Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Getting to "herd immunity" is a mirage. It would be disastrous for Trump to pursue, the Editorial Board writes

It’s been 10 weeks since I called on EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to resign. @joniernst still hasn’t joined me. Iowans are waiting, Senator

Families in Detroit, Michigan, set up 900 portraits of loved ones lost to COVID-19 as part of a massive memorial in Belle Isla Park

What in the actual f*** #BagsOfSoup

The boyfriend of Breonna Taylor has filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Louisville and the Louisville police department.

In past Administrations, we would come together as patriots on matters of national security. The vandalism of our democracy by this Administration is unprecedented. The American people will come together again as patriots to root it out with our votes – 63 days to Nov. 3rd.

Speculation over Trump’s health after ‘dragging’ right leg video: ‘What is wrong with him?’

Two pilots on two different flights reported seeing a man in a jetpack thousands of feet in the air over Los Angeles on Sunday, prompting an investigation by authorities.


Jill Biden says Trump's America is 'chaos' in exclusive interview.

Russia doesn’t like how rich the US military is, either :)

A postal worker in West Virginia today told me #USPS delays are still a problem and he hears complaints "from a lot of Trump supporters." "One guy in a Trump hat at my office said, 'I’ll bet that postmaster general is a Democrat.” I said, 'Do I have some news for you, buddy.'"

An audit of the USPS by its watchdog agency flagged serious concerns ahead of the November election, including thousands of unprocessed ballots found in mail-processing facilities and millions of ballots and other political mail not delivered on time

Drudge right now..

The quickest way for you to get involved in public service is sign up (and get paid!) to be a poll worker on election day. They're the people who prevent chaos and long waits on 11/3. So go on, #WorkthePoll kiddos!

I'm from Wisconsin. This is Wisconsin.

I hope this doesn't make @realdonaldtrump's condition worse

BREAKING: Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge ex-Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy in connection with efforts to influence the U.S. government on behalf of foreign interests, people familiar tell

Bless this man

"You have people coming over with bags of soup—big bags of soup."

Today Facebook announced the suspension of a big network of accounts in Pakistan for coordinated inauthentic behavior. My Internet Observatory team analyzed the network before it came down. The most interesting part of the network? Mass reporting.

Investigators say they have reviewed 28 videos related to the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The Wisconsin Department of Justice says it has issued four search warrants in the Aug. 23 shooting in Kenosha that left Blake, a Black man, paralyzed.

What is it with Trump and Russia? Why is the America First president so eager to cater to the anti-American dictator of Russia? That is the central mystery of the Trump admin. Almost every day, there are fresh signs of Trump’s subservience to Putin.

Please tell us whether or not you were aware that when you gave Paul Manafort voter roll data, that he was delivering it to Russian intelligence. Thank you.

Democracy belongs to the people. And so does the intelligence about foreign election interference. Americans have a right to know how foreign actors are attempting to interfere with our elections. The Director of National Intelligence must resume briefings without delay:

Cher raises $2M for the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential campaign at virtual, LGBTQ-themed fundraiser.

We’re they wearing nameplates? “Looter,” “Rioter,” “Troublemaker,” “Anarchist,” “Dark Shadow Dude”?

BREAKING: The Second Circuit GRANTS the stay Trump request delaying enforcement on Manhattan DA Vance's subpoena. Appeal on the merits set for Sept. 25. Story ahead, @CourthouseNews .

The boy who murdered my daughter in her school was a teenager with an AR 15. He also happened to idolize Trump. Yesterday, Trump defended another teenage boy with an AR 15 who also used it to kill. Trump is now using these teenagers to carry out his domestic terror.#BidenCalm

Kenosha has calmed considerably. But it is still trying to recover from the events of the last week, which began with the shooting of Jacob Blake and turned into marches, unrest, destruction, and the deaths of two protesters last Tuesday.

Today we're launching a Veterans Coalition — a group of veterans with decades of service to our nation. Join us for a virtual Town Hall TONIGHT at 8 PM ET. We're asking veterans to serve the nation once again as poll watchers on November 3rd

President Choker

Barr suddenly moves a critical position at the DOJ National Security Division overseeing counterintelligence from civil to political appointee - and picks a Kirkland & Ellis attorney who "accidentally" revealed Julian Assange's prosecution.

They call themselves “long-haulers”: COVID-19 patients who continue to endure symptoms weeks and months after their initial infection, despite no sign of the coronavirus remaining in their bodies.

LA County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a Black man in an incident that is sparking concern and outrage in the South Los Angeles neighborhood of Westmont. More than 100 protesters marched to the Sheriff’s station, where the demonstration continued.

On scene in South Central Los Angeles, where a neighborhood man was killed by sheriff’s deputies. A crowd of more than 50 has gathered around the corner from body, behind police tape and LASD in riot gear.

#NATO remains vigilant & ready to defend its airspace 24/7. πŸ‡©πŸ‡° aircraft were launched after Russian fighter jet violated Allied airspace over #Bornholm island.

Cornered, Trump tries to foment a race war

LATEST: Russia becomes the fourth country in the world to reach the 1 million mark of COVID-19 diagnoses, after the United States, Brazil and India.

The truth is Donald Trump can't stop the violence, because for years he has fomented it.

New reporting on John Kelly and Donald Trump bolsters Comey claim of loyalty demand

White House covered up real reason for sudden Trump Walter Reed hospital visit: book

Public misunderstanding of Mueller mission overlooks missing counterintelligence piece

How the counterintelligence investigation of Trump's ties to Russia disappeared

Very well researched article on why Putin loves using to poison to eliminate his enemies

Trump’s first international trip was supposed to cast him as an independent leader who rewrote the diplomacy rulebook. Instead he wound up looking like a Saudi lapdog.

Hong Kong refugees captured at sea spent months plotting daring dash to freedom

Hong Kong begins a mass-testing effort to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a move many people don't trust because resources and staff have been provided by China's central government.

A pregnant woman is pushed down by the #HKPolice. Police then pepper spraying the reporters nearby. #HongKong

China broker pressured Hong Kong staff on virus test, union says

Lukashenko’s security forces are no match for the women of Belarus...

Baltic states impose sanctions on Lukashenko and other Belarus officials

For those familiar with Maine politics, for a former Chief of Staff to Sen Olympia Snow to write this is extraordinary.

All of you idiots making fun of Donald and ignoring the VERY CLEAR information he’s trying to convey — people in the dark shadows who are getting on planes in black uniforms and flying to cities. Shadow People Dressed In Black On Airplanes. WAKE UP

McDonald's is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit by more than 50 Black franchisees in the U.S.

"Herd immunity" doesn't work with Covid. Kids can get deathly ill. None of this is true at all. What IS true is that Trump will get us all killed trying to get re-elected.

When the Fox News host interviewing the president has to double as his PR handler to keep him on message, that's called "fair and balanced"

Facebook is warning its users in Australia that it will stop allowing them to share local and international news if the country moves forward with new legislation that would force the company to pay media outlets for the use of their news content.

Trump’s trade deal with China: More bluster than boom

Resting Trumpface.

Maybe an Ed board or two might call for Trump’s resignation like they did with Clinton. Maybe 1 or 2? Not that anyone cares about Ed boards. But maybe the Ed boards do? A little.

You know things are bad when Laura Ingraham has to save President Trump from saying stupid things.

Analysis: Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney plans to argue that the teen was part of a “well regulated Militia” mentioned in the Second Amendment.

The director of national intelligence is providing cover for Putin

It needs to be said bluntly: the guy with the nuke codes is batshit

My opponent pulled a gun on his first wife & shot it, pressured her and a mistress into three abortions, & illegally prescribed pills to a patient he was sleeping with. Me? I didn't do any of that. I'll give you health care though. Chip in right away.

Tonight the President claimed he never had the flu ever, compared police shooting someone in the back to missing a putt in a golf tournament, discussed an investigation into a plane full of black uniforms, and tried to link Biden to a secret organization that controls the streets

The pervasive use of disinformation is, at its most basic level, an attack on democracy — it erodes our trust in information and diminishes our ability to come together around a shared reality to make informed decisions about how to govern ourselves.

For Donald Trump's America-on-fire campaign strategy to work, he needs violence to boil in cities right up until Election Day, or at least for enough voters to believe the nation is spiraling into an abyss of chaos and savagery

Thank you @IngrahamAngle for exposing how completely disconnected from reality our president has become. Please do more interviews! (Trump's analogy of missing a putt & shooting a man in the back 7 times was also a real gem.) All American voters should watch this interview.

Irreparable harm if a criminal grand jury saw his tax returns?!?! Sounds like a confession to me. But without taking the 5th. A novel way to plead self-incrimination without pleading self-incrimination? Really? — Laurence Tribe

BREAKING: Trump asks appeals court to keep 8 years of his #TaxReturns away from the Manhattan DA, saying handover would cause him "irreparable harm." SCOTUS already rejected his claim of immunity from criminal probes while in the WH.

He’s not insane; he just knows the only way to hide from his abysmal record is to stir up more fear & chaos. This isn’t leadership. This is a pathetic con. #TrumpRiots

I want a safe America — safe from COVID, safe from crime and looting, safe from racially motivated violence, safe from bad cops. And let’s be crystal clear: Safe from four more years of Donald Trump. — Joe Biden

His inability to read and a giant Freudian slip combine to create a presidential moment for the ages

#TrumpIsNotWell — The Lincoln Project

Why did your father go to Walter Reed? Tell the American people. It shouldn't be a secret.

#NATO remains vigilant & ready to defend its airspace 24/7. πŸ‡©πŸ‡° aircraft were launched after Russian fighter jet violated Allied airspace over

How can you not mention that HHS' communications are run by FORMER *KREMLIN EMPLOYEE* AND ROGER STONE CO-CONSPIRATOR *MICHAEL CAPUTO?* FFS.

Twitter deletes Trump’s retweeted claim minimizing coronavirus death toll

You’re not an epidemiologist. You’re a right-wing propagandist that’s asking millions of Americans to die from #COVID19. I hope you sleep well at night after telling every immunocompromised & high risk person in this country that their lives are disposable.

I urge President Trump to join me in saying that while peaceful protest is an important right — violence is wrong. Period. If he can’t say that, then he is unfit to be President.

If Donald Trump wants to ask the question: Who will keep you safer as President? Let’s answer it

"You know who's going to be in charge of it? Cory Booker. That's going to be nice" -- Trump is barely trying to conceal his racism

I urge President Trump to join me in saying that while peaceful protest is an important right — violence is wrong. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) Period. If he can’t say that, then he is unfit to be President.

If Donald Trump wants to ask the question: Who will keep you safer as President? Let’s answer it.

"People have died unnecessarily because government was slow to react to common and simple things like mask wearing and social distancing." Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Tuesday blasted the "failure of leadership" in America's coronavirus response.

Jacob Blake Sr. says his 29-year-old son's shooting and the protests that followed have led to threats against his family.

Trump repeatedly gets punked by Putin. And says and does nothing.