Monday, July 8, 2019

BREAKING: Eric Swalwell to drop out of Democratic presidential primary

Little noted was that William Barr's Justice Dept a week ago upheld Jeffrey Epstein's secret wrist-slap 2007 Florida plea deal, engineered by fellow Trump cabinet member Alex Acosta.

A federal judge has refused to dismiss the campaign finance violation case against Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter.

NEW: Barr just gave an interview to the @AP. He says the Mueller hearing will be a “public spectacle” and DOJ will support Mueller if he decides he doesn’t want to testify. Barr also says DOJ would block subpoenas for members of Mueller’s team

President Trump is set to tout what the White House says is "America's environmental leadership." Trump campaigned on rolling back some of the environmental proposals put forth under former Pres. Obama:

AG Barr also said that he's not getting involved in the Epstein matter. "I'm recused from that matter because one of the law firms that represented Epstein long ago was a firm that I joined for a period of time," he said.

Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron explains why he left the network to CNN's

Epstein pleads not guilty.

If you believe you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, or have information about the conduct alleged in the Indictment unsealed today, please call 1-800-CALL FBI

Jeffrey Epstein has entered the courtroom for his presentment. He’s wearing navy prison garb. His hair is rumpled and he’s slightly red in the face. He isn’t in handcuffs.

Details from what FBI found inside Epstein’s $77 Million Manhattan mansion: Extraordinary volume of photographs of nude underage girls Hundreds perhaps thousands of sexually suggestive photographs of fully or partially nude females. Safe containing compact disks with labels

Reporter describes interviews with Epstein's accusers

Jeffrey Epstein's accusers say they were "taken advantage of by someone who knew how to prey upon them and groom them to do things that he wanted the to do," Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie K. Brown says.

Epstein is a significant flight risk, and prosecutors intend to keep him in jail until trial = no bail.

Trump, who often boasts of his Wharton degree, says he was admitted to the "hardest school to get into." The college official who reviewed his application recalls it differently.

Epstein Arrest Is a Worry for Donald Trump

Calling for additional victims and witnesses 1-800 CALL FBI

#BREAKING: Prosecutors say nude photos apparently showing underage girls found during raid at Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan mansion.

Berman with SDNY has confirmed in a press conference that several nude photos of victims have been recovered in a search of Epstein's property.

Here is a link to the live stream of the #EpsteinArrested news conference at 11am

Republicans hate an educated population. That's why they work to destroy the state universities in every state they control.

. @SecretaryAcosta and all those who treated Jeffrey Epstein with kid gloves have much to answer for. Bill Clinton flew with his friend Epstein regularly on the "Lolita Express." Donald Trump called Epstein a "terrific guy" and said he was lots of fun to hang around with.

Rest up. Busy days ahead Monday, July 8: Epstein arraignment on trafficking & conspiracy Wednesday, July 10: "Kids in Cages": Inhumane Treatment at the Border" hearing Friday, July 12: Mazars –Trump accounting firm argument Wednesday, July 17: Televised Mueller hearings

No, Ronald Reagan didn't say meeting Trump felt like “shaking hands with the president”

A 93-year-old Holocaust survivor says she can relate to the thousands of migrants, including small children, being held at camps: "It’s because I know from my own experience what it means"

New Balance Gets Political And Throws Support Behind Trump

Trump is sharing a meme with a quote about Reagan meeting him that Snopes has found to be false:

Who can forget Ralph Shortey, ANOTHER trump campaign chair, who was charged with several felonies, including engaging in child prostitution, after police found him in a hotel room with a 17-year-old male.

The Epstein press conference by SDNY and the FBI will be at 11am ET-you can expect to hear some arrest details and a tip hotline number. Epstein's arraignment will likely occur a few hours later, closer to 2pm ET. Stay tuned...

A White Supremacist slit the throat and killed a 17-year-old black kid for "listening to rap music" in Arizona. Slit his throat

Meanwhile, Trump admin is about to redefine what human rights are -- which will lessen our global leadership, & endanger many, & empower nations like China with their own definitions -- in order to get another agency involved in outlawing abortion & taking rights away from women.

Feds are accusing Jeffrey Epstein of using his fortune to “create a vast network of underage victims.”

Here’s the Epstein Indictment!!

Asset forfeiture! Page 13. They are taking his mansion in NYC.

As he left New Jersey a short while ago, @realDonaldTrump⁩ was asked about his reaction to Epstein’s arrest: “I don’t know anything about it.”

The Purell presidency: Trump aides learn the president’s real red line. He doesn't want to touch anyone else, when it's (ewwww) touching him that should warrant the need for hand sanitizer.

Carl Bernstein: "There are dozens & dozens of leads there about Trump's business dealings, things having to do w/ women as well that we know about from elsewhere...about his business dealings, about oligarchs, about money laundering, about Ponzi schemes.”

MORE: The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York say the charges include the allegation that Epstein created and maintained a network and operation enabling him to sexually exploit and abuse dozens of underage girls or recruit other underage girls.

Opinion: Trump’s corruption is getting worse. He has a hidden enabler.

Media is lined up in the rain outside of the Federal courthouse in Manhattan where Jeffrey Epstein is being arraigned this morning.

BREAKING: Here’s the 14-page indictment

“Fourth, could Attorney General Bill Barr run interference on this case? Yes. He is the head of the whole Justice Department, even the “Sovereign” district as SDNY is sometimes playfully called.”

Rep. Katherine Clark to Labor Secretary Acosta: "If you as US Attorney ... could not fight for these girls, how, as Secretary of Labor, can you tell this panel and the American people that you can responsibly oversee this budget, the Dept. of Labor, including human trafficking?"

Epstein had more than a dozen phone numbers for Trump. Including an emergency contact.

U.N. human rights chief "deeply shocked" by migrant detention center conditions in Texas

Police set up barricades outside of the Southern District of NY Federal courthouse before Jeffrey Epstein’s arraignment

That is a Koch strategy.... they've invested heavily in data mining.

This should be more embarrassing to Americans than to Brits. The UK has an ambassador who does his job. Americans have a government that is seen as inept, dysfunctional and dangerous even by its closest allies

It’s July 8. The Trump Administration has produced not a single witness or document about the Trump Administration in response to House Dems request and subpoenas. The House has filed zero cases to enforce subpoenas against the Trump Administration.

Re: pedophiles. Why are there so many rich white Repub men pedophiles? Why do these predators consider young children their "prize?" I just cannot comprehend this. Is this phenomenon characteristic of all patriarchal cultures (where men control reproduction & sex norms)?

China approves Donald Trump-branded spas, escort services, hotels and massage parlours without US Congress permission

Jeffrey Epstein's arrest makes uncomfortable reading for President Trump and his labor secretary Alex Acosta. And the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan has put its public corruption unit -- not its human trafficking team -- in charge of the case

Florida principal refuses to allow mandatory Holocaust studies and states ”Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.”

Trump's Kentucky Campaign Chair Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking. I learned about a new sicko today

Here is more on Epstein that matches details in the @MiamiHerald reports: being forced to give him massages, Epstein forcing digital penetration, his irritation at her protests, etc. Listen to her voice. Listen to her story.

“Jane Doe” alleges Donald Trump sexually assaulted her on four separate occasions, culminating in a rape when she was just 13 at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Her evidence? Three sworn declarations – from her, a friend she confided in at the time, AND one of Epstein’s recruiters.

Nearly all of this is lies but it is worth remembering that Trump rejected a bipartisan immigration deal and even border wall money over his demands to cut legal immigration. The cuts he demanded were so extreme that they’d have barred members of his own family from citizenship.

This week the Trump Administration will argue its case before a federal appeals court to invalidate the health care law.🚨 If they succeed, millions of Michiganders would lose protections for pre-existing health conditions & see higher costs. This would be disastrous

President Trump on Sunday lumped Fox News, long his clear favorite, in with other news organizations

Did y’all know that Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a math teacher at the Dalton School without having a college degree? Did you know it was William Barr’s father who hired him? Now Barr is head of the Department of Justice overseeing the SDNY case

And that is a consistent phenomenon of the Trump era in the GOP: private criticism version public silence.

Seems the Epstein followed a type of #sexTrafficking scheme common in Ukraine called Second Wave recruitment.

Epstein’s philanthropy is clearly designed to make him so irreplaceable to prestigious people & institutions that he can never be touched. Hey! He’s a good, generous guy who cares about stuff! Who you gonna believe, the great genius philanthropist or the 15 year old?

A flaw in Barr's obstruction strategy may have left the door open for SDNY to charge Epstein. Barr when asked a/b Epstein's light sentence, said he may recuse on Kirkland & Ellis matters. One of Epstein's attys was K&E partner Jay Lefkowitz.

Planting a forest the size of the United States around the world - which is possible and would only cost $300 billion - would remove 5 times the carbon that is emitted globally.

Federal and NYC authorities using a crow bar to pry open the door to Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse in Manhattan on Saturday.

The ruling comes less than a month after the Department of Justice announced their own investigation into the billionaire’s secret plea deal

Acting DHS Sec. Kevin McAleenan defends calling the report on unsanitary conditions at the Clint detention facility "unsubstantiated." "There's adequate food and water... because I know what our standards are, and I know they're being followed."

Narrator: the British Ambassador was in fact serving the UK well.

Remember Rep. Duncan Hunter? Here's an intimate look at everything he allegedly bought with campaign money:

"5th Circuit decision on ACA could create political havoc for GOP"

If you missed last night, the Justice Department has abruptly replaced the legal team that handled a series of lawsuits over Trump administration's efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Move follows Trump pressure to keep up the fight

Thanks to another Palm Beach County resident named Robert Kraft, the whole Epstein-would-hire-young- girls-for-"massages" is now a well understood double entendre on what that fully entails.

Just happened to go from a story about Epstein to one about Zuckerberg to one about Steyer to one about Trump. While not implying any false equivalencies, the sequence of stories might lead the casual observer to conclude we're suffering from an outbreak of billionaires.

He’s running out of time. “Attorneys for Trump on Friday will ask a U.S. appeals court panel to reverse a trial judge’s decision giving a House committee access to docs dating back to 2011, currently held by Trump’s longtime accounting firm, Mazars...”

Don't forget: this week a federal court will hear arguments in a case that could repeal the ACA and strip health insurance from almost 20 million Americans. We've been through this before, and we will fight this assault on Americans' right to health care. Make your voice heard.

Since Trumpers are busy claiming Cernovich is "saving the children" or whatever today, let's flashback to 2015 when Weird Mike's friend & associate Chuck Johnson was smearing and attacking Virginia Roberts, the woman who accused @AlanDersh, Epstein, and Prince Andrew of rape.

A study that challenges stereotypes about homelessness has found that more than 13,000 people homeless in Chicago had jobs

Former Formula 1 owner, Bernie Ecclestone wants Putin to be dictator of Europe. Its a good thing that nobody cares what Bernie Ecclestone thinks.

Um, you might want to carry around a toothbrush and a clean pair of underwear

A decision not to impeach @realDonaldTrump now is a decision to kiss the 2020 election good bye. Just hand it over to the Kremlin and enjoy.

"And the company's being paid $750 a day to lock up children, no incentive to get them into homes."

This could be some big news coming in today from the Swalwell campaign (1pm PT/ 4pm ET) after reports of last minute campaign plan cancelations. Stay tuned...

You’ll remember Dennis Hastert the GOP speaker of the house who a “serial child molester” according to the judge.

An abrupt resignation won't do. We need a full investigation into why and how Trump's Secretary of Labor protected a pedophilic rapist, and why Trump put him in his cabinet.

The Justice Dept. is swapping out the lawyers who had been representing the admin in its legal battle to put a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, possibly signaling career attorneys' legal or ethical concerns over the maneuvering ordered by Trump.

Prepare theyself, Twittersphere: Jeffrey Epstein indictment unsealed at 9:00 am tomorrow (Monday). SDNY press conference at 11 am. Arraignment in the afternoon. Decent possibility that Epstein will enter the courtroom in cuffs and wearing orange.

What is wrong with this creep? On Dec. 19, Gaetz cast the lone "no" vote on a widely bipartisan human trafficking bill that passed unanimously through the U.S. Senate in September before sailing through the House by a count of 418 to 1.

BREAKING. New team of DOJ lawyers is taking over census case. No explanation provided

Jeffrey Epstein Shouldn’t Expect to Wiggle Free Again

Trump's effort to put the citizenship question on the Census is in chaos. But no matter who the lawyers are and no matter what justification they present, the effect will be the same—securing white political power. So, what are we even talking about here?

I wonder if the David Koch mentioned here is one David Koch of he Koch brothers? Or someone else with the same name? This is The little black book of Epstein apparently.

Now on the U.S. Bureau of Prisons inmate search: Jeffrey Epstein, now inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center.