Tuesday, February 26, 2019

UPDATE: Me: Any response to those who say you’re witness tampering? @mattgaetz: I’m witness testing. We still are allowed to test the veracity and character of witnesses, I think. Me: So you disagree with those who say you’re witness tampering? Gaetz: Yes

Rep. Matt Gaetz, speaking outside his office to reporters, repeatedly argued that his tweet on Michael Cohen is not a threat and it’s not witness tampering but “witness testing.”

My short text convo with @mattgaetz just now: Me: Congressman, Any chance you have a few minutes to discuss what you implied with your tweet to Michael Cohen? Perhaps a preview? Gaetz: Watch tomorrow. Me: Will do -- anything I should be prepared for? Gaetz: Fireworks

With hours to go until Michael Cohen testifies in an open congressional hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) had a message for him ― and a bizarrely threatening one at that.

Cohen will present document to criminally implicate Trump

Calls grow for Acosta to resign as Epstein’s sex abuse victims demand justice

A Republican Congressman Just Threatened Michael Cohen On Twitter. Did He Break the Law? The tweet by Rep. Matt Gaetz has raised questions about potential witness tampering.

Did Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz attempt to intimidate Michael Cohen before testimony?

Michael Cohen was disbarred in New York, according to a state appeals court filing

HHS docs show thousands of alleged incidents of sexual abuse against unaccompanied minors in custody

Me on Bernie: “This is the candidate who, at a crucial moment in our history, worked to split the party that could’ve stopped tRUmp, and did so with Paul Manafort’s business partner. His outrage over tRUmp should be directed towards himself, and the Kremlin.”

U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms

Why has Moscow not been plunged into darkness yet?

DARE: Democratic Senators Want Intelligence Community to Submit Report on Khashoggi's Murder

"They need to be kicked to the curb and stomped on and run over a few times.” Minnesota Republican encourages gun owners to physically assault Democrats in unhinged rally speech.

The House Oversight Committee has voted to subpoena Trump admin officials at DOJ, HHS, and Homeland Security over family separations at the border, the first issued in the new Congress

New: Michael Cohen is prepared to say who signed the $35,000 monthly checks he received in recompense for his Stormy Daniels hush money payments, and may bring documentation showing who signed them, per a source w knowledge of his upcoming testimony

"Lavrov, who is also visiting Vietnam this week

Michael Cohen arrives at Senate Intel

Our President is a moron and this video is just more proof.

Or, so @SenateMajLdr McConnell understands: “An Iceberg the Size of Pulaski County, Kentucky Could Soon Break Off Antarctica”

Active-shooter drills in schools: useless, terrifying to children, a waste of time and mental health.. Another fiasco resulting from the innumeracy of the supposedly educated, e.g. journalists & education administrators

Watch "LIVE: Michael Cohen Testimony - U.S. House Committee On Oversight and Reform" on YouTube

Michael Cohen’s public testimony on Wednesday “will crackle with the human drama, high stakes and political intrigue of a John Grisham novel.” Here’s my take for ⁦@CNNOpinion ⁦@CNN⁩ on the five key questions Congress needs to ask.

House committee believes it has evidence Trump wanted top ally in charge of Cohen probe

Indian fighter jets cross into Pakistani territory, launch targeted airstrike

Jake Tapper has a reminder for Donald Trump Jr. on what constitutes "actual crimes."

Who—or What—Was the FBI’s Mole at the Heart of the Trump Campaign?

Click to copyhttps://apnews.com/c5cdb9e49183456bb8371745017864d2 RELATED TOPICS Summits International News Moscow North Korea Trump-Kim Summit Politics North America Vietnam Asia Pacific Sergey Lavrov Donald Trump Europe Russia United States Russia: US asks for advice on North Korea talks

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "This isn't about the border, this is about the Constitution of the United States. This is not about politics, it's not about partisanship. It's about patriotism."

Beyond parody: Trump claims Ivanka Trump "has created millions of jobs."

Perspective: Congress could cut pay of Trump aides who try to enforce nondisclosure agreements

One in four troops sees white nationalism in the ranks

Colorado could soon award electoral college votes to popular vote winner

Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy has formally disbanded the task force formed by his predecessor to guide the state's response to global warming. He also revoked a 2017 order that established a state climate change strategy.

JUST IN: Indian official says more than 300 terrorists were killed in Pakistan air strikes

Vacancies throughout the State Department, including at senior levels, pose profound challenges today. But the drying pipeline of new recruits--the so-called "Trump effect"--will hinder our diplomacy for years to come.

There has been a drastic drop in the enforcement of environmental regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump administration, an advocacy group says in a report to Congress

WSJ: House Judiciary Believes It Has Evidence Trump Asked Whitaker About SDNY Probe.

“proposed mine that would be built in one of the world's most seismically active regions and at the headwaters of the world's most productive salmon fishery—a fishery that happens to be a $1.5 billion economic engine for the state of Alaska.”

Opinion: Imagine if candidates didn’t have to beg rich people for money

Facebook said that it would allow a network of millennial-focused pages tied to the Russian state-backed media outlet RT back on its platform after having previously suspended them following inquiries by CNN

Pakistan Says Indian Aircraft 'Violated' Its Airspace

India says carried out air strike on 'terror camps' inside Pakistan

The reason the stock market hasn't collapsed is big corporations have used their tax savings to buy up their own shares of stock. But what happens when the music stops -- as it must?

Am I misunderstood or are Sanders and that idiot from starbucks the only ones who have had these spotlight forums?


Trump mocks delegation, faces strong disapproval

Lawrence's Last Word: Trump isn’t helping himself

Former Federal Reserve chair: Trump doesn't understand economic policy

Trump speaks at fourth-grade level, lowest of last 15 U.S. presidents, new analysis finds

.@GovEvers has decided to pull all WI National Guard troops from the border because he says there isn't enough evidence to support Trump's national emergency declaration.

Manafort's lawyers say that were it not for Mueller's appointment as special counsel, DOJ would have viewed his crimes as fairly minor. Also, "there is no evidence of Russian collusion."

In addition to being a demented lie, this is incredibly dangerous. The president is inciting violence against abortion doctors, clinic staff, patients, politicians and activists who support reproductive autonomy and justice.

POTUS is lying to American people, AGAIN. The Sasse bill criminalizes doctors & is not based on science, medical practice, or reality. The lies are dangerous for women, families & docs. A decision about if & when to become a parent is btwn a woman & her doctor - not politicians.

Brennan disheartened by Congress members who ignore Russia intel

Former national security officials condemn Trump's 'emergency'

Butina case due for update as Russian preps for deportation

Trump faces possible rebuke from Congress on border 'emergency'

Putin's presence looms over Trump's meeting with North Korea