Saturday, December 19, 2020

"Twas The Coup Before Christmas" A Late Show Animated Holiday Classic


JUST IN: Boris Johnson has imposed a full lockdown on London


[Recap] Does Hong Kong hip hop have a future under the national security law?


Facing angry doctors, Stanford official tries to explain why vaccine went to others instead. The algorithm “clearly didn’t work,” he says, as doctors boo + accuse him of lying. “Algorithms suck!” shouts one protester. “Fuck the algorithm,” says another. (video via tipster


After flat-out ignoring a massive cyber-attack on federal agencies, the outgoing president is now threatening to veto the very bill that could help us recover and prevent future cyber threats. The fallout from attacks like this could hurt us for years.


Doing Putin’s bidding as Russia wages war on the US — yes, cyberwar is WAR — may be the most obvious among Trump’s high crimes but it’s hardly the deadliest. He’s sabotaging the incoming administration’s war on #COVID and killing Americans to hurt Biden


All the Republican rats


Digital ads have returned for the Georgia runoffs, just in time for some record-breaking spending


Just in case you wondered what RUPERT MURDOCH was doing while Fox News hosts like TUCKER CARLSON were telling millions of viewers not to trust the vaccine.


COVID relief package contains a $120 billion gift to the superwealthy


A message for 2020...


With just under two hours to spare, Trump signs two-day stopgap to keep the government open until 11:59p Sunday


So lame. They dismiss serious Russian collusion and the subsequent lies and cover ups, but attack a guy who had no access at the time, and did the right thing by working with the FBI. If just one person in the Trump campaign would have done the right thing and told the FBI...


“Trump combines the ambitions of a despot with the strategic planning and operational competence of a hamster. He is an evil mastermind without the mastermind part...While we have not lost our republic, we have glimpsed how it might eventually be lost.”


People familiar with the matter note, Trump has casually slipped into conversation lines such as, “How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?” and “Remember The Apprentice?”


The Interior Secretary's covid diagnosis on Wednesday forced the cancellation of a large Interior Department holiday party scheduled for Thursday night and now the closure of the Washington Monument. They seem to be taking full advantage of all job perks.


Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan to face trial after Wuhan virus reporting as fears grow for her health


[Recap] 3 Hong Kong police officers jailed over assault of 62-year-old man tied to hospital bed


Prisoner of conscience, Joshua Wong, on the way to the court room today looking every bit like a future leader of democratic Hong Kong.


David Perdue doesn’t care about ordinary people.


We almost have a bipartisan COVID package, but at the last minute Republicans are making a demand that WAS NEVER MENTIONED AS KEY TO THE NEGOTIATIONS. They want to block the FED from helping the economy under Biden. It’s the reason we don’t have a deal.


You can be the umpire, or you can be a player, but you can’t be both at the same time. We need to #BreakUpBigTech so we can level the playing field.


If Russia had bombed the National Security Administration would we sit silent and ask for more? POTUS is violating his oath of office by not calling out Russia and sanctioning Putin and the oligarchs.


Republicans are the real socialists, from farm supports to flood insurance


The Trump administration has notified Congress that it intends to shutter the last two remaining U.S. consulates in Russia. Following the closures, the only diplomatic facility the U.S. will have in Russia will be the embassy in Moscow.


Breaking: Russia is behind the massive, ongoing cyber spy campaign against the federal government and private sector, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said — the first Trump administration official to publicly blame Moscow for the computer hacks.


Washington Post video: Inside this California hospital, a ‘constant battle’ against covid-19


Remember when Senate Republicans blew a $2 trillion hole in the deficit to give a tax cut to corporations, their donors, and themselves?


Trust me guys, nobody is more pissed off about Rupert Murdoch getting the covid vaccine than Jerry Hall.


Boston: A police officer is caught bragging about hitting BLM protesters with his car..


This is the second time in a month that one or a handful Senate Republicans, who claim to be "tough on China," blocked China bills that passed overwhelmingly in the House. The first was my bill to prohibit US companies from exporting tech that China uses for mass surveillance.


California hospitals are battling to find beds to house patients amid fears the exploding coronavirus infection rate will exhaust resources and health care workers. Nearly 17, 000 people were hospitalized with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections.


An email revealed how a campaign vendor was using a dark money group to move cash around for a candidate he supported


"Trump’s failure to protect America has not yet received the attention it deserves,"


Watch this great video (& RT to help Georgia voters see it)!


This is wild! The segment Lou Dobbs ran debunking his earlier conspiracy theorizing will be airing all weekend. Judge Jeanine and Maria Bartiromo are being forced to air it too. Fox News is clearly afraid of a lawsuit.


Federal food programs are running out of money. Some of the programs themselves are set to expire with no replacement in in the pipeline. This is an emergency few are discussing


Announcing my working visit to Spain on 21st-23rd December. I will have an online call with 🇪🇸 PM @sanchezcastejon and a meeting with MFA @AranchaGlezLaya. Meetings with Spanish Parliament and the local Belarusian diaspora are also planned.


Tragic—a mother lost **both** her sister and her 13 year old son Peyton to #COVID19. The bereaved mom took the bold step to publicly share the chilling images of her son’s blood-spattered hospital room in a bid to urge Americans to take COVID seriously.


Suffice it to say that the Kremlin has a long history of murdering its citizens, and an equally long history of lying and blaming others.


"The assassination attempt on Navalny is a terrorist attack." Deputies of Tomsk, Pskov, Karelia, Moscow and Novosibirsk insist on a criminal case


Dec. 14: Voting technology company Smartmatic sends legal notices to Fox News and other right-wing media outlets over 'disinformation campaign' Dec. 18:


The death toll from a suicide bombing aimed at Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has increased to more than a dozen


Joe and Jill Biden arrive at church on the 48th anniversary of the accident that killed Neilia and Naomi Biden, the president-elect’s first wife and daughter.


"We have Michigan hospitals and nursing homes ready to administer this vaccine. And the bottleneck appears to be the White House. And I can't get an answer why."


Afghan and NATO officials in Afghanistan say five rockets have been fired at a major U.S. base. There are no casualties reported.