Friday, July 12, 2019

NEW: House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says 'articles of impeachment are under consideration' for Trump

Nadler this AM: “With regard to the Committee’s responsibility to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the President, articles of impeachment are under consideration as part of the Committee’s investigation, although no final determination has been made”

VP saw 384 men sleeping inside fences, on concrete w/no pillows or mats. They said they hadn’t showered in weeks, wanted toothbrushes, food. Stench was overwhelming. CBP said they were fed regularly, could brush daily & recently got access to shower (many hadn’t for 10-20 days.)

15 more women accuse Epstein in the last 48 hrs.

Both @RepKathleenRice & I are former prosecutors. The allegations set forth in the media reports are deeply disturbing. We are requesting @FBI to investigate whether the CEO of Phantom @Fireworks or any other executives of the company bribed or attempted to bribe @POTUS.

“The stench was horrendous” with 384 men in a crowded caged fence with no cots in the sweltering heat. Some had been there more than 40 days

Accordin' to Trump, the First Amendment protects your right to say only nice things about him.

From the oversight committee's new data on the Trump Administration taking kids away from their parents...

Everyone in America should watch the House Oversight Committee's hearing on the separation and treatment of migrant children. "We use the word inhumane for a reason" - @RepCummings

Dear @USBPChief Carla Provost: If the below is true, you should do the right thing and resign.

Articles of Impeachment are under consideration. It's about time!!!

WTF???? Didn't Bedford Forrest found the Ku Klux Klan?


Images from 2005 search of Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida home released

“Nobody ever talks about Article 2. It gives me all these rights that nobody’s ever seen before. So no obstruction, no collusion. Just look at Article 2.” — Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States. WTF!? Where are the guys with the butterfly nets?

Acosta becomes the 13th Cabinet member to depart the Trump administration. By this time in the Obama admin, none had left. In the George W. Bush admin at this point, one had departed.

New filing in Deripaska v. U.S. Department of the Treasury: Extension of Time

US government is running out of money faster than expected

Sir Kim Darroch: Police launch probe into Trump email 'leak'

Miami Herald Editorial Board: "Acosta was unfit to be a public servant."

We've created a #Barry landing page that pulls together critical information to keep you informed. 💧Latest from the National Hurricane Center 💧Safety/Preparedness Actions 💧Products from across NOAA 💧Social Media Accounts to Follow

Storm Barry's threat to New Orleans heightened by climate change: scientists

"Of course the cable-news-watcher in chief didn’t want Alexander Acosta hanging around. The longer he stayed, the more the story would turn to Trump himself."

#BREAKING Tennessee Republican governor signs proclamation honoring first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan

TrumpNation biographer destroys president’s efforts to distance himself from his buddy Jeffrey Epstein

The government’s reply to Epstein’s bail proposal is filed.

Jeffrey Epstein, facing sex-trafficking charges in New York, has now been accused of witness tampering by federal prosecutors, who said he wired $350,000 to two people who were potential witnesses against him, NYT reports.

Tropical Storm #Barry Advisory 9: Hurricane Hunters Report Barry is Strengthening.

"I’m willing to live with anything."

When Does America Reckon with the Gravity of Donald Trump's Alleged Rapes?

Trump told reporters that it was up to Acosta whether or not he wanted to step down: “I said you don’t have to do this.”

Jack Abramoff acolyte is #Acosta replacement. Pat Pizella.

Trump on Acosta: "He was a great student at Harvard. He's Hispanic. Which I so admire. Because maybe it was a little tougher for him. And maybe not."

My latest: Paul Ryan’s Way-Too-Belated Confession

JUST IN: Robert Mueller's testimony to Congress may be delayed one week

‘I’m with him’: Trump whines about Alex Acosta resigning over Epstein scandal

In case you missed it: a neo Nazi from DC’s Bloomingdale neighborhood is nearing a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

I don’t think this is going to play as well as Epstein thinks it will....

NEWS … ROBERT MUELLER’S testimony is likely to be delayed, and the two sides are talking about a longer appearance on Capitol Hill.

BREAKING NEWS: Acosta resigns in disgrace, but Trump loves disgrace.

"Be thankful that the country was able to escape that particular constitutional train wreck,"

Trump was stewing over Acosta’s fate yesterday as he and aides worried about revelations in Epstein case, I’m told. “There would just continue to be disclosures,” a senior official said. “There would be questions in this town and on the trail,” official added, referring to 2020.

Alex Acosta is out as Donald Trump’s labor secretary | Miami Herald

Alexander Acosta Steps Down As Labor Secretary Amid Epstein Controversy

Seven months after Mattis resigned, the US still has no confirmed defense chief - the longest such stretch in Pentagon history. There’s also no confirmed deputy defense sec, and other significant senior civilian & military Pentagon positions are in limbo.

"We need to reevaluate our long-term relationship with Saudi Arabia,"

Remember the Chinese woman who snuck into Mar-a-Lago? A new ruling in her case suggests the feds are investigating Chinese espionage at Trump's private club.

Trump threatens to veto defense bill over several provisions, including amendment to mitigate water contamination Trump doesn't want to clean up PFAS contamination on our bases. This is a major and well known issue that we have been fighting to rectify

AG Bill Barr, spinning Trump's retreat on the census, just said "hysterical" media made up reports that Trump wanted to add a citizenship question "by executive fiat" "based on rank speculation;" and that "this has never been under consideration." Barr is a tremendously bad liar.

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2020

It Sure Looks Like Jeffrey Epstein Was a Spy—But Whose?

a powerful criticism of Pelosi‘s refusal to move on impeachment, from

The U.S. budget deficit grew by $787,000,000,000 in just 9 months, as the budget-busting #GOPTaxScam continues to wreak havoc on our country's finances. Tell Congress to repeal this giveaway to the rich here:

"If you weren't appalled by these pictures then something is dead or dying in your hearts and in the heart of America." Sen. Mazie Hirono delivers emotional call for support of a bill to improve conditions for detained migrants

Real Hedge-Funders Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Doing

Trump Says He Has Been Treated Very Unfairly by People Who Wrote Constitution

House Democrats are urging a federal appeals court to reject Trump's attempt to block their subpoenas for Trump's personal financial records, arguing that Congress has broad authority to investigate and that the demands for Trump's records are proper.

Jeffrey Epstein case suggests a 'panoply of different powerful men covering for each other':

NEW: Border Patrol chief Carla Provost was a member of secret Facebook group

Jeffrey Epstein set up his own lodge at Interlochen arts camp — where woman says he tried to groom her teen daughter

New: The $450 million Ponzi scheme that allegedly funded #JeffreyEpstein’s life of excess and exploitation. What his co-conspirator told me today and the victims suing to get their money back. Watch our Special Report.

‘STOP THE BOAT!’ Dramatic video shows a U.S. Coast Guard cutter, the Munro, pursuing a speeding semi-submersible suspected drug-smuggling vessel in the middle of international waters.

It turns out Facebook's entire advertising system might be discriminatory

“The 1st major test...begins on Monday in Raleigh, NC where a 3-judge panel will hear a civil trial to decide whether the state's legislative districts - designed by GOP lawmakers to give their party an edge - violate the state constitution.”

Detroit cops handcuffed black police commissioner for asking tough questions at public hearing

Trump’s bid to block congressional subpoena for business records set to return to court

Trump thinks he's gaming the courts, but he's really just bailing before he loses...again. The DOJ just sent the judge in the Census 2020 Citizenship Question case a letter bowing out of litigation. Trump's Executive Order is attached. That will fail, too.

Vice President Mike Pence and a group of Republican senators will head to the border today to tour a migrant detention center.

Opinion: Judy Shelton is a dangerous pick for the Fed board

‘Epstein was running a blackmail scheme under the cover of a hedge fund’: NY magazine reports on Wall St speculation

Predators bully their victims. They seek to intimidate and instill fear. And let’s be honest: we have a predator living in the White House.

A Mike Pompeo-led CIA review in 2017 found no wrongdoing in how the agency concluded that Russia wanted to help Donald Trump in 2016

Epstein was able to avoid going on the Sex Offender registry in NM, where he owns a home and has had allegations made against him, calling attention to the need for nationwide, uniform standards. There are more allegations being made in NM as we speak.

Pelosi says she is seeking to finalize deal to raise debt ceiling and resolve budget impasse before August recess

A lack of action at the federal level has prompted many states to craft their own programs designed to counter foreign efforts to undermine American democracy and educate the next generation of voters in schools

A 4.6 magnitude earthquake has rattled Washington state


Trump is apparently still so angry about Sessions’ recusal from Russia probe that he doesn’t want the former senator to run for his old seat, even though that could help his party’s chances to take back the seat

"Trump officials will have to answer for hatching a secret plan to weaponize the census against immigrant communities and then lying about it over and over again"

In El Paso, the DOJ no longer permits know your rights seminars to be given to asylum seekers or friends of the court to assist in the process:

The New Mexico attorney general's office said it has begun its own inquiry into potential Jeffrey Epstein crimes in New Mexico. "We have been in contact and interviewed multiple survivors of alleged abuse here in New Mexico."

.@DefenseOne: America’s top naval commander in Europe looks at the geostrategic challenges of the warming High North – “Russia, China Offer Challenges in the Arctic” by Admiral James Foggo III

ICYMI: should someone like this get bail? Epstein intimidation tactics detailed here | Miami Herald

The House Judiciary Committee has voted to authorize subpoenas for 12 people mentioned in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, including Jared Kushner and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Really interesting story of how Pence scuttled a plan for Trump to replace a federal judge in Indiana, because Team Pence worried attention on the new guy might reveal unflattering deets about Pence’s own past ⁦

Jeffrey Epstein set up his own lodge at Interlochen arts camp — where woman says he tried to groom her teen daughter

US government posts $8 billion deficit in June

A lack of action at the federal level has prompted many states to craft their own programs designed to counter foreign efforts to undermine American democracy and educate the next generation of voters in schools

Democratic Senator Brown attacks Trump capital gains tax cut bid

Josh Hawley's plan to become the right's leading voice on tech is paying off

New victims come forward as Epstein asks to be released from jail to his Manhattan mansion

Homeland Security exhibits ignorance, incompetence in handling of surveillance contractor breach

You may also want to remind them that Trump Models was shut in April of 2017 and was under investigation, but here's one of their tweets:

Trump attorneys to square off with Democrats in appeals case over financial records

A secret recording raises questions about ties between Italy’s far right and Russia

Putin seeks to lock in parliament control amid falling ratings

Another twist in Sandy Hook families’ defamation case against Alex Jones

Harris: Trump in the business of intimidating the vulnerable

Trump suffers resounding defeat on census citizenship question

Trump ICE raid threat to families continues campaign of cruelty

President Trump’s pick to be top general says he will “not be intimidated into making stupid decisions”

Today, Trump opened the White House to the trolls, in the hopes they can help him win four more years there. The crowd included some of the most problematic figures on the internet like Ali Alexander (the guy who started a birther-like smear campaign

Trump lashed out at Ryan following the release of excerpts from an upcoming book in which the former Speaker of the House criticized the president for not knowing "anything about government."

Poll shows Harris among top tier candidates with room to grow

.@SenBrianSchatz: Is severe weather increasing due to climate change? Fed Chair Jerome Powell: I believe it is, yes.

He complained at length about Twitter making it hard to follow him, which it isn’t doing. He said the Census asks about toilets, which it doesn’t do. He said thousands were outside a rally where a few dozen were outside. Fact-check with

amazing shot of gorka yelling at @BrianKarem in the white house garden over an event on memes bc that's the type of thing our government does now