Monday, April 20, 2020

NBC's Today examines the challenges Navajo Nation faces as COVID-19 spreads

Trump Admin Reportedly Got Coronavirus Warnings Straight From U.S. Experts At WHO

"Death is inevitable" is a long way from the horror over made up "death panels"

5-year-old with rare complication becomes first Michigan child to die of COVID-19

We Won’t Know the Exact Moment When Democracy Dies | The New Yorker

Justin Trudeau Is Awarding Malala Yousafzai Canadian Citizenship

This is at least the third corroborated report that Trump knew about COVID-19 in 2019. Trump's tiny hands are covered in American blood

Greed, Waste and Death are the GDP of the Trump administration

A billionaires’ compound with its own coronavirus testing center stokes anger on the French Riviera

I wrote about life in the time of death

I don’t know why this is confusing for people. You can’t have a vibrant economy when hospitals are overloaded and people are dying by the thousands. The best way to get back to work sooner? Stay the fuck at home for now.

.@RuthsChris had $42.2 million in profits last year, spent $5.2M buying its own stock, and pays its CEO $6.1M It has $86M in cash reserves It just received $20M in taxpayer money from a fund meant to keep "small businesses" afloat But it gets worse

BREAKING: New York authorities fine Industrial Bank of Korea $35 million for allowing money laundering that helped Iran get around sanctions.

Bread lines, USA

Read my column, “Stop Airing Trump’s Briefings!,” and let me know what you think.

Alex Jones is a sick puppy.

It’s almost like we live in a third-world country. These hospitals are going to have to hire Hells Angels to protect their PPE shipments. Incredible

This picture is going to be historic. You will see this picture in books for the next 100+ years.

“Being pro let them die” is a hell of a take but here we are.

Here’s what the Treasury checks with Trump’s name look like

Putin says post-Soviet states are "overcoming their fear" of the return of the USSR as they learn that integration is "beneficial to everyone." Yeah, ok

The seizures from hospitals after they’ve gone to extreme lengths to purchase PPE, but before the shipments arrive, is not a 1 off.

Talk is cheap. We have had months in the richest country...the country that made ships and planes to win a cant make a cotton swab? — Christopher C. Cuomo

This @JoeBiden ad is one of the very best I've ever seen.

Do you think Trump needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity?

Everyone seems to have a plan except Trump

Not all heroes wear PPE.

Trumpers losing their shit over the pandemic are evidence, yet again, that they are just angry *in general*, and their anger can be focused in almost any direction by entrepreneurs at Fox or in the White House. They don't even know what they're mad about; they're just mad.

Satire is dead.

WHOA!!! Thousands of Israelis brave COVID-19 health risks to protest against Netanyahu

Well done.

The time to say more is actually upon us

If you're more concerned about Paul Manafort's current health status in prison than the peaceful pro-democracy protestors Paulie's boss murdered with sniper fire in Kyiv in 2014, don't be surprised when people question your motives. You know who you are.

I'd like an explanation why states are resorting to disguising PPE shipments in food delivery trucks to thwart various federal agencies from stealing them before they can be used.

If you’re criticizing Cuomo for not needing as many ventilators as he thought he would, you’re an idiot. He didn’t need as many as he thought precisely because he planned ahead and because social distancing works.

I know what side I'm on

They were abused &/or raised by an abusive drunk/addict/rager. Abusers are weak & use fear to embolden themselves. These are the daddy issues that define the evangelicals and white supremacists who cling to him - & the selfish pricks who use him as an excuse to not care.

No, it’s not easy to get reagents. No, Trump didn’t “inherit” bad coronavirus tests. No, Trump didn’t fully “ban” travel from China, Europe. No, all the protesters weren’t six feet apart. Yes, people foresaw this kind of crisis.

The president announced an unnamed company will produce 20 million swabs per month

Trump is attacking the FBI and Mueller. I think he has received some bad news.

I ran an epidemic response in 2014-15. We did not get everything right. But I can tell you: we never made state governments act like smugglers to save lives. This is crazy

Shake Shack will return its entire $10 million Paycheck Protection Program loan from the federal government that it received as part of the coronavirus stimulus bill, the burger chain's leaders have said

"As soon as it became clear that there was community spread ... then it became clear that we were in real trouble," says Dr. Fauci. "That was probably towards the middle to end of January.

Two nurses stage a counter protest

A gunman killed at least 16 people in Nova Scotia during a 12-hour rampage in Canada’s worst modern-era mass shooting

“Trump seems more emotional about CNN than about the body count,” @brianstelter writes in the latest edition of the @ReliableSources newsletter.

CNN's @JDiamond1: "Is this really the time for self-congratulations?" Trump says he's standing up for others who've done an incredible job. Diamond: The clips you played weren't of praise for others, just yourself. Trump attacks: "You don't have the brains you were born with."

Q: Are you inciting violence by calling people to liberate states? Pres Trump: "They've got cabin fever...They want their lives back...No, I am not. I've never seen so many American flags...These people love our country. They want to get back to work."

Seriously, I don’t understand how in his 73 years no one has just punched him right in the mouth. How is it possible he’s never spoken like that to a random woman in front of an actual man who didn’t just knee-jerk belt him? It’s so incredibly overdue.

About 12,000 coronavirus testing kits distributed by the Washington Department of Health have been recalled because of possible contamination

This image. I can’t believe these Denver healthcare workers had to do this. Like they aren’t already risking their lives.

Listening to President Psychological-Projection today should terrify all Americans: "These were crooked people. These are bad people. These are very dangerous people." He's talking about himself and Barr.

This has always been the message. Where is the admiral in charge of testing? Why in months could we not get the usa making what we need?

Never in our lifetimes has U.S democracy been so imperiled, writes Michael @McFaul. "It’s time for all Americans to join this fight for democracy."

Far-right activists are behind some Facebook groups pushing anti-quarantine rallies, showing that protests are being engineered

I remember when the entire nation would have drawn together to fight Covid19. Now 30% of us want to die. I will never understand why. How can one man can have convinced 60 million people that their lives don't matter?

"As soon as it became clear that there was community spread ... then it became clear that we were in real trouble," says Dr. Fauci. "That was probably towards the middle to end of January.”

My Uncle Ed, a warm and funny man, died of COVID-19 yesterday. He was 55. Here’s a picture I took of him (left) and my Dad the last time the whole family was together.

Reported US coronavirus deaths: Feb. 19: 0 deaths Mar. 19: 195 deaths Apr. 19: 41,379 deaths

Trump says almost 40,000 people have died. Reporter tells him it's more than 40,000. Trump says in a biting tone: "Good. Correct me. Correct me. I'm really glad you corrected me, CNN."

BREAKING: Gantz-Netanyahu coalition talks blow up as Blue and White ultimatum expires. Gantz says will table legislation against Netanyahu today

This was in Washington where the virus ripped through a nursing home. These morons are gonna keep us locked down for months. Thanks assholes.

I wonder if Trump will have even a moment of self-reflection when the United States crosses a million cases. Because we surely will. What a devastating failure

Fox News [snicker] personalities Diamond and Silk say they will reject any COVID-19 vaccine funded by Bill Gates. Fair enough. We applaud that decision.

On the subject of ventilators: the German government had no idea what Trump was talking about when he claimed April 10 and 13 that Germany needs ventilators from the US. Germany had been donating ventilators to other European countries and taking in patients to be ventilated.

My home state really is trying its best to die. ‘Very, Very Scary’: Officials Dumbfounded as Florida Beaches Reopen, 3 Days After Death Spike

Q: Are you holding a grudge against Sen. Mitt Romney? President Trump: "Yea...I'm not a fan of Mitt Romney. I don't really want his advice." Note: President Trump has repeatedly said people need to put politics aside to all work together to fight the coronavirus in the U.S.

Nova Scotia authorities have begun investigating the shooting of a gunman who may have been disguised as a police officer and went on 12-hour rampage that left 16 people dead in a small town

US oil price plunges to 20-year low as coronavirus hits demand

When North Korea starts fact-checking your President, it's definitely time for a new President.

Watch one Massachusetts community give a special thanks to a nurse from their neighborhood

So lemme get this straight. When Native peoples stand unarmed to defend our land & all human life, we get answered with militarized force, jail, prison. When white folks knowingly disregard human life during a health pandemic, not a single arrest.

This ad now has 12.9 million views

Two nurses, who have witnessed first hand the toll Covid is taking in Colorado, stood up and peacefully counter protested. Here is how they were treated. I had join them.

The economy is not fragile because of the virus. The virus exposed the fragility of the economy. 2009-2019 produced the slowest recovery in history while requiring the highest debt expansion & lowest rates in history. And now policy markers are doubling down on the same.