Sunday, November 3, 2019

US Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin listed as contact for Epstein friend's firm

The President just suggested he'd soon be releasing the personal information of an active duty Army Lt. Col. whom his own staff recruited to the White House and who continues to serve the President to this day.

“Trump vows ‘no more’ federal aid to California as devastating wildfires continue to burn”

FDA Keeps Brand-Name Drugs on a Fast Path to Market ― Despite Manufacturing Concerns

Trump says the identity of the whistleblower is known, according to reports in the media. “You know who it is you just don’t want to report it,” he tells us

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Your federal agencies own the majority of the forest land in CA. Our state only owns about 3%. So when you allege a "terrible job" you are actually referring to yourself. Also, the causes of the fires vary. Please educate yourself.

Tax cuts for the rich. "God, gays and guns" for the poor. That's the GOP.

Bannon to Kushner talking about Paul Manafort three days before the 2016 election: “they are going to try and say the Russians worked with wiki leaks to give this victory to us... can’t let word get out he is advising us.”

A judge in Oregon has granted a temporary restraining order against a Trump admin policy that would have denied immigrants a visa unless they can prove they will have health insurance.

Such a shocker that Konstantin Kilimnik, with his ties to Russian intelligence, has been promoting the same conspiracy theory ("let's pretend that Ukraine—not Russia—meddled in U.S. elections") that Trump is still pushing

Here’s How the KGB Knew You’d Be a Traitor: an Exclusive Look at Its Recruitment Manual

This flew under the radar. Bannon is retired Navy if I'm not mistaken.

Former Trump Veterans Affairs secretary says staffer found plans to replace him in department copier: report

How an impeachment talking point went from Fox News to congressional Republicans

A total lie. @realDonaldTrump is a predator trying to destroy whistleblowers who follow the rules.

Stephanopoulos: "Why go forward [with the impeachment inquiry] in the absence Republican support?" House Foreign Affairs Chair Rep. Eliot Engel: "Well, it's not a matter of Republican support. It's a matter of what the president did."

The only ‘Soviet-style’ impeachment behavior is coming from Trump and his commissars"

ICYMI: Turkey’s lobbyists at Rudy Giuliani’s old firm Greenberg Traurig reported two meetings with Senator Lindsey Graham in their last statement.

From Rick Gates' April 2018 302 interview: -The RNC colluded with Russian intelligence front Wikileaks, timed operations with them -Flynn, a moron traitor, thought the USIC was too dumb to figure it out; he "the best Russia contacts"

It’s crazy and frightening that Flynn was the National Security Advisor

The Kurdish military leader: “We will negotiate with the Us but Trump must respect the agreements”

RECAP: Bannon called Kush back from vaca with The Chinese Spy Who Was Putin's GF to fake fire Manafort who was under FISA warrant and continued to secretly advise campaign (under FISA) right up to election night.

This was under-reported last week. Whiskey Steve is very much trying to save his own skin. Roger Stone better start getting used to wearing an orange jumpsuit :)

If the President cannot go out in public without being booed, he should probably take the hint and resign.

Biggest revelation from yesterdays FBI document dump is that Erik Prince (EP) and Steve Bannon were coaching @MrT's narrative.

Firtash.? mean guy funding Parnas and Fruman..Guliani buddies, the guys trump claims not to know, despite being photographed with them many times ?

Dear America, you have 12 months to demand paper ballots everywhere or we lose the republic. There is a reason #MoscowMitch and the GOP don't care about election security. Because they've learned how to cheat and get better at it with each election cycle.

Fentanyl is a WMD. It needs to be classified and treated as such with criminal penalties to match. This is much worse than Heroin. It’s guaranteed death from minuscule quantities.

Such a touching tribute this evening in #Needham, MA to witness the arrival of the remains of a WWII #veteran unidentified for 76 years after he was killed in Romania during the war. He landed tonight at Boston’s Logan Airport and had a military escort all the way home.

His name was 1st Lt. Joseph E. Finneran. 

There are so many bad things in these news released Mueller documents - “Internal Mueller documents show Trump campaign chief pushed unproven theory Ukraine hacked Democrats”

Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White suggested people send her their January salary or face consequences from God

Iran's Khamenei renews ban on talks with U.S.

Who are the most (and least) powerful impeachment players? We’ve mapped who really holds sway in the open-ended impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Meanwhile......President Obama attends game

This FOIA trove reinforces my sense that Bob Mueller might have been too weakened, perhaps by age-related illness, to resist Rosenstein’s self-interested constraints on the inquiry. Remember who chose Mueller to be the Special Counsel.

I don't know what happened to short circuit the Mueller investigation, but something happened and we need to know what it was.

Okay one more because the booing is really really good here:

Trump’s entire national security Cabinet unanimously supported selling antitank weapons to the Ukrainians. But Trump hesitated. “He kept saying it . . . wasn’t worth pissing off Russia and what a bad country Ukraine was.”

Trump told his top advisers that “everyone” was telling him not to do it because it would anger Russia, the former official said. In fact, his entire team was advising the opposite.

This nags me: "no collusion, no obstruction" started b4 Barr. Mueller report had those two sections. Trump not prosecuted. New 302s are damning. How did 45 know outcome; Y not more prosecuted? Mole?

We just need NASCAR fans to top it all off.

U.S. officials concluded that Trump’s hatred towards Ukraine was "ingrained, irrational and possibly irreversible."

Peak Trump is spending years demonizing immigrants while promising a “great, great wall” paid for by Mexico only to violate the Constitution to steal funding from our troops for a limited, little wall that smugglers can cut through in ten minutes with cheap cordless handsaws.

Letter that @SpeakerPelosi sent to my colleagues and I tonight. Worth reading every line.

When you’re too stupid to realize that an arena full of people are booing your daddy

Donald has the sadz! Good

“Those weren’t boos! Those were alternative cheers”

I covered the Soviet Union and its face off with American democracy. To liken this impeachment inquiry to Soviet tactics is to make a mockery of all who stood up for justice, accountability and the rule of law during the Cold War - including many, many Republicans.

Mueller Documents: Manafort Pushed Ukraine Hack Theory

I’m sure I have now heard more about trumped-up dirt on Biden and Hillary than I have heard about who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees plus his $200,000 credit card debt plus his $1.2 million mortgage, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat.

The snippets are all over Twitter tonight, but you can read the docs in full here👇 Newly released interview notes from Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation. What Rick Gates, Steve Bannon and Michael Cohen said and more

When people tell me that a woman can’t beat Donald Trump, I tell them Nancy Pelosi does it every single day.

When do the peoples grasp what an influence campaign is? Kinda hard to run your propaganda op if you don’t have content in the barrel, and a targeted release schedule.

Wait, so the Trump Campaign was “fighting corruption” in the interests of our country before he was even president?

Trump’s illegal self-enrichment spans the globe—proof that the Foreign Emoluments Clause is not self-enforcing. That’s why I’ve filed a lawsuit against him. We must block these payments & benefits that mock the Constitution’s premier anti-corruption clause

Bannon told the FBI that Ivanka and Jared vacationed in Croatia with a “Russian billionaire” in Aug 2016 –– confirming a long-denied connection between Trump world and a Russian oligarch. Jul 2017 emails reveal that Bannon and Brietbart planned to use the info against Kushner.

“I have a brother-in-law who has autism, and Trump's a guy that mocked a disabled reporter. How would I explain that to him that I hung out with somebody who mocked the way that he talked, or the way that he moves his hands? I can’t get past that stuff.”

Children were told to ‘build the wall’ at White House Halloween party

This new report outlines three key ways that Russia's military has advanced since 2000:

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve calls for a report into alleged Russian interference to be published before the general election, and says Number 10's justification for not releasing it is "completely and totally untrue. It's a lie"

Can someone explain why the @GOP continues to “deny” coordination with the WikiLeaks data dump? No really it’s right there on pages 7 & 8 Someone should ask @GOPChairwoman why the RNC knew about the release dates. How in the actual DUCK did the RNC leadership not get indicted?

Weird - closer to Bannon exiting the Admin he decided to use: Signal Protronmail Wicker Slack during the campaign he didn’t use the “secure phone” issued to him. Either Bannon & Prince lied to the FBI or they lied to Congress. ps guess who owns Slack? Did Trump use MS exchange?

Wait so Kushner (according to Bannon) had previously met MBZ? oh how adorable And they “held court” at the Four Seasons Penthouse Moreover September 2016 Obama was STILL our POTUS yet Kushner subverting current US Foreign Policy 2 months BEFORE THE ELECTION F*cking TraitorTrash

Okay let’s DO THIS because I’m already 188 pages in and I already pulled out some delicious factoids For example on Page 93 so a non-proffer Agreement Alrighty then. Glasses ON Knuckles CRACKED Keyboard ENGAGED

What on earth does this mean? Trump ran against Hillary and lost the actual vote by 3M. He didn't beat the Bushes or Bill Clinton or "Obama and all of his people." He helped steal the Electoral College with Putin's acknowledged help. That's it.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Trump booed in New York's Madison Square Garden - second time in six days

“One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that ‘it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking in quite robust terms for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services’.”

"[Rick] Gates recalled a time on the campaign aircraft when candidate Trump said, 'get the emails.' [Michael] Flynn said he could use his intelligence sources to obtain the emails," investigators wrote about Gates' April 2018 interview with Mueller's team.

There sure is a lot of redacted stuff about Cambridge Analytica in the FOIA’d 302s. It’s almost as if it’s a subject of an ongoing investigation.

It’s literally called the “House Oversight Committee.” What the President does is 100% their business.

Wow — @realDonaldTrump can’t show his face in public these days without getting booed and cursed!!

Prosecutors reject Flynn claims ahead of sentencing

"Only now, 16 months after a federal judge ordered migrant families reunified, has the scale of the administration’s cruelty become understood. Most Americans thought the policy detestable. It was far worse than they imagined."

Trump protest in NYC. Now singing: “We won’t live in a fascist USA”

Trump’s solicitation of foreign election help is a crime regardless of how a foreign entity responds. His act alone, a pattern for him now, leaves our elections and our freedom vulnerable to foreign powers and the only recourse is impeachment.

Pres. Trump's approval rating is 38% in the new @ABC News/WaPo poll. Among Republicans, he's at a career low of 74%—down steeply from a career-high 87% in July.

Like the bully he is, the President is always trying to imply that he has some killer moment waiting for his enemies, when in fact what he's doing, every time, is making stuff up out of sweaty fear and panicky stupidity.

“Get the emails!”

— President Trump's staff once wanted his tweets on a 15-minute delay — Over half of the president's more than 11,000 tweets are attacks — His retweets have given a boost to white nationalists, anti-Muslim bigots and adherents of QAnon

On the contrary, the impeachment inquiry is required to uphold our values, faith-based or otherwise. Those values include the existence of truth, the natural liberty of all and—say it with me, Pastor Jeffress—the equal value of all humankind.

If Trump’s failure to succeed is the new defense, then the gig is up. Attempt to commit a crime is a crime. Same is true for impeachable acts. Just because Trump failed does not make him less blameworthy. And there was no failure to delay military aid.

Large adult son of a failed president with the saddest tweet.

NBC reporting that AG Bill Barr has approached 5 intel agencies including the UK asking in strong terms for help with a “hatchet job” on theirs and U.S. Intel services by rescinding assessment that Putin interferred with the 2016 Presidential Election. WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON?

U.S. economy slips from first to third place in global competitiveness ranking amid Trump's tariffs

Barr. Just your average Attorney General, out in the world trying to damage our own intelligence community to keep his president in office & ruining relationships with our allies in the process. Roy Cohn would be so proud. And Putin can’t be unhappy about it.

Mueller interview notes obtained by CNN show Trump's push for stolen emails

This is a big story that needs to get more attention. Donald Trump and Bill Barr are ruthlessly pressuring foreign governments to trash OUR intelligence community. To trash OUR people. Talk about traitorous.

Holy shit. Wait til the end.

“ ‘We could never quite understand it,’ ex-senior WH official said of Trump’s negative view of Ukraine.”

Gates described in an interview with Mueller investigators last year how several close advisers to Trump, Trump's family members and Trump himself considered how to get the stolen documents and pushed the effort Hannity is also mentioned.

And it shall be named... The Shambolic Wantonness

Many of us remember this trip. Ivanka, Jared, Wendi Deng, David Geffen’s yacht, Brian Grazer and new wife (then) Veronica. According to the Mueller Report files, he was called home to fire Manafort Say Rybolovlev.

Manafort to Kushner, 11/5/16: “I am really feeling good about our prospects on Tuesday and focusing on preserving the victory. This memo deals with this concern. I sent this to Reince, and briefed Rick Gates and Hannity.”

Our military deserves a commander-in-chief who ensures they have what they need when we send them into harm's way. Donald Trump betrays this sacred obligation. By abandoning partners who risk everything to stand at our side, Trump makes every future mission harder for our troops.

The president told reporters tonight, “Nancy Pelosi has become unhinged. There’s something wrong with her....the polls are saying don’t do it. “ referring to impeachment.

Trump has entered the building lol #UFC244 #UFC

LOL Eric's all DUHHRRR in that picture while everyone else is dejected from the booing!

Trump is coming to NYC. And the protest at Madison Square Garden has begun.

Only now do we understand the true cruelty of Trump’s family separation

In Trump’s Twitter Feed: Conspiracy-Mongers, Racists and Spies

Speaker Pelosi letter to Dems ends: "As we legislate, investigate and litigate, we recognize that no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States. He will be held accountable. The times have found each and every one of us ... Thank you for your patriotism."

That sound you hear is @realDonaldTrump getting booed at #UFC244

Gaetz provoked a mob of Republicans into violating a secret hearing and contaminating a national security facility, He wasted over 5 hours of 100 Congressional members, staff and federal officials' time. That stunt cost us over $100,000, for *nothing*.