Sunday, March 1, 2020

WATCH: Joe Biden and his daughter Ashley lay wreath during Bloody Sunday memorial service in Selma, Alabama.

Aide to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu caught on tape: “We’ve succeeded in whipping up that hatred. Hatred is what unites our camp.

People have a lot of reasons for not supporting Sanders. This is one of the biggest for me. He claims that the Democratic Party has ignored the working and middle class. That is an outright lie. Not only that, it undermines the ability of Democrats to beat Republicans.

Nearly 1 Million Vets Face Food Stamps Cut

Yup. The Magnitsky Act passed 92-4 in Nov 2012. Bernie Sanders was one of the 4 senators who voted against it. In the seven years since that vote, I’ve never heard an explanation why he voted against. Not that there is one

I see @Mike_Pence sucks at math almost as much as he sucks at science 15k for 50 states and a few territories?

NEW: Federal judge rules Ken Cuccinelli unlawfully ran immigration agency.

From @SenJackReed on COVID here in #RhodeIsland.

PENCE: There's been a lot of irresponsible rhetoric among Democrats TODD: Name some names PENCE: There was a column in the New York Times by a prominent liberal journalist about "the Trump virus" T: Does that apply to all people? (Full interview here

Dear @VP Pence: You need to resign from your coronavirus position with your shameful defense of shameful comments. I criticized the botched response of the @realDonaldTrump Administration because I don’t want my parents to get the virus. Or my family. Or my constituents. Get it?

Looks like someone’s politicizing the Corona Virus.

WATCH: Chuck Todd grills Mike Pence to “name some names” after the vice president said that there was “irresponsible rhetoric” coming from Democrats about the coronavirus

BREAKING: Rhode Island confirms first presumptive positive case of coronavirus, Department of Health

Officials Investigate Coronavirus Outbreak at Nursing Home in Washington

What to Watch For in White House’s Annual Report on Use of Military Force

NEW: @GStephanopoulos: Is the fact that Barack Obama hasn’t endorsed you hurting you, and is it time? Joe Biden: “No, it isn’t hurting me and I don’t think it’s time. He and I talked about this from the very beginning. I have to earn this on my own.”

@TheRickWilson was right. Trump is throwing Collins under the bus, after he used him up during impeachment.

NEW: @GStephanopoulos: “You’re convinced that the Democrats will lose big in November if Bernie Sanders is the nominee? Joe Biden: “He’ll have great trouble bringing along other senators, keeping the House of Representatives, winning back the Senate...”

The incompetence of the @realDonaldTrump Administration in dealing with #coronavirus outbreak is staggering. Viruses don’t care about taxes. You know what would help to stop the spread? Testing. But initial tests were faulty & had overly restrictive criteria

Wait, so the guy trying to buy Twitter is a Rudy Giuliani backer? Well. Color me shocked!

This year, for the first time in the Boston Marathon's storied history, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the world’s oldest marathon, as fears of a global pandemic intensify.

Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security

“Turkey is using its huge refugee population as leverage against Europe to garner support for its military operation to keep Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces -- backed by Russia and Iran -- from gaining more territory inside Idlib.”

More than three years later, long after his election victory, Donald Trump is still obsessed with two officials who did their jobs while personally not liking him. They are still the stars of Trump rallies, where the president performs their exchanges, grotesquely.

"We have no intention to confront Russia but we want to stop the Assad regime's massacre of civilians. Our target is only regime forces and elements attacking our troops,"

Trump wants @BernieSanders to be the nominee & tweets often about how Bernie is not getting a fair deal. No other tweets like that for any other candidate.@FoxNews wants @BernieSanders to be the nominee. Trump/Russia bots are working overtime to make @BernieSanders the nominee

“We're better than this president—so get up! Take back our country! This is the United States of America, there's nothing beyond our capacity if we do it together!” -

Israel UN ambassador @dannydanon attacks @BernieSanders in @AIPAC: "He is either a liar, an ignorant fool, or both. We don't want Sanders at AIPAC. We don't want him in Israel"

Speaker Pelosi threw 🧊 ice water 🧊 on Trump blaming Dems for stocks falling: "[He] said something so strange... He said the reason the market dropped is because of the debate... The market dropped 1,800 pts before the debate [and] while he was speaking..."

Ronald Klain said there is a “crisis of both confidence and competence."

TRUMP GIVES TALIBAN EVERYTHING Releasing 5000 Islamic terrorists, and permanently removing all troops forever. U.S. gets zero concessions.

Kim warns of 'serious consequences' if coronavirus spreads to North Korea

Afghanistan did not commit to release 5,000 Taliban, Ghani says

Two things that immediately stick out to me. 1. Biden got more votes than all the other candidates combined. 2. Gabbard got 6,749 votes. Huh?

The similar genomes of 2 #coronavirus infections in #Washington suggest #COVID19 may have been spreading in the state for ~6 weeks. 150—1,500 people “have either been infected and recovered or currently are infected now.” Expect many more cases, soon.

At the march 5yrs after Nemtsov's murder, the family's lawyer says the driver moves freely in Russia, not to mention the mastermind. "It's the position of the Russian special services not to detain even Ruslan Mukhudinov, who's wanted in Russia & abroad"

Republicans cancelled their South Carolina primary so Trump couldn’t lose, but thanks to Biden’s massive win — Trump has lost anyway.

Watching VP Pence at Trump Novid-19 Press Conf. It is appropriate to acknowledge Presidential authority. However, in decades of experience in the military, business, Fed Gov I have never seen a more obsequious subordinate than Pence. Embarrassing.

We now have an intelligence chief who should not have been fired, an unqualified nominee who should not be confirmed, and an acting director who is patently unfit. All while our elections are perilously at risk of foreign interference. Just the way the President likes it.

I am sick and tired of some Western European politicians who are saying that we need to be nice to Russian dictator Putin and he will stop the war in Ukraine or Russian murdering in Syria. We need to punish Putin with hard sanctions aganist him and his oligarchs now.

Oh crap!! "Two people at a LifeCare nursing facility in Kirkland, Washington, were diagnosed with the virus." "In addition, more than 50 residents and staff at the facility have shown symptoms of a respiratory illness."

Watch Bernie say JFK made him want to puke.

Biden‘s speech tonight reminded us what a real president sounds like. #BidenBounceback is real. It’s time to take back America, patriots. Together.

Hi, my name is @BernieSanders. I'm almost 80 and I just had a heart attack. I'm running to be the leader of the free world but I won't show you my medical records. I know I said I would. But then again you're accustomed to a President making promises he doesn't keep.

I have some post-SC thoughts: “It’s Time for Barack Obama to Man Up and Endorse Joe Biden”

So @TomSteyer backed that azz out :) but he ran a very good campaign, got implausibly far and did it all with great good humor. And he helped us get Trump impeached. Thank you sir, hope to see even more from you soon

Taliban declaring victory after US, conditional, withdrawal agreement. Not surprising theyd do that.. But are they wrong to consider it a win? US says it’s leaving and not asking much in return after nearly 19 yrs of war.

Trump says he used the word "hoax" NOT about the coronavirus itself but about what Democrats were saying about his administration's response

All of POTUS's friends seem to be really excited about mass extra-judicial detention?

NEW: Right now there is a caravan of Hunter Bidens forming on the Mexico/US Border. Developing.

“... but when Trump took to the lectern for a news conference intended to bring transparency to the spiraling crisis, he made no mention of the California case and its implications — and falsely suggested the virus might soon be eradicated in the US.”

Chris Matthews was pulled from election night coverage

.@TomSteyer is pretty much saying he’ll be sticking around in South Carolina to end Lindsey Graham’s political life.

Two people have important decisions in the next few *hours* that can change the course of history. Bloomberg has to decide whether he’s going to focus every dollar on destroying Bernie next few days. Obama has to decide if he will make the most vital endorsement of his life.

I was just browsing through Bernie's 2016 campaign receipts and noticed that there are a LOT of donations for $14.03. 3532 of them. Is that for a reason, like he fundraised off that number? Or is it some kind of Bernie-math accounting? Or other?

One thing that's overlooked. Biden's supporters in Iowa were an especially poor fit for a caucus. He very well might have been favored to win in Iowa had it been a primary, our poll showed

A 25+ point win for @JoeBiden in the #SouthCarolinaPrimary is a massive, inarguable repudiation of @BernieSanders by the heart of the Democratic base -- African-American Voters.

ROGER STONE is a bad man. This needs to go viral. This is Trump's buddy he wants to pardon. This is an amazing video and explains the diabolically despicable nature of this self-proclaimed rat fckr

A kiss is just a kiss. Except when it spreads coronavirus

Perspective: The CIA rigged foreign spy devices for years. What secrets should it share now?

South Korean coronavirus cases rise as tech supply chain hit

Tonight, I’ll take the stage in Houston to speak about the threats we face today. With a public health and economic crisis looming, we need a president whose core values can be trusted, who has a plan for how to govern, and who can actually get it done. I will be that president.

We need to make mandatory drug testin' to serve as president

Just days ago, the press and the pundits declared our campaign dead. But after tonight, it's clear we are very much alive — and we need your help to keep the momentum going. Chip in to help us make the most of our big victory in South Carolina:

There are 16 men and 0 women in this picture

Joe Biden: "Let's get back up. We're decent. We're brave. We're resilient people. We can believe again. We're better than this moment. We're better than this president. So get up. Take back our country. This is the USA. There's nothing beyond out capacity if we do it together."

Trump misidentifies first coronavirus fatality in U.S. as a woman

Dr. Dena answers questions about coronavirus Covid-19

"A top Democrat close to the Buttigieg campaign acknowledged tonight that the former mayor is studying whether he has a path forward. ... Buttigieg's team knows that how he leaves the race - if it comes to that - is important to his future."

Joe Biden: "Let's get back up. We're decent. We're brave. We're resilient people. We can believe again. We're better than this moment. We're better than this president. So get up. Take back our country. This is the USA. There's nothing beyond out capacity if we do it together."

Trump misidentifies first coronavirus fatality in U.S. as a woman

I got into this race to fight for racial, climate, and economic justice. I will continue that fight, and do everything I can to support the eventual nominee. I thank all of you for your support and love throughout the campaign. Join me in doing whatever it takes to beat Mr. Trump

Elizabeth Warren responded to her fourth straight loss tonight by taking direct aim at her rivals — including Bernie Sanders

This flag is easily the oldest thing Trump has ever sexually assaulted.