Thursday, February 2, 2017

Racism FBI says white supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement around the country

Here's how much Betsy DeVos and her family paid to back GOP senators

BREAKING: U.S. warns Israel to stop announcing new West Bank settlements


John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth

change tricky dicky to lumpy trumpy

Press Secretary Sean Spicer Falsely Accuses Iran of Attacking U.S. Navy Vessel, an Act of War

Arrests and Anxiety at Standing Rock As Trump Pushes DAPL Ahead

Trump didn't bother to show up in Situation Room for botched Yemen raid

So, basically, we're going to let this 4-month old baby die so Donald Trump can get his rocks off by hating her

Evan McMullin has become an unlikely civic superego for the age of Trump:

A little need it

McCain calls Australian ambassador to express "unwavering support" following Trump exchange

Are you going to help us save democracy or not?

CURRENT Military officials are saying that Trump's lack of intelligence & prep have already gotten people killed.

8 year old girl... American Citizen

Take it from Syria. stop Trump while you can.

White House defends deadly raid in Yemen as "a successful operation by all standards"

We got it Sean..War is peace, ignorance is strength...

Trump Promises To 'Totally Destroy' Johnson Amendment - At the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump pandered

Very very bad bad bad

Russian stocks surge as comrade Trump eases relations with Vlad

Republicans Just Killed Obama’s Rule Blocking Mentally Ill From Owning Guns

Anti-Donald Trump Backlash Outpacing Tea Party | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Published on Feb 2, 2017
Rachel Maddow reports on Democrats and anti-Trump opposition groups organizing more quickly and with greater popular support among Americans than the tea party of 2010.

Nancy Pelosi suggests Donald Trump get his mental health checked

Treasury Department easing sanctions on Russia

Ta Da !- Mission Accomplished!

Mike Flynn Trumps Senior Military Advisor 5 calls to Rus Ambassador on sanction. Has actually trained Senior Russian Intelligence Officers

BREAKING: US Amb. to UN Haley: "I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia" in eastern Ukraine.

Foreign policy insider: No transcript of Trump-Putin call ‘because White House turned off recording’

The plot thickens

Nancy Pelosi calls Steve Bannon a white supremacist

In a shocking about face, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has dropped out of President Trump's business advisory council

Draft executive order would expand religious legal protections; could allow denial of services to gays

Hundreds of Thousands Sign Petition to Impeach Trump for Violating Constitution over Biz Interests - Donald Trump’s presidency is less than a week old, but some attorneys say a case for impeachment can already be made. We speak to John Bonifaz, who says Trump has violated a part of the U.S. Constitution that bars Trump from receiving payments from

Alert! We Can't Have Steve Bannon In The National Security Council

Schwarzenegger Humiliates Trump

and it's hilarious...

Trump can't even shake hands normally

The Republican Party Is Becoming a Real Danger to Human Survival

Trump is insane. We have proof now. He needs to be removed from office. Peacefully, one hopes. @GOP, you know what you have to do -- do it.

Going rogue: Bureaucrats are finding ways to resist President Trump, and some are turning to social media

What gives President Trump power to issue orders on immigration? We got answers to some big reader questions

Fillon bid for French presidency in turmoil as MPs break rank

Will France fall as America has, into tyranny by sacrificing democracy for fear? Did the Russians get you too?

Senators set to huddle on Russia hacking probe

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull refuses to comment on reports that President Trump hung up on him

White House denies report Trump threatened to send US troops to Mexico to deal with "bad hombres"

Nearly two weeks after his inauguration, President Donald Trump's White House isn't yet open to the public for tours

Trump threatens to pull funding from U.C. Berkeley after protests against Milo Yiannopoulos turn violent

Trump sees his shadow on Groundhog Day

meme GOP

Federal workers turn to encryption to thwart Trump,

Twitter to donate $1.6M to ACLU after Trump immigration ban

France wants their statue back

Februarary 17th Nationwide Strike

February 17th Nationwide Strike

Who is the biggest National Security risk?

Trump admin drafts executive action that would broaden "religious freedom" protections

'Dumb deal' drags Australia-U.S. ties to new low after tense Trump call

Why did white women vote for Trump? Look at Kellyanne Conway's sexual harassment story.

Wow. "Trump approved...without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations."

House Staffers Worked on Trump Immigration Order, Allegedly Signed Nondisclosure Agreements

While President Trump's controversial executive order on immigration caught much of official Washington off guard, congressional staffers secretly worked on the measure without the knowledge of many lawmakers, sources told ABC News.

Democratic base: Obstruct

President Donald Trump's nominee for Education Secretary is now perilously close to defeat in her confirmation battle and Democrats are putting pressure on senators from their own party to oppose every Trump nominee, particularly for the Supreme Court. Duration: 6:04

Trump to focus counter-extremism programme solely on Islam

EXCLUSIVE: Trump's Supreme Court pick founded and led club called 'Fascism Forever' at his elite all-boys Washington prep school

Steve Bannon

Democrats press Ryan on nondisclosure rules

Stephen Looks At Washington And Wonders: What's Happening?

Stephen examines the latest chaotic news out of D.C. including a Supreme Court nomination, the Monday Night Massacre, and audio issues plaguing the Democrats.

Senate Democrats continue to stall several Trump nominees. Good. They should do more: They should reject them

Loyal to a T | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

When you run the government, you can replace qualified staffers with whoever will hump your leg the hardest.

Breitbart Editor's Event Canceled As Protests Turn Violent At UC Berkeley

How to Build an Autocracy