build the Wall’ Victim Says ‘I Wish Them Well in Their Cavity Searches’

Borowitz is on a roll.

Nearly closing the feedback loop, Fox host Steve Doocy -- who helped elevate the ridiculous Goodyear 'story' to Trump's attention -- asks the Vice President for his thoughts on the manufactured pro-Trump scandal against an Ohio-based manufacturer 2.5 months before the election.

Ohio knows it's a good year to vote out Donald Trump.

After Britain ordered the phased removal of Huawei from its 5G network, attention has now switched to China's role in other areas of the UK, particularly its involvement in key nuclear power projects

“We are pieces of meat,” former female sailor describes alleged sexual assaults before SEALs pulled from Iraq last yea

Donald Trump Jr just murdered irony on Fox News

In a time of death and darkness, @JoeBiden is the strong leader that America needs. Also, unlike @realDonaldTrump, Joe Biden believes in science and won’t tell you to inject bleach to cure #Covid_19.

This tweet is extremely troubling. Navalny's partner @leonidvolkov is writing here that the life of Alexei is in grave danger.

'Washington’s moves to sanction both Chinese and Hong Kong officials over the national security law and Xinjiang have highlighted the power of the US dollar'

As Hong Kong's virus cases tail off, pressure grows to reopen from a city that has seen its economy absolutely battered

Belarus president hints at fresh repression to keep grip on power

This protest in Belarus is so cool

Barr fired the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He refused to go quietly and forced Barr to allow his deputy to take over instead of a Trump puppet. A few weeks latter, she indicts Steve Bannon. This presidential administration is a criminal enterprise.

Brayden Harrington with the speech of the night

“The Trump Campaign Accepted Russian Help to Win in 2016. Case Closed.”

A Russian dissident is fighting for his life. Where is the U.S.?

BREAKING: According to @navalny’s press secretary, the Russian authorities have refused to allow him to be transported to Germany because they say he’s too sick to be flown out

“I will be a President who will stand with our allies and friends, and make it clear to our adversaries that the days of cozying up to dictators is over.” Joe Biden calls out President Trump over his foreign policies and his role as commander-in-chief.

The former White house chief strategist had to post 5,000,000 dollars bail

The “drive-in convention” here in Wilmington. Folks are sitting in their cars, watching the #DemConvention on a big projection screen, honking for applause, some sitting on top of their cars

McGrath challenges McConnell to three debates

There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the FBI isn't involved. I'd be curious to know what it is.

Carville: I thought this was a perfect day. It started with the President’s Chief Strategist getting arrested on 150 foot yacht for fleecing poor people...

Ah. So Barr knew about Bannon's case when he tried to replace US Attorney Berman at SDNY. Things are getting clearer.

Fox News co-host Kennedy calls on Trump to release tax returns: "Stop dragging this out"

What did @USProgressives just learn from our USPS hearing? 📫USPS was ready for vote-by-mail—until this administration manufactured an intentional crisis 📫DeJoy was the only candidate interviewed unqualified to lead the USPS 📫Steve Mnuchin wanted the removal of blue boxes. — Rep. Mark Pocan

Seriously, how is this not an SNL skit??

Being objective in decision making is a core value of military leaders. We hate overstated positions... in particular during a crisis. I do not think it is extreme to believe that our democracy and the rule of law are at stake in this election. VOTE.— Barry R McCaffrey

The best people.

Tonight is why Trump was so desperate to face anyone but Joe that he got impeached for extorting a nation in order to try and disqualify him.

‘Like Armageddon’: Rotting food, dead animals & chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks. "Accts of conditions from employees at CA mail facilities provide glimpse of ...conseq of widespread cutbacks in staffing & equipment recently imposed by" DeJoy

"May history be able to say that the end of this chapter of American darkness began here tonight, as love and hope and light join in the battle for the soul of the nation." Watch Joe Biden's full speech: