Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Grandpa Ranty"

Zuckerberg halts stock sales as Facebook shares tumble

Who's gonna explain to him that a wall doesn't work in Game of Thrones, either.

Trump has formally nominated Bill Barr to be the next US attorney general, nearly a month after Trump announced it

This photo of sad Trey Gowdy walking away from Congress for the last time makes me almost as happy as seeing Nancy Pelosi return as Speaker of the House. Almost. Gowdy: "I will not be on the ballot ever again

#BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: GOP senator calls on Congress to reach deal ending shutdown without border wall funding

Before the end of her first day in office today, Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed an executive order directing the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to "swiftly and efficiently" begin implementing voter-approved Medicaid expansion.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named a few priorities for the 116th Congress: • lowering healthcare costs • rebuilding America's infrastructure • "common sense" background checks • ending discrimination against the LGBTQ community (Equality Act) • protecting DREAMers

BREAKING!!!!: CHICAGO (AP) _ Powerful #Chicago City Council member, Ed #Burke, charged with attempted extortion. I'll have more detail shortly.

"I see my own daughter." Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins will give his playoff check to the family of slain Houston child Jazmine Barnes.

True -- but as I said before the FBI collected a lot of intel on Butina and her contacts (inc possibly via FISA surveillance) before she was arrested...I suspect they have a lot to go on without her. And Trump can't trade Americans once they're arrested soooo

The U.S. Treasury Department says that the national debt has increased by $2 trillion ($2,000,000,000,000) since President Trump took office on Jan. 20, 2017. That's with Republicans in control of the House and Senate. The national debt is now almost $22 trillion.

Carolina's 9th District. That's because there were allegations of election fraud, fraud that may have been committed by an operative hired by the Republican candidate.

Paul Whelan's lawyer, Vladimir A. Zherebenkov, said that he would welcome an exchange, but that it would take time. “This is a long process,” Mr. Zherebenkov said. “I myself hope that we can rescue and bring home one Russian soul.”

Trump administration considers rollback of anti-discrimination rules

US Ambassador to #Russia Jon Huntsman on Wednesday visited Paul Whelan, an American citizen in Russian custody, five days after the corporate security director was mysteriously arrested. Huntsman visited Whelan in the Lefortovo Detention Facility.

Trump Comments Provoke Shock and Outrage in Israel and India

NBC: What's it like to negotiate with him? Pelosi: "When you're negotiating with someone, you have to know— you stipulate to some fact. It's hard to do that with the president, because he resists science, evidence, data, truth… It's hard to pin the president down on the facts."

In some cryptic comments, Pelosi reveals what she and the House Democrats have in store—and none of it's good for Trump

Trump stuns with lies, ramblings and nonsensical rants in bizarre cabinet meeting

NEWS: Pelosi says it is possible to indict the president while still in office.

Dick Durbin: "The President failed to give us even one reason why the eight Cabinet departments and dozens of smaller agencies in the six bills, which are separate and apart from border security, should remain closed."

Get the returns, day 1. They are the Rosetta Stone to everything else.

Maria Butina: ties emerge between NRA, alleged spy and Russian billionaire

Nancy Pelosi: "Tomorrow we will bring to the floor legislation that will open up government. It will be based on actions taken by the Republican Senate … led by Senator Mitch McConnell."

Trump’s plan to deport Vietnamese refugees betrays a sacred American principle

Donald Trump will resign the presidency in 2019 in exchange for immunity for him and his family: Former Bush adviser

Anyone else see an Adderall rock fly out of his nose at :30??

It is completely improper for the Acting Attorney General to discuss ongoing investigations with private systems. House Democrats should ask Whitaker about this.

"House Democrats have a powerful, and long dormant, tool at their disposal as they retake control: they can enforce subpoenas to obtain documents and testimony without the help of prosecutors or judges."

As the 2020 campaign rapidly approaches, Trump is surrounded by ex-officials and former friends eager, willing, or motivated to air dirty laundry

New from me: The IRS doesn't pay refunds during government shutdowns. That makes little difference now, but by mid-February, this could be messy.

JUST IN: Nasdaq futures fall 2.5 percent, S&P futures down 1.3 percent, Dow Jones futures down 1.5 percent after Apple warning

Security certificate yanked from Russia-backed website, hurting ability to divide voters

Question: "How long you willing to keep the government shut down?" President Trump: "As long as it takes. I mean look I'm prepared. I think the people of the country think I'm right."

Trump says he had a meeting about Iran and the Middle East with lots of good-looking generals: "Like from a movie. Better looking than Tom Cruise, and stronger."

Senate Republican leader McConnell says Senate will not consider legislation expected to be introduced by House Democrats to end shutdown

Political experts seemed taken aback that Trump said Russia was "right" to invade Afghanistan in a Cold War conflict that pit the U.S.S.R. against the U.S.

NEW the shutdown has knocked E-Verify offline. Immigration courts are cancelling hearing, making huge backlog worse. US border agents are working but not getting paid. For a strained US immigration system, political impasse brings more dysfunction

Warren: Trump is a product of successively emboldened corruption

Trump: "Russia used to be the Soviet Union. Afghanistan made it Russia because they went bankrupt fighting in Afghanistan. Russia." Trump then goes on to endorse the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Via Fox.

Graham: Trump giving up on border wall fight would be the "end of his presidency"

When John McCain accuses a sitting US Senator of working for Vladimir Putin, we should take him at his word.

Ainsley Earhardt: The government shutdown is “an inconvenience,” but “you deserve to be able to go to sleep at night and not have to worry about being killed by an illegal immigrant.”

Trump knows nothing re the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Instead, he mouths/embraces *Soviet* disinformation that Moscow invaded Afghanistan to quell terrorism against the USSR. No-it invaded to protect a client communist government that had seized power in a coup.

All joking aside. He just said the most dangerous thing just now: “ if @obama is allowed to do what he did on DACA then I am allowed to do whatever I want to do on things that probably a president doesn’t have the right to do”

The National Park Service's site at the Old Post Office, where the President has his hotel, will be reopening this weekend despite the ongoing government shutdown. Raises all manner of conflict of interest questions

Republican Rep. Tom Reed says he'll vote for a set of House rule changes drafted by the incoming Democratic leadership — a rare move for what is typically a strict party-line vote and one that, he said, could mean "consequences" from the GOP leadership.

Maine Repub Gov Paul LePage -- who said drug traffickers (a) are mostly black and hispanic and (b) should have their heads cut off -- leaves office tonight, but not before pardoning a pro-LePage GOP State Rep... for his felony drug trafficking conviction

"Mitt Romney, the Enemy of the State, is a role I imagine he never thought he’d play in American political life," writes @TheRickWilson, "but the impact of his words is causing a full-fledged meltdown in the Trump-supporting media apparatus on the right."

The president of the United States just said he “could run for any office” in Europe.

"Mitt Romney, the Enemy of the State, is a role I imagine he never thought he’d play in American political life," writes @TheRickWilson, "but the impact of his words is causing a full-fledged meltdown in the Trump-supporting media apparatus on the right."

Looks like the Republican tent is too small to fit integrity. Today, Republicans attacked a Senator for truthfully calling out the President for his lack of character, while staying mute as he proved it by lying about Jim Mattis and approving the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Just a friendly reminder Bolsonaro got to power thanks to the Koch Bros and their Atlas Network. They are coming for Canada next with Maxine Bernier.

A Michigan store is offering free groceries to Coast Guard members affected by the government shutdown.

Dear Acting Attorney General @MattWhitaker46: If you haven't been replaced yet, I look forward to questioning you under oath in front of the American people. My first question to you will be: did you take a loyalty oath to @realDonaldTrump?

Such a "total nonstarter" that every single GOP Senator passed it unanimously.

Today, Trump praised Russia for invading Afghanistan. Maybe tomorrow he'll praise the Kremlin for arming the Taliban.

Acting AG Whitaker kisses up to Trump for staying in DC over holidays: "Sir, Mr President, I will start by highlighting the fact you stayed in DC over the holidays, giving up Christmas w/your family, New Year's w/your family... you have demonstrated your dedication to delivering"

It seems impossible, but it's true: President Trump just endorsed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Who's he working for?

TRUMP, brandishing a letter, says: "I just got a great letter from Kim Jong Un. The few people that I've showed this letter to - they've never written letters like that. This letter is a great letter" Adds that if he hadn't won in 16, "You'd be having a nice big fat war in Asia"

Kirstjen Nielsen claims, without evidence, that Border Patrol is seeing a "massive spike" of "fake families" showing up at the border. "They know if they pretend they're together, they're likely to get in for good," she adds.