Monday, July 1, 2019

One of Russia’s first official acts now that they’ve been let back into the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has been to try to help in the cover up the murder of Maltese anti core journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

NEW: Trump’s House allies are planning an all-out attack on Mueller during his July 17 hearing. @replouiegohmert, who infamously asked Pete Strzok about his wife last year, said the Mueller report “reinforced the anal opening that I believe Mueller to be.”

The greatest threat to the United States of America is the Republican Party. Evidence

CNBC: Trump is laying groundwork for a new world order built around the US, China and Russia

This is unusual: Hours from the FEC’s end-of-quarter fundraising deadline, Beto O’Rourke is using his list to raise money for a group that provides legal services for migrants in detention centers — and saying none of the money will go to his campaign.

The best to all our friends to the North! #HappyCanadaDay , you remain an inspiration of strong values, peace and prosperity to all the world.

A looming recession? We may already be in one


Bernie Marcus is the co-founder of Home Depot & still owns a ton of stock. The better Home Depot does, the more money he makes The more money he makes, the more he donates to tRump’s re-election.

Bolton tries to knock down the NYT piece. But the denial is simply that he and NSC haven't been involved in any such negotiations. He wasn't on the North Korea tr

Are you the same guy President Trump called Mike Bolton this past weekend?

John Bolton brutally mocked for angry denial of Trump’s ‘nuclear freeze’ agreement: ‘Ivanka replaced you’

The FBI contacted me to ask if I'd be willing to testify against an extremist who threatened to murder me I said Yes I'm running for VA Senate to restore fairness, civility, & justice for all people Thank y'all for standing w/me in the face of hatred

The National Park Service acting director faces many looming priorities, including an $11 bil backlog in maintenance needs. But another issue competes for his attention: how to satisfy Trump's request to station tanks on the Mall for his July 4 address

Trump Gets Ready to Destroy the Fourth of July

Here are some Fox News sponsors.

Liz DeCou A grandmother in Fairfield, CA arrested trying to deliver toys and books to children who were separated from their parents and detained at the border. She asked them "Why am I being arrested for wanting to offer comfort to a child?" KNOW HER NAME

President Trump asks for military tanks on the Mall as part of July Fourth event...

The real reckoning in the U.S.-Saudi partnership could come if a Democrat is elected president in 2020, though early warning signs are already visible.

Just in: Iran’s stockpiles of enriched low-grade uranium have surpassed the limit of 300 kilograms, Iran’s semi-official Fars News reporting. This appears to be the first violation of the terms of the JCPOA following the US withdrawal from the deal last year.

An IG report in May found El Paso detention facility personnel drinking heavily and arming themselves in fear of riots, contradicting Homeland Security’s line the accounts were “unsubstantiated”

In a rare move, feds charge a Twitter user for threatening a politician's life

Days before the event, Trump is still angling for a Giant Tank Parade and trying to figure out how to distribute tickets to his taxpayer-funded VIP section — even though the hostages in the child destruction centers lack soap and toothbrushes

Members like Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes and Andy Biggs are among the 25 Republicans who get to grill Mueller next month. Louie Gohmert has hated Mueller for more than a decade and told us he considers Mueller an “anal opening.” He’ll also get five minutes.

Analysis: Trump’s ignorance of basic political terms is on full display overseas

Here we are teetering on the brink of data-driven, tech-enabled dictatorship as the new global model of governance and the money, it seems, is now on the side of, "eh, what can we do, fuck it."

These are Tucker Carlson’s leading advertisers

Several major companies have distanced themselves from Tucker Carlson Tonight in the wake of the host saying that immigration “makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided."
This list will be updated when companies issue statements.

Leading advertisers

Super Beta Prostate

Other current advertisers

Voya (Dropped, then later resumed)
Samsung (Dropped, then later resumed)

Companies that have distanced themselves

23andMe (Statement)
ASPCA (Report)
Abbvie (Report)
Ancestry (Report)
AstraZeneca (Report)
Babbel USA (Statement)
Bowflex (Report)
Career Builder (Report)
Credit Sesame (Statement)
Farmers Insurance (Statement)
Graze (Report)
Harris Teeter (Report)
Home Chef (Statement)
IHOP (Report)
Indeed (Report)
Jaguar Land Rover (Report)
Just For Men (Report)
Leesa Sleep (Report)
Lexus (Report)
Mint Mobile (Report)
Minted (Report)
Nerd Wallet (Report)
Pacific Life (Report)
Purple Mattress (Report)
Red Lobster Restaurant (Report)
Robitussin (Report)
Saatva (Report)
Samsung (Statement) (Dropped, then later resumed)
Sandisk (Statement)
Scottevest (Report)
Sheex (Report)
Smile Direct Club (Report)
SodaStream (Report)
SunBasket (Report)
TD Ameritrade (Report)
Takeda Pharma (Report)
Totes Isotoner (Report)
United Explorer Card (Report)
Voya (Report) (Dropped, then later resumed)
Zenni Optical (Report)
This list was originally published 12/19/18. It was last updated 5/10/19.

You couldn’t make it up. John Bolton was sent to Mongolia while Tucker Carlson was one of those accompanying Trump to the DMZ

Maybe it’s time to shrink federal subsidies of Kentucky, right Mitch?

Pompeo seeks support from allies to monitor Persian Gulf amid tensions with Iran

Trump Tower Baku, Azerbaijan “Why would someone put a luxury hotel there? Nobody who can afford to stay there would want to be in that neighborhood.”

You do realize these papers are all owned by the Irving family, who have significant businesses in oil and gas? maybe wonder if that would have anything to do with it...

Common Sense - Our displeasure needs to become visible right now. What if folks started to take lunch in town commons, city or town halls to protest Trump's regime? Just everyday, whenever you can be there say between 12 - 1 pm. It would be a start.

Never. Shop Home Depot. Ever. Again. Ever.

Japan to restrict exports to South Korea, citing less trust

I’ve Been to Guantanamo. It’s No Place for Kids

As G-20 reaffirms fight against climate change, Trump again stands apart

Hey advertisers, your boy @TuckerCarlson is at it again. I assume you’re cool with this since you continue to sponsor his show.

Tucker Carlson now has very limited advertisers, but you’d think that this would be a breaking point for those who are left

From 2018 but newly relevant. Watch Fox News’ “evolution” on North Korea.

I bought insulin for my son in Canada today - over-the-counter, with no insurance. I paid $268 (USD) for insulin that would cost $4123 retail in the U.S. It's 15x more expensive in the U.S

"Ex-State Dept official confirmed Trump approved $2M to be paid to N Korea for Otto Warmbier's release," said noted Trump critic @funder. This SHOULD end his presidency. It's grotesque."

SoIntsevskaya Bratva associates having a sit down. Trump and Kim are both assets of the boss of the Russian Mob, Semion Mogilevich. Are we done yet?

Ivanka Trump is a symptom of democratic decline. From 2017 - and the situation has only grown worse

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao designated one of her staffers to direct $78 million in federal grants specifically to transportation projects in her husband Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's home state of Kentucky

Politics Mother of Otto Warmbier calls U.S. diplomacy with North Korea a ‘charade’

Europe sizzles in scorching temperatures as heat wave spreads across continent

This is a passage from a United Nations human rights report describing North Korea’s methods of forced abortions

Tucker Carlson on North Korea: ‘To Lead a Country, It Means Killing People’ For some insane reason, the Fox News host accompanied Trump to his meeting with Kim Jong-un.

Dear European Prime Ministers and Presidents, please nominate to the High Representative position somebody who understands and wishes to counter the threat of Russia. We cannot have another disasterous appeaser like Federica Mogherini. We need to start defending our Europe. NOW.

Can't wait for tomorrow when all the little wind-up dolls will be out on TV explaining that accepting Kim as the dictator of a nuclear power -- ONLY because he sent love letters to POTUS -- makes absolute f***ing sense.

Not a Photoshopped pic.

Trump "alternately picking quarrels with rogue states like N. Korea and Iran only to subsequently 'make nice' with a fanfare deal that fails to address underlying security issues, while distracting US attentions from the bigger fish challengers, Russia and China.":

Sending migrant kids to GITMO will accomplish one major thing-it will make it far more difficult for pesky journalists who’ve been exposing the Trump administration’s abuse of migrant children to keep at it. If this is true, we have to make it a flashpoint.

While GOP politicians scream “socialist” at us for wanting workers to have a living wage and health care Trump is befriending a real-life communist dictator whose regime tortured and murdered Otto Warmbier and stockpiles nuclear weapons.

fun true fact: North Korea previously pledged denuclearization in 1985, 1992, 1994, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2018. each pledge was a lie. if you believe any promise that Kim made to Trump, I have five failed casinos in Atlantic City to sell you

Turkey's Erdogan: Russian missile defense system to arrive in 10 days - media

WHO is the enemy of the people? I dont know many times I can say he is a disgrace.....

I am having a hard time understanding this. Does that mean it's okay to kill political opponents under the guise of "leadership?" Careful what you wish for, kiddo.

NEW: @JoeBiden says @realDonaldTrump "coddling of dictators at the expense of American national security and interests is one of the most dangerous ways he's diminishing us on the world stage." Adds Trump "fawned over" KJU & "joked" w/Putin

In 2016, all that free air time, and not calling a lie a lie, tilted the scales. Are we looking at a repeat performance?

Trump’s performance over the weekend was unequivocal in its message: he supports despots and dictators but has no patience for democratic allies. And that doesn’t just legitimize monstrous regimes, it also gives green light to other regimes to become more monstrous.

Pentagon study: Russia outgunning U.S. in race for global influence A divided America is failing to counter Moscow's efforts to undermine democracy and cast doubt on U.S. alliances, says the report, which warns of a surge in 'political warfare.'

And here it is: Kim Jong Un’s propaganda victory, in full color across the first three pages of Rodong Sinmun. Look at the smiles.

Texans, this is your Senator. He likes for-profit prisons that charge Americans $700 a day to imprison children in inhumane conditions

Donald Ayer served as Deputy Attorney General in the administration of George H.W. Bush. The man who succeeded him that role is Bill Barr, who now serves as Attorney General. And Ayer has a warning for us

South Korea’s military detected an "unidentified object" flying near the border with North Korea Monday, AP reports, as North Korean state media hailed the "amazing" historic meeting between President Trump and its leader, Kim Jong-un, a day earlier

JUST IN: South Korea's military says it has detected an "unidentified flying object" near the border with North Korea

#Russia's state TV says that Trump was merely being "ironic" when he told Russia not to meddle in the U.S. elections.

"In the Trump administration, Barr may have found the ideal setting in which to pursue his life’s work of creating an all-powerful president and frustrating the Founders’ vision of a government of checks and balances," argues Donald Ayer

You're that rare species of pigeon who after they've been conned brag about it.

"A federal judge has ordered @CBP to permit health experts into detention facilities holding migrant children to ensure they're 'safe and sanitary' and assess the children's medical needs."

#Russia's state TV: Putin and his Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov chuckle about the fact that Kremlin pool reporter Pavel Zarubin managed to bypass Trump's bodyguards and Secret Service to ask him a question. Peskov and Putin jointly grin about Trump calling Putin "a great guy."

My “friend”?

Do you know why Trump is the first sitting president to ever step foot on North Korean soil? Because all those that came before him had dignity, integrity and a deep sense of American values. They shunned the face of evil and refused to legitimize a murderous dictator.

John Oliver unloads on Trump for treating "murderous autocrats" like Putin and Kim Jong Un better than women

Heidi, 49, is a family physician here in El Paso. “We have been trying to get in to see these kids, to take care of these kids, but it’s a roadblock. Every place we call, everything we do, we’re blocked. These kids aren’t getting good medical care.”

And here it is: Kim Jong Un’s propaganda victory, in full color across the first three pages of Rodong Sinmun. Look at the smiles.

Regarding Tucker Carlson - If you are an advertiser, you really should rethink your strategy of funding this person on this network.

My God what have we become? It’s like 1939 when people were silent about killing “the others”. #TuckerCarlson has no soul. Speak up people! We must stop the moral deterioration of our democracy

Elizabeth Warrens Dog> Trump’s non-existent dog

#Unwantedivanka: awkward moment at G20 prompts slew of Trump parodies

In this bloated unreality show, the President has given the greatest democracy’s gold seal of approval to a murderous dictator. Trump has dramatically elevated Kim without any signs of a strategy to reach an enforceable nuclear deal.

Conservative leadership hopeful Boris Johnson has defended his infamous description of black people in Africa bearing “watermelon smiles” as satire.

When E. Jean Carroll was asked if she would cooperate with a Senate inquiry into her allegations, she said, “Absolutely, 100%.”