Sunday, August 19, 2018

Steve Bannon recently Met With Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein.Bannon seeks Epstein’s cash & Epstein reportedly seeks Bannon’s political connections. Bannon has worked with men accused of things similar to Epstein (Roy Moore & Donald Trump

Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits

"Would you consider privatizing (in Afghanistan), using contractors instead of U.S. military?"

A chilling point from Paul Krugman: “I don’t think most political commentators have grasped how deep the rot goes. I don’t think they understand, or at any rate admit to themselves, that democracy really could die just a few months from now.” Think Nov. 6!

John Dean fires back at Trump: "I doubt you have ANY IDEA" what McGahn told Mueller in testimony

It’s counsel you simpleton. Further, McGahn doesn’t work for you. He works for the American people. He’s also the person who learned that you can’t pardon your co-conspirators. What do you suppose he and Mueller spoke about for over 30 hours? You’re going to prison, Traitor.

Trump Says He Allowed White House Counsel to ‘Fully Cooperate’ With Russia Probe

BREAKING: Trump administration releases latest numbers on migrant kids it separated from parents. This is most detailed data we've seen so far.

Governor of Montana and possible 2020 candidate @GovernorBullock discusses the state of the Democratic Party and how Dems can beat Trump in 2020

This sums up the intellect & depth of knowledge of a significant portion of Trump Supporters better than I ever could. Bless their hearts...

This is a heart-wrenching disgrace.

Red hot planet: This summer’s punishing and historic heat in 7 maps and charts

Facebook opens up to researchers — but not about the 2016 election

How elected leaders are actually making the world less democratic

A profile of those “struggling to fit” into Trump’s #Republican party.

Lou , just so happens Royal Bank of Scotland also laundered Russian Federation money. Below is a partial list of 50 banks who were conducting money laundering for Russia. Like RBS, UAE's Swiss based Falcon Bank also laundered money for 1MDB & Ru

Report: Out of 282 traffic arrests & bookings in Polk County Iowa, 282 were black & 0 were white •Polk County Iowa is 4.8% black and 88% white •This is what institutionalized white supremacy looks like in the criminal justice system

A federal judge has ruled that a confidentiality agreement between the Trump campaign and a former staffer is limited in scope, a decision that could have potential ramifications for other NDAs signed by former Trump staffers

Last night, Mariia Butina was moved to the same jail in Alexandria, VA where Paul Manafort is currently housed. It's not clear why yet.

We stripped 20 cable news chyrons of their network identification. Our challenge to you? Correctly identify the network on which it appeared.

What are Republicans so scared of Americans learning about Kavanaugh? I’ve urged repeatedly—we have a right & responsibility to know

President Trump is as strongly disliked now as President Richard Nixon was before he resigned, poll shows

Opinion: Is President Trump trying to tamper with the Manafort jury?

Twitter CEO @Jack Dorsey: We are not discriminating against any political viewpoint

Scores of ex-spies join in rebuking Trump over security clearances

A senior prosecutor, @ElleWoodsRuns, in the CA AG's office, trolling on Twitter. Attacking the disabled, veterans, and babies. In DM rooms with self-professed trolls and doxxers. Tweets from her where she admits to knowing as much.

Former Trump aide: The press is not the ‘enemy of the people’

Nixon, generally very competent, bungled and botched his handling of Watergate. Trump, a total incompetent, is bungling and botching his handling of Russiagate. Fate is never kind to bunglers and/or botchers! Unlike Nixon, however, Trump won’t leave willingly or graciously.

Officials are defending closing almost all of the polling places in a majority black county in Georgia, saying the locations aren't compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ACLU and local residents think their justification is absurd

Boogeywomen — GOP vilifies big-name female Dems

Cruz goes after Beto O'Rourke for supporting NFL players' anthem protests

Trying to pin your crimes on your attorney is not a smart thing to do, unless your attorney is significantly dumber than you are.

Actually they did. Early October. Publicly. Drowned out by the “grab them by the p***y” tape that hit less than an hour later. Followed by a big Wikileaks dump the hour after that. Coincidence?

Ha, the nerve here. This guy lied to me when I interviewed him for his role in #RussianCollusion. Then, he sent an “amended” letter changing his bullshit story once he was exposed.