Wednesday, September 19, 2018

‘The Apprentice’ book excerpt: At CIA’s ‘Russia House,’ growing alarm about 2016 election interference

More witnesses about accusations against Kavanaugh and rape culture at Holten-Arms & Georgetown Prep are coming out. A full FBI investigation needs to begin so that criminal liability attaches to each witness. (For protection, I blocked out the poster on this since deleted post.)

Analysis: Republicans have no good options on Brett Kavanaugh

Two sources told me the White House has heard rumors that Ford’s account will be verified by women who say she told it to them contemporaneously.

UPDATE: Danske Bank's Russian money laundering is up to $233 BILLION, up from the last total, $150B.

This is the letter, posted on Facebook, from a woman who knew Kavanaugh, Judge and Blasey Ford and claims that the attack did happen, that "many of us heard about it in school," and that it was talked about for days afterward. The FBI should interview her and others.

The Department of Justice and the FBI will reportedly defy Trump's demand that secret documents from the Russia investigation be declassified and will redact the material

In Paul Ryan’s 3 years as Speaker, the annual deficit has skyrocketed from $430 billion to nearly $1 trillion as he heads for the exit door having passed the largest tax cut in history for billionaires. Sleazy attack ads are one last, obscene goodbye.

It's growing increasingly clear that if Christine Blasey Ford doesn't testify, Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed with Republicans falling in line -- barring any new developments over the next week

“We here at @FoxNews love America so much that we believe convicted felons and their foreign govt employers should have free reign propagandizing, manipulating discourse, and interfering in our sovereignty so long as they aren’t America-hating liberals.”

Brett Kavanaugh should withdraw his nomination for the good of the Supreme Court and the country

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao flew on FAA planes rather than commercial flights on seven occasions between January and August 2017. Taxpayers foot the bill – an estimated $93,977.84.

So correct Senator. And the GOP should pay with the loss of all thinking women if they jam another predator on to the High Court. Kavanaugh like Thomas is lying all way. The FBI must investigate. Stop this shameless GOP pursuit of power. November 6th thinking women must speak!

By reopening the investigation of Vince Foster's suicide Kavanuagh "tormented the Foster family in the most vicious, cruel, abuse of power I think I've ever seen in 30 years," says @PaulBegala: "If he would do something that horrible, I don't know what he was like in high school"

Alumnae Of Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Circulate Letter Of Support

Night 65 at the #KremlinAnnex

For sheer idiocy, it’s hard to beat Trump’s crackdown on trade with China

Does Graham not realize that "the lady" -- indeed, all the ladies -- have the vote?

Mark Judge does not want to testify, per a letter from his attorney

Must See. CSPAN has posted the entire nearly 8-minute exchange between Kamala Harris and Kavanaugh on the Mueller probe. It is worth your time.

U.S. Loses Track of Another 1,500 Migrant Children, Investigators Find

Opinion | Don't call the Kavanaugh allegations a "he said, she said" situation, 5 former prosecutors

Worth noting that Brett Kavanaugh would be the second Georgetown Prep alum on the Supreme Court. The first is Neil Gorsuch. They graduated two years apart.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross leaves CNBC hosts dumbfounded after he tells them that American families won't be bothered by tariffs on $200b of Chinese goods because "it's spread over thousands and thousands of products" so "nobody will actually notice" that prices went up.

Tonight Dr Ford is smartly taking control of the process. Chuck Grassley doesn’t know how to handle this.

Florida's Ron DeSantis spoke to group whose founder says devout Muslims can't be loyal Americans

Opinion: Republicans are fearful of a full airing of an attempted rape allegation

Hey @ChuckGrassley — THIS is why you need an investigation. You published a list of 65 women attesting to Kav’s character, yet now 63 of them say that YOU attained those under false pretenses. I smell a rat. WE, THE PEOPLE demand an investigation

Lawrence: why Trump is terrified about Kavanaugh

"Dr. Blasey, who has two teenagers, has moved out of her house, is arranging for private security for herself and her family, and is effectively in hiding, the person said."

Ford wants FBI investigation before testifying

Senate Democrats, led by Senator @PattyMurray, call for a non-partisan FBI investigation into Dr. Blasey Ford’s serious, credible allegations against Judge Kavanaugh and for additional voices to be heard at any hearing.

Bayer's Monsanto asks U.S. court to toss $289 million glyphosate verdict

Five states will vote without paper ballots, but experts want that to change, suggesting that paper results would help state officials recover in the event of meddling or simple mistakes

Clinton expresses concern for future of US democracy under Trump