Sunday, January 10, 2021

List is growing of corps suspending campaign donations to the #SeditionCaucus - Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Citibank - Commerce Bank - Marriott


WATCH: Procession in Washington, D.C., for fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died after being injured in clash with a pro-Trump mob Wednesday.


And still nothing from Trump. Not a single word.


Why hasn’t anyone called for the immediate removal of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert from Congress. Both supported the pre-insurrection lies of voter fraud, both are QAnon terrorists and Lauren was tweeting out Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s location as the attack took place.


While the regime terrorizes Belarusians, the people use their partisan roots. Large rallies are not announced publicly, but people organize peaceful protests in their neighborhoods by themselves and secretly. They are marching for the new Belarus, free and democratic.


The other Murdoch outlets have tried to separate themselves from Trump's Big Lie, but Fox News seems intent on covering up for murder and attempted assassination here, all day, scripted.


'The Defense Department said 'NO THANKS' to the National Guard clearing us out of here' Now you know why Trump fired them all. FOR THIS!


"The extremists are the ones who egged on the insurrectionists with four years of lies. Republicans may be abandoning the sinking Trump ship, but don’t let this 11th-hour maneuver fool you"


In honor of @jaredkushner's 40th Birthday today... oh, and Jared & @IvankaTrump will NEVER go to the Met Gala again.


Clarence Thomas should have been impeached a decade ago for serious ethics violations. It’s not too late.


NEW — the attending physician has sent out an email saying that people in the safe room during the riots may have been exposed to the coronavirus.


Another US Capitol Police Officer has died after the insurrection. Officer Howard Liebengood has died by suicide.


His name is USCP Officer Eugene Goodman. Remember his name. He almost certainly saved lives on Wednesday. My thanks, Officer Goodman. THANK YOU.


LATEST: Trump, confident VP and cabinet won’t attempt to remove him under 25th Amendment, is planning defiant final days in office—more pardons, trip to Alamo, possible action on Big Tech companies.


I submit this video as evidence in the Impeachment of Donald Trump. Donald Trump engaged in "violent, deadly and seditious acts" which betrayed his trust as President and endangered the security of the United States.


Right-wing extremists vow to return to Washington for Joe Biden's inauguration


Capitol Police announces the death of another officer: “The United States Capitol Police is deeply saddened by the off-duty death of Officer Howard Liebengood, age 51. He was assigned to the Senate Division, and has been with the Department since April 2005.”


Sources say Trump has made comments that gave no indication he was worried about leaving early or being removed


.⁦@KellyannePolls⁩ is as responsible for trumpism as trump is


This piece by @RepMeijer (R-MI) details the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol, and this reality - that they succeeded in changing votes - is among the worst to contend with.


Um... I think some people (10s of millions, but who’s counting) had it already “realized.”


“The fact is that almost every single one of the Republicans who talk about “election integrity” now were sitting shotgun in the Coupmobile until the moment things went south.”


If anyone didn’t believe the accusations of the 13 year-old girl attacked by Trump at Epstein’s house you should revisit it with an eye towards what you saw this week. Anyone who already knew who Trump was had no doubt she was telling the truth. He got away with it. Shame on us.


Yesterday’s assault on the Capitol didn’t have to happen. Politicians who spread the lies that incited this violence bear responsibility. Politicians who continue to lie in order to shift blame and falsely claim this was Antifa or BLM, are contemptible. More thoughts:


Toomey on if he regrets supporting Trump: “The president’s behavior after the election was wildly different than his behavior before, he descended into a level of madness


The Senators who led the attempted overthrow are going on the shows of the people who cheered the overthrow to call for unity. Unreal. The last thing I want to do is spend the next two weeks on impeachment. But the insurrection isn’t over and Trump is still leading it.


Rep. Nancy Mace, conservative Republican from South Carolina: “Some people are in severe denial of what happened Wednesday... There were folks in my own party that were stoking the flames of violence and lives were at risk.” (just now on CNN)


My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol. — Arnold (@Schwarzenegger

 Wow, worth watching.

Meet BAKED ALASKA, despite having COVID, he stormed the U.S. Capitol, "Let's call Trump. He'll be happy. We're fighting for Trump." then continues, "We need to get our boy Donald J. Trump into office."


Pass it on


“It’s a huge win for them, and they have the trophy pictures. It’s the beginning of a new period of arrogance and feelings of grandeur among the white power movement, the militia movement and these extremist groups.”


Don’t let him change the subject. Ted Cruz is guilty of trying to overturn a lawfully decided election, of helping to incite a violent insurrection that resulted in the deaths of five people including a police officer, and of pursuing sedition for his own political gain. Resign.


Anne Coulter turns on Trump. “I want to point out what a gigantic pussy Trump is. Who are these people still supporting Trump and this nonsense ‘stop the steal’? Why are you doing this for Trump when he doesn’t give a crap about you?”


Trump’s Removal Is Taking Too Long Waiting even one more day could mean disaster. Impeach the president now.


2. They're also censuring her for supporting marriage equality and Joe Biden. Trump attacked Senator McCain while he was alive AND dead yet they expect his widow to support Trump? They also add "President Trump was truthful in his criticism of Senator McCain."


Both @HawleyMO and @SenTedCruz have betrayed their oaths of office and abetted a violent insurrection on our democracy. I am calling for their immediate resignations. If they do not resign, the Senate must expel them.


The foreign ministers of Australia, the United States, Great Britain and Canada issue a joint statement expressing serious concern about the arrest of 55 democracy activists and supporters in Hong Kong last week


NEW FOOTAGE: a long, disciplined line of men in body armor moves as a unit up the #CapitolBuilding steps. We need to identify this group.


5-minutes of footage and reporting from inside the Trump mob at the Capitol. Highly recommend...


We have videos of the speech where @POTUS incites the mob. We have videos of the mob violently attacking the Capitol. This isn’t a close call. That’s why we have over 190 cosponsors of the Article of Impeachment drafted by @davidcicilline, @RepRaskin, me & @HouseJudiciary staff.


As President?


James Clyburn says "somebody on the inside" of Capitol was "complicit" in letting rioters inside the building


Arrested legal scholar @yttai said #HK had entered a “cold winter where the winds are fierce and freezing,” but he believed that many #Hongkongers "will still use their own means to sail against the wind.”


Ted Cruz thought he looked cool cosplaying as a revolutionary until five people died


Three out of four of these men have been arrested. Keep your eyes open for reports of arrests of Anthime Tim Gionet, who along with @JackPosobiec and @CassandraRules, was arguably a key Bernie-to-Trump social media agitator for Russian interests in 2016


The GOP talking point of "this will all be so much easier on everyone if you just let that small treason/coup/murder attempt thing go and help us heal" is so straight out of the domestic violence abuser's handbook it is sick.


Dear @GOPLeader, @SteveScalise & @GOP: We can’t unite as a country if we ignore the violent insurrection and move on. We must hold all those responsible for the attempted coup that threatened Members of Congress and resulted in multiple deaths. That begins with removing @POTUS.


155 days of peaceful protests in Belarus, and people are still full of determination to fight for non-violence, release of political prisoners and free and fair elections. Today, in Minsk and in regions, Sunday marches are taking place in the neighborhoods.


oh look, there's a funding trail


“A McConnell adviser began calling former top officials at the Justice Department. Speaking in a whisper, he told one the situation was dire: If backup did not arrive soon, people could die.”


BREAKING: Feds arrest Cleveland Meredith for his role in the US Capitol chaos. Investigators allege Meredith texted others that he would be "putting a bullet" in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's head


“Marches of neighbors” irritate Lukashenka. He promised Kremlin to end the protests and take control over the situation last fall, but people continue protesting. Big marches will apparently renew in Feb-March when weather gets better. Lukashenka will likely not survive this year


NEW: White House officials pushed Atlanta’s top federal prosecutor to resign before Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoffs because President Trump was upset he wasn’t doing enough to investigate the president’s allegations of election fraud


I See No Choice But To Resign From My Job On This Death Star


Worth noting this statement came from Ken Kohl, the prosecutor who worked with Barr and Jensen to reverse DOJ’s prosecution of Flynn. Flynn–who allegedly discussed martial law with Trump just days ago–riled up the mob the night before Trump incited them to storm the Capitol.


Putin took down Khodorkovsky, Xi subdued Jack Ma. There are differences but it pays to compare how China and Russia dealt with their rebel rich


They don't want impeachment because it will force them to go on record on Trump's incitement. They know that there's very, very bad stuff that will come out in the coming weeks and months about what was going on behind the scenes, and their vote is going to haunt them politically


Here's the verified @gofundme to support Officer Sicknick's family


Pelosi to her members on impeachment: “From what I have heard from Members, and from the deluge that I have received from the public, it is clear that, once again, the Times Have Found Us to save our democracy. ... I urge you to be prepared to return to Washington this week.”


Giuliani can’t represent Trump in a 2nd impeachment proceeding. House of Representatives prosecutors will object, strenuously. He’s a witness. Not that Rudy cares but it is prohibited by the American Bar Association’s rules of professional conduct-Rule 3.7


BREAKING: "Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the largest paper in Wisconsin, is calling for Ron Johnson's expulsion, along with two other members of the state’s Congressional delegation."


Calls grow to prevent 'dangerous criminal' Donald Trump from entering Scotland, with at least four MSPs from.across three parties supporting an outright ban.


Hey Proud Boys and MAGA “Patriots”... what the fuck is it that this country hasn’t given you?