Thursday, July 16, 2020

JUST IN: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has filed a lawsuit in an effort to block Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms from enforcing a citywide mask mandate.

BREAKING: President Trump's niece tells @maddow that she's heard Trump use anti-Semitic slurs and the N-word.

Coronavirus is too dangerous for Republicans to have their convention inside, but they expect our kids to go back to school.

Trump: So shower heads, you take a shower, the water doesn’t come out. You wanna wash your hands, the water doesn’t come out... Dishwashers you didn’t have any water... In most places of the country, water is not a problem. They don’t know what do with it. It’s called rain

On South Lawn, WH seeks to make a political point by setting up a crane lifting the weights of regulation from the bed of a "red" truck, while showing the burden of regulations weighing down a "blue" truck.

The White House Press Secretary on Trump's push to reopen schools: "The science should not stand in the way of this."

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has suspended all local government mask mandates despite the rise in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in his state

Dr. Alonso: “lung damage showing up even in children who are asymptomatic.” ** UMM, IT WOULD BE PRUDENT TO FIND THE ANSWER TO WHETHER KIDS GET LUNG DAMAGE FROM COVID19 BEFORE RUSHING TO REOPEN SCHOOLS **

Rupert Murdoch's Son James and His Wife Donate $1.23 Million to Biden Campaign

Russian Police Major Falls From Window After Testifying Against Boss

“[Donald Trump] is like the man who refuses to ask for directions…This is such a MASSIVE dereliction of duty” -@SpeakerPelosi Thank you, Madam Speaker, for standing up for veterans and the military - communities that have been hit HARD by #COVID19 and the President’s inaction.

This is what happens when @CIA assessses Russia paid Taliban to kill US troops and @realDonaldTrump does nothing. It encourages further Russian aggression. Now Russian hackers are targeting #COVID19 vaccine developers. If @POTUS still can’t condemn Putin, then he needs to resign.

PELOSI: President Trump “is like a man who refuses to ask for directions.”

How many more days do Americans have to wait before Donald Trump stands up to Putin for reportedly putting bounties on the heads of our troops in Afghanistan? So far, it's been 20 days. #DoSomethingDonald — Tammy Duckworth

Never sleep.

How the GOP Plans to Suppress the Vote and Sabotage the 2020 Election – Rolling Stone

BIG ADMISSION: The @DHSOIG director just admitted to Congress that there were *no medical professionals* involved in the government's investigation of the untimely deaths of 2 young children in @CBP custody. That investigation found "no misconduct" on the part of border agents.

Two years ago today John McCain called it "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory....No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant"

Donald Trump wants you to hurt your own child for his re-election. Join the fight and say #NotMyChild. This is my new video. Help me get 6,000 retweets of this in two hours!

“This is a massive deriliction of duty - people are dying,” Pelosi says, criticizing Trump for not fully using the Defense Production Act in responding to the crisis

How to immigration policy

Pandemic has led to reductions in product variety manufactured and/or stocked in retail stores.

Trump and Vance Face Off in First Court Hearing Since SCOTUS Ruling

BREAKING: Since the pandemic began, US taxpayers have funded nearly $6,000,000,000 in COVID treatment and vaccine development. The taxpayer funds are all in secret, unpublished contracts to Big Pharma. The public has *no idea* if anything is being done to prevent profiteering.

Donald Trump on Vladimir Putin: “He’s not my enemy. Hopefully some day maybe he’ll be a friend.”

Is the Saudi Government Plotting Against Another U.S.-Based Critic?

“It is completely unacceptable that the Russian Intelligence Services are targeting those working to combat the coronavirus pandemic,″

The DOJ just greenlit a merger between Liberty Media & iHeartMedia. If you're listening to something in America that isn’t NPR or Spotify, there's a good chance it's now owned by billionaire John Malone. He already controls Sirius XM and Pandora. Insane corporate concentration.

Joe Biden opens up an 11-point lead over President Trump, while 7 in 10 voters say the country is on the wrong track, NBC News/WSJ poll says.

Trump has admitted — in actions rather than words — that things might not be going so great

NEW: Word in the Senate is that McConnell’s bill meet about 1/3 of the need addressed by the House bill.

Union officials at Federal Correctional Complex Coleman and Federal Correctional Institution Miami sounded the alarm on just how bad the conditions are inside the facilities.

The US & UK just keep taking it from Russia. WHY? doesn't make any sense. Sanctioning few mid level intel guys or an oligarch here and there? not gonna cut it. Kremlin going to push until the West punches back.

we learn Russian hackers after UK vaccine research, electoral influence UK Parliament 2019 vote, RU interfering US election 2020 & we have no idea what White House know

U.S. coronavirus data has already disappeared after the Trump admin shifted control from the CDC to HHS.

The Dec 2017 National Security Strategy ( - published by this administration - states the US should be doing exactly the opposite of what the President is now doing in Europe. The removal of forces isn’t part of a “strategy.”

Republican House candidates are appearing on a QAnon YouTube show in a bid to win over pro-QAnon voters

Targets include universities, private companies and other organizations working on vaccine research and testing

BREAKING: "A cyber espionage group, almost certainly part of the Russian intelligence services" attempted to hack coronavirus vaccine research, U.K., U.S. and Canada allege.

Loeffler's campaign is backed by major corporations who publicly embrace the Black Lives Matter movement@ATT@Google @Sony@Target @BestBuy @FedEx @kroger

(1 of 2) I just learned the attorney general is asking the Boone Circuit Court judge to void every COVID-19 rule or regulation, and prevent any future orders needed to respond to escalating cases. — Governor Andy Beshear

I had hoped it was a glitch, but no...The @CDCgov hospital capacity dashboard has gone dark. @CDCDirector has said CDC still has access to the data but apparently the public no longer does

Russian cyber actors (known as APT29 or “Cozy Bear”) are targeting organizations in America, Canada & the UK involved COVID vaccine development. See new advisory from the UK’s @NCSC and its US partners

Trump demoted Parscale when he found he was dating Hope Hicks, same thing that happened with Lewandowski and Rob Porter. It wasn't their sheer incompetence that got them canned, it was their virility, Trump was jealous.

Fighting alone I’m a GOP governor. Why didn’t Trump help my state with coronavirus testing?

Mary Trump says the U.S. has devolved into a version of her "incredibly dysfunctional family"

Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance is asking the Supreme Court to immediately send to lower federal courts its recent ruling that Trump is not immune from having his tax returns subpoenaed, warning a delay could thwart the filing of possible criminal charges.


Just as it did 2 days ago, #SCOTUS ruled around 2:45 AM ET. Another 5-4 decision, clearing way for Purkey execution. No per curiam this time. Breyer/Soromayor opinions dissenting. Doc:

BRILLIANT! TRUMP WHITE HOUSE! Play over and over and Retweet!

Ivanka Trump’s ‘let them eat cake’ economics

China has positioned itself to be a strong contender in the global vaccine race. Medical ethicists are concerned about a state-owned drugmaker’s claim that employees received experimental COVID-19 shots before the government approved testing in people.

Schools Must Shutdown

Truth! Trump can’t say a word because he’s OWNED by Putin. He’s Putin’s bisnitch

What the actual fuck, @GovKemp?

What the hell? Per HHS Inspector General head of WH vaccine efforts can keep pharma investments even though he makes decisions about government contracts for promising coronavirus vaccines.

Don is Dumb

Exactly and it’s been confirmed by several news sources like the @AP and @WSJ as well as British intelligence but reporters threw softballs

As of today, hospitals are directed by the Trump administration to report Covid data not to CDC but solely to Teletracking and HHS Protect, both owned by billionaire Trump allies. Dictators control information. Time for some civil disobedience by hospital administrators? — Laurence Tribe

Trump's core political problem is that a very large majority of Americans believe that he is a terrible president whose incompetent leadership is to blame for tens of thousands of preventable deaths and Depression-level unemployment.

And this is just the “start” of the wave, you think it’s bad now? This is an exponential growth, each day will get substantially worse. God help you all #Florida - because nobody else will, seemingly.

Dear NBC, it probably wouldn't hurt to mention that the HHS spokesman is Roger Stone's co-conspirator and former employee of the Russian government Michael Caputo.

The recent stimulus checks arrived at wealthier, White households more quickly than to those of Blacks and Hispanics, a new study finds

There are lots of things that we want to be doing right now, but they aren't necessarily what we need to be doing right now - please make good choices. There's so much you can do to protect yourself from getting infected and from passing #COVID19 on to others.

Interesting point: By keeping Parscale on with the campaign in that "digital and data" role, it lets the campaign keep paying Parscale's company ... which secretly pays one Trump son's wife and other son's girlfriend $180,000 a year, off the FEC books.

New lobbyist bundler steering money to Trump: Citizens United's DAVID BOSSIE—who was condemned by Trump 2020 over allegations he used Trump's name for a political group to scam elderly Republican voters for his own financial gain but given a new campaign role months later

I give this #TrumpFailedAmerica video an A+

Trump's core political problem is that a very large majority of Americans believe that he is a terrible president whose incompetent leadership is to blame for tens of thousands of preventable deaths and Depression-level unemployment.

No candidate dumps his campaign manager if he’s winning.

It was Jared Kushner who informed Brad Parscale that he was being removed from the Trump campaign manager post, sources tell me.

Trump is trying to reduce testing to hide the numbers. Now he is hiding hospitalization counts. This is just the USSR-Chernobyl plan. It doesn't work.

"Thumbs up. Orange. Grinning like he won a prize," says @andersoncooper on Pres. Trump's Goya photo. "137,000 Americans dead and this is our self-proclaimed wartime President's answer to it."

The Supreme Court cleared the way for the federal execution of 68-year-old Wesley Purkey Thursday morning after a lower court judge halted his execution and ordered further evaluation of claims about Purkey's mental competency.

New: While the social media giant says it opposes voter suppression, the data shows a stark picture: Nearly half of all top-performing posts that mentioned voting by mail were false or misleading.

'Stop being selfish': NHS doctor shows how masks do not affect breathing

Reddit thread with Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who has just recently tested positive for the novel coronavirus, at Wal-mart over the weekend, not wearing a mask.

NATO has limited sharing intel with the U.S. because Trump admin might leak to Russia. Russia abusing U.S. intel to target dissidents in Europe. "Like they use Interpol"— something @BillBrowder & other Putin enemies are unfortunately familiar with

Beijing's repression in Hong Kong is just the latest outrage, but something about it--perhaps the shock of seeing a society's relative freedoms shut down--has galvanized global outrage. This may turn out to be the beginning of the end of China's impunity.

Chris Cuomo is all of us

Trump reportedly 'authorized' and 'encouraged' an op-ed attacking Dr. Fauci, despite the White House's claim to the contrary

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's handling of the Breonna Taylor case, the death of David McAtee and the protests that followed will soon be investigated.

WTF is wrong with Don Jr.?

“Jared Kushner was the campaign manager yesterday, is the campaign manager today and will be the campaign manager tomorrow. Brad (Parscale) took the bullet for Jared,” a source close to the White House tells me following Trump campaign shake-up.

GOP Gov. Brian Kemp is banning Georgia's cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places, even as a growing number of other states are mandating masks. Kemp has instead been trying to encourage voluntary mask-wearing,

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine rejects Trump's testing argument: "Our testing has gone up by 87%. But our number of positive cases has skyrocketed to almost 200%. Clearly, our number of new cases is not just the result of increased testing."

Trump donor Doug Deason says he hopes Stepien will rein in Trump’s tweets—something many in Trump world have wished for in the last five years. “I love most of his tweets, but some have been pretty far out there lately, and others make pointless attacks."

Tonight, Tulsa, Oklahoma has voted for a mask ordinance.

Opinion: Trump can’t land a blow on Biden, and it’s driving him crazy

Dr. Fauci Says, “With All Due Modesty, I Think I’m Pretty Effective.”

Report: Trump gave CIA free rein in cyberspace