Monday, January 7, 2019

JUST IN: @SpeakerPelosi and @SenSchumer say in joint statement that "Democrats must immediately be given equal airtime" to address the country now that networks are airing Trump's border security address tomorrow.

"The United States has never had a president as demonstrably unfit for the office as Trump. And it’s becoming clear that 2019 is likely to be dominated by a single question: What are we going to do about it?"

Israeli PM rejects corruption allegations in live address

Sources tell Politico that, in a draft of a speech Mike Pompeo is set to deliver in Cairo, Pompeo is due to applaud Saudi Arabia's handling of the Jamal Khashoggi

Report: Pompeo to slam Obama Middle East policy in upcoming speech

US Supreme Court rejects Exxon in climate change document fight - Ruling clears the way for Massachusetts attorney general to obtain records from Exxon Mobil Corp to probe whether it concealed its knowledge of the role fossil fuels play in climate change

Big 3 broadcast networks will air primetime Trump address. Four years ago, they declined to air a primetime address on immigration from Obama because it was too “overtly political.”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Has Reportedly "Misplaced" A $450 Million Painting He Bought Last Year The da Vinci painting sold by Dmitry Rybolovlev for $300+ mil above his purchase price has not been seen since the sale & scholars are concerned

Cuomo: "I have no doubt" Kavanaugh, Gorsuch are "going to reverse Roe v. Wade"

I'm waiting to hear back from ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox broadcast about whether they will carry Trump's prime time address tomorrow night. The networks don't automatically say yes when a president asks for airtime.

  1. I'm waiting to hear back from ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox broadcast about whether they will carry Trump's prime time address tomorrow night. The networks don't automatically say yes when a president asks for airtime.
  2. This just in from a network source: "Time has been requested tomorrow night for 9p. Networks are deliberating."

Trump is cornered, tweeting instead of governing. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.): “Enough with the memes. Just quit hurting innocent people and re-open the government.”

For decades, Exxon may have known about the role fossil fuels play in climate change, hid the evidence, and funded denialism. Great news that the public won’t be denied a chance for justice. Now @MassAGO can get to the truth and find out what Exxon knew.

Trump's shutdown may actually be exacerbating the very crisis that he claims his border wall would solve—and leaving immigrants worried that their asylum cases will be delayed for years

Interesting challenge for networks/news organizations on Trump address re: border wall. If you have ever reason to suspect that the President will lie or at least deliberately mislead in his national remarks, do you give him airtime live?

A Trump-appointed federal judge defended Mueller from what she called "meritless attacks" as she delivered a scathing denunciation of a lawyer for a Russian biz charged with election meddling. "You have undermined your credibility in this courthouse."

The Leonardo da Vinci painting that sold for $450 million is missing and is being investigated by Robert Mueller as part of his Trump/Russia collusion case.

A judge publicly slammed the defense lawyers for a Russian company criminally charged by Mueller, for submitting unprofessional court filings attacking Mueller’s office and peppering legal briefs with jarring quotes taken from movies like Animal House.

Cornered: Trump escalates shutdown crisis

Trump Is Doing His Best To Reproduce Conditions Just Before The Great Depression

Frank Pallone, the new Democratic chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, announces its first hearings on: *Impacts of climate change *Impacts of the federal judge's decision to strike down Obamacare *Trump admin's family separation policy

Here's Trump's public schedule for tomorrow. (Public schedules don't include all of a president's activities.)

WikiLeaks tells reporters 140 things not to say about Julian Assange. #1 Assange hates the nickname "Rapey" #2 He's a GRU asset

(WATCH) Christian Bale Attacks Mitch McConnell and Dick Cheney at Golden Globes

Steny Hoyer accused Trump and Republicans of holding federal employees "hostage" in the hopes of getting Democrats to acquiesce to a border wall plan Trump hasn't fully explained. "We don't think the wall is good technology to do the objective."

President Trump said Sunday that he might declare a national emergency imminently to secure money for his proposed border wall.@FoxReports has more:

The threat of subpoenas, investigations and oversight hearings will dominate the new House Democratic majority agenda, targeting the White House’s most controversial policies and personnel, spanning immigration, environment, trade and Russian collusion:

Gabon army takes over state TV in military coup attempt

Thousands of people are at risk of losing their homes because Team Trump didn't realize a critical HUD program expired on January 1

Holding federal employees hostage so that your president can have a “victory” seems kind of cruel

“Besides their hostility to liberal democracy, the right-wing autocrats taking power across the world share one big thing, which often goes unrecognized in the U.S.: They all want to subordinate women.”

Frum: Trump coverage should be even tougher

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Your Administration is lying about thousands of terrorists streaming through the Southern Border. Here's a map that shows ways terrorists from-say Saudi Arabia-can enter. Building a 4th century wall to stop 21st century terrorists is dumb

This is a lie. 99% of illegal border crossings will not end.

This is not so much a delay as a reversal of the immediate withdrawal ordered by the president

The global geopolitical environment is at its most dangerous in decades, according to Eurasia Group. Here's a look at their top predictions for risks in 2019

BREAKING: Military coup underway in Gabon, according to broadcast on national radio

Mick Mulvaney Blames Schumer For Apparent Trump Fib That Ex-Presidents Back His Wall

As the world’s largest and deepest equity market, the U.S. tends to be the relatively steady hand among volatile peers. Not anymore

Putin takes advantage of struggling, debt heavy countries rich in natural resources, forgives their debt, promises development then slowly pilfers their assets, sets up bases, bribes & blackmails politicians, A repeated pattern. See Venezuela,etc

On Friday evening, residents living in the Caribbean near Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy registered sex offender, reported hearing an explosion and seeing a very large fire on the southwest corner of his private island.

The Washington Post reports that a planned expansion of Trump hotels into rural areas has come to a halt due to multiple investigations into Trump family businesses

During the government shutdown, janitors, security guards and other federal contractors receive no back pay

The analysis they’re doing now is not “is it legal” but “can they stop us.” That‘s always the calculus for Trump’s team. (Motto: “No consequences? No problem.”) Just ask Matt Whitaker who ignored the guidance of ethics officials that he should recuse from Mueller’s investigation

18yo Saudi woman fled her family.She had a valid visa to enter Australia. At Bangkok airport a Saudi diplomat was waiting and confiscated her passport. It was just reported on Australian TV she is the daughter of a senior Saudi politician

The White House may try to block portions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report from being shared with Congress and the public

Thailand said it won’t deport an 18-year-old Saudi woman who claims to be fleeing abuse from her family

The Trump campaign is already working to stamp out any GOP opposition at the 2020 Republican convention

22 immigrants died in ICE detention centers during the past 2 years

Mick Mulvaney telling @jaketapper that the $2 trillion deficit increase under Trump required Democratic votes is just a flat out falsehood. They used budget reconciliation to pass tax reform so they wouldn’t need Democrats.

Vulnerable Republicans think they can distance themselves from Trump after two years of playing dead.

BBC confirming that Rahaf Mohammed @rahaf84427714 has barricaded herself in a Bankok hotel room after being pulled from an Australia-bound plane as she fled her family. Saudi officials took her passport and are trying to force her back to KSA/Kuwait?

Vermont newspaper editorial board: 'We beg' Bernie Sanders not to run in 2020

President Trump told a group of lawmakers he can't accept Democrats' offer to re-open the government as the two sides negotiate border wall funding because he "would look foolish if I did that," according to a person familiar with the exchange

"The kidnappers have not established contact yet, and the location of the captured Russian sailors remains unknown," said the Russian Embassy in #Benin

If Harry Truman couldn't nationalize the steel industry during wartime, President Trump certainly doesn't have the power to declare a nonexistent emergency and build a multi-billion dollar wall on the border.

He (Trump) was found guilty of money laundering at the Taj Mahal Casino and had to pay $10 million in fines - but folks don;t seem to remember that either.

As an unpopular shutdown over an unpopular wall threatens to make an unpopular president even more unpopular, Trump and his staffers are just digging a deeper hole.

back in 1952, SCOTUS determined that a national emergency declared by President Truman during a steel shortage during the Korean War couldn’t override Congress’ decision that POTUS couldn’t take over steel mills.

Agreed. This isn’t business as usual. This is a crisis, a fundamental failure to govern, and Americans are suffering for it. The Senate should not take up any bills unrelated to reopening the government until @SenateMajLdr lets us vote on exactly that.

"Mitch McConnell was the top recipient of Blavatnik's donations, collecting $3.5 million for his GOP Senate Leadership Fund under the names of two of Blavatnik's holding companies…

Ivanka was required to recuse from participating in the implementation of the opportunity zones program. She clearly did not

"I studied up on this. Do you know where those 4000 people come from, where they're captured? Airports. The State Department says there hasn't been any terrorist that they've found coming across the southern border." - Chris Wallace

Governor Ralph Torres (R), of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory that includes Saipan, was the first Governor of any US territory to endorse Trump during the Primaries

Threat they want climate change to help melt the areas for gas/oil exploration is yet another sign of how disconnected Putin is from reality & any moral compass. He probably thinks folks will have to move north & Russia land will then be in demand

Donald Trump Was Never Vetted

Q: Which former presidents told Trump that they should have built a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border previously? Mick Mulvaney: "I have no idea. I have not asked the President that question."

RADICAL Idiot Lindsey Graham has white hot meltdown over border wall: 'We're not going to give in to the radical left -- ever!'