Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Trump aide Hope Hicks named White House communications director

Blagojevich: Fellow inmates call me ‘dawg’ or ‘govvie’

A Russian billionaire with ties to Manafort is out on $174 million bail — but lawyer claims his extradition is ‘imminent’

Wells Fargo scandals are sabotaging Trump's deregulation push

NEW: Former Pres. Obama releases statement on the death Edith Windsor

NEW DOJ & DNI letter to Congress

Senate Unanimously Approves Resolution Condemning White Nationalists

Russian White House Correspondent Flips on Kremlin

"I wrote this book to try and come to grips with what happened but also to sound the alarm" - Hillary Clinton

Trump met with Malaysia's prime minister today. Fun fact: They're both under federal investigation.

BREAKING: Supreme Court allows Trump administration to continue ban on most refugees.

Sen. Warner pushing for Facebook and Twitter execs to testify in public on role in Russia meddling

'Fraud Commission' relying on a Heritage Foundation database—but database review finds greatly exaggerated data.

"South Park" ridicules tiki torch-waving white nationalists in new season trailer

Get your copy of # What Happened today

NEW VIDEO: TrumpJr just helped Mueller in his probe of Trump's White House cover-up of "Russia Adoption" meeting

Sen. Mike Bennet: "Even in this mess" bipartisanship is possible

Tension And Protests Mark Trump Voting Commission Meeting

Ted Cruz says staffer to blame for mistakenly 'liking' porn video on Twitter

Hey you know how Speaker Ryan & co. like to say "anti-poverty safety net programs don't work"? NOT. TRUE. -->

Russia boasts of rigging Trump’s election: braggadocio or blackmail?

Does Steve Bannon want the Democrats to take Congress?

CDC wants employees to stop helping press with data requests for some reason

Pressure mounts on Facebook to release campaign ads bought by Russia

Want to be a ‘foreign agent’? Serve in Congress first

State Dept official made quiet visit to Moscow to urge Russia to vote for tougher North Korea sanctions

Q: What is un-American? A: Prosecute Comey, pardon Arpaio, excuse neo-Nazis, deport Dreamers, encourage Erdogan, laud Duterte, pet Putin.

Mueller haunts the West Wing

Naveed Jamali Tweets He Was a Source on the FISA Warrant Story


Reporter Katy Tur Shares Her 'Front-Row' View Of The Trump Campaign

How Putin Hoped To Make Up With The US

"Nazis are not welcome here!" Anti-racism activists in Hong Kong protest against the arrival of ex-Trump aide Steve Bannon

Stephen Bannon’s nervous defense of Trump on Russia is telling

BREAKING: NH court strikes down odious parts of voter suppression law (SB3) that threatened voters w/ civil and criminal penalties

New trick, detain border crossers, get a list of relatives in the US. bait and deport

The Sinclair-Tribune merger is a rotten deal for America

Spare a moment of pity for the poor people trying to draft Trump's National Security Strategy.

Bin Laden’s Son Is Poised to Unify Terrorists Worldwide

Exclusive: Russia began supporting #Trump on Facebook as soon as campaign was launched

In Free-Range Trump, Many See Potential for a Third Party

‘He treated them like crap’: Former employee warns Trump not to expect loyalty from Spicer and Priebus

Why American workers pay twice as much in taxes as wealthy investors

Here are 10 destructive and deluded women who help spread propaganda for the alt-right movement

Pedophiles, Hacking, Dark Net, CyberCrime. It's all interconnected

Axios: All this Russian infiltration of media might lead to some new laws or regulations, maybe?

JUST POSTED: Will Donald Trump Destroy the Presidency?

Florida sheriff sued after threat to jail anyone with a warrant who sought hurricane shelter

33,000 gun deaths per year: no background checks! 31 cases of voter fraud since 2000: background checks for voting!

How Donald Trump Lied to Conceal His Moscow Business Partner

Yes, "Fox & Friends" asked if liberals will eventually try to remove Flight 93 memorial on 9/11

John Kelly says Congress has done "nothing" to fix DACA

Harvey and Irma Aren’t Natural Disasters. They’re Climate Change Disasters.

Top GOP senators to Trump: Stop attacking Republicans

How pro-Russian bots are attacking Western social media accounts to stifle those who expose Kremlin activities

Continuing to court Democrats, Trump will host dinner on tax reform

Russia Today (RT) asked by USDOJ to register as foreign agents under FARA, instead of as journalists

Equifax hack: The worst-case scenario is a very real threat

Donald Trump plans an aggressive road show to sell his tax overhaul

Link copied… MARKETS FINANCIAL REGULATION States to Trump: Leave Retirement Rule Intact or We’ll Act

Giuliani lied and said Hillary was not there, only stopping when shown the pictures.

Equifax's seismic data breach tests Trump's pledge to dismantle rules

Time to Restrict the President’s Power to Wage Nuclear War

U.S. sanctions threaten a vital channel for Russia’s massive defense buildup

“Real Nazis” poised for a comeback, German foreign minister warns

Senate unanimously calls on Trump to condemn white supremacists

How 9/11 made the world we're in. The good and the bad, 16 years on

GOP congressman won't seek re-election, marking third GOP lawmaker in less than a week to announce his retirement

Putin remains hugely popular in most of Russia, but his capital is turning against him

Steve Mnuchin Makes the $20 Bill the Latest Racial Battleground

The white supremacists who attacked Charlottesville are coming back with a vengeance

Trump Justice Dept asks court to erase Arpaio's guilty verdict after Trump pardon

Protest greets former Trump adviser Bannon at Hong Kong investor event

Alex Jones says the Deep State is drugging Trump's iced tea

Russia probes pose loyalty test for Team Trump

Trump election commissioner believes voter turnout is ‘far higher’ with ‘poll taxes and literacy tests’: NYT

Trumps Voting Commission Embroiled In New Controversy Ahead Of Next Meeting

Ever had a question on inflation? Here's a guide

Trump owes lenders at least $315 million, disclosure shows

Opinion: The NRA’s idea of recreation: Assault rifles, armor-piercing bullets and silencer

Report: British suspect Iran or Russia may have helped North Korea's "sudden advancement" in nuclear weapons


Trump Org hires Chinese state-owned firm despite Trump promise not employ foreign entitie

The Pope has been a frequent critic of climate change deniers

Ted Cruz broke the internet on Monday night—by liking porn on Twitter

Christie on Bannon: "this is his last 15 minutes of fame..no one is...going to care abt anything he has to say"

Russian news agency RT now under scrutiny as foreign agent

Ivanka Trump had breakfast with Janet Yellen as the president considered the Fed chair's renomination


US troops take part in a multinational military exercise in Ukraine just days before Russian war game

Lawrence on 'sheer madness' of Bannon's epic 60 Minutes interview

Steve Bannon criticized Donald Trump's firing of James Comey in a '60 Minutes' interview, and he gave the country a window into the contradictory world view that guided Pres. Trump for 7 months. Peter Baker, Max Boot, and Jed Shugerman join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Rep Nunes' plan to sabotage Trump Russia probes is about to backfire on him—he could end up in jail

Trump White House aides lawyer-up in face of Robert Mueller query

Rachel Maddow looks at current and former Donald Trump White House staffers who have hired lawyers as Special Counsel Robert Mueller has turned his attention their way, and considers what can be gleaned about the Trump Russia investigation from recent developments.

Russian politician: US intel slept as Russia elected US president

Rachel Maddow rounds up some of the day's major headlines, including news of a Russian parliamentarian saying on a TV show that U.S. intelligence "slept through" Russia electing the U.S. president.

Trump lawyers concluded in June that Kushner should step down due to possible legal complications from Russia probe

BREAKING: Russia used Facebook events to organize anti-immigrant rallies on U.S. soil

How Facebook changed the spy game

Twitter catches Ted Cruz liking porn account.