Saturday, January 18, 2020

The National Archives is supposed to capture history, not erase it. Any one who was a part of this should see their job become history.

POTUS chose loathsome MAGA TV clowns as his “legal” team because he wants them to preemptively fight against impeachment. TV news has responded by giving them infinite free time to make their case. For more information, see “how trump got elected with free media coverage”

“Why are they doing this to me,” Trump is asking people down at Mar-a-Lago this weekend. Trump wanted TV ready attorneys and was fixated on Dershowitz who needed convincing to join Trump’s trial team.

The Democratic nominee needs to make a campaign promise to prosecute every member of Congress involved in this criminal conspiracy

ACLU Deputy Legal Director Louise Melling responds to National Archives: “Apologizing is not enough. The National Archives must explain to the public why it even took the Orwellian step of trying to rewrite history and erasing women’s bodies from it, as well as who ordered it."

A group of prominent anti-Trump conservatives released a new ad that urges GOP senators to conduct a fair impeachment trial of Donald Trump over the Ukraine scandal.

All I can say is this: I very much look forward to Rod’s deposition.

Neal Katyal: "Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani have demolished Trump's claims of innocence."

Parnas said Giuliani, Toensing, and diGenova tried to get "Soros people" fired from Zelensky's government

NEW OVERNIGHT: In late-night court filing from DOJ, @RodRosenstein acknowledges he made decision to release Strzok-Page texts that have fueled many a POTUS attack on the former FBI employees. Both are suing over release, saying it invaded their privacy

Parnas was all over TV saying he didn't believe there was anything to Hyde except bluster, that there was no threat to Yovanovich. His own documents provide evidence to the contrary

"A calendar entry shows Parnas had a scheduled breakfast with Trump in New York on Sept. 26, even after the whistleblower complaint jump-started the process that led to the president's impeachment."

In breaking the 1974 Impoundment Control Act, Trump violated the Constitution’s separation of powers. That was the main mechanism for his shakedown of Ukraine to benefit himself with illegal foreign help in the 2020 election. That’s impeachment Art. I.

A classic Russian ploy is to sow division and distrust between natural allies. So when you see overblown outrage trending on Twitter, ask yourself WWPW (what would Putin want) and maybe breathe and let the hashtag pass.

Am I the only one that remembers that the feds found a safe full of photo CD’s in Jeffrey Epstein’s house?

"20th Century Fox, a name and klieg-lit logo that stretches back 85 years in Hollywood, is dropping the word Fox so that consumers do not mistakenly think the movie studio has anything to do Rupert Murdoch’s polarizing Fox News media empire."

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey casually called Elon Musk at an employee conference and asked, "If you were running Twitter, what would you do?" The Tesla CEO said it "would be helpful to differentiate" between real users and bots or a "troll army."

More than eight in 10 African Americans believe President Trump is racist and that he has contributed to making racism a bigger problem in the United States, according to a new Washington Post-Ipsos poll

Opinion: Thanks to Trump, we are living in a world of sleaze

.@LindseyGrahamSC in 2016 vs Lindsey Graham in 2020. Selling out your country from inside Trump’s ass takes its toll.

I forget who tweeted this last night or I would credit them.

I expect this in China or Russia — but at the National Archives in DC? Presenters of an exhibit altered photos of Women’s March to blur signs critical of Trump.

Bill Barr must have had an interesting childhood. His dad wrote this book about sex slaves.

Former US Rep. Collins gets over 2 years in insider trading case

NEW tonight from @davidgshortell and @evanperez: Barr dropped into Giuliani meeting at Justice Department in previously undisclosed encounter

Trump ends LSU event by turning it into a rally: "You got a good [POTUS] now - even though they're trying to impeach the son of a bitch! Can you believe that?... we took out those terrorists like your football team would've taken out those terrorists!" Players look uncomfortable

Despite a court order, the Justice Department is holding back Special Counsel Mueller memos regarding the interviews conducted with the President’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner. CNN and Buzzfeed won access to thousands of pages of Mueller’s witness memos.

What impeachment watchers are getting wrong about John Roberts’ role

I like Ted’s first legal motion in this matter re Nunes’s threatened lawsuit: “... take your letter and shove it.” He could sell tickets to a deposition of Nunes. There is no action here because Nunes has no reputation to protect. He is a danger to America’s national security!

Why is the FCC allowing hostile foreign intelligence to broadcast propaganda from INSIDE the United States in an election year?

The facts were overwhelming. He gave us no choice. That is why the current occupant of the White House is impeached forever. And with each passing day, we learn of his corrupt mission to cheat in the 2020 election.

The new Parnas texts show a top Nunes aide in frequent contact with Parnas. In one exchange, the aide appears to pass along Nunes' contact info just before the Intel Committee indicated that a phone connected to Nunes contacted a phone connected to Parnas.

Geography, history, civics, spelling, grammar, math, science....none of them are strong suits for this family

Would it be over the top to include this in the billboard video loop playing outside the Senate next week?

Mississippi man gets 12 years in prison for possessing a cellphone in county jail Willie Nash, 39, a married father of three, was in a Mississippi county jail on a misdemeanor charge when he asked a guard to charge his cellphone.

Prohibition's repeal shows America can correct its mistakes

GAO busts Trump 'no crime' claim with regard to Ukraine scheme

New evidence calls for answer on cancelled Pence Ukraine trip

This is Devin Nunes aide and House Intelligence staffer Derek Harvey trying to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton in 2019 from Lev Parnas.

It would appear the President and the Ayatollah are in a Twitter fight. So, Friday.

This is at least the seventh person allegedly associated with the neo-Nazi group The Base to have been arrested this week