Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Frustrated Russian Prosecutor Chaika begs Sessions to open criminal case against me after my US visa reinstated

Sally Yates warns: Don't let Trump's "complete indifference to truth" become ours

Trump kills Obama rule aimed at protecting independent farmers from big food companies

The @SenateGOP will soon vote to take away your legal rights against big corporations. I'm fighting back. Watch now

NEW VIDEO: Trump will pay Hush Money to possible perps in Trump-Russia. But he can’t make one suspect hush: Himself

Exclusive: Russian Propaganda Traced Back to Staten Island, New York

British MP asks Facebook if it has evidence of paid activity by Russia-linked accounts at the time of Brexit.

Canadian Minister of Public Safety Goodale “Canada decides who crosses our borders, not the Kremlin”

Listen to @VoteVets member and Army veteran @SenJackReed talk about about forced arbitration & veterans. This vote could happen tonigh

Sen. Bob Corker blasts Trump for the "debasing of our nation."

NEW Senate Intel FISA Amendments

Gorka just argued that “African blacks” are inherently violent.

GOP and Trump have one rule: when all else fails, investigate a Clinton.

Q: Is Trump a role model to children in the United States? Sen. Bob Corker: “No… absolutely not.”

Trump to auction off large swath of the Gulf of Mexico to oil companies

Trump to auction off large swath of the Gulf of Mexico to oil companies

MICHAEL COHEN met privately with House Intel in what members tell us was a contentious affair; subpoena was issued.

JUST IN: Twitter will now label political ads, including who bought them and how much they are spending

Reps. Cummings & Conyers call probe into FBI &DOJ's handling of Clinton emails "a massive diversion" (& devote entire last graf to Chaffetz)

GOP Leaders Refusing To Pay For Dana Rohrabacher’s Travel Over Russia Fears

Did Nunes Leak FISA Warrant Info via White House Lawyer Michael Ellis?


WH: Corker looking for headlines 'on the way out the door

Hurricane relief is not a game show. People are dying & they need POTUS longterm commitment and support.

Protester tosses Russian flags at Pres. Trump as he arrives at Senate GOP luncheon, yelling "Trump is treason!"

Devin Nunes, are you serious?

Here is Jeff Flake’s speech in full

Dem lawmakers reaching out to mental health experts to discuss Trump

It’s been one of the great honors of my life to serve w/ Jeff Flake– a man of integrity, honor, decency & commitment to Arizona & the nation

Online trolls are psychopaths and sadists, psychologists claim

BREAKING: House committees to investigate Russia uranium deal

JUST IN: Twitter to begin labeling political ads in new transparency push

Jeff Flake: "We must never meekly accept... the personal attacks, threats against principles, freedoms, and institutions."

JUST IN: GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, who has been a critic of Pres. Trump, announces he will not run for re-election

Rex Tillerson says the Taliban is welcome in the Afghan government

“Why are those with white supremacist ties making and enforcing our immigration policy?”

Reid: Until last year, I had never even heard of Steve Bannon

Roy Moore already rails against women and gays. The planet is next.

MSNBC’s Joe & Mika explain why Melania Trump’s ‘shameless’ hypocrisy on bullying matters on North Korea

The man who helped cool Trump's Russia rage

The Post's View: Roy Moore is unfit to serve

Many well-known brands are using free prison labor to produce their products & services

A majority of troops say White Nationalism is a national security threat. They say it's more dangerous than Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan

What Drives Donald Trump? Fear of Losing Status, Tapes Show

16 Senate Republicans vote "no" on disaster relief bill

Hillary Warned Us About Trump's Relationship With White Nationalists

Art of the Deal

NATO plans to create two new commands amid Russia tensions

Big endorsement: Doug Jones for senator in Alabama - Washington Po

Trump wanted to rename America's biggest mountain

Opinion: What’s a fit punishment for the Murdochs?

Facebook: Hey, nice media you got there, shame if some kind of news feed change happened to i

Zinke boosted fortunes of 'scam PAC' operators

The Family That Built an Empire of Pain

Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia and Tunisia as the largest exporter of ISIS fighters

What Is Money-Laundering? And Why Does It Matter To Robert Mueller?

Russia keeps pulling ahead of rivals in supplying oil to China

New Yorker depicts Trump as "dangerous clown" similar to Pennywise from "It"

U.S. hospitals wrestle with shortages of drug supplies made in Puerto Rico

What does the House Russia probe aim to find out from Trump's web guru Brad Parscale?

Panetta urges White House to ‘lower the volume of rhetoric’ on North Korea

The smartest Russia hands fear that by building Putin up, the US has given him the geopolitical reputation he craves

Senate Republicans block measure to protect Arctic wildlife refuge from oil drilling

CRFB President: Trump Tax Cuts Could Cost Your Kids Dearly

Facebook must come clean about running Russian propaganda ads

Are there more than 2,000 MS-13 gang members in Virginias wealthy Fairfax County?

Russia news outlet RT, a Kremlin ‘propaganda’ tool, thrives on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

Pruitt will reportedly pile on an extra 12 agents to his security detail, expanding it to 30 in total

Steve Wynn asked Trump to deport a Chinese dissident. Then White House staff told POTUS he's a Mar-a-Lago member.

Lobby group for Facebook, Google will pitch ad self-regulation in U.S. Congress hearing

EU on brink of historic decision on pervasive glyphosate weedkiller

Corker: Trump's meeting with Senate GOP on tax reform is just a "photo op"

The Russian news outlet RT needed hundreds of millions of viewers. YouTube delivered.

Trump isn't an Islamophobe or an isolationist, Bannon says

Soon, it won’t be Trump-Russia, but TREASONGATE — Eric Garland thread